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  1. So 2.6 is out and I've no excuse to keep avoiding this project. So far, the new build seems much less clunky than 2.5. I haven't noticed any changes in the UI except for a few changes in how the World Map behaves. I'm going to start the project over (takes less time than sorting out the mess my previous attempts have left behind). When I do so, I'm going to open a new topic to keep anyone interested updated and also to make sure I keep focused - basically, the more noise you guys make, the bigger the chances this thing gets released.
  2. He's already helped me immensely back at the BD forums. I intend to pay him back by pestering him some more with my questions in the near future.
  3. I've got some stuff to do regarding the new version of TutuGUI for the original BG2 but after that, I'm going to look into getting the BG1 UI for EE back on track.
  4. Hi Guest Ront! Not yet, unfortunately. Life and an ever-growing disappointment at the EEs got in the way. I have to say, though, that every time someone asks about it, I get an itch to restart the project.
  5. I think I have fixed the problem. There were some wrongly positioned elements in a file that is only used when the resolution is set to 1024x768. If you can download and place the attached file in your override folder, that'd be great! Of course, please do so after installing the patch (or else the installation will overwrite the fixed file). guiw10.chu
  6. The problem might be an incompatibility with the font patch you're using. Would it be possible for you to test removing it without screwing up your installation? (perhaps it's right at the end of your mod install order) Thanks for trying out the patch!
  7. In other words, the new mechanic prevents players from just reloading until they succeed (A.K.A. save scumming), therefore it's an improvement. But is it, really? Consider this: the ability to save scum is an inevitable side effect of an integral aspect of BG's gameplay (you can save/load whenever, except when in combat). There's no way to prevent it altogether unless through a radical design change such as replacing the save-whenever system with a checkpoint or auto-save-only system. Granted, it doesn't have to be a slippery slope. Perhaps only partially eliminating save scumming i
  8. If I'm not mistaken, in the original a character would roll against its own pick pocket score. In the EEs, each item slot has a set required score that is compared to the character's pick pocket skill. If it's lower, you get a message saying the target has no items that can be stolen by a cutpurse of your skill.
  9. Not so much replying to this individual post as picking it as an example of the few replies here dismissing the whole thread as a nonsensical exercise in grognardism. I find it disingenuous to treat "rolling back Beamdog's changes" as an all-or-nothing proposition that defeats its own purpose as long as one can go play the originals. The EEs are a mixed bag of objective improvements (mostly on the technical side) with changes and additions to gameplay, some of which very much blur the line between enhancement and change for the sake of change. So much that some of the most egregious
  10. You know, solving issues that weren't issues to begin with sounds pretty spot on for Beamdog, IMHO.
  11. shawne, as I live and breathe. I remember being bummed about your banning.
  12. "Doesn't affect me, therefore, it doesn't exist." Also "It's all subjective anyway. You're wrong, though."
  13. Yes. What the doctor said. And the point I can't seem to get across to a couple of you folks. It's not whether Thacobell's reply deserves a smackdown (it actually doesn't), but the fact that if the roles were reversed (BD critic accuses BD fanboy of being a jerk), mods would come out spinning their banhammers like Thor within minutes. I'm not fixating on it as much as documenting it.
  14. I'm well aware that calling someone a jerk is pretty lame as far as personal attacks are concerned. The point was that people have been banned/jailed/reprimanded for much less.
  15. So here's one of Beamdog's most staunch defenders outright calling Adul a jerk for criticizing the studio. This kind of personal attack could be an opportunity for the moderators to prove just how impartial and unbiased they are.
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