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  1. I'm nodding in assent. The reason is just that nobody cares. Not very much for mods for these games generally, and much less for innovative ones. I invested several years of my life to very nearly master most aspects of modding for the Infinity Engine, and when it finally came together, then I realized that this kind of involvement could only be worth it if people wanted newness, rushed to see it, if they were eager to share ideas, interpretations - to make something more out of the toolset than tweaking the Bhaalspawn storyline. To me the IE was one of very few fantasy-game making toolsets out there that are relatively easy and have expandable graphics (because it's a 2D engine). This is very important, other toolsets are either next to without graphics, like various adventure generators, or they are 3D and graphics require skeletons, textures... a major undertaking even to create a couple of new items. This is the problem with Skyrim and the like, one of. Here fairly different and original adventures could be made. But it isn't what most people care about, so neither should I. I did show up on the boards again, though, as you can see. Bad habits die hard.
  2. You will have to play this as it is. I'm leaving modding and these boards. All of the modules I've uploaded work, within their limitations, and that's all people will get.
  3. There is no reason to think that this doesn't work for EET, if it works for basic EE, which it did back when I shipped it. I don't know what exactly distinguishes EET on the mechanics side, except that some item resource names are different, but probably nothing that would make a difference here. Just install it and play it.
  4. Is there a special installer for EET? I've never tried that. The module will work and install for EET as it is, thanks to Guest Henanigan.
  5. You are welcome. Why, this was a long time ago. In a galaxy far, far... I guess I can have a look at it again. Are you sure it doesn't work in EET?
  6. One last touch. This is nothing essential, but in the 2++ version there is now a common random-drop item, pumice (or sponge?), which can polish the armor of a character wearing plate mail to a mirror shine. This gives an additional 30% chance of reflecting gazes, compatible with either the spell or the potion. The roll is made separately, so it is still not a complete assurance, but it helps. The other function of the sponge (or pumice?) is to absorb blood from wounds. It restores a little health and can sometimes defeat poison. This item ability will work in any game setup, but the armor-polishing only in EE. It will not crash anything, though.
  7. A small but regrettably necessary follow-up update. The main component had a flaw, which this fixes. In the optional component there are some changes: the vampire domination gaze is shorter-range now; Hexxat's is shorter too. These gazes now not only bounce back from Gaze Reflection but can charm the vampires themselves instead of simply dissipating. This is the only case when vampires can be charmed - either by reflection or with the same power used on them by Hexxat or vice versa. (To go into detail for modders, vampires have lost their absolute undead immunity to charm in order to make it possible for them to succumb to their own gaze, but they are effectively still immune, because all of the wizard and priest spells only target humanoids, except Domination and Mental Domination; just in case I gave vampires specific protection from every mind-controlling spell that exists in BG2 outside of the gaze, but they can, in principle, now be charmed with some new or custom spells that do not discriminate type or target undead especially, a "Charm Undead" or the like.) Vampires who are encountered already as enemies (with red circles to begin with, this is a technical limitation) will use the gaze extra times on the party, and on the same rounds when they attack in other ways, too. Some will only gaze once, others will fire a few rounds in a row. This is in addition to their normal gazing from scripts. On the whole, this will probably make them more formidable if the party does not use Gaze Reflection or charm protection. There is also a new animation for the gaze projectile which vampires, basilisks and everybody uses, and a new beginning-of-charm effect.
  8. I am uploading version 2. The first version had a rather terrible error which threw off the protection chance with the gaze component. Basilisks would kill characters so poorly protected almost every time. I apologize for getting the numbers wrong. Protection is normal here at 90%. Also there is a further option now to replace the Protection from Petrification spell and wizard scroll everywhere they are encountered (including in spellbooks of characters who have learned it) with a Gaze Reflection spell, which works just like the potion of mirrored eyes. The purpose is to make basilisk hunting non-trivial to the end, because even with the potion replacement the PfP still provided a cheap and easy way to disable stoning. With this option that temptation is gone; you can still use a green-figure scroll of protection from petrification, though, if you can find one. Finally, the Snake Gaze ability also uses the gaze projectile now. I'm not sure who has that one, but it can be reflected. The main component of the module was also updated: it no longer uses level drain, so there is no more need to take off protection amulets and such, at the cost of some of the flexibility. Now only the caster's relevant wizard or priest levels (depending on what kind of charm spell was used) receive a boost from allies and count toward intimidation, instead of all class levels as before. A 7th level wizard/8th level thief used to suppress hostility as a 15th level character, but not anymore. I made the mod potentially more compatible with "classic" versions of the games. I still don't guarantee that the module will work there, but at least script actions in Hypnosis not supported by the old engine (render XP worth and give the speaker backpack and quick items) have been eliminated from the version of the spell that will be installed there; as a substitute for the second the hypnotist will be able to demand all items from the subject. These are given to the party leader rather than the hypnotist, and there is no window message. You have to check what has been given, if anything, yourself. EE users should make sure to use the latest patched version of the game, past 2.3 at any rate. If this iteration of the mod is error-free, it will be final.
