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  1. I have 2.6.6 and have not found any problems -- testing included starting games in all campaigns, and in BG, going to Nashkel and doing a reasonable amount of stuff on the way.
  2. Just in case it matters: with the latest Master from the repo, all components that I have installed have done successfully. However, the Candlekeep component spits out this in the console: [tb#_compile_eval_buffer/weidu_external/workspace/ssl_out/mh#huecu.baf] PARSE ERROR at line 214 column 1-37 Near Text: ) [CheckSpellState] argument [PRIORITY_DISPEL] not found in [splstate.IDS] And then a few more of these -- if you need the debug file and weidu log just holler. No monster enhancement components installed, just in case this particular code was relying on it for some reason. I do
  3. My own opinion is that Imprisonment should simply be excised from the spellbooks. It is the ultimate eff you spell if used against the player and a rather cheap way to get rid of a powerful enemy, assuming it is not immune to it. As Bartimeus pointed out, there is really no good way to balance this mess.
  4. As per the readme, EE only. I could do selective patching, but that is a very low priority. Out of lazyness, general unwillingness to set up a second install and do more testing and also because at a few points the fixing is intimately connected with taking advantage of EE, e.g. in Larloch minor drain. Maybe it could be done in classical BG, but once again, low priority.
  5. A combination: some of those patches were dropped, some new added, etc.
  6. I have pushed to GitHub a mod patching SR. Currently, there is no public release, so just click the Code button and download the zip if you want to give it a try. Most of the questions you would want to ask are answered in the documentation. If you want to post an issue or contribute a patch, make sure to first read the todo.md to avoid duplication of effort. Feel free to fork the repo and implement your own fixes.
  7. It might be because originally they were indeed the same spell. But in v2, DavidW made the explicit decision to change it, because (1) he coded a component wherein the main pc regained the lost powers (2) the lost powers, for good pcs, included DuHM, so it made more sense to get as a new ToB-level power a different, beefier one.
  8. No. Divine Gift is a maximized, non-scaling version of Draw upon Holy Might.
  9. Since @morpheus562 original thread is marked as closed, I will comment here. He patches Ascension in two places. The patch to clone-ing Greater Malison is almost surely correct. Clone-ing the Flaming Aura however, is not. In v2.6 this is done via a Use Eff [177] opcode that calls a cast on condition opcode, so this opcode must be deleted too (or patch it to call the right resource but that is more work). Also best to remove the 321 opcode as it was added to be able to refresh spells and is not needed for a permanent spell. A third problem is that the new 232 opcode to add misses important argu
  10. @morpheus562: I am seeing the same as you (presumably), as I get two warnings in the debug file: WARNING: no effects altered on SPPR730.spl WARNING: no effects added to SPWI412.spl SPPR730 is aura of flaming death and SPWI412 is greater malison. But this may well completely harmless, as the only thing that is happening is that SCS is not patching the spells.
  11. @morpheus562Thanks for the quick patch! I took a look at the offending code and couldn't make head or tails of it -- and then I figured I was looking at the wrong area baf file... @jasteythanks for the tip.
  12. Just tested morpheus562 patch (thanks! btw) on a clean bg install, with ub and bg1 npc music installed in bg1. EET installed and was able to start a new game in Candlekeep. The debug file did register one warning (in opposition to earlier installs that were warning free): WARNING: could not find REPLACE_BCS_BLOCK matching .../AR0900-rbOld.baf in AR0900.BCS The offending code is in bg2_BCS.tph and relates to ar0900 and the Dorn spawn.
  13. For what it's worth, I can confirm this exact same problem. Have not tested the patch offered.
  14. I also have the same problem throughout the entire game. I read a post (forgot which exactly) that traced this problem to BG1NPC when installed *after* EET. If installed before, the problem went away. I have not tested this myself.
  15. *If* there are conflicts between Ascension and Kelsey, I would expect them to rear their head only in the final battle.
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