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  1. As far as I know, the EET Modconverter is a tool that helps modders to convert their BG1 mods to EET compatibility. If you want to install mods, you should not need it.
  2. @subtledoctor I try to gather the info which mod added it. You could look into NI and search for the script that does that in your game, though. It should at least give you the possibility to stop it. As far as I know, the lightning is going to kill CHARNAME at some point, at least that's what happened to the player(s) I recall.
  3. This is connected to the Mae'Var quest where you steal the necklace from the priestess of Thalos. And probably a mod. This rings a bell, if I remember more I'll let you know.
  4. @Draelyn I'd suggest you give the thread(s) a title that summarizes your actual question better. That way, it will attract the right people.
  5. lol ! Thanks for the answer. I think I have to try this next time I have a cutscene that plays inside a specific area.
  6. Does that mean I could make an area trigger a cutscene ID? Or a chest?
  7. The cheat console command will only crash if the area is crashing upon entering. Can you move to it via worldmap? And sorry if I repeat this: without your mod, cheating to the area does not crash the game?
  8. OmG I totally missed his! Well spotted!
  9. Did you plug in your printer?... I am tempted to ask again whether the cutscene got actually compiled but you already confirmed that. Maybe insert another, working cutscene there for testing?
  10. Could it be something completely unexpected? Like the engine is choking on your prefix starting with a # or something?
  11. That would be hilarous. Fingers crossed!
  12. Ah, I didn't see you put it into the cutscene.. What is the Continue() at the end for? Did you try taking that out? Because that cutscene is so simple, I don't see any reason for it to fail.
  13. I also usually put a "StartCutSCeneMode()" before the cutscene start (as well as a "ClearAllActions()"), not sure that's necessary.
  14. When using the Stutter Debug Tool, I noticed that it might bork starting cutscenes. What the Debug Stutter Tool does is inserting DisplayStringHeads. So... did you try letting it run without the DisplayStringHead? And - and I'm so totally not talking about experience because something like that would definitely *never* happen to me - but did you actualy compile the cutscene?...
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