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  1. As of now, I4E and Stronghold Mods are not compatible because of story reasons: Imoen gets the thief Stronghold and there are hostilities with the Thieves' Guild, which in turn means that if these happen in Chapter 3, the player lockes themselves out of their way to Brynlaw via Aran Linvail, which is bad.
  2. Sorry! It wasn't my intention to imply that. It's just that I noticed the grey/gray myself some time back and thought "oh well - too late" for his name. But it's a name, so that's a whole different story, anyhow.
  3. The dog's name is Grey, that's fixed I'm afraid. But apart from that US spelling as it's more common in BG itself (although the games are not really consistent itsef). Thanks for asking, important question!
  4. This could use a separate thread as it should become standard for every mod adding areas to EE imho.
  5. Notes to Install Order: I4E has to be installed before Southern Edge. New version of Southern Edge should make the two mods inependent of install order, thank you very much, @Lava! It is still recommended to install I4E as soon as possible.
  6. Thank you! I thought using existing items and changing them would work better, but there you go*. *Yes, I know knowing what one is doing helps usually.
  7. Thanks! If you replace the C#GRTOO4.ITM in the c#greythedog/items folder with the one Angel attached here before installing Grey, it should work.
  8. The quest was created by White Agnus/Lumorus to have a "use" for the bodies in the sewers. I don't think I'd expand on it, but out of curiousity - what would you think would be a suitable follow-up?
  9. I'm temped to write "yay quarantine" but I don't think it's appropriate considering what is going on in the world. Thank you in advance! I'll change the enchantment level to 1, then. I learned about it only recently but obviously forgot to check all items.
  10. Of course not. Which enchantment level would be appropriate? Thank you very much!
  11. Seems I still need help with Grey's items. I implemented Gwendolyne's suggestion but that doesn't seem to have fixed it.
  12. That sounds great! I don't mind having two proof readers for one project, because there is always another typo(TM) but if two people would do it at the same time then that would be a waste of energy.
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