  9. Updated to version 2++ (important) 1. Summary 2. Compatibility 3. Rude awakening and gnawing resentment 4. A season for giving 5. Domination 6. Gazing lovingly (an optional component) 7. Hypnosis 8. Money for me 1. Summary This module deals with mind control spells and their consequences. One of the problems it is meant to address is that Charm Person and similar spells, when they expire, always turn the creature hostile - permanently. Not only is that inconvenient and unrealistic (reactions to a past charm may vary, from hate to confusion to amusement or even enjoyment and should nearly always take into account the danger of raging against well-armored adventurers and sorcerers), but it precludes players from enjoying special NPC dialogue written for the charmed state, because they inevitably end up reloading the game after they have checked out those lines. This effectively rules out of reality charmed dialogue and discourages modders from writing their own. With this mod charm, but not domination, will most often leave creatures neutral - including enemies, when the spells are used in combat. A portion will still turn hostile either directly or after some time, but this is not dire or inevitable, and immediate hostily may be suppressed if the caster displays intimidating force. Delayed resentment is still a factor and unavoidable to emphasize that strolling around charming people is not, as they say, a sustainable strategy. There are also some extras. 2. Compatibility Made for the Enhanced Edition, but should work on "classic." Changes everywhere are done by patching, not by replacement, except for the potion of mirrored eyes in the optional component. The module is compatible with alternative spell versions that might be installed and does not touch durations, saving throws and so on. The mechanic for hostility and suppressing it was added only to the specific charm spells and abilities present in Baldur's Gate 2 - probably the widest variety of them for this engine and including stuff in the first BG and Icewind Dale, too, certainly the standard magic in those games. If there are unfamiliar or custom charm-spells installed, they will only be changed in that they will end in neutrality, without all the sophistication. The same is true for existing charm spells that only affect animals - they simply end up neutral. Safana's kiss is also a special case. It is a proper charm spell with the ability to take items (see below) but none of the disadvantages or a danger of hostility. 3. Rude awakening and gnawing resentment When a charm spell succeeds, it will plant the seeds of immediate and later hostility. Those work differently. There is still a sizeable chance that the creature will turn hostile right after expiry, but not if the caster is at least 3 experience levels above it. Allies' levels also count: at expiry all friendly creatures in visual range of the subject that was just now charmed, including other party members and summoned minions, will briefly lend half of their levels to the caster - rounded down but no fewer than 1 and no more than 10 levels from each. This boost uses a reverse of the level drain effect, so make sure to get rid of any protections from level drain the caster might have and make thieves step out of invisibility, too. Arithmetic shows that to pacify a pedestrian with certainty after a charm the caster must be at least a 4th level wizard or sorcerer or priest (all classes count for multi- and dual-class characters) or have some help around, for example, it could be a 1st-level caster and three other party members in sight. Creatures and characters with Strength 18+ contribute another level to the total. Here is a little math problem: what is the level of Thalantyr the Conjurer of the High Hedge and the level breakdown of the party, given that Dire Charm was used, the caster was able to cast it only once, four other party members were nearby, Minsc one of them, and two summoned ettercaps helped to make an impression? There are some limitations on suppression: characters and monsters with more than 20 levels or Hit Dice cannot be intimidated and there is always 1% chance that a creature may be fearless and dare to start a fight, no matter what force is brought about. When someone does turn hostile right away, in most cases this does not last forever. It is a good bet that if the party leaves for some days and weeks and returns, the NPC will have calmed down. A long-term change of mind, on the other hand, cannot be prevented and it is permanent if it happens. Maybe it represents delayed trauma. If a creature has not turned into an enemy right away, it may still do so days and weeks later, and a favorite store may suddenly become unavailable. When a creature has reddened this way, there is no way to charm it back again. Domination still works, but it is not helpful. 4. A season for giving Beyond special dialogue and access to the creature's spells and attacks, charm now makes some of the subject's items available. Click on the special ability the subject receives to encourage him to drop his quick slot and backpack items. If you employ your "friend" this way, however, he becomes much more likely to turn on you when the spell expires. 