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  1. jastey

    New engine

    @Mike1072 Thank you for the info.
  2. jastey

    BG1NPC v24 Prerelease

    Indeed! @AstroBryGuy : in BGT, Tazok's dialogue is BGTazok, so all instances of ~%tutu_var%TAZOK%eet_var% need to be %tutu_scriptbg%TAZOK%eet_var% in x#kivantazok_tutu.d
  3. jastey

    Calin NPC Mod

    I'd suggest you update the link in the first post, as well. Saves time scrolling and searching for the most recent versions as well as mixups with people using the older versions.
  4. jastey

    Adding Additional Content

    Thank you! Seeing the mod back to live is awesome.
  5. jastey

    Adding Additional Content

    I don't have experience with it but I surely hope so? Providing the structure for it might lead to less mixups in the contributions as well as less silly questions how to handle several translations.
  6. jastey

    CTD after adding door - help

    Thank you for the generous offer! I'll send you a PM. It's supposed to be a secret door that only opens, not closes.
  7. jastey

    CTD after adding door - help

    No, not in the custom area and also not in my AR0700 (at least I think so...?). The mod uses IWD animations, though, so in the custom area there is one IWD animation like a ghost or something. This does not crash the area, though. Everything works fine as long as I do not apply the door patch posted above.
  8. jastey

    CTD after adding door - help

    I should have added that I am on the old engine. Thank you for your suggestions. My mod needs IA so I didn't try the door for a game without it, yet. I might do so, until then I'll assume my local install has a hickup of sorts.
  9. jastey

    Adding Additional Content

    @theacefes Also, it would be great if the template would consider different languages for the tra files.
  10. jastey

    Adding Additional Content

    I can add a note, of course. As long as the two mods use different dlg files it shuldn't lead to mixups, though. @theacefes In the "setup.tp2" there is still text that should be trayfied: To extend on my above suggestion. I'd go with @000 - @003 to reduce mixup potential of text lines per contribution.
  11. jastey

    Progress Reports

    Wow, very impressive! (I mean the update, not the emoji.)
  12. jastey

    Adding Additional Content

    @Lava new try: I will put up a package for our Skie-Ajantis crossmod for integration, too.
  13. jastey

    Adding Additional Content

    Cool. Just an idea - if you change this to @000 (for SoA) and @001 (for ToB), maybe it's easier to search/replace the numbers across files? There is crossmod for @Lava's* Skie and my Ajantis, I'd like to move this here, too. * I don't get this to highlight, no matter what I do. Maybe it's offended because the "@000" gave nothing?