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  1. What is that measured in, bytes? Anyway, the original SPWI218.SPL (Ghoul Touch) throws off a SOURCE_SIZE > 0x113 check. It simply will not be patched if that size is required. Without that check, patching happens fine. There may be other SPLs like that down the list, but Ghoul Touch is the first one to buck Weidu. In the override folder the size of the file, without changes, only saved, is 250 bytes, but facts are facts. Any suggestions for a different "sanity check"?
  2. Is it safe to record some numbers, within the size of the field, in "unknown" fields of a file? For instance, to leave markers for later patching. I would just do it, but maybe there is a known problem with this?
  3. I meant spells and scrolls. For example, in a standard installation of BGEE there are four scrolls labeled "Greater Malison," but only one just the right scroll icon and casts the corresponding spell. The others have Ghost Armor icons and cast pseudo spells, like "Tanarri Change." I don't know where those scrolls are used and who has them, but they screw up normal scroll patching. I want to filter out as many of these fakes as possible. And by the way, I invite suggestions for finding real wizard scrolls to apply patching. This should be something that would be compatible with changes to scrolls people make. I have gone with looking at item category, greater-than-zero string references for Identified name and Identified description, at least two abilities, the first ability with the Item location and the first effect of this ability Cast spell or Cast spell at point. There is still a risk that someone may patch them with effects on top of the casting, but this gives the best estimate. Still, if there is a more reliable way of separating wizard scrolls, I would like to know it.
  4. I'm doing some patching and copying of spells and scrolls, and I would like to leave out the ones that are intended as jokes or aren't real resources at all. CDDETECT.SPL gave me trouble as one of the latter, and jokes include "Summon Cow" (one spell, two scrolls). What else is there in the BG series and Icewind Dale of this sort?
  5. Quite so! Thank you again.
  6. Why not use one spell with 15 effects inside?
  7. I'm changing a category of items to make them conversable. After some checks and filters the code generates a dialogue from a template, copying it over in an INNER_ACTION. The name of the dialogue file that results for every item is the same as the SOURCE_RES of the item, for simplicity, and both are represented by the variable "itemres". In the end I want to insert APPEND to add to ITEMDIAL.2DA. The code is approximately like this: ....inside the patch, after making the dialogues... INNER_ACTION BEGIN OUTER_SET strref = RESOLVE_STR_REF (~Know It~) APPEND ~ITEMDIAL.2DA~ ~%itemres% %strref% %itemres%~ UNLESS ~ITEMDIAL.2DA~ ~%itemres% %strref% %itemres%~ END (and more ENDs to wrap up) I see no problem with this code, but somehow a parsing error results. Anybody has guesses as to why?
  8. Who can tell me, is it possible to decrement the number of wizard spell slots for every level exactly to zero, for a random character, without accidentally going under and giving 12 slots for every level instead?
  9. Giving this mod extra spin, the Mending spell is making an entrance at most common spell stores in BG1, BG2 and IWD1. It will repair a little damage to an undead creature or construct (golems etc., including Mordenkainen's swords) and bring party members of that kind out of their death. This will be useful if you have them in the group, because from now on Cure spells, Heal, Raise Dead and Resurrection, whether as spells or as abilities, won't work on golems and undead, and neither will healing potions. This is how it is supposed to be, according to spell descriptions, but to my surprise the spells turned out to work perfectly on undead in testing. I don't know if other mods have addressed this, but here it is a change of creatures, not spells. Keep in mind, though, that this change, right as it is, will make keeping Hexxat "alive" much more of a challenge. Well, you have her draining abilities, other black magic, and now Mending. Golems and other mechanicals, only not the swords, receive a special ability called Repair Flywheel. Naturally, you won't see it on enemies, but it's there, should you get control of some friendly constructs or decide to make a golem NPC, which I hope someone does make. (Ask me for sound files, I have something cool stored.) Repair Flywheel works as a program, a spell with a very long casting time, and every round it continues to be cast, the golem will heal a hit point. If you move from the spot, you will end the program, but it can be restarted anytime. Also in this version, First Aid takes account of the user's Intelligence. The chance of curing damage is the same for highly intelligent characters as for everyone else, but they will not inflict a bungling on the patient.
