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  1. jastey

    Mod Compatibility List for EET

    Sorry, I meant Homeward Bound. Thanks for the link.
  2. jastey

    Mod Compatibility List for EET

    Not yet exactly for the reason that it's hosted somewhere I have no reach to. EDIT: Up to the point where I am ignorant to where it is hosted currently, actually. Do you have a link?
  3. Cool, thanks! Does anyone know whether this is also true for the original engine?
  4. I have to refine one of my questions. If I apply such a protection effect via "secondary spell type" - which gives me the possibility to apply a bunch of effects and undo them later in the old engine - will those be removed by ctrl+R, as well? And, are there any restriction to how many secondary spell type things the old engine can handle if applied by ADD_SECTYPE?
  5. Thank you! I guess I'll use immunity to 295 and inprisonment then. Is there the possibility to protect against cold damage death in a reasonable manner or is it not a specific kind of death but just the kind of damage applied which incidently kills the NPC?
  6. What does "stat value" stand for if I want to make en effect of type "Disable Permanent Death(295)"and what would I need to put in - I'm sure there is a list or more information somewhere?
  7. Thank you nevertheless for the suggestions, I'll put something together that might protect in 95% of the cases. I might have to live with the fact that I cannot prevent every quirk on a player's playthrough. One more related question, though: how would I "re-initiate" an NPC that died a permanent death or was imprisoned - do I see it right that something like -set SPRITE_IS_DEAD to 0 -cast a resurrection spell (e.g. "SPPR712") -MoveGlobal to the wanted destination would restore the NPC to alive'n kickin'? Or would e.g. imprisonment lead to problems?
  8. I want to protect a joined NPC against permanent death for a certain period of time. I know how to apply the effect spell and remove it, but what exactly would I need to include into such a protection spell to make sure the NPC will not be chunked or die a permanent death by other means? Normal death (i.e. with a greyed-out portrait) should still be possible. The obvious things are: protection against disintegration protection against Imprisonment and Maze Second, related question: is such an effect put onto the NPC by a spell one of those things that would be removed by cntrl+R? Is there any other things I need to consider, like the effect being removed if the NPC rejoins the group or something?
  9. jastey

    Way to skip sod?

    As I said, there is no error proof way of doing it except the NPC modder considered it in the mod directly. Unless you weren't referring to NPC mods but a possibility to officially skip SoD in general.
  10. jastey

    Way to skip sod?

    It depends strongly on the NPC mod and how it is coded. If we take Gavin, for example, then skipping SoD shouldn't have any bad influence in BGII - because the Gavin you meet in BGII is from the BGII-Mod, has a different Scriptname, and the player has to chose reply options at the first meeting in BGII to define which connection Gavin and the PC had in BG1 (this is also for legacy reasons). But for NPCs that are scripted to work in EET continuously, it gets difficult. Breagar for example needs the transition to SoD to respawn in BGII (something I could change easily and might do so for future release, although not with a high priority). But even Breagar is only adapated to work continuously in EET so he has no problem with memory loss about happenings in SoD because he was written without them existing. A true-continuous NPC like @Roxanne's Sandrah, though, might probably break - which is just an assumption from me as I don't know how it is coded.
  11. jastey

    Request for Kivan

    1: If someone provides the necessary code, sure, no problem. 2: I am very sure this is not the case for this mod alone but is caused by some compatibility issue, but I can check.
  12. jastey

    berelinde's Keldorn Romance

    It should activate by the cheats I posted, as they also circumvent the gender check. Good luck!
  13. jastey

    berelinde's Keldorn Romance

    Well I hope your PC has a high CON then haha! For Keldorn, first set the following via cheats: C:SetGlobal("B!Kel_MultiRomances","GLOBAL",1) this will disable any checkings for other active romances. To circumvent his romance restrictions, it is a bit more complicated as they are checked directly. After Keldorn tells about him and Maria making peace, check for the variable Global("B!KeldornRomReturn","GLOBAL",1) ( GetGlobal("B!KeldornRomReturn","GLOBAL") ). If it is at "1", set the following variables: SetGlobalTimer("B!KelTime","GLOBAL",FIVE_DAYS) // If this doesn't work, set SetGlobal("B!KelTime","GLOBAL",1) SetGlobal("B!KeldornRomReturn","GLOBAL",2) SetGlobal("B!KeldornRA","GLOBAL",1) Also, please refer to the readme: For the Keldorn romance, you need him and his wife to reconcile (something an neutral evil PC might not care about). No guarantees how far you'll get, but good luck!
  14. jastey

    Converting BGII mods to BGII:EE

    Have a look at @CamDawg's tutorial here: Converting Existing Mods to the EE Engine By heart, the most important things are: -all texts in EE need to be in utf-8 (without BOM) format. In original BGII, it was ANSI. WeiDU supports the transformation of texts from ANSI to utf-8 upon installation with the function HANDLE_CHARSETS if the mod provides inconv.exe. -portrait formats are different (see tutorial). For EE, you can take the largest portrait and use it for the smaller ones, also, it will be scaled down accordingly. -EE can use oggs directly. If you provide oggs, WeiDU supports the transformation to WAVs for the old engine upon installation with the function HANDLE_AUDIO if the mod porvides occdec.exe for Windows and Linux and SOX for OSX. -kits need the function fl#add_kit_ee to work in EE. -Journal entries need to be added with ADD_JOURNAL so they will show up for EE. -EE ressources have more color palettes (I think), and more flags, etcpp. If modding for both EE and original engine, always start with original BGII ressources. They will be compatible for EE, but EE resources might not work in original BGII. -for areas, you need to use pvrz-tis. If using the old tis-format, the area graphics will have black lines. -EE introduces more default NPCs with which mod NPCs should also banter etc. Some of them have romances, which would need to be considered in case of a mod romance etc. (this might be seen as optional, in case mod content is closed). There might be more.
  15. jastey

    Characters crashing the game on spawn in Tutu/BGT.

    The only thing I could think of besides colour, animation, and weapons is that there are also more flags for EE than original BGII. I think the safest way of assuring compatibility is working with original BGII ressources...