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  1. Yes, I'm not the only person to ever have had an idea, Imp. If I claimed that, the next thing I could claim would be being Ao the Overgod. Though, in truth, my mod is a great deal more involved than skipping Candlekeep. Enough about the EEs vs. non-EEs here, though. Let's keep this thread for players who do intend to play the mod and have questions about it. Thanks to @Azazello for his points of view. I think they mostly just add weight to my argument that a rollback mod is needed. Maybe some time later I'll start a thread elsewhere and ask for just what needs to be reversed the most.
  2. It's too much work to revise everything, of course. Especially if there is no telling even what. You'll just have to risk it or play BG:EE. Not to stray off topic in my own mod's thread, but just what are the principled objections of people to playing the Enhanced Editions? The technology is simply leagues ahead. Those who reject them cheat themselves of a lot of potential, I think, both as players and as modders. Perhaps not in this mod, but I have made some things that simply will not work outside of Beamdog's updated engine. I can think of a couple of fundamental reasons that EEs can't negotiate, like being able to keep globals while playing through Trilogy or the wonderful style of the original BG, loading screens, interfaces, yes, but mostly people seem to be unhappy with the way Beamdog went about changing the gameplay. Ergo, what we need is a rollback mod. To gather ideas about really unfortunate gameplay choices and reverse them. Then most of those who have given up on a future for these games and their tech may be encouraged anew. And we'll be able to ride in the saddle behind Beamdog as they continue to support and, hopefully, expand the functionality. Nobody but a real company has resources for that.
  3. Now why didn't I get a notification for this reply for this thread that I'm following? Administrators? I'm not sure whether the mod may not already work with them. Try it. I'm used to using the latest IE technology available, though, which means the Enhanced Editions. I use whatever functions are on the table to the utmost, and some are not going to work on older game versions. Compatibility may be patchy or it may be complete, there's no telling. You're going to hear a trumpet when the countdown begins (normally in a new game). But the rest may or may not work.
  4. Guaranteed to work under Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition only. Play under older versions at your own risk * Have you ever wondered why, for all the urgency of having to leave and the imminent threat of assassins, the main character of Baldur's Gate is at leisure to stroll across the grounds of Candlekeep, chatting, delivering bottles of cow cure, exterminating pests, even resting at the inn for days and weeks at a time if he has a notion to? Of course, the out-of-character reason for this back in the day was that the Prologue was a tutorial and only intended to teach players the controls and basic how-tos of gameplay. Nowadays, however, hardly anyone perceives it that way or needs to be instructed. Most players probably go from task to task for a little starting experience, if they do not find them too boring, before setting out at some time. This mod brings the Prologue back in-character and makes the urgency very real. You have one hour - sixty game time minutes - to finish your business in Candlekeep and depart with Gorion; and if you do, nothing will happen. One minute longer, however, and very real killers will show up wherever you are and whatever you may be doing - pick-pocketing idle nobles, fighting illusionary monsters, listening to prophesies of Alaundo and so on. All of those activities are very nice, but other people living it out in the monastery are not in the unique situation of being on a kill list. These assassins are much more competent than the pathetic tutorial-type thugs you already know. For a 1st-level character without a party fighting them means almost certain, but not absolutely certain, death. Most players and their characters will just have to pack it on time. If you dig your heels down and take them on, however - and defeat them - you will be treated to a little loot and some new content. Read the dialogues attentively. The most obvious reward is a new 1st-level spell, Vanishing Act, carried by one of the assassins (you will wish you had it before meeting them). If the battle turns out too difficult for your character and you end up having to run away after all, there are two other places where you can get such a scroll. One is far across a sea and another is in the home of the enemy. Taking the assassins on single-handedly is probably too much for any character, but Candlekeep is still your home after all. Think about who might help you. In the time that you have give people a reason to intervene. It also helps to be well-liked to begin with. Of course, not everyone will lay down their lives for you even then. In addition to all this, I took a hammer and pliers to some other things around Candlekeep. The spell Firebead Elvenhair casts on you to "protect you tonight" will really last into the fateful night, and so on. The best way to play this mod is in a new game, but if you load a save in the Prologue, the timer will start from there. You will not be able to win people's loyalty for helping them out, though. Download: this board, for some reason, has a very restrictive limit on the size of attachments allowed, the screenshots alone practically deplete it. You can download the mod itself at Uploaded: http://uploaded.net/file/7cvmm08q
  5. temnix

    Out of Commission (mod)

