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  1. I defer to Demi's ideas and community feedback when maintaining the mod. I'm not particularly involved with design or balancing changes, though I can contribute my opinion. I think the Death Knight's memorized spells are quite powerful. It looks like Demi wanted the creature to be on the stronger side (to suit lore) and wanted to use other ways to balance the spell. Maybe the balance didn't quite get there.
  2. Your second link is the original spell description documentation for the mod, which is now quite outdated. It's superceded by the current documentation, your first link, where the descriptions match what's included in SRv4b18.
  3. Thanks, I updated the flags which should allow members to change any of these options now. (Not sure how they got like that to start with.) I haven't used this feature much, so I'm not sure how it works, but I don't think there are any associated settings I can tweak. I can see that there is another place to globally toggle signatures: https://www.gibberlings3.net/settings/signature/
  4. Thanks for the information. That is worrying. I haven't received any similar reports before. The site has been using HTTPS since we migrated to cloud hosting at the end of 2018 and we've been keeping up to date with the latest forum software updates, so I expect our current security measures are adequate, but I would definitely like to investigate this issue further. Would you mind forwarding me the information from your antivirus app that mentions our site? You can reach me via email at mike1072@gmail.com or gibberlings3@gmail.com. For anyone concerned about data breaches, I recommend periodically checking haveibeenpwned.com to see if any of your accounts have been compromised. You can take a look at the article on Wikipedia for additional information about the site.
  5. If you are a modder and have questions about mod-making, please try the Modding Q&A forum. If you are a modder looking to share your knowledge with others, please post your tutorials in the Modding How-Tos and Tutorials forum. Please use this forum to discuss mods, mod ideas, and any questions you have about finding, installing, or playing mods.
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    Granted. Feel free to return if you change your mind.
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    I'm sorry to hear you didn't enjoy your time here. We're not as active as some of the larger communities which may help explain why you didn't receive a response to your topic. The question could also have been outside the expertise of the people who did see it. There aren't a lot of modders actively looking for new projects (the modders who are still active are often busy with existing projects), but there are people available to give advice and assistance if you want to pursue creating something yourself. If you still want me to remove your login, I'll do so.
  8. Sure - can I ask why you want to delete it?
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    Sure - can I ask why you want to delete it?
  10. The easiest way is to edit items.2da in IR's folder before installing the mod. If you look at the columns for the different platforms (BG2, BGT, TUTU, BGEE, BG2EE, EET), you'll see they contain a 1 or 0, which corresponds to whether the item should be installed on that platform. To prevent an item from being changed, find the row for that item, then change the value in your platform's column from a 1 to a 0. (For BG2EE, you have to change both the BG2EE and BG2 columns; that's a bug.) I can save you some trouble - they've not yet been added to IR's lists, but the categorizations have been proposed.
  11. There's no incompatibility between the global changes and those mods that I'm aware of. (Though IR may require an update to include the categorizations for the SoDtoBG2EE items.) However, there is a conceptual incompatibility with these types of mods if they don't take special measures to account for IR's main component. Because the upgraded versions are separate items with designs based on the vanilla items rather than the IR items, applying an upgrade will get rid of any changes from IR's main component. In some cases, this may not make much of a difference, while in others, the name, lore, and abilities of the item could change quite a bit.
  12. Putting aside the idea of making the game easier or harder, I think it's valid to discuss whether this behaviour changes the vanilla experience in a good way or a bad way. Going beyond just IR and including conversions like Tutu, BGT, and the Enhanced Editions, plenty of features were ported from BG2 into BG1, and they change the balance and feel of the game, sometimes for the better and sometimes not. There weren't any equippable items that provided regeneration in the original BG1, as far as I recall. I can remember playthroughs where I stocked up on Cure Light Wounds memorizations, not necessarily for combat use, but because it would let me heal up between encounters. Adding an equippable item with regeneration has a significant impact on the feel of the game. By passing it around, you can heal the party fully without using any spells, consumables, or resting (which costs gold or has a chance of encountering monsters). It makes the world feel a little less dangerous, which I don't like. I would be in favour of removing the regeneration in BG1. In BG2, regeneration items are much more common, and I don't think this item would be out-of-place.
  13. Indeed, this would be the easiest to understand, but as Bartimaeus mentions, it might not look that nice in-game. We occasionally used "priest" when referring to a generic divine caster like a cleric/paladin/druid/ranger[/shaman] and "wizard" when referring to a generic arcane caster like a mage/sorcerer/bard. Ideally, the specific class names should only be used when those are the only class able to use the spell (e.g. shaman spells, high-level cleric-only spells), but I'm not sure how well we follow this rule. I suspect that "cleric", "druid", and "mage" might be common. Protection from Energy protects from magic damage in addition to elemental damage. As a fellow nitpicker, I appreciate and encourage all such reports.
  14. You're right, the deafness affects all enemies regardless of level. The description should be corrected. The SR effects and description were modelled on the 3rd edition Holy Word, where deafness does not affect enemies above the caster's level. I'm guessing it was changed in SR to make the spell not suck so much. I started with a similar format (why use lot word when few word do trick?) but eventually settled on mine after struggling with trying to more effectively convey that the effects are cumulative. I'm not sure that either description makes that easy to follow, but the problem might just be that the behaviour itself is out-of-place among other spells in the game.
  15. If you're referring to alignment, I don't think that part of the description is ambiguous. It specifies enemies. I did notice some other wording in the description I wanted to update to make the effects clearer. Here's a preview.
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