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  1. Let's try some new smilies here. Well, Endarire, that's a very thorough plan of a promotional campaign. If wishes were horses and I could pull white mice out of my ears, wouldn't it make for an entertaining time. But I've been banned on the other two forums, and this forum is only a remote corner of the third, and I haven't tried to be a crowd pleaser. So I'm not surprised or flabbergasted that my mods haven't been shouted from the rooftops about. Rather I was disappointed that the people who come around here, representative as a section, and with the knowledge of the toolset to apprec
  2. Thank you for the kind words. Sure, I tried to be original. I squashed a number of ideas which were just nice and would be popular but not very interesting. One film director, when asked why he had made only two pictures, both of which had been highly innovative and profound, replied that he could easily whip up a "festival movie," it is a genre of its own nowadays, but he didn't care to. So it is here. Not that I mind simple small pleasant improvements, if there is a grain of not-boredom in them. Here is a simple idea I leave for any takers: splashing potions. Go through all of the standard p
  3. Good news! I found a later version of "Animate Dead Now." One with Gift of Life and other extras. I'll upload it tomorrow.
  4. I remembered another one the other day. "Perilous Streets." It's on these boards also. The two mods mentioned here, "Animate Dead Now" and the other one, which went by the name "The Space-Fun Continuum," couldn't be recovered. I found early versions, though. They lack many features that I added later, but "Animate Dead Now" has both the new Animate Dead and Xzar's similar special ability, Reckoning (it can only be used away from light). I think these work without problems, but I don't guarantee anything with these versions. I probably returned to these spells later and made them more robust an
  5. Well... This is to Fan... I deleted "Animate Dead Now" and another mod in the making from my computer. They were more or less the essence of my dreams, what's left of them. I deleted them because there is no point. They were mostly finished, though. "Animate Dead Now" was completed except for some extras, some new quests. I always must have extras... I deleted it, but if you like I can use a recovery program and try to bring back the files. It isn't very likely to work, I made many downloads to the hard drive since then, and recovery tends to bring out garbled files when that happens. But I ca
  6. I don't know why it wouldn't be compatible with EET. And the order doesn't matter, dammit!
  7. Install order doesn't matter, and especially not for this module. Think!
  8. You get bottom-window messages. What more do you need than "Protection from Magical Weapons"?
  9. I happened by the valley with the halfling village a couple of days ago and was struck by how half of the terrain is impassable. There is only a little accessible space down in the gullies, and most of the area is taken up by perfectly flat and green plateaus with no way up and not even walkable. Somebody ought to edit the search map there, because there is easily enough space on those flats for a couple of encounters, if the party goes up via Dimension Door or other means. This takes me back to thinking, on the Beamdog board, where quests and NPC could be placed in BG without crowding, say,
  10. Hah, the other time the end wasn't definitive at all. Now I reimagined two more creatures and this is it. I'm finished with them.
  11. You do realize that no modder can respond here, lest he appear to claim the laurels so lavishly bestowed?
  12. @Endarire No, I'm done with modding! The last mod just went up. I feel so free!
  13. 1. Summary 2. Compatibility 3. The golds and how they work 4. The new system: handouts in a pecking order 5. The budget review 6. Buying at stores 7. Getting others' gold 8. What they spend it on 9. What Charname can spend it on 10. Platinum and locked caskets: sold and bought everywhere 1. Summary. In Baldur's Gate 2 why do the companions of Charname allow him to scoop up all of the 15,000 gold pieces they all earned in dangerous adventuring and spend on a personal cause - either vengeance or rescuing a friend, where the money does not even bring the friend back but only bu
  14. So would I, and killing more people too. It's a shame how little killing there is to be done that isn't of the quest-ruining sort. But no DLG files in the game use that journal entry, and that must mean it was left unused.
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