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  1. This is how lynx must feel when he manages the bug tracker on github.
  2. More info on Game Over Party Death and GemRB: http://forums.blackwyrmlair.net/index.php?showtopic=4953&pid=57115&st=20&#entry57115 Sorry for necro resurrection just happen to see this thread and I wanted to share my previous findings.
  3. @Vlan https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/531043595252137985/559974967316447245/JANJ2515_COMPLIMENT_RESPONSE_1.wav https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/205226905870270466/569605415243874315/KORGAN_DEATH_GENERAL.wav https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/205226905870270466/569605419777916928/KORGAN_DEATH_GENERAL_2.wav https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/531043595252137985/563021199375073300/JAN_DEATH_SPECIFIC.wav https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/531043595252137985/562357187167518749/JANJAN76_DEATH_GENERAL.wav https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/531043595252137985/562356443211104272/JAN_INSULT3.wav Few samples off the discord. If I can mashup enough voiceover tracks from existing HaerDalis and Yoshimo sound files I plan to squeeze in brawl between them under certain conditions.
  4. @Vlan I am working on such mod you can listen to some samples on the Gibberlings 3 discord section noobersmeet & mod-discussion (older messages). The mod will work for BGT for sure, need to test it if it is going to work on BG2 alone. Need also to import some new soundset from BG:EE. So far I finished Jan. The voiceset for Minsc, HaerDalis, Drizzt (Drizzt Saga mod) and Yoshimo are almost completed. Korgan, Mazzy, and Vicionia are started. I intend to give proper voiceset for some modded NPCs as well such as BG2 Branwen, Tiax, Coran, Xan, Yeslick, Kachioko and others. But that part will be released when I do the BG2 Bioware NPCs. Sample demonstration. Jan insult will not sounds like that depicted in the image.
  5. ////This is temporary rough version of the guide. Sorry I deleted by mistake the finished guide. But it is still applicable. This is guide for Windows users. Sorry I do not own/have Linux or any other systems. This guide will help you set up GemRB engine and install GemRB 10pp mod so you can enjoy 10 party members or decrease maximum allowable pary members. I recommend you to install Notepad ++ or similar program for easier editing paths. I. First Setting up your GemRB: 1. First go to this site and download the latest build Windows: https://sourceforge.net/projects/gemrb/files/Buildbot Binaries/Windows/AppVeyor/ Linux: https://sourceforge.net/projects/gemrb/files/Buildbot Binaries/Linux/ OSX: https://sourceforge.net/projects/gemrb/files/Buildbot Binaries/Apple/OSX/ 2. Extract your GemRB build to any folder although I recommend you to extract it to separately named folder e.g. _GemRB in Black Isles or GoG or close to where you have your Baldur's Gate 2 game directory. It makes things easier to navigate. 3. Go to where you extracted GemRB build and find the file called GemRB.cfg.sample 4. Rename GemRB.cfg.sample to GemRB.cfg. Ignore any warning if it pops up about changing file format. 5. Open GemRB.cfg 6. ONLY if you have Polish or Czech version of the Baldur's Gate 2 Find: Rename it to: Encoding=Czech or Encoding=Polish 7. Screen Resolution and Full Screen Find: Width=640 and rename it to: Find: Height=480 and rename it to: Height=768 This is maximum allowed resolution without installing Widescreen mod at least on my monitor for GemRB. For Full Screen Find: Fullscreen=0 Set it to one: Fullscreen=1 8. Find: #MaxPartySize = 6 and rename it to: MaxPartySize = 10 Or whatever number you want your party size to be restricted e.g. 3. Maximum party you can have with 10pp is TEN. Don't forget to remove the # pound sign. 9. Find #EnableCheatKeys=1 and rename it to: EnableCheatKeys=1 You may need to use the cheats if you run into a unexpected bug. Don't forget to remove the # pound sign. 10. Now comes tricky part - path editing. Your mileage will vary because nobody's paths are the same. Double and triple check your work it will work. GamePath=/mnt/windows/Programmi/Black Isle/BGII - SoA/ So this would look like that GamePath=C:\Users\Cygar\Desktop\Misc Files\Black Isles\BGII - SoA\ You need to provide your path to your Baldur's Gate 2 classic not Enhanced Edition. You should need to do. Anything else below in the spoiler tag are optional steps let lynx know if you really need to do those steps for GemRB to work. GemRB should be set up now. Go to where you extracted GemRB build and run gemrb.exe II. 10pp mod First incompatible and other problems mods: 1) Shadow Over Soubar. Don't install it because if you do you will get fatal error when installing 10pp. Problematic mods: 1) Game Over The Party Death - can only be installed after 10pp mod. a) it requires you to copy and override my edited .baf scripts BEFORE installing Game Over Only on Party Dead to extend support up to 10 NPCs in the party. Otherwise whenever 5 NPCs die your protagonist will also die even if you have 4 other party member alive. b) the mod is far from perfect on GemRB it requires you to manually set variable #gbhaalhp1=2 to #gbhaalhp1=0 whenever your Charname gets knock out (1 HP or less). Setting variable can be done using Near Infinity in the save game BALDUR.GAM c) There are lots of the issues I documented in this post written in violet color: III. Installation of 10pp: Software and mod prerequisites: 1 ) the G3 Fixpack 2 ) Download and install Active Perl or newer https://www.activestate.com/products/activeperl/downloads/ 3 ) Download 10pp mod from here https://github.com/lynxlynxlynx/gemrb-mods 4 ) Extract gemrb-mods-master.zip and copy the 10pp folder into your Baldur's Gate directory. 