  10. This is as much a rumination as an update. Arrows, bullets and bolts in the first iteration didn't work perfectly, and still don't. Their paths are narrow, and much of the success of running around to dodge them has to do with the engine not registering projectile hits. There are a couple of particular angles shots from which the engine simply refuses to acknowledge. The only way to fix this would be to grossly increase the path width for every direction, but any wider than now, and these missiles will begin to hit people just standing shoulder-to-shoulder with each other, as flying axes already do. It's believable for axes, for arrows and bolts, not so much. I had to be satisfied with the current width. This is a bug, but you can try to role-play it with your archers, and there is learning to be done, which is always good. For years in these games the learning curve for anything has been flat like champagne from 1998, and modders jump on the camel's hump with both boots to make sure your brain rots in this fantasy world from nothing to know. But a big portion of a game's appeal can come from mastering even its flaws - if anyone remembers that fact from the old days... Now, if you see that a sure shot, most often at an oblique angle, passes over someone's head, approach: the attack should succeed at closer range. There are a couple of these unlucky angles to watch out for especially. The cure is to come closer. The same goes for using Melf's Acid Arrows and Flame Arrows - step up for a better chance. The most frequent bad angle to target will be this: Aside from this consideration, there is a change in the update. Arrows and bolts are still "dangerous" missiles in that they will continue to the limits of the area in the direction of the shot. This property can bring trouble, but it's too good to lose. If you want safe but fast missiles, use bullets. They now stop at their intended target, hitting those on the way as well but not going beyond.
  11. Today at a supermarket I saw a posted paper about giving first aid. I don't know why they had it there, it wasn't even about the coronavirus but about treating wounds - that first aid is only effective within 10 minutes of the trauma, about resuscitation and so on. So here is a little mod. It only works for the EEs, involving some advanced opcodes. Characters (and all humanoids and giants) can now administer first aid to someone who has taken damage within 3 rounds. This will cure 2d4 points, succeed in rousing characters from unconsciousness that comes in combination with damage, like getting slammed with a wing buffet, most of the time and slow the majority of poisons considerably. It relieves Constitution loss from vampire draining, too. Medics can bungle it, however, and instead do that much damage, deepen the swoon and accelerate the poison, if any. First aid can only be used once for a wound, and it works on anybody who isn't dead or made of clay or metal. Creatures can't use first aid on themselves, somebody else must tend to them. This should help team spirit... but you can use many minions for this, too. There is no need to start a new game. Creatures will be patched, including the party. NPC in areas you have already visited won't have this ability, but you can teach them by inviting them back into the group and having someone else use it. Download
  12. This update finishes the module by going through all candidates for monster weapons - everything undroppable with the name "Attack" and some other standard names commonly used - and making them non-magical and without enchantment bonuses. Now it is all about monster power. I sat down to the business of sorting out polymorph weapons, too, but realized that they are quite a mess and that I wanted to streamline them and introduce new mechanics there while I had the chance, and that this would be better done in a separate mod.
  13. Now putting up version 2. It has a fairly important fix for ankheg spit weapons, makes it so that Arrows of Slaying (all kinds you may have, including custom ones for different creatures) are single-target and includes a new optional component - Ammo Recovery. This can be installed independently of the main component of this mod, keeping missiles as they always were, except that now hitting someone with any missile that uses one of the standard projectiles lets you recover the missile from the corpse afterwards 20% of the time. You have to score a hit for this to happen. If you do install the main conversion of March Arrows, you will get to install a different version of Ammo Recovery, where the shooting character will automatically receive the missile back in his inventory a couple of turns after letting it loose, 20% of the time. This represents going out to look for arrows and bolts that flew out of sight and salvaging usable thrown axes, darts etc. Here it doesn't matter whether you have hit anyone, it's the fact of shooting that matters. Arrows of Slaying and explosive ammunition are exempt in both versions - they are never found. The reason this is an optional component is because missiles don't stack when they appear one by one in the inventory. They will be popping up gradually in one-arrow installments and filling the backpack, especially in the second version of this component. That, I imagine, can get annoying, so see for yourself if you want this.
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