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  1. The primary purpose is determining access to items. If an item is flagged to be unusable by assassins, then any kits whose unusability value includes that particular bit will be unable to use the item.
  2. Thanks, I've updated them all. Fixed. There are probably some other references that are a bit out of date, particularly those that relate to limitations that have been removed in the Enhanced Editions. Each of the 32 bits in the unusability value uniquely correspond to a specific vanilla kit. The hex unusability value of "0004 0000" which an assassin uses can be expressed as "0000 0000 0000 0100 0000 0000 0000 0000" in binary. Looking at it this way makes it easier to see which of the 32 bits "belongs" to the assassin. If a kit has this bit set to 1, the game will treat
  3. Fetching is just one of the first steps in the link you posted. You then have to merge the changes into your current branch. If you're dealing with the master branch, the command would be: git merge upstream/master
  4. We use the .ini file as a place to enable options that we don't feel warrant a separate component.
  5. It's a common practice to link mods in your signature. Take a look at the signatures used by @jastey or @Lava. Everyone is free to post about their mods in this forum or general mod discussion. (We discussed adding a special forum dedicated to that purpose, but weren't sure what to name it.) The only thing I'll say about official hosting is that it something that we evaluate on a case-by-case basis in private correspondence with the mod author. It involves work on our end, so we don't enter into it lightly.
  6. Your .tp2 looks fine. If you're installing on EEs, make sure that you set the WeiDU preference for which dialog.tlk to install to (weidu.conf) to match the language you selected in-game.
  7. I'd recommend he link them in his signature for easier access.
  8. That's a bit trickier. There's no mass way to unarchive them but they can be unarchived manually one-by-one. If there is a specific archived topic you want to respond to or think should be unarchived, send me a PM.
  9. Good catch. It looks like the SR version of spcl722.spl is cloned from the wizard version (spwi308.spl), and that version assumes you won't have access to it until you are 5th level. It doesn't include variants for levels 1-4, which the Priest of Talos needs.
  10. I believe everything should be fixed now, but please let me know if you encounter any similar issues and I'll follow up.
  11. Sorry for the delay. I've just put in a support request.
  12. The forum software hasn't been working properly lately. I'd recommend uploading your files to another site and linking them here until the forum issues can be resolved.
  13. Thanks, we're aware there are some wonky things going on right now. The cleanup task has been failing which is probably responsible for a lot of the weird behaviour you're seeing. Will need to get support to look at it.
  14. I'm not sure why the attachment is unavailable. Forum software bug? Other users' attachments still appear to be working. No need to apologize.
  15. I've added a message and updated the first topic in the thread to link to your post above. If you release any future updates to the mod, you'll be able to update your post to include the new information and download link.
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