5. Domination Domination-type spells (anything with "Domination" in the name) are simpler and more savage. Since there is no pretense to a friendship, the subject is always and permanently hostile at expiry. However, the master of the puppet can and does command it to give everything it has got: when a domination succeeds, the creature will drop all items, including armor. This works on party members too, when they are dominated, for example, by vampires or Demogorgon. Every time this happens the character will strip to the skin. Note that while fighting is underway armor cannot be put back on, even if you regain control of the character. 6. Gazing lovingly (an optional component) This component makes vampires' Domination power use the gaze projectile, as it explicitly should by AD&D rules. Because gaze can be stopped with simple potions of mirrored eyes, the bane of basilisks everywhere, that potion was changed as well to do what it is supposed to - reflect gazes back on gazers. (It no longer has any connection with petrification and does not protect, for example, from the Flesh to Stone spell.) Instead of just blocking gazes, the potion may do something much more powerful, but here is the catch: it is effective only 90% of the time. The other 10% you are naked and vulnerable and not told when it happens. The hidden check is made every second of the duration. This makes fighting vampires, basilisks and everybody else who uses gazes a much more nail-biting business. Aec'Letec in BG1 used and still uses a gaze attack also, and you can turn it back on him, but do not expect him to turn into a ghast. He is immune to his own staring. The 10% failure chance means the gaze may come through instead of being easily and cheaply blocked, though, and that, in my opinion, is the way it should be in such a fight. The potion did not and does not protect against beholder rays. 7. Hypnosis Back in the main component, a new Charm school spell is making an appearance. Hypnosis is an alternative to Charm Person, weak but giving a number of manipulative options. It has no side effects like hostility. In BG1 Xan will have this spell in his grimoire, but otherwise you have to look around quite a bit to acquire it. In BG2 it will be known to Edwin, sold at Bernard's and carried by some Cowled Wizards and others. In Icewind Dale 1 it will be sold at Orrick's. 8. Money for me If you think that this module deserves a few doubloons, guineas or sovereigns as a donation, write me a private message. Download
  10. I think there's enough freshman-year Shakespeare in already, eh? I'm glad you liked it.
  11. This last post was clearly driven here by an underpaid Uber driver... In response to Guest Henanigan: I don't remember the exact mechanics that went into "Candlekeep" now, and I don't like people poking in every file that is included. If it is there, it is for a reason. I wouldn't have put anything in the installation package that was not necessary or advantageous. But I will explain. 8100.INI is probably the INI file for the hobgoblin animation with the embedded creature sounds deleted. One of the assassins is a hobgoblin with unique (well, different) hit and death cries, and there would be a clash with the default sounds in the animation without a change. It is this way with many standard animations: Bioware never meant hobgoblins or ogres or bears etc. to have special sounds and voices, so many animations come with standard sounds in the INI files in addition to the sounds in their CRE files - unlike playable animations of the classes, which only have the CRE lines. These two sets normally overlap, but sometimes you can hear weirdness - ogres cry twice when they die sometimes and so on. Also the embedded sounds are not suppressed with Silence, which is strange. In my opinion, all INIs should treated like the classes' and cleared of this obsolete audio (except a couple of special cases). At any rate, you will not lose anything by using a cleared INI here. To anybody who thinks this is a great moment to turn this thread into a discussion of animation sounds: don't. The SOUNDOFF supplied here is my own update of the standard version of that file. There is another file, SNDSLOT, which also refers to creature voice lines but is built somewhat differently. I mixed the two, and now SOUNDOFF allows tp2 voice lines to be written in both formats. For example, SAY BATTLE_CRY @X or SAY BATTLE_CRY1 @X both work. This does not cause any issues, but my tp2 probably makes use of the convenience, so if you remove the file, Weidu may stop understanding some of the commands. SPPROTECT.BAM is a fixed visual for Protection from Evil, cast in this mod by Firebead. The original is sloppy and plays twice when you cast the spell. This is one of the fixes I included. So, did you get to the visiting nobles? And did you find the stash?
  12. Good job with adding EET support. The link in the first post now leads to an updated download, with the dead cat. Have you gotten to the visitors? By the way, now that my Adventurer's Miscellany is out, its version of wine supercedes the bottle here. This mod's wine will not overwrite that one's, which is superior. If the missing cat was preventing installation, that must mean all of the people who have downloaded the mod could not install it. Why didn't anybody point that out here? I must have had the file among my others, so the mod installed smoothly for me, but I did not have it in the directory shipped in the archive, so I never noticed the lack... Ha!
