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  1. Hello. I've noticed a certain inconsistency in Physical Mirror in BG1EE with SCS v32.7, and using the component to bring the IWD spells into BG. I've faced Amarande in Cloakwood, and I've noticed the following. He gets the "cast previously" version of Physical Mirror. He gets the expected behaviour with the ranged missiles. He reflects back a Melf's Acid Arrow spell. I don't know if this is intended or not, but since the arrow is conjured (per spell's school), might make sense. He DOES NOT reflect a Magic Missile (expected, I suppose). He DOES NOT reflect a Flame Arrow. I don't know if this is intended or not, but I think it's inconsistent with point 3, as is a Conjuration spell as well. I've tried with the only other installation that I have at hand, which is BG2EE with SCS v32.2. In this case, the spell cast by the player DOES reflect Melf's Acid Arrow and Flame Arrow. I've tried to look in NearInfinity to understand what could be going on, but I don't know enough. I've seen a list of effects applying to different projectiles, but I've not been able to find the projectiles of the spells. I don't know if this issue could be because of the different version of the spell (I've seen that there are "copies" of the normal spell and the "previously cast" one), or because of the IWD component that moves the spell one level below. The XP cap prevents me to try the spell in my party in BG1EE. Thank you for this great mod! weidu.log
  2. I've also reproduced the auto-leveling bug in v32.7 in BG1EE. One odd thing, though, is that I've been able to avoid it by trying to make the character join in a different way. That has worked for me for several characters which triggered the issue. I'm not sure what was different, but I tried to reload, talk to a different NPC before, use a different dialog option, etc. I wasn't able to make it work for Baeloth, though. He keeps the max XP issue. Not a big deal, though. The awesome customization feature is adding a lot of replayability to the game for me!
  3. In case it helps, I can reproduce this. I can select the ability, but I don't see any effect. Attaching my weidu.log. Let me know if I can help reproducing it.
  4. In case it helps, I can reproduce this. Attaching my weidu.log. Let me know if I can help reproducing it.
  5. Thanks for this explanation. I also see that the README of SCS v32 now states that it's better to install SCS after Item Randomiser. Awesome.
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