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  1. True. Protection from Evil no longer has a specific demon-repelling ability. The chance of this being added to SR is extremely low. No, but IR does.
  2. The site linked above contains the actual spell descriptions used in-game in v4b17. This was provided because all the other references are out of date. If you notice any instances where a spell's description and behaviour don't match, please report that as a bug.
  3. http://gibberlings3.github.io/SpellRevisions/
  4. Documentation for the latest version of the mod can be found here: http://gibberlings3.github.io/SpellRevisions/
  5. I'm pretty sure they don't, but that's just based on a cursory examination.
  6. It is. To update this a little... the components originally included .exe patches to allow these changes, but that half of it is now handled by installing ToBEx or using the Enhanced Editions. The components just include patches to resources to take advantage of the changed engine features. I can't speak to how or whether the Enhanced Editions attempted to fix any of these issues. @kreso might know more.
  7. This isn't the first change @AL|EN has requested that primarily benefits automated mod installs. I'm not saying that there's anything wrong with that, or that the changes wouldn't have some value for manual installs. Just that it isn't what @AL|EN cares about. I find it disingenuous to pretend otherwise. He came in here asking if the situation could be changed, got denied with a reasonable explanation, then went on a rant bemoaning our "rules" and beseeching us to do something, anything, to solve it. Basically, stirring up a shitstorm, and for what? Is this such a terrible burden that it must be addressed, post-haste? Not for a player who wants to install the mod manually, it isn't. It might be a burden for an author of a mod installation tool that would need custom logic to handle this situation. The place we're in with SR and SRR now isn't perfect, but in order to save himself some trouble, @AL|EN was willing to push work onto the mod authors... all in the best interests of players, of course.
  8. Should be! Those remain separate components. The component to hide disabled spells from appearing has been rolled into the main component, though.
  9. Unfortunately, no. There's also a mod that adds upgrades in BGEE (Thalantyr Item Upgrade) which I believe has similar inconsistencies with IR's main component. You can still install and use these mods together and provide feedback on suggested changes.
  10. Your icons are very nice, @bob_veng. One thing I noticed about vanilla spell icons is there is a significant style difference between the ones created for BG1 and the ones introduced in BG2. The BG1 stone icons appear as though they have been physically painted onto the rock background. They are more detailed, with texture, highlights, and possibly a tiny dark outline around the painted part. Erephine went through all of the spell icons added in BG2 and converted them to the BG1 style so they would be consistent. This change made it into the 1PP mod and also into BG2EE itself. Here's an example: BG2-style vs BG1-style Icons As a result, mod-added icons that are in the BG2 style look more out of place on the Enhanced Editions. You hit the BG1 style quite well for most of your icons, especially on Lutzaen's Frequent Jaunt and Banishment. Some appear closer to the BG2 style, like Vipergout, Aegis, and Snakebite.
  11. Regarding Faerie Fire, this is another one we have in SR. I didn't see it in the list earlier. We only have B and C versions - no scroll version. This one was created by @scorpio. Here's the discussion (unfortunately, the links to the images there are now broken).
  12. SR has a version of Banishment that uses this icon: (If you have trouble deciphering the depiction, it's an outline of a person on the left and several silhouettes on the right. It actually looks a lot like the IWD icon for Blink.) I did some digging but I couldn't find the artist listed in the forums or changelog. It was likely made for SR. Demi at one point had mentioned possibly using the IWD icon, so this one must have been created after then. If it was made for SR, I don't expect Demi or the artist would object to its inclusion here. The .bam files can be found in the SR repo: A, B, C.
  13. Summerfall Studios, a game development company founded by David Gaider and our very own Liam Esler (a.k.a. @Kaeloree), are currently engaged in a crowdfunding campaign for their new game, Chorus: An Adventure Musical. They've reached 100% of their funding goal and have 5 more days to go. The game seems to be a combination between a visual novel and a musical, so if that piques your curiosity, be sure to check it out!
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