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  1. Thanks @Endarire for drawing my attention to this.
  2. @Austin In case you haven't yet, please also include a (detailed if possible) changelog.
  3. @Austin Did you take the version 1.7 from SHS into account for your changes?
  4. LT23 is a wakup dialogue and will only happen if EDIT: in the rest dialogue before (LT22): -the PC encouraged Dynaheir to persue the idea of echanting items with magic although it's forbidden to Hathrans. -AND does not succeed in distracting her from the temptation to do it. This means either that the PC just goes to sleep or his constitution is lower 13. Talking her out of it, not talking to her at all, or constitution higher than 12 plus agreeing to help Dynaheir distract herself from the idea will skip LT23.
  5. You need to install NPC mods before EET_End. exe. Deinstall EET_End, install Aran, reinstall EET_End.
  6. @LukeSolas do you mean the BG1 or the BGII variant? They are quite different in design.
  7. The unidentified / check whether it's identified is a neat trick, if it works. But @Lauriel you also want to make sure the player is aware of what the note says, so I'd leave the "NPC reads it aloud" in as a failsafe.
  8. I have no experience with the automatic converter. This is what I wrote in a hidden forum before with regard to making old BGII (NPC) mods EET compatible. For BG1 mods it depends whether it already covers the "Crossing the Great Divide" (back in the day between BGT and Tutu, but the principle is the same between BG:EE and EET) or not. Addition to that: PIDs need to include "IsGabber(Player1)" into the trigger, then EET automatically adds triggers to the SoA part so it doesn't block the ToB dialogues.
  9. @Bertle Not in the readme, but in the folder "docs" is a file "romance_notes.txt" which states:
  10. The mod updates to v6 with compatibility to Transitions v0.4 beta.
  11. If the mods are hosted by an active site, the admins / moderators would be the ones responsible for updates. In general, technical updates, compatibility updates and bugfixes will be accepted. You could ask before hand to make sure the mod is not being worked on, and afterwards offer your update in the official mod's forum. If the mod is not connected to an active modding site, you could still make an update and offer it at one of the bigger modding sites, preferably as close to where the mod was hosted/discussed/already updated before. This was also done for very old mods, the updates we
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