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  1. Have fun! I think it is very enjoyable - and quite addictive. Oh, and feeling like an idiot is definitely part of modding the IE engine. I'm a quest and dialogue scripter for more than 15 years now and well, look at my question in that thread.
  2. Just an info since I don't want to reread the whole thread: after deinstalling all mods, the game language mods are installed to can easily be reset by just deleting the weidu.conf file in the game folder (and chosing the wanted game language upon the next mod install).
  3. Reading this I am not sure you really understood the difference between game language and mod language. The game language the mods are installed to will only be asked by the the first mod and then be stored in the weidu.conf file. "0" here is indeed not English, so if you play the game in English later all mod added texts will give invalids. The second choice is the mod's language. This of course every mod asks and executes individually. The mod's language version will be installed to the chosen game language version and it doesn't matter whether these are different languages.
  4. Yep, that worked. For "7th" group member (in familiar status) of my NPC, this action lead to all following transactions in the dialogue (also for later states!) being cued until after the end of the dialogue (even though it was the questcharacter's dialogue!): ~ActionOverride("npcname",DestroyItem("itemname"))~ Whereas, letting this be done by a questcharacter did not lead to the same effect, transactions after that were executed as expected: ~ActionOverride("FIREBE",TakePartyItem("itemname")) ActionOverride("FIREBE",DestroyItem("itemname"))~ Thanks again @argent
  5. Oooh. Awesome. Thank you very much! I'd never have figured this out by myself.
  6. @argent77 thank you! The typo you mentioned, is it in the syntax or in the text? I am down to "install a new BGT" to be honest. The dialogue starts like this, item "c#broink" is taken out of the inventory alright (displayed in the text window), and then the dialogue loops and I have no idea why. I started with local variables and some other transactions, and reduced it to global variables and no other transactions and the loop just remains (changed the dialogue to make sure I'm actually seeing the right one).
  7. EDIT with solution: It was an ~ActionOverride("npcname",DestroyItem("itemname"))~ action before these states that cued all transactions inside the dialogue. Changing it to ~ActionOverride("FIREBE",TakePartyItem("itemname")) ActionOverride("FIREBE",DestroyItem("itemname"))~ solved the problem. -------------------------- This is the dialogue after installing and decompiling it. It loops from state 15 to 16 and back from 17 to 14 and so forth and I don't know why. I already started a completely new game, I checked whether this is actually the dialogue that's the one I see in
  8. No idea, sorry. There should be a main rule about tweak mods and SCS, I would assume SCS comes last but I am not sure. For the two tweak mods I guess it doesn't matter, but that's a wild guess as I'm not even sure what exactly EET Tweak does.
  9. Ah, I see your problem. 1. tick the "teen version" choice for main component. 2. tick all components' boxes you want to have. Then, components you ticked that have a teen version will install the teen version (that's what the main component is for). A little elaboration: -components you did not tick will not be installed due to PI restricting the install, no matter whether they are/have a teen version. -components you ticked but do not have a teen version will not be installed due to the restrictions inside the mod )if you chose teen version in the main component)
  10. I sorted some of the mods a bit differently in a list for "my" mods but the only hard rule in there is Endless BG1 before bg1re which you considered so it should be ok.
  11. The reason why it sufficces to choose the install choice if you install the mod by hand is that the weidu installer asks what to do with the components: "ask about each one, install all, or skip them". That all components will be installed directly is because you chose "i"nstall all - if you press "a"sk about each one instead, you will have to confirm every one individually. So, no, just ticking the choice from the first component in PI won't be enough, you'll have to tick all components you actually want, too.
  12. They get unhappy and all NPCs have a "disappear if kicked out if unhappy" dialogue afaik. It's more the problem that you need a tweak to prevent that. I know it happened with Kivan for me.
  13. Bg1NPC doesn't change her greetings dialogue afaik. Neutral NPCs are not happy if rep gets too high, sounds like original behavior. Thanks for info about Kivan and the Ankhegs, I will look into that when time allows. I'm not really firm with this quest. What has the mayor to do with Coran's Wyverns?
  14. Guest Winski Problem: This is a very good catch. Installation of the Tanar'ri was skipped if another, unrelated file was detected - fixed locally. Try putting the attached x#tanari.cre into your EET's override folder. It's from my EET install so it should have the correct scripts etc assigned (it will have a wrong name). x#tanari.cre
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