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  1. Mike1072

    Mod Compatibility List for EET

    Click the Settings button on the repo's page, then find and enable GitHub Pages by selecting the Source (screenshot here). If your GitHub account name is ABC and the repo name is XYZ, the site will be found at https://abc.github.io/xyz/.
  2. Mike1072

    Mod Compatibility List for EET

    Maybe it's related to htmlpreview? @K4thos could enable GitHub Pages for this repo. Doing so would remove the need for htmlpreview.
  3. I mean, if a mod changed the DV of a joinable NPC, yes. But I don't see any instances of that here.
  4. Mike1072

    best way to poll memorized spells

    In that case, I'd scan both SPWI files (that aren't excluded by HIDESPL) and scrolls for 147 effects. You could do some checking to make sure that the spells are valid, but it sounds like nothing bad would happen if you included something that they can't actually get. Edit: I wanted to mention that I don't believe SPELL.IDS has any effect in determining which spells are shown to players at chargen - it's all dependent on the filename.
  5. Mike1072

    best way to poll memorized spells

    Any of those three methods might be prone to both false negatives and false positives, in an unpredictable modded game environment... I suppose I could just combine a couple of them, and make a master .2da list of learnable wizard spells... My first instinct would be to use filenames. You might want to use filenames & 147 effects. The big decider is how important it is that you catch every possible spell that a player could learn. Are you aiming for just wizard spells or wizard and sorcerer spells? What about spells added in CLAB files?
  6. Mike1072

    best way to poll memorized spells

    Not sure what that error is, but there is an issue with READ_2DA_ENTRIES_NOW row cols. The second parameter is the required column count. Instead of using cols (which doesn't appear to be defined), you could put a 1 there. However, the entire section of code in the previous post could be replaced with this: OUTER_SET prepared_spells_state = IDS_OF_SYMBOL (~splstate~ ~D5_SPL_PREP~)
  7. Mike1072

    Mod Compatibility List for EET

    Check out GitHub Pages. It's what we're using in our Documentation repo.
  8. Mike1072

    best way to poll memorized spells

    You should be starting with a blank .baf file. Having the SPWI101 block in there means you have to take extra steps to avoid adding a duplicate block later. APPEND is generally for game files. You don't really need your .baf file in the override. You can use APPEND_OUTER to append to files that are not in the override. It may even work with inlined files, which would simplify things.
  9. For what it's worth, the previous SR spell descriptions were also generated automatically.
  10. Mike1072

    Proposals for further spell tweaks

    Yes, but then nobody would be able to paste any formatted text. It's up to you to either paste it unformatted or click the button that removes the formatting.
  11. Mike1072

    EE/EET Mod Setup Tool

    For clarity, we don't have any rules about that require you to be civil or avoid name calling. We encourage that, but you're free to do as you choose. Our major rule is no spam. It's rarely an issue for anyone who isn't a spambot.
  12. Mike1072

    Choosing a License for Your Mods

    I've had a discussion about this in the past.
  13. Mike1072

    SoD and Faerie Fire

    This will be fixed by the ADD_SPELL changes.
  14. Mike1072

    New engine

    Yes, it's annoying. It's not something we have direct control over. We've been pestering support to fix it.