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  1. I also have the same problem throughout the entire game. I read a post (forgot which exactly) that traced this problem to BG1NPC when installed *after* EET. If installed before, the problem went away. I have not tested this myself.
  2. *If* there are conflicts between Ascension and Kelsey, I would expect them to rear their head only in the final battle.
  3. It works. Only installed the components I wanted from the gameplay tweaks, but no errors or warnings. I do not have time now, so I will leave installing the rest for tomorrow and if some new problem arises I will holler. Thanks for the trouble you took and the speedy response.
  4. Sure. Below is a zip with the weidu.log and the SCS debug file. The error appears first in the Improved Shapeshift component, but is not fatal, and then explodes in the NPC customization. I should add that this is a regression as with SCS v33.4 and weidu 246 everything installed fine. log_debug.zip
  5. @DavidW Sorry to pester you, but have you seen my bug report in the previous page? It is reproducible on my install, so if you need any extra info just holler.
  6. This was timely. Was just reinstalling SCS because I borked my install doing some fixes. The component NPC customization barfs with: ERROR: Failure(" is not an integer, but one was expected") in apply_standard_function: inputs were func=parameter1, arguments=36 ERROR: [blank] -> [override/dwaulb36.SPL] Patching Failed (COPY) (Failure(" is not an integer, but one was expected")) This same error appeared earlier (I believe in the improved shapeshifting component) but the install did not stop and weidu merely signalled warnings: [./override/dw#shspi.ITM] loaded, 1130 bytes FAILURE:
  7. Yeah, that is what I did. And btw, the components I have installed do spice up the game, so communicating the bugs is just my way of saying thank you. I will say something more when I finish bg1. I'm gonna try to get this playthrough to the end, playing SoD and Ascension for the first time. We'll see.
  8. And yet another bug, this one I do not know what's wrong exactly: the Air chamber is completely borked, it has only one invisible stalker, no Air aspect, so it is impossible to proceed to the chessboard.
  9. Right, right. I am well aware of the alpha status and that I am functioning like a guinea pig, so if I gave the impression that I am complaining, my apologies, Chalk it to English not being my primary language. Edit: and speaking of bug reports forgot to add to the previous: the same question for the non-existing cre mh#blkpd in the Undercity and the Thieves Maze. What is suppose to be? Some version of the black pudding?
  10. Another crash bug similar to what I reported earlier, this time it is the ooze elemental area in Durlag's tower (bg0510.are in EET) that references the non-existing mh#oozec. What should be the cre's I should put in the override folder? The ooze paraelementals? NI lists 3 besides the ooze paraelemental, lesser, greater, elder. Were you planning one of each or just 3 copies of the lesser?
  11. I do not know for certain if this is your fault's mod, but using the alpha I get a crash when entering Candlekeep Catacombs level 1. To proceed the game I have to Console myself to level 2 (and while I am at it, the tomes as well) and then proceed. I can give you my weidu.log if you need it and even the save just before entering the level (the crash is reproducible -- even if I move myself to level 2 and then walk backwards). My suspicions simply arise because doing a changelog on the area file (on EET on linux, using an ext4 case-insensitive partition via case-folding) it spits out: Mods
  12. Some suggestions for and questions about the new alpha compatibility, mostly with SCS. - Graveyard Catacombs: does it play well with SCS improved Bodhi? A suggestion: independently of compatibility concerns, separate the catacomb encounters from Bodhi. - Firkraag: how does the beef up of Firkraag play with SCS dragon enhancements? We will face something like a super Firkraag? - Underdark: SCS touches and beefs up the Illithid Lair, including adding no-rest at hardcore level, as well as the numbers in the Beholder hive. - SCS already revises several creatures on your list: s
  13. As far as the AI, took a quick look at the script and it does not even handle all the memorized spells. So as an interim solution, just deleted the blocks corresponding to no longer memorized spells; the rest will have to be managed manually, which actually accords to how I tend to play, so no major loss there. And thanks for the great, nay essential, mod. @subtledoctor Ah, thanks for the heads up, will check the mod out. Do you happen to know the ramifications if any, the possible pitfalls, etc. of just doing it at the EEKeeper level?
  14. I have made for my personal use a small variation of the Summon Planetar HLA for sorcerers to use, starting from the SR version and introducing some variations like a different cleric spellbook with more buffs and offense, make it a cleric-mage with a small contingent of wizard spells, give it a quarterstaff +3 doing extra magic damage, etc. My question is will SCS pick it up and apply the changes to celestials and also change its AI, for when the summon is left to its own devices? Is there anything I should do to let SCS do whatever it wants/needs to do? I have also two requests (is this
  15. A simple question: If I set resist_dispel to 1 (dispel/not bypass mr) on a Cast Spell opcode (146 or 148) then will mr of the target block the spell casting, and thus the application of the spell opcodes? My answer would be "why yes of course", but just want to double check with the experts around here that the engine will not double cross me if I count on this behavior. If it makes any difference, you can assume the engine is BG(2) EE.
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