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  1. WeiDU is not a separate program that you have to use; it's included in every mod. Each .exe file prefixed with "setup-" is an instance of WeiDU.
  2. This topic is about an extension for Visual Studio Code. Visual Studio Code is a free program that is completely separate from Visual Studio. Yes, it's a little confusing. VS Code is a fast and lightweight source code editor that's been around for about 5 years, while Visual Studio is a slower and more full-featured IDE that's been around for over 20 years. There is a free version of Visual Studio (the Community edition) which has almost all the features as the paid versions. If you were looking to get into programming, or game development with Unity, I would recommend the Community edition of Visual Studio. For Infinity Engine modding, VS Code with this extension is more appropriate.
  3. For any modders out there who haven't given VS Code a try with this extension, I highly recommend it. It has all the benefits of the old syntax highlighter packages and then some. Along with the specific IE modding support provided by the extension, you also gain some nice features from VS Code itself: explorer and search for quickly navigating between files in your mod source control support, including comparing changes with side-by-side diffs in the editor terminal window which you can use to interact with git lots of configuration options, extensions, and community support
  4. G3 is proud to introduce The Cowled Menace, a quest mod by @Daxtreme! Someone has been working in the shadows, manipulating events on the Sword Coast to their advantage. Unravel the mysteries of the Twisted Rune and investigate the Cowled Wizards in this Enhanced Edition Trilogy mod! IMPORTANT: This mod requires EET. Download Project Page Readme Forum
  5. @Bartimaeus @subtledoctor I've released a new SCS version with those changes. Hopefully that will resolve the issues.
  6. A minor update to SCS has been released, Version 32.8. Version 32.8 fixes a compatibility issue with Spell Revisions v4b17 and newer. This is a community update, so don't blame @DavidW if there's anything wrong with it. I've tested that the AI change components install correctly. (Also, apparently he usually uses a special script to create the mod packages. I don't have access to that script, so there's a chance these mod packages may be different in some way. Or maybe they're exactly the same.)
  7. Cheers, I'll try to merge it soon and release a new version. I believe the chunk in always.tph can be removed entirely (the surrounding code seems designed to ensure it is only executed once).
  8. It looks like they are also referenced in some .2da files that contain the identifiers minus the WIZARD_ or CLERIC_ prefix.
  9. No, there's no need to adjust any of the code that interacts with spell.ids on behalf of SR. It can all be removed. SCS added identifiers because SR didn't have them; that's no longer the case. What needs to be changed are the places in the SCS codebase that reference the "unofficial" identifiers added by SCS. Those identifiers can be replaced with the official identifiers added by SR. This is the search/replace I was referring to. Example: the places that refer to WIZARD_MONSTER_SUMMONING_SR_1 (weak_summons.ssl and easy.ssl) should be changed to refer to WIZARD_MONSTER_SUMMONING_LEVEL_1.
  10. As I mentioned previously, the SCS code is now completely unnecessary. And yes, I'm suggesting a small update to SCS itself.
  11. The switch to ADD_SPELL wasn't to accommodate SCS; it was to improve compatibility with other spell-adding mods. The recent effort was motivated by DavidW's post about the workaround he was using to add SR spells to spell.ids, but using ADD_SPELL had been a goal for a long time. Players can use SRv4b16 with SCS 32.7 until SCS receives a compatibility update. Any modders who want to look into a hotfix for SCS, feel free. I imagine it will consist of removing the code SCS uses to adjust spell.ids for SR and then doing a search/replace for any IDS references that differ between DavidW's list and the SR implementation. Take a look at this post for details on the different names and the first post in that topic for the code SCS is using to adjust spell.ids for SR.
  12. Thanks, will fix. Good suggestion. It's not a super high priority, but I'll try to write it down so it doesn't get lost.
  13. Yes, that's right. If IESDP doesn't explicitly state the length of a structure, you can determine it from the last field in the structure. Take the offset of that field (in this case, 0xc0) and add to it the length of the field (in this case, 8 bytes). Note that the offset is listed in hex notation while the length of the field is listed in decimal notation, so you may have to convert them when adding. For example, the actor structure in the ARE format has its last field listed as 'Unused' at offset 0x90 and it's 128 bytes long. If you convert the length of the field to hex (128 = 0x80), you can add it to the offset (0x90) to get the length of the structure (0x80 + 0x90 = 0x110). You can perform these conversions and additions quite easily with the Programmer mode on Windows' built-in Calculator program.
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