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  1. No, I don't have any first-hand knowledge of this. Just making a joke. It sounds like you found an error in the IESDP.
  2. I do what the docs tell me to.
  3. You can add a string to the game and store its assigned strref in a variable using SET blahblah_strref = RESOLVE_STR_REF (~blahblah~). It should work with tra references too: SET translated_strref = RESOLVE_STR_REF (@123). Then you can use that variable when you are adding to the .2da.
  4. Ah, glad to hear it wasn't more serious. Thanks for the update.
  5. Because ToBex (which is included in IR) changes the engine to let us enable backstabs with ranged weapons. However, ToBex works with the classic games only (BG2: ToB, BGT, EasyTutu_ToB) — not the EE games.
  6. I'm not sure. This is the first instance I've seen. It may have happened a really long time ago during one of our hosting moves. I know there is an option available to admins to archive posts older than a certain date, but I don't think we've ever used it. I think archiving posts prevents them appearing in searches, which I don't like. Moderators have a separate tool available called locking and unlocking topics that we can use if we want intentionally prevent further replies. Yes, we can. Edit/Update: Turns out that the new forum update got rid of the manual archi
  7. It was just how the engine worked - it applied backstabs when attacking with melee weapons usable by single-class thiefs. ToBex included the ability to change that behaviour. I don't know if an equivalent feature was added to the EE games or might be added by EEex.
  8. Apologies, the description could be clearer. In the vanilla game, weapons are either capable of backstabbing or incapable of backstabbing. All weapons capable of backstabbing do so using the same multiplier. The engine decides which weapons are capable of backstabbing by checking if they are usable by single-class thieves. The idea behind Revised Backstabbing is that this binary system doesn't make much sense. Shouldn't daggers be better at backstabbing than quarterstaffs? The 1st subcomponent applies backstabbing penalties for less-suitable weapons, but does not enable back
  9. That's the same approach I would take and it should work fine for the most part. You might have to do a manual check to make sure there are no weapons in those categories that are restricted to those specific classes. (For a contrived example, imagine if you had some code that gave druids access to all the weapons that paladins can use. They would gain access to regular 2-handed swords that everyone gets but they would also end up being able to use Carsomyr.) Your first set of patches has the potential to do a similar thing if there are any thief-only or fighter-only short swords, club
  10. You have the right idea. Armors are all over the map and manual identification is required. Weapon detection is a lot easier to automate. The fields you have to check depend on the specific category of item you want to identify. Some can be done with just item type or item type and proficiency. As a general rule, I'd recommend against trusting usabilities to determine weapon type (there are class-specific items that can easily be misidentified). But they can work if you're doing more of a global change, like IR does with restricting fighter/druids to the same armor options as regular dru
  11. @Endarire My priority with SR is general maintenance: resolving bugs and compatibility issues. If the community agrees on some new content or design changes, and they code it up, I can incorporate it, but I won't be doing that myself. (And you wouldn't want me to. Design is not my strong suit.) Your best bet for now would be to direct those sorts of ideas to @Bartimaeus for SRR or wait and see if @kreso or @Demivrgvs come back some day.
  12. SoD to BG2EE Item Upgrade may be exactly what you're looking for.
  13. Thanks, that seems to have done it. It gets a little complicated when there are 4 different places defining the target. I'll include the other changes as well.
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