  13. I have refrained from sharing my thoughts about this modding "scene" on this website up to now. Partly because I'm once burned, twice shy, actually, twice burned, four times shy. I was kicked out of the Beamdog forums not because of any egregious offense but simply because the staff wants to run that place as a kindergarten, and I was not convenient. Then I was kicked out of Spellhold. That was an interesting situation: another user was accused of violating forum rules, something the moderators detected using what they thought was an infallible method. Out of a sense of justice I posted in the thread, saying that perhaps the method may not be so error-free, and someone turned the X-ray on me, accused me of the same violation. I argued with the moderators and they applied a ban. Some time later, stopping by Spellhold, I read that the other user had been cleared, so I created a proxy account just so I could write to the moderators, remind them of their mistake and give them an opportunity to reinstate me. The result? The proxy account was shut down without even an answer. Apparently, I was not convenient. What is the existential conclusion to draw from these dramatic events? Those people are dumb assholes. Yet I did want some kind of forum, quote-unquote, for my creative concepts, so I stopped by this place around a year ago, I think. After all, I had spent several years learning the craft of modding for the Infinity Engine, I needed some kind of venue to show off my stuff. Here it has been okay. Nothing great, and I have an objection or two to the moderators here as well, but I don't bother them, and they don't bother me. In fact, I have been very careful not to bother anybody. I have noticed something happening over this time, though: my enthusiasm for modding has thinned, turned into a little whiff and evaporated. I feel dull and hopeless now. Why? Because I have taken a good look at this modding "scene" and realized it is dreary and dead. There is no encouragement or expectation of creativity here - but not on this website in particular, no; I have no special objection to G3, please mark; I am convenient now. Things are equally bland, boring and going nowhere at Spellhold, which has not gotten any better since I was thrown out, and Beamdog, which (judging by 5+ pages of replies that thread has accumulated over a week - if only a mod could gather so much attention!) might have gotten worse. The ball-cutting moderators are just a pleasant sideshow at all of these places. What is ruining everything is this consumer attitude in players and modders. By that I mean... well, it is hard to explain. Either you know what the problem is with approaching life and creativity as something made for your shopping delight, or you don't. Either you read restaurant reviews or you skip them. Either you travel to Venice to sail in a biiiig gondola or refrain. And if players approach modders' work as consumers, modding is a waste of time. If players come to sites like this one to pick tasty berries - "Let's see who has toiled here in the last week or month to give me even MORE pleasure in my customized install!" - then only modules of a certain kind are going to be noticed. Now all of this is a storm in a cup anyway, yada-yada baby Yoda, sure, who cares about some ancient videogames? Not ME. I don't start the toolset to explore the destiny of the Bhaalspawn. To me this is a construction set for fantasy experience, fantasy storytelling, perhaps, only very little of that has a chance to be noticed or make a difference. It pains me to be this unoriginal even with my analysis, because even the accusations have been formulated decades ago by others. The zombies have been around for a long time. Here is what they want, here is what consumers understand and respond to: 1) Lists; memes; other shit like that; 2) Complete equivalence. To consumers everything is on the level with everything else. They are never awed by any one thing, they never fall in love, they never go crazy over an idea to the exclusion of all others. If one modder creates an original NPC worthy of a novella and another produces a mod that makes crossbows single-handed (I've had the notion), to consumers these are comparable and equal. They have a point, too: on the molecular level there is no substantial difference between dog shit and Mona Lisa. And when someone tries to assert otherwise, bringing his balls dangerously close to moderators' scissors, consumers cry about equality, as if they are sans-culottes in the year 1793. They have no ideology even then, though, it is a purely automatic, instinctual response. In truth, they simply don't know what you are talking about there with qualitative difference. When you say that something is more important than another thing, higher than it, they don't argue contrariwise because of opposing convictions, they simply don't know what you mean. Their eye does not discern directions like "up" and "down," only "left" and "right"; 3) Absolute comfort. Not that consumers are ready to pay for someone's work 99% of the time, but in an attention economy they are convinced that their time is so precious, modders must be grateful for every peek into the threads, every comment, every download. Attention is consumers' money, because most of them work at generating attention at their so-called jobs. And this attention-money, they feel, entitles them to the whole universe. They think they can demand something from creators: convenience, simplicity... is the installation process to difficult? How many steps does it have? A modder had better try to wrap them all inside each other, streamline, and remember to upload convincing screenshots, or consumers will take their attention elsewhere! 