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  1. Ah! As far as I know, Ascension adds the possibility for Sarevok to unlock some of the sword's power in ToB (with the Chaos Sowrd). I don't know the upgraded sword's stats, though. The sword used by him in BG1 is an undroppable item, so it would have to be modified before it could be used in the game.
  2. If you mean the Chaos Sword from BGII, BGTTweaks inserst it into BG1 as Sarevok's loot (that's why I made the sword an own optional component). Also, @Lauriel's mod will make Sarevok drop it as far as I know. In Tantalus' "Sarevok Restoration" mod, he will come with a more powerful version of armor and helmet. I tuned it down for BG1.
  3. 1. Translation is being worked on, but not complete. 2. I guess so, but writing NPC crossmod banter is not on my priority list. It's not that I would not like to have them, but I'd really need to take the time, and if I did, there would be several other NPCs I'd write banters for, first.
  4. Imoen 4 Ever is now also compatible with Ascalon's Breagar! The above post is edited accordingly.
  5. Ascalon's Breagar NPC MOd updates to v9.0.0! -It is now fully compatible with Imoen 4 Ever (with a revised banter path plus one additional dialogue). -It is now compatible with any "Skip SoD" tweak in EET as it is included in Endless BG1 Mod (if Breagar was in group when facin Sarevok, he will turn up in BGII)Mod only installs the default portrait, alternative remove due to Copyright thoughts -The mod is now independent on the Worldmap mod, but still compatible independent on install order. -many bugfixes. Changes:
  6. Thanks for the kind words! And I can only second the words of praise for G3 as a community - with active admins!
  7. In the old engine, IsValidForPartyDialogue was a very unreliable trigger. Lots of interjections of the NPC crew were missed because it didn't fire although the NPC was standing right there. CD_STATE_NOTVALID was a custom state check introduced by CamDawg that basically checks for everything that would prevent a character to be able to talk. It is far more reliable but has to be used in combination with InParty() and some See() trigger. For the EE, the IsValidForPartyDialogue trigger was revised - as far as I know, to make it far more reliable. I think for the EE it makes no difference which you use, but I might stand corrected.
  8. I meant it's still a +5 weapon, and it is used in the BG1 part.
  9. Which version of CtB are you playing, where did you download it, and on which game are you on?
  10. SW2H05.itm is an undroppable sword 1d10+5, speed 5, Bonus to hit 5. Most definitely not "just a regular sword".
  11. 1. not currently, but I guess this could be implemented for armor and helmet. But Tantalus' Sarevok mod uses the BAMs for items of Sarevok in ToB. It wouldn't make sense to have two sets. 2. the chaos sword is handed ober by the djinni in Irenicus Dungeon. This is original game content. 3. not sure what you mean here. The description of the chaos sword makes it clear that the sword was much more powerful than the chaos sword. In BG1, Sarevok fights with some undroppable sword, no idea what the stats are.
  12. "Annoying" is in the eye of the beholder. I'd call it "persistent".
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