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  1. Thank you very much for your patience and support !! And i am Moving forward "very fast" : i am now using Dropbox !!! Amazing… Here is the link to the archive : https://www.dropbox.com/s/own0whp22wzkqvd/change-log.zip?dl=0 It seems that there is somethink going on between Spell Revisions 4b14 and IWDification beta 4 (i hadn't noticed that BWS wasn't using the new b5 release yet. I should maybe "force" BWS installer to use instead the latest versions of those mods (aka SR 4b15 and IWD b5 ). NB : It seems that the installed version of IWDification is the b5 (not the b4 as
  2. How can i easily post the zip change-log folder to the forum ?
  3. Thanks for your help. I did my best. The change-log folder contains a change-log.txt, nothing else. This is what is written Inside : [WeiDU.exe] WeiDU version 22700 ERROR: Unable to find DIALOG.TLK in: ./^dialog.tlk$ Please run this program in your Infinity Engine game directory. FATAL ERROR: Failure("Unable to find DIALOG.TLK")
  4. Hi, During the installation of IWDification using BWS, i got the Following message in the BWS " box" : WARNING: no effects added to spwi416.spl WARNING: no effects added to spwi416.spl WARNING: no effects added to spwi416.spl IWD Arcane Spell Pack (IWDification) was installed with warnings. You can analyse if the warning is severe now. If the warning is harmless, please select continue. The Big World Setup will then continue with the following component. Alternatively you can exit the Big World Setup now. Enter [c]ontinue or [e]. If someone knows what is it ? (just Nothing to worry abou
  5. Hi, I am manually modding BGEE and i have two issues or questions regarding the installation of Divine Remix (kits only so no sphere system/ no new spells and no remove kits) : - I did unpack all the mods i am planning to install and i applied Big World Fixpack. I was expecting Divine Remix to be patched bu it didn't happen. Is it normal ? And i didn't Apply any kinf of hotfix neither. - After installing Divine Remix i did few tests : instead of the new kit name, i was getting "INVALID 145XXX" (where the X are Numbers). Just in case i join my weidu.log p
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