4) Modularity. Mods that have a chance of being noticed by this crowd must be as modular as possible. It is impossible to explain to these people that an idea is an integral thing, like a living body, it cannot be taken apart. One does not get to saw the upper right corner, with the sunset, out of a painting just because it is prettier. Maybe they could understand from example, if somebody bid them imagine a game like, say, Warcraft with an option to install only the orcs and the dark elves but not the humans. Maybe then they would realize how ridiculous those requests for modularity are. But they are just too lazy to bother anyway, to carry the whole load. The real reason they want modularity is because their perception is so wasted, their mental agility is so bad, they cannot wrap their minds around extensive gameplay changes. Tweaks is what they get - small changes one at a time. But a conversion, a whole new way of doing things... why? Why take a chance? And if they do condescend to take a chance, will it give return on investment? Everything must, you know. They ought to come out of a decision richer than they came in - see point 3; 5) A very low intellectual level. It struck me recently with these games. They have nothing that a 13 year-old could not understand or his vocabulary could not encompass. And most of the mods are down there too. I actually like simple language and simple feelings, they are often more genuine, but here it is a symptom of infantilism, not common sense and practical wisdom. These mods are just dumb! In principle, a fantasy world can stand up to the real world in anything but the fact of its unreality. Fantasy and sword-and-sorcery fantasy can be as serious, subtle, fine and funny (some universes have been created by the human imagination that impress more than reality), but all of that nuance could not begin to reach today's players. When I try to profile the average player as I see him here and elsewhere, I put against his figure the sensibilities and understanding even of 20-somethings - a conception of work, fun, hope, sex as could be achieved in that decade of life. And they aren't even up to that line. Of course, I realize that this is a poor standard, that I compare them to an imaginary 20-something, a 20-something from the past... who by that age has HAD sex, has had a kid, possibly, has worked at a real job, has read a number of books, perhaps. What I should be imagining instead today is a beetroot-colored gizzard of a hipster; 6) Lack of speech. Einstein has said that everything must be as simple as possible, and he must have meant as short, too, but consumers want any kind of text shorter than that. Descriptions. Dialogues. Is this too long? To consumers somebody's thinking always takes up too much time, they have no patience for the vowels and the consonants, for crescendo and diminuendo, for oratory. And no wonder - it is all a drone to them, they aren't listening. An inspired speech to them is a rant, and they have no respect for others' passion just as they have none for their own. They have a false humility, ready to apply the label of rant to their own expression just so they can do it to others. But the reason is again their deficiency. They are not taught to find information in what is being said. If there is any system of ideas in a mod, an ideology or anything of the sort, it is going to be ignored for sure by these sorry bastards. And then why should a modder bother with concepts? Why should he not just deliver to consumers the small-time, disparate plastic pleasures that they understand? On the other hand, why would he want to? If well-engineered but boring crap, combat scripts and such, is what the crowd appreciates, why address himself to that crowd? What is a modder's incentive for researching toolset functions, for drawing visuals, editing, finding graphics, mixing sounds, being clever with text, testing - using all that together to turn gameplay on its head, here and there, if these people simply refuse to be turned? Because that is what all this comes down to, a point so sad and hopeless that it has taken me a long time to arrive at it. And also because I am worn out by years in this land of inertia - I spent them here because I wanted to create, and the toolset was what I could create with, and I was under an illusion. I sit on a mound of original stuff that will never be released, because I am so disappointed. Besides, do you realize that the situation with these videogames is exactly the same as with all others? The players everywhere have turned into these walking dead! And modders and designers try to walk in step. The last and ultimate feature of modules acceptable to consumers is, to use a term from philosophy: 7) Immanentism. The immanent is the opposite of transcendent. To transcend is to go beyond - into a new life, a new faith, a new hobby, not least. It is to wear a cross or become a raving fan of rock music or give birth or rob a bank or write a story. It means going on an adventure, going for a one-way ride where you may crash and die. But the players - and most of the modders too, for that matter - here, and at Spellhold, and at Beamdog, and everywhere - don't want a ride without a seat belt long as a mummy wrap. They live in a world without boundaries, a world of equality, yeah, because it is one whitewashed empty room, and all day they go from one corner to the other, without jokes, without air, without birds fluttering in - and without growing out of this bland, foolish, jejune, irritable environment. I think I have been forced to grow out of that environment.
  14. For everyone's information, it is not necessary to start a new game to use this mod. The party will receive the abilities on first loading, and all creatures and companions will be patched too, except NPC the party has already met but they are out of it at the moment. Even then you can teach rogues among them to Detect Noise if you invite them back in the party and have someone else use the ability. But they will not be able to surprise others. Surprise is applied to the current party roster and NPC and creatures not yet encountered.
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