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  1. That's the line, yes, thanks! I'll go digging why he feels stalked by Douglas then. Thank you very much for the kind words! I am thinking about adding the possibility to let him travel (force him to leave the group and travel, more like it) to talk to his parents again. When he returns, he would be more settled in terms of "they are wrong, not my choice of wife". I am not sure when I'll come to that, though, and whether it would mean I'd have to rewite some of the LTs (which would be reason not to add any more content), but would be an idea to ease the "he is trapped" feeling off the PC's shoulders.
  2. Funnily enough, I knew Every Mod and Dog added a dog companion, but I wasn't aware of the circumstances.
  3. ?? EDIT: Ah, I see. Was hoping you had a Creepin sighting, but oh well. (In case you read this, Creepin: hope you are well!)
  4. Great! Thank you for your work on this mod.
  5. Closing threads is not G3 policy, but we will move posts that go offtopic too much into their own nice little (still public, of course) thread where they can have their fits without disturbing anyone. (EDIT just so this does not give a false impression: I was not addressing any person with "having fits" but the posts.)
  6. Do you have an unmodded BG:EE install somewhere? You could also check your game's version and whether the laskal.cre is correctly flagged "class druid".
  7. In my unmodded BG:EE Laskal is not "innocent". You could do a changelog on the laskal.cre but that's something I've never done myself. If you look at the mods' backup folders. Is there a laskal.cre in one of them? Then this mod made changes to the cre. For the cre for Andarthe you could check the same: if he is tagged as " innocent" in your game then another mod made changes to it. EDIT: it's the "class" field of the cre.
  8. You can use Near Inifnity to open the "cre" files. Laskals is laskal.cre. The mod files you will find in the "override" folder unless you set the settings in NI so they are shown in the file-specific folders, as well.
  9. Weird. I just checked Laskal on BG:EE 2.5 and the cre is not tagged as "INNOCENT", and I checked the x#andart.cre in bg1npc for v24 and 23.3. Maybe something else is happening here? Which version of BG1NPC are you playing? You can see the number either at the "VERSION" tag in the bg1npc.tp2 inside the mod folder or in your weidu.log.
  10. Usually it's a tag on the character file stating it's an "INNOCENT" which makes sense for commoners or nobles or children. For shadow druids I agree it does not seem to make much sense. And yes, in BGT at least Laskal is tagged as "INNOCENT" (it's an original game cre). In BG:EE, this is fixed and he is changed to "DRUID". The mod cre for Andarthe (x#andart.cre) is correctly tagged as "DRUID", though, and shouldn't give a rep loss when killed? Could it be that the second rep loss was due to some other druid, maybe? And you are playing on BGT, I assume?
  11. I'd appreciate if this wouldn't turn into a BeamDog bashing thread. (I said that in my "Gibberlings' staff" voice!) I also think that it is important to keep in mind that the forums are not "BeamDog". It is, however, the official company's games' forums, so it is difficult to separate the two emotionally.
  12. If you look into your weidu.log, which version number does it say behind the Ajantis install line? Sorry the romance didn't work for you. The problem is: the moment the PC accepts his love she doesn't know about his family's reaction, and the moment they know he is devoted to her. There should be some PID options to tell him that he has no obligations and the PC is ready to let him go instead of having him decide between the things he loves, though, did you try those?
  13. Sorry, sometimes it is hard for me to grab intentions behind a written statement. Praising is fine.
  14. Lefreut was banned. I was warned (I am currently "jailed", can't open discussions, can't see the modding or game forums, not even my own threads in there.) Officially we broke forum rules. I can't show you the reason because the posts are hidden. I won't say more to that matter.
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