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  1. On the topic of the inventory, I should also mention that items not insertable by hand into paperdoll slots can be forced there with the XEquipItem action from a script, and they apply their while-equipped effects there. For example, you could make a Miscellaneous item, say, a skull, with an equipped AC bonus, and script an invisible minion to make an NPC wear that skull in the shield or helmet slot. When the NPC is killed, the skull will end up at its feet and players won't be able to put it on their paperdolls. This feature could be useful for special equipment put on through the use of spel
  2. This is an attractive mod, and it sounds like you have already finished it and put in the work to realize the concept. But there is always room for improvement. In this case, I think, less magic about it all would be healthier. There is already too much whizz and bang in these games. Instead of a ghostly merchant why not make the item simply a catalogue? Catalogues appeared in the 1870s in France, I believe, and then, until the Internet appeared, they were all the rage and essential for ordering from a wide selection of products and makers. I imagine they would make a revolution in the life of
  3. Hey, you're right. I misread that. Well, I apologize.
  4. He didn't say he was modding for IWD1. He said there was an item in IWD1 with a power he would like to reproduce. He is, in fact, modding for the Enhanced Edition of Icewind Dale, where a plus power is added very simply. Instead of confusing him about game versions and throwing a bunch of opcode choices at him, which he doesn't even understand yet, you should have said simply what I said. Dumbasses...
  5. I'm of a mind to give semi-transparent trails to arrows and bolts as they zip to the target. Indicating superspeed. That's probably not realistic, but then, in real life the arrow is sticking out of the target pretty much the moment you let go of the bowstring. Arrows don't head for anyplace. Regardless, this is the code I'm trying. It's supposed to look at single-target projectiles that use the ARARROW animation and, if there is nothing in the First trailing animation field already, enter there the name of my custom VVC. COPY_EXISTING_REGEXP GLOB ~.*\.PRO~ ~override~ PATCH_IF (SOUR
  6. You all didn't ask him what game he was modding for. You gave him a confusing answer. If he wants a power like that for IWD 1, then it's as you say, but for everything else the answer is: yes, one can add such a power very easily.
  7. As far as I know, morale is not checked for the main character. At least, I've never seen my go berserk or run away in panic when a companion dies or hit points are low. But the morale break value, that everyone has, does produce all of this in the PC if it is brought to equal or surpass his morale value. I would like to be able to represent cowardice in my character, Khalid-style, but I don't know if simply raising morale break a few points would make him inclined to bolt. It could be all or nothing: permanent panic at or above morale or no effect below morale. In that case, of course, there
  8. No, I'm not making that mod. I'm working on something else. Guess what. And if you want to ask, write me a message, don't do it here.
  9. I'm beachcombing here for a way to make enemies appear, head in the direction of the party and, upon seeing the PCs, attack. I know a couple of methods, and both require sicking the enemies on specific objects. This is to say, unless the party is in sight of the enemy, commands like ActionOverride("enemy",Attack([PC])) won't work. Walking towards the party to fight requires a target like Player1, which is how standard scripts are content to do it. The drawback of this is that on their way to Player1 enemies will silently ignore the rest of the party and summoned minions, who will, of course, t
  10. I'm recoloring one of the dragon animations, making it both more attractive and closer to what they are supposed to look like. This involves editing a lot of BAM files by hand... Now, in this case, I believe, changing the BAMs themselves is justified, but on the whole this sort of thing should clearly be done by applying a recoloring palette and making a new animation. How do I create a BMP palette, though? They are strange files, tiny, and somehow containing all color information. I don't see any function in Near Infinity for exporting a BAM as a palette or converting one. There is "Convert t
  11. I took upon myself an unfortunate obligation to rewrite some conversation and journal strings for my mod, and so I had to read a lot of the stuff. How awful the writing is, it's incomprehensible. RPGs try to keep some level of quality, usually, but here it's like Bioware hired high school dropouts on the minimum wage and told them to get stocked with nachos. Get this journal entry from the Underdark bit: The drow summoning ritual Phaere has told me of Ardulace's plan in its entirety. The drow intend to invade the surface... to what end, I don't know. But Matron Ardulace's ritual is g
  12. When using either the AddJournal action or Weidu's JOURNAL syntax journal entries only float up on the screen some of the time. At other times they only appear in the message window. This always happens if the journal @s aren't added with Weidu in the tp2 using ADD_JOURNAL, which isn't really necessary for AddJournal to work, but then they never appear on the main screen. Here, though, I did use ADD_JOURNAL, but I still don't get an info box. Why is that?
  13. I put this line of code into my tp2. Very simple -for actions under state 153: REPLACE_TRANS_ACTION ~UDPHAE01~ BEGIN 153 END BEGIN 0 END ~SetGlobalTimer("udPhaTimer","GLOBAL",THREE_DAYS)~ ~SetGlobalTimer("udPhaTimer","GLOBAL",TWO_HOURS)~ But Weidu refuses to compile this. For the life of me, I don't see anything wrong here. Does anybody?
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