5 ) Copy and paste any of your weidu .exe for example setup-bg2fixpack.exe so you have setup-bg2fixpack - Copy.exe as well 6 ) Rename setup-bg2fixpack - Copy.exe to setup-10pp.exe 7 ) Run setup-10pp.exe and choose maximum size of allowed party member. I suggest you type in 10 because in GemRB.cfg you can manually edit the party size if you want to restrict the group to less than 6 members. That way you shouldn't lose the flexibility of manually editing party size in the config file GemRB.cfg. 9 ) You need to install widescreen mod with big enough resolution to fit in additional portraits. I recommend you to have at least With these resolution All 10 portraits will fit in but you will have to reload the game after having group size more than 6 in order to control 7th NPC via portrait. Likely the optimal resolution for 10 NPCs is at least 1920 x 1440. @Jarno Mikkola knows better and refer to his advises from here: 10) Don't forget to set the exact same resolution in GemRB.cfg as you chose when installing Widscreen mod. 11) Hopefully it will install successfully. IV. Few pointers for GemRB wannabes:
  6. One time I remember setting resolution 1920 x 1440 or 1920 x 1080 don't remember which it did work so no gui/interface bug were present even with 10 npcs. However with such res creatures are less than one inch on your screen. You need magnifying glass to play with such res. 1600 x 1200 is compromise you make trade off an non-annoying bug for decent resolution. This bug is nothing because it fixes itself with reload there are far more annoying bugs I encountered. Anyway I noticed it's good for stability of GemRB to quit the game at least once per 1 hour.
  7. Info for the curious users of 10pp mod. Widescreen resolution of 1600 x 1200 is still too small for 10 NPCs if you wish 100% bug free GUI. Still it is enough because if you encounter the bug (e.g. double NPC portrait) like when removing/joining NPCs you can just save and reload and it will fix yer issues 100%. 1600 x 1200 works up to 8 NPCs bug free. For more than 8 NPCs set the widescreen larger.
  8. Mod related bugs/issues are marked by violet. I dunno if this is bug but the console is spamming messages like [EffectQueue]: Edwin is immune to effect: ApplyEffect. The name of the NPC seems not to matter. -BG1 Romantic Encounters Bardolan's Briefing, by berelinde: 2.7 - when invited to Bardolan's office game crashes. On vanilla engine it loads CTD free new area with CHARNAME and Bardolan. Bardolan is captain and can be found in Nashkel garrison. - Cursed Items don't have cursed icon over NPC portrait and can be removed free at will. Also spell remove curse don't remove any equipped cursed items. I have installed Cursed Items v3_8 mod. (works without the mod) -Game Over Party Dead PC doesn't not receive proper icon over portrait titled dying when HP lowered to 1 or less. -GemRB in Game Over Party Dead mod doesn't not set correctly variable #gbhaalhp1. It sets #gbhaalhp1=2 so when PC recovers after the battle she/he becomes invulnerable to all damage. I fix that issue by setting #gbhaalhp1=0 in the save using NearInfinity whenever enemy knocks out my PC -Game Over Party Dead sometimes your PC is still lying down on the ground "unconscious" even when battle ends and you cure him. -Game Over Party Dead when your PC survives and gets up from unconscious state after the battle there should be journal entry which in GemRB is missing -Game Over Party Dead - enemy AI targets pointlessly unconscious PC whose hp is 1 - at this stage Charname becomes invulnerable to all damage as long as party members are alive. Enemy AI should target other party members instead. -Item Revision/ Allow stealth in heavy armors - hiding in shadow will always be successful if your ranger or fighter/thief wears chainmail or full plate armor -Baldur's Gate Trilogy - Music -> Full Baldur's Gate/Shadows of Amn/Throne of Bhaal Music (WARNING: patches BGMain.exe) - sometimes music stops playing and only way of restoring it is to save the game, quit the game and reload again. More info needed: Moved to new bug tracker: Fixed & non-issues: -Thief Galore and Avatar switching from 1 Pixell Production (1PP)
  9. The bug has been solved by lynx it was cap on string count. The latest version is capped to 400K as far as I know but maybe lynx will have better answer for that question. Ah good old G3 forums are back.