    I'm going to respond for the benefits of players who might be thinking of downloading the mod. They might not understand the situation and, at a glance, think that my convention will somehow jeopardize their files. It won't. Here is a brief explanation: there is a convention that modders will take up personal two-letter prefixes for all of their files to avoid overriding files already on a system during installation. A file name for Infinity Engine is 8 characters long maximum, so every modder picks two characters that are always the same and six that can be anything. While this is a good idea, I have reasons to want to use a suffix instead - in my files the first letters are arbitrary, but all end with _#. That I don't use a prefix is no danger to your setup, because files ending with _# are certain to be rare. Even when there are some, as in the Imp's example, for a conflict the other six characters would also have to be the same. Sometimes I also use a name shorter than the maximum. So while it is possible that e.g. ##STage1_# might end the same way as my files, that my file will also feature six other characters, and the same ones, is for all intents and purposes impossible. The likelihood is slightly larger than being hit by a meteorite when you walk on the street. I'm simply using an alternative convention. So please ignore this commotion and give the mod a try. P.S. To the modders: thanks for the comments about romances and this being only for EE games. I'm incorporating them into the description.
  6. temnix

    Out of Commission (mod)

    I use a suffix, if you must know, CamDawg. You can see my files by the _# suffix, e.g. REST1_#.SPL. As for romances and such, cutscenes with Irenicus, what I said about dreams in the first game applies here, naturally. You should use regular resting every once in a while, if you want those to be available. Those who want to discuss the actual mod, if you have a Beamdog forum account, please do so here: https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/65855/out-of-commission-mod/p1?new=1 It will help me answer to comments in one place.
  7. Games: Made and tested on BG:EE, but should work with all Enhanced Edition games. Description: The Infinity Engine games approach rest with a severe ellipsis: the player clicks the "Rest" button, a movie plays, and the next moment 8 hours have rolled by, everyone has healed up and spells have been memorized. The game will even cast healing magic for you, all to shorten the downtime and get the characters on the road ASAP. If one rest session is not enough, you can just repeat it. While this approach has its merits, I suggest a different dynamic to make time matter and place adventures in time instead of redacting it. Out of Commission does nothing to the "Rest" button or inn rooms, which still work as before, but suggests refraining from their use. Instead characters can rest with a special ability all party members get. They can rest severally - at different times and away from each other. When the special ability button is clicked, the character needing rest will leave the party (without bothersome dialogue) and lie down. There is no sleeping in the presence of enemies or on city streets, otherwise you can recline anywhere. In 8 hours the character will get up, refreshed, with magic at the ready and 3 hit points healed, and rejoin the party automatically. While he sleeps, the rest of the group is free to leave the area to explore, fight, trade or take on other members. They can stay away for any length of time - when they return to the area with the sleeper, he will step in. Example: Dorn the half-orc has been hurt, and Branwen the cleric has run out of spells to heal him. Both settle down to rest, leaving just 4 characters in the party. These are relatively fresh and head out to explore the rest of the area, getting a better split of the experience for the greater risk. Had the player wanted to keep character progress equal, he could have hazarded Dorn and Branwen. When rest happens in real time, several things change: you only want to have rest those characters who require it and you are likely to be more frugal with spells, because depleted casters will need their full recuperation. A sleeping character can be roused - just move another party member immediately next to the sleeper for a few seconds (longer if the character is sleeping drunk or fatigued). In a pinch you can hurt sleepers to wake them up quickly, and enemies wandering into the vicinity tend to get through after a while. A roused character will be groggy for a short time and must restart his 8 hours to get the benefits of resting, so camp in a quiet corner. Having laid down a few people, if there is no dungeon nearby or not enough manpower for it, you do not have to pace around the room the whole 8 hours. The special ability works differently for the main character: he will recline but stay in the party, the screen will fade out, the "Rest" movie will play, and time will advance by 8 hours. A technical note: resting with Out of Commission uses an effect, not the Rest() action, so the PartyRested() trigger will not check true. I am not aware of official scripts of BG:EE relying on that trigger anywhere but in one case where it seems to be for convenience, but mods might use it. In BG2:EE romances and dreams with Irenicus are tied to this trigger. Therefore, the old "Rest" button should still be clicked for special moments in storylines, such as the dream sequences that give you special abilities - after the death of Mulahey, after the Cloakwood Mines etc. These moments are well-known to those who have played the games extensively, which at this point is almost everyone. You should also periodically click it in the second game if you want romances to advance. Download
  8. This mod should in all fairness be called NPC Opine More, but you will hardly hear them voice their objections to the party's Reputation in Beamdog's remakes of the games. Once they've balked or praised a Reputation change, they all stay nice and convenient troops until the very breaking point. If you, like myself, don't think much of this design philosophy, install this mod. The NPC will once again make themself felt with complaints and compliments - not frequently, but you will hear them, especially as you near the break. A small change has been made to Kagain's Happy response. His standard voice file is his reaction to being in a dungeon snapped mid-way to "I like it." I replaced this with his last Response to Insult voice-over, one I personally have never heard in the game. He exclaims "Shut up and show me the money!" in a merry voice - probably as close as Kagain gets to being ecstatic. The mod was made for the first Baldur's Gate, but it should work anywhere NPC react to Reputation changes. Beamdog's companions (Dorn, Neera and the others) have no voice-overs for this and will say nothing. http://www.shsforums.net/files/file/1178-npc-opine-again/
  9. My god, you people are astoundingly stupid. I just showed you how to play the game in two completely different ways: with a different NPC in place of the main character and without the main character at all, instead with an all-NPC party - things requested on the forums - and you aren't even interested? You are thick like tortoises. Like stones. Even if testing shows that Ardanis is right and the game ends in the death movie on reload, even if the whole thing is nothing, you still should have been curious and excited. But. You. Just. Can't. Do. It. This is your brain wave profile: ______________________________________________ And this is the measure of your curiosity and creativity: What a wasted effort it was to try anything with this crowd.
  10. Sometimes a brilliant gnomish scientist or a genius goblin alchemist will produce a formula that, while it promises great power, requires more mundane and practical expertise. At those times he must turn to his comrades in the guild, old hands and better versed in the humdrum nuances of this and that, even if they have been short-changed by fairies in the cradle. Together - he providing strategic insight and they scurrying with little tools and bottles - they can rise to swooning, Babel heights of innovation, embossing themselves forever on the history of game engineering. Watch both movies. https://youtu.be/nkIPY7oe1qM https://youtu.be/qQTt8Ai57bc The answer to the question is 151. I've done very little testing, so I can say only this: as the second movie shows, the game retains memory of the name of the Protagonist. When a CRE file of a non-NPC is used, e.g. the ogre, the replacement cannot participate in dialogue, just like regular party members if you try to talk to them, even if you make the creature "PC" in the EA list, and I know of no way to make it join the party. The game continues after the death of the creature. Area travel is possible as usual without the Protagonist. If the CRE file of an NPC is used, as in the first movie with Edwin, the game ends as usual after the new Protagonist's death. This is all I know, and here is the place for people to pour out their knowledge of CRE files, their properties and everything else.
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    One-handed spears, bows with bucklers etc.

