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  1. The install order is not ideal. EEEx should go first, after that Bubb's Spell Menue.
  2. Avoiding this is difficult I'm afraid. If she doesn't see the PC the cutscene won't start, but it won't change the fact that it will once she sees the PC again. The alternative is changing a local variable by hand using "SetNumTimesTalkedTo(2)". Something like this: make sure the mouse cursor hovers over Rivaniel while using the cheat console with: C:Eval('SetNumTimesTalkedTo(2)') Fingers crossed.
  3. (One way ot the other) But Breagar is in the group in the Screenshot, so something is amiss? Also, the cutscene that triggers after this sentence is Breagar's healing, not Rivaniel leaving. (ACCUT_03.baf).
  4. @AccessDenied Is this the order you installed the mods in? Please post the contents of your weidu.log.
  5. Did this dialogue and cutscene run alreay (inside the smithy)?
  6. This is Breagar indeed. I'm just confused because it sounds like when she helps him after his accident, which should be inside the smithy afaik? Did Breagar already have his accident and her help (and lost his arm)? If yes, this seems to be a hiccup. Does she initiate the dialogue on her own?
  7. @Tatyan Sorry for the question, but why are you sure the cutscene is Breagar's content? (I'm not that familiar with the mod, so I don't even know what's supposed to happen there - or whether you are talking about BG1 or BGII!). Where exactly are you, what happens before the crash, can you quote a line or maybe make a screenshot?
  8. Thanks! This reply comes a bit late, I indeed missed your post.
  9. Thanks for the kind words, and I'm glad it worked! Maybe Master Shizell didn't have his glasses on or something..
  10. Please post your weidu.log. Just in case you added this mod to a "finished" EET install: it needs to go before EET_End.
  11. That's great advice. We should spread this, then we can drop maintaining and debugging the two mod versions and save a lot of time. Yes. /sarcasm
  12. I am confused. You posted above that DADAMANT.bcs would stutter, i.e. repeat endlessly. Now it's not even used and no problem after reloading?
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