  10. I tested a little the latest build. gemrb-win32-08f0f04.zip Irenicus paperdoll from Longer Road shows correctly but there are still bugs with his body not changing from fire elemental to Irenicus elf body. As soon as Irenicus joins you need to ctril + R on him and save the game (save must be made in pocketplane) then load that save again. There seems to be problem with spell Maze and Imprisonment and minor with Flesh to Stone - one bug is related to those three spells. Your NPC don't leave the party when she/he gets turned to stone or mazed/imprisoned. When maze or imprisonment is cast on your NPC he/she will disappear briefly from the screen but after 1-2 seconds she/he is back.
  11. After pondering a lot I think perhaps some ill added BGEE compatibility to any mod I installed might messed up dialogue display on GemRB. I will go do yet another mega mod install this time skipping mods which were converted using BiG World Installapck and Fixpack from BG:EE to BGT - namely Thenya NPC and Aerie in BG1.
  12. How can this be problem with megamod install if all dialogues display correctly on vanilla engine? This is console log. No errors popped up when I started dialogue with Lucy.
  13. Yes the dialog.tlk I uploaded doesn't display Lucy the Wyvern mod dialogue just like in the above screen. To be sure I checked on vanilla engine and dialogue displays correctly. I ran check with DLTCEP for dialog.tlk I don't understand what it says in the log but some warnings but no errors.
  14. There is missing paperdoll for Irenicus in the mod Longer Road v1.5.1 but Illithid paperdoll for Varshoom NPC is present. Also the cutscene where Irenicus gets tortured burning in hell hangs up. Your party gets reported to ARHELL.are to watch Irenicus cutscene. Player control is disabled with purple circles under each of your NPC. The only way to get the cutscene moving is to type MoveToArea("ARHELL") as quickly as you can when you finish dialogue with Rielv otherwise you get stuck. Hmm release link soon? You can place Bounty Hunter's special snares remotely without moving bounty hunter to the location where you want to set the snare. On GemRB the bounty hunters just place snares on the spot where she/he is standing. Day goes into night in a split of a second. I remember that on vanilla engine the change wasn't so sudden. By dragging the mouse. The buttons in to left corner work alright but I never use them even on vanilla engine too slow. Not only in dreams. Loudness problem. Whenever you see Saraduish Solider damage X you hear loud grunt even if the you are on the other side of the town. LOL a bug fixes a bug. Any NPC will pester you twice or thrice when you kick them out of the team - this is also bug I found playing GemRB but with Kinderek it actually helps. 1) You get Kinderek into the group 2) you join any wizard into the group. 3 ) Kinderek leaves the group and attacks that wizard and turn against you 4) After 2-3 seconds Kinderek starts dialogue with you about why you kicked him out but then you say don't go and he joins again with his distruptor in hands. I can report that Dace NPC also has the same problem as Kinderek.
  15. dialog.tlk http://www.mediafire.com/file/wei0ahdr5hqy49f/dialog.tlk/file Here it begins. Fade NPC have proper dialog boxes - no empty dialogue boxes. But last mod installed Lucy the Wyvern v4a has empty dialogue box. Second dialog option should be (kiss her). Romantic Encounter (RE) dialogs worked perfectly no empty dialog boxes in RE. This time setup is different but the same problem still persists. I noticed that mod Tortured Souls from Vlad's Compilation has missing 3. dialog option (first choices during convo) when first encountering Kachicko near the exit from Irenicus Chateau. But the rest of this bugged dialog functions properly even the name of the NPC is displayed properly. I even gave extensive test with the mod Tortured Soul. Kachiako and Sime NPCs have no empty dialog boxes. As well as I did brief run through the Karakura Island and didn't notice any empty dialog boxes. WeiDU Log:
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