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  1. If the item specifically says that it casts a particular spell, then yes, it would use the vanilla version of that spell when SR isn't installed. However, items that simply emulate similar effects as spells have those effects based on the SR versions and don't change depending on whether SR is installed or not.
  2. I think it throws that warning because you have a variable named target that you've initialized previously. So, you could: change the name or scope where the variable was used previously perform your suggested abomination to hide the warning disable all warnings of this type leave the warning in place because it's doing its job
  3. Yes, changing mod items to make them follow the philosophies from IR's main component is out of scope. However, if you mean that these aren't (correctly) identified as armors by the global components (e.g. casting in armor, thieving in armor), then that can be fixed.
  4. I haven't experienced any problems with them - visiting the link in the email redirects to the second link (or a different version if there are multiple pages) and seems to pull up the correct message.
  5. In case anyone reading this topic doesn't understand why modders are being so outrageously protective of their work, here's some history. This idea of a master collection of mod downloads is not a new one. Modders have explained why they are against it many times before and aren't happy to repeat themselves. Mirrors inevitably end up out of date even with the best intentions. Players using outdated versions of mods will encounter bugs that have already been fixed, and show up on forums to report them. This wastes the time of players and modders. I don't think modders are being too unreasonable here. You'll notice that nobody freaked out over people supplying links to mods that are temporarily offline because of the situation at SHS. I'll leave you with the notice that CamDawg includes in his mods:
  6. The program that handles mod installation (including compilation of .d files) is called WeiDU. When you run setup-modname.exe, you are running WeiDU. After you make changes to a .d file, if you want to see those changes reflected in game, you simply have to run setup-modname.exe and [re-]install whichever component of the mod it is that compiles that .d file.
  7. I offer you the opportunity to respect modders and not be a turd.
  8. Please remove any G3 mods from this collection that you do not have permission to mirror.
  9. I've removed the link. You do not have permission to mirror G3 mods.
  10. Done. It will probably be released on its own before then, unless @kreso happens to pop up.
  11. @Cinnamon You can hit the Follow button at the top right of the page on specific topics if you want to be notified of replies.
  12. Sure, I can just add the _DEPRECATED version for those spells rather than replacing the existing entry.
  13. Implementation of ADD_SPELL in SR is undergoing testing now. Any modders who have included the code from the first post in their mods will need to remove it when the next SR version is released. In addition to choosing IDS names for the new spells, I followed a similar methodology as @DavidW and added and updated the IDS names for other spells as well. There are only a few differences between the assignments in the first post in this thread and the upcoming SR implementation. More IDS entries have been added for aliases and updated for deprecated spells The naming for Goodberry is different The SR version at level 1 is assigned the vanilla identifier CLERIC_GOOD_BERRIES The original version at level 2 is assigned the identifier CLERIC_GOOD_BERRIES_DEPRECATED The new names for the Animal Summoning and Monster Summoning lines of spells are different, e.g. Instead of CLERIC_ANIMAL_SUMMONING_SR_1, it's CLERIC_ANIMAL_SUMMONING_LEVEL_1 Instead of WIZARD_MONSTER_SUMMONING_SR_1, it's WIZARD_MONSTER_SUMMONING_LEVEL_1 The Animal Summoning and Monster Summoning lines of spells have been assigned a complete set of aliases, for both their SR and vanilla naming schemes, where possible, e.g. CLERIC_ANIMAL_SUMMONING_LEVEL_1 (new) CLERIC_ANIMAL_SUMMONING_LEVEL_2 (new) CLERIC_ANIMAL_SUMMONING_LEVEL_3 (new) CLERIC_ANIMAL_SUMMONING_LEVEL_4 (new) + CLERIC_ANIMAL_SUMMONING_1 (vanilla) CLERIC_ANIMAL_SUMMONING_LEVEL_5 (new) + CLERIC_ANIMAL_SUMMONING_2 (vanilla) CLERIC_ANIMAL_SUMMONING_LEVEL_6 (new) + CLERIC_ANIMAL_SUMMONING_3 (vanilla) CLERIC_ANIMAL_SUMMONING_LEVEL_7 (new) + CLERIC_ANIMAL_SUMMONING_4 (new) For the full listing of SR's changes to SPELL.IDS, please visit this page.
  14. No problem, thanks for the report.
  15. setup-divine_remix is just a renamed version of the weidu file from the WeiDU-Mac/bin/x86 folder, except it's an older version (v238), not the latest release (v246). If v246 is working for you, you can go ahead and replace setup-divine_remix with a copy of that weidu file - just delete the old setup-divine_remix and rename the copy to match.
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