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  1. Country-ism? A tongue-in cheek sentence with an emoji at the end can be construed as "discrimination"? Is this for real? Is the culture *this* bad that cannot even sustain the mildest of parodies? And I am out. Exeunt.
  2. Bartimeus will answer for sure, but I would hazard a guess that he will say that that sort of thing is outside of the scope of the mod. What I myself do with mods that I use and introduce items that I do not like is cook up a mod that is installed after and changes the item to suit whatever I think is right (sometimes is nerfing, other times is correcting mistakes, other times is plugging a hole in my chosen party item setup, other times is just a new item idea that I found interesting, etc.). Now this is of course time consuming, and needs some weidu modding knowledge (but I found that the basics are enough -- NI and overwriting is sufficient for most purposes -- and if you have some programming discipline things go much easier) since I am basically doing a mini-IR for every mod that I want to change, but such is life.
  3. I have played a fair bit of BGT lately and at least a couple of times in the not so distant past, in a relatively heavily modded setup (some quest mods like DC and ToD, SR, IR, SCS, Tweaks Anthology, Level 1 NPCs, etc. but nowhere near a megamod install) manually installed (that is, no BWS or some such, but making use of the BWS Fixpack), and I have never encountered what you describe, so I would not discard some weird mod interaction just yet.
  4. And I don't give a crap either -- about the fact that you don't give a crap, that is. I do not doubt that, but since the last commit in the SR github repo is from October 2018, I am not exactly sure what to make of it. Besides, and speaking only as a user, I quite like some of the changes of SRR in respect to SR and it is not obvious to me that they would be incorporated within SR. As far as I am concerned, grump at will. I will grump back. And we two can make a grumpy pair of grumpers grumping at each other and every grumpyone else.
  5. Replying to myself: yeah it works. RTM.
  6. Can one have more than one tra loaded? For example: LOAD_TRA ~tra file~ ... WITH_TRA ~another tra file~ BEGIN ... Will it work? I assume they must not have intersecting numbers. The context for this question is that I find myself, in a mod I am working, using the same descriptions in different tra files for different mod components and wanted to factor them in a common file to avoid repetition. If there is another way to do this besides having more than one tra loaded, feel free to chime in. Obviously, I could just merge everything in one single tra file, but that is precisely what I do not want to do, to keep the different components as separate as possible.
  7. You may want to add an extra mithril token to the ones you already added, as Rogue Revisions upgradeable equipment component has an upgrade recipe using one mithril token (in vanilla you almost always emerged from the underdark with spare tokens as the Jester's armor is useless and one went for the speed boots anyway, so there was never any problem in practice in forging the item).
  8. Increase the length or range or reach (or whatever the heck is called) of the weapon. Currently bite and sting have 1 reach (the same as short swords I believe), but it makes sense to me to extend the reach of the tail's stinger signalling that it goes further than the wyvern''s bite -- not exactly a big deal though.
  9. The bite weapon (wyvern1) of the Greater Wyvern from Monster Summoning VI is lacking the poison opcode to actually do damage. I would also suggest to set the length of the second weapon to 2 or even 3 since it is a tail's sting. Edit: and while I am at it another suggestion. Poison immunity for greater wyverns.
  10. Hmm, that was not my memory of Jondalar, so fair enough. If I am not misremembering though, and unlike the other robed tutors, he does give some xp with the little mock up fight -- for whatever that matters.
  11. The component "Skip the Candlekeep tutorial sections", option 1, also removes Jondalar along with the robed tutors. Not that it makes a huge difference, but this strikes me as being over-zealous. By the way, this was by no means introduced in 32.4, it already existed in 32.3 and most likely even earlier (this is a guess not the result of actual experience).
  12. (A little light-bulb goes on in an otherwise dark skull). I missed the last sentences in Non-Detection description: "Note, however, that specific opponents affected with anti-invisibility spells such as True Seeing will be able to target the recipient with spellcasting through improved invisibility for as long as such anti-invisibility spells are active." Thanks for setting me on the right path. I really should have read the descriptions with more attention. I do wonder however why not simply set the flag bypass improved invis on the targeted anti-spell protection spells. Sure sounds easier. And saves a round if you do not prebuff or use sequencers for other things. Whatever.
  13. Then most likely I am screwed as for good or ill I have Ascension early in the install order right before Kelsey and lots (relatively speaking) of mods after: banterpack, UB, Spell Revisions, Questpack, Wheels, RR, cdtweaks, SCS, etc. Oh well.
  14. I am doing a playthrough -- on BGT -- and just at the end of the BG1 portion. It is safe to reinstall midgame or do I have to start a new one?
  15. I am a bit confused on how anti-spell protections should work in SR(R) + SCS. It was my impression that they penetrated improved invisibility but after checking from experience that they do not, and checking in NI that they do not have the right flag set up, and also checking the SCS docs that this particular change is not implemented if SR(R) is detected, my question is how are we supposed to handle enemy mages with a higher level than the party? A typical end game BG1 mage will have non-detection, MGoI and dispelling screen. The odds of Remove Magic succeeding are not that great so that is prolly not a good option. If he goes Improved Invisible and I want to breach him (assume BG1 endgame and that I have a mage with access to level 5 spells), I have to dispel improved invisible. For that I have to get rid of non-detection. The only anti-spell that works then is spell thrust since it is aoe. Suppose we aim right and that the mage does not move in the meantime (as he so often does in SCS). Potentially you may need 3 spell thrusts and then can dispel invis and then can launch breach, so that is five rounds of being kicked in the groin with nasty spells. Of course by then PfMW will have expired so the whole rigmarole was probably for naught. So what am I missing? Of course he will also put up Protection from Missiles so ranged weapons are now basically useless as well (unless you have arrows of dispelling, which allow a save). There are not many usable damage spells in levels 4 and 5. So what is a 6-full party with 1 full arcane caster and a backup one (in SoA it will be 2 backup arcane casters) to do besides just taking it like a man?
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