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  1. @HotaruPL Looking at the files I see three areas where Gibberlings are spawned: BaldursGateDocks_IronThrone_Cellar WSewers CentralSewers
  2. Please post the contents of the file inside a spoiler here, it simplifies looking at it. Also, giving a mod name in the thread title will increase chances the right people notice it.
  3. The bg1re content should be patched to the EndlessBG1 dialogue line. all other dialogues are installed with "WEIGHT #-1". Where exactly in the quest line are you stuck? What is your weidu.log?
  4. He should show up with the Dryads, but this doesn't seem to work at all times. Showing up at the Promenade was a fail safe for "Skip Chateau Irenicus", good to know it fixes this, too. I am suspecting some spells from the kidnapping cutscene to be still active as the same happened with Breagar. For his appearance in BGII I am using a scipt to neutralize any spell effects that is also working in classic BGII. I will change this so in EET it uses whatever EET is using to strip the cres from effects.
  5. The mod updates to v8.0 with a Russian version from Staylos, Apxu & Arcanecoast Team and some minor improvements. Changelog: Russian version Staylos, Apxu & Arcanecoast Team, by Staylos, Apxu & Arcanecoast Team added Patching of Sil to make removing of turning hostile more stable Kitty should not vanish after Sarevok's death before PC finished the encounter Corrected version number in tp2
  6. Oh wow, I forgot to PR the last change. Thanks for spotting that. How do I reassign the Automated Packaging Tool so it will repack?
  7. @Graion Dilach thank you! I changed the version number myself. @AL|EN why does the new mod package name state "7.0"? (Link) It should be 8.0; 7.0 was the version earlier.
  8. @Graion Dilach I'm won't say no to that! Funnily enough, my Windows Defender is detecting a virus in the attached package above, I already contacted @Austin. Not saying that I think there is one inside, but apparently something that ticks off WD for some reason.
  9. Thanks, I'll add the translation when I'll have the time.
  10. Guest Vraggen, it's also possible you installed the mods in an unfavorable order (if the first mod adds a player initiated dialogue and the second adds more dialogues to the same NPC there might be stutter if this is not considered). Also, if you used the EE Setup Tool for installation of your EET then you are not using the official mod versions and any bugs you encounter might not be any issue in the official mods.
  11. The mod updates to vBeta 7 with a Polish version by memory! Changelog: - Polish version added, by memory. - Extended Anomen Quest: guards in compound should not turn hostile. - Added globally unique labels to support Project Infinity.
  12. bg1npc is updated to v27 with hopefully corrected install order syntax with regard to Framed.
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