    same difference, period
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    Because that's part of the script, only death is not.
  13. temnix

    One-handed spears, bows with bucklers etc.

    Yes, it's the same problem. The actual strike animations for the weapons aren't there. People might be able to edit/transpose existent ones, but it's still a lot of work. Though 2000 frames is probably not 2000 different pictures, or we know Bioware artists' fan mail address - the nuthouse. Which mod adds one-handed spears? (I wish someone made spears longer.) About penalty with bows: assumptions again. If you have a bow/crossbow equipped and in hand, so it shows as the animation, then of course you're going to suffer the usual ranged weapon penalty to AC etc., in melee. On the other hand, if you have a bow/crossbow equipped but not in hand, instead using a melee weapon, I don't see a reason why the bow/crossbow would apply a penalty. The off-hand weapon that is equipped, like a dagger, doesn't show up and doesn't strike while the bow/crossbow is held, it doesn't exist for all purposes. I tested this by adding a constant "While equipped" glow to a dagger, which I had Dorn carry in his left hand, while he had the modified Crossbow of Speed in his right. The glow did not shine when he wielded the crossbow, but it shone when he switched to the melee setup. Vice versa, the ranged-weapon penalty to AC should not apply while the bow/crossbow is merely equipped but not actually held. In other words, click on the mace when they get close, but otherwise you're fine.
  14. temnix

    One-handed spears, bows with bucklers etc.

    - Yes. - P.S. If people request it, I can edit the bows the same way. They do clash with shield animations, and the shield disappears when the string is pulled, but this would make a switch to a dual-weapon setup much easier. Just carry the second weapon in the off-hand slot, shoot the bow, then click on the main melee weapon and voila, two weapons ready to use. And here is the video of people attacking Dorn with half-real weapons - spears in one hand and axes in two. https://youtu.be/qSa1JBDvuQs