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  1. I tested it out on a fresh BG:EE install and witnessed the same behaviour you're seeing, but I (eventually) figured out the problem. If you have BGEE and Siege of Dragonspear, you have to install the DLC Merger mod before installing any other mods. So, to get your game working: Open your BG:EE directory and run setup-spell_rev.exe, and this time choose to Uninstall every component. Download win-64bit-A7-DlcMerger-v1.3.zip from the link above and extract setup-DlcMerger.exe and the DlcMerger folder to your BG:EE directory. Run setup-DlcMerger.exe and choose the first option: Merge "Siege of Dragonspear" DLC Run setup-spell_rev.exe and Install the components you want to use. Apologies for the misdirection earlier. I should have made sure to copy the info from one of our more recently updated readme files. There's a section in there for this!
  2. We received a follow-up via email: Spell Revisions is compatible with BG2, Tutu, BGT, BG:EE, BG2:EE, EET, and IWD:EE. The latest version of the mod is v4.19rc1, which can be downloaded from the release page on GitHub (scroll down to "Assets"). When installing mods, you need to grab the right installation package for your operating system. packages prefixed with "lin-" are for Linux operating systems packages prefixed with "mac-" or "osx-" are for macOS / OS X operating systems packages with no prefix that end in ".exe" are for Windows operating systems Here are the installation instructions we include in our readmes. The process is the same for the majority of mods. Windows macOS Linux For additional information, please see A New Player's Guide to Installing and Playing Mods.
  3. Resource filenames can be no longer than 8 characters, so limiting to that was a good choice. To answer your question, I'm very rusty but if this is a line of existing dialogue from the game (not added by a mod), it may be relatively straightforward to add or update the associated sounds using STRING_SET or one of its variants. Here is an example I found on GitHub with a function that behaves similar to what you want, updating sounds associated with existing strings: DEFINE_ACTION_FUNCTION ~APPEND_SOUND~ INT_VAR StrRef = 0 STR_VAR MaleSound = "" FemaleSound = "" BEGIN ACTION_IF (StrRef != 0 ) THEN BEGIN ACTION_GET_STRREF StrRef Male ACTION_GET_STRREF_F StrRef Female STRING_SET_EVALUATE StrRef ~%Male%~ [%MaleSound%] ~%Female%~ [%FemaleSound%] END END The function can be invoked like so: LAF ~APPEND_SOUND~ INT_VAR StrRef = 2444 STR_VAR MaleSound = "DRIZZT11" FemaleSound = "DRIZZT11" END
  4. We received the following report at the G3 email address from a Joanna. I'll direct them to this thread.
  5. Unfortunately, our cloud hosting hasn't been willing or able to set up rewrite rules for the old subdomains. We are redirecting https://www.gibberlings3.net/iesdp/, however. To encourage your browser to forget them, you could open your browser history, search for the non-functioning URLs, and remove them from your history. It may also be worth checking to make sure you don't have it saved as a bookmark, since they like to suggest those as well.
  6. I've moved you over to the modders group where the attachment limit is beyond your wildest dreams just slightly larger.
  7. My apologies, I didn't test it out. There's definitely something wonky in my first regexp, but I see another problem that applies to both. The cases you mention might be caught by the first capture group ([^,]+) which would absorb everything up to the embedded comma, and then ruin the future matches. It might be possible to resolve that just by reordering the capture groups in the alternation and placing it after the other two. I'll update the post with a hopefully-working version. And I'm not testing it either just yet.
  8. Here's what I'd suggest: append a final comma and space to the end of your list before trying to split it. Then, you can use this to match one of the list items as MATCH1 (including the comma and space): \([^,]+\|"[^"]+"\|~[^~]+~, \) You can easily perform additional formatting after you have the item. To save a step and grab the item without the comma and space, you could add another capture group and retrieve the item as MATCH2: \(\([^,]+\|"[^"]+"\|~[^~]+~\), \) EDIT: Ignore the garbage regexps above, they suck. Try this instead. \(\("[^"]+"\|~[^~]+~\|[^,]+\), \)
  9. I've just applied the latest forum software update. For bugs in the forum software, the best we can do is hope that they're fixed in new updates or contact support to complain in case it's something they're not aware of.
  10. You can use BATTLE_CRY1, BATTLE_CRY2, etc. in a WRITE_LONG.
  11. Apparently not. I can unarchive anything on a per-topic basis, though - just let me know which ones. If I had my way, nothing would be archived.
  12. We'd welcome the repo in the G3 organization. One of the main reasons behind setting up the organization on GitHub was to be able to more easily manage maintenance and approvals when authors take time off. I've sent an invite to your GitHub account to join the organization. Once you're a member, you should be able to transfer the repo.
  13. I would do exactly what you did except leave out this step, then I would do a force push to overwrite the history in the remote branch. git push -f origin master To be safer, before doing the force push, I would create a separate local branch where you can store the original history in case anything goes wrong (named "old-history" in this case): git fetch git checkout -b old-history origin/master git checkout master
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