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  1. I think Artemius already anticipated well which is the point of those screenshots...
  2. Ah, I certainly did not see that topic, sorry. I don't check on the forum much, as I'm just starting with modding myself. I'll give it a thought, and maybe I experiment myself.
  3. Thank you for this mod, @polytope! I'm trying in SoA on top of SCS, and I have to report that so far I'm having a really nice experience. I got into the planar sphere, and I wasn't too prepared, so when Tolgerias cast a trillion protections that I can't strip (Spell Trap with Spell Shield and some others; I'm playing on Insane), I gave Haer'Dalis a chance to cast Remove Magic, and it worked! He was only level 15, and Tolgerias is 21, so the chances are much more balanced with the mod. Sure, it's random, and there is always a 5% chance in vanilla anyway, but this is not the only case. In other circumstances I was over the level of the enemies (well, just Haer'Dalis and his higher caster level), and it did not work even in two attempts (no SI: Abjuration, it just didn't work). Surely just for now is little experience, but I wanted to give some positive feedback. I'll try to see if I can comment further when I have the time to play more. I also looked at the implementation, and the spell files are indeed big, with repetitive blocks that I hope are not done by hand. I suppose there is no other way to change the chances but go into engine-level modifications (which I will surely check, but it has close to no chance of happening if I have to do it).
  4. It's quite funny to see that someone else is also using the C/C++ preprocessor for "templating" a BAF file. I started last year a party AI script of my own, and I also went with it because I saw a ridiculous amount of repetition. Like, I want to show the "attacking enemies" message like some of the default AI scripts, and of course the number is different in BG1 Or BG2, so I need some basic search and replace. I've not gone too crazy, though, and I've conceded myself some uglyness, becuase I did not want to use a macro to expand to blocks that are very similar (then I have to type all the ugly backslashes...). I'm a C++ developer by trade, and in modern C++ we try to avoid the preprocessor a lot. Have you considered using another template language? I've started thinking that one of the more "typical" ones for outputting HTML and the like, could maybe be better suited. Or it's your constraint that you want to make it work with the completion of the language server, and this preprocessor works better? Thanks for the projects, BTW! I really, really want to dive into them when I find time.
  5. Thanks! No worry, probably people who are using IEMOD packages in some form know how to deal with this. It's just `find . -type f -exec chmod 644 {} \;` for example.
  6. FWIW, it happens with a graphic file manager as well, which is using libarchive, which I assume implements the file format by itself and doesn't use an "unzip" process under the hood. Thanks for the reply.
  7. Hi. I don't know if this is an issue with the Infinity Auto Packager, Github Actions, or something else, but I want to report that the IEMOD package for this release has all regular files with no permissions (not even read permissions, which is very uncommon), so mod installation can't happen without fixing first the file permissions. The ZIP file is fine. This might be an issue on UNIX systems only, but it's still an issue. Let me know if I can help in some way.
  8. I also stumbled upon the issue of the error when installing with WeiDU (weinstall in my case, because Linux) 247. I worked it around by copying the translated message to replace the "@0". Should it matter that I used 247 in that case, or it's better to use 246 for this mod?
  9. SCS addresses this, and says in the docs: I did this in my last playthrough, and went well... except that I would have preferred to let SCS move the OP items like Robe of Vecna, because those are moved to ToB instead of to a tough tier in SoA. Thankfully there is a recipe for changing this from Wisp.
  10. I know of GemRB. I meant a mod. Something that programatically alters the game data files, like WeiDU.
  11. Give a look at iesh: https://github.com/gemrb/iesh Maybe it's enough to get something started for your use case, but it's not something created to make mods. There are several projects that have implemented parsing of some file formats of the engine, and some can also write them back. But I've seen no mod (yet) using any of those projects. Yes, WeiDU is fairly bad, but it is what we have so far.
  12. Hello! I'm not a very active person on the forums, but I've been around for a long while, and I'm reasonably active on the G3 Discord channels. Maybe not many people know about me, but I hope that some can at least recognize my nickname. I'm writing today because I want to make the release 0.2 of my project, and I think that it would make sense to make it part of G3 in some way, given that it's a very healthy community that I enjoy. I don't know exactly how that works (e.g. making a release post, having an entry on the downloads section, etc.), so let me know if you have questions about it, or if I should get something read first. Let me start explaining about the project. I've been working for almost 3 years on a little toy that has grown to be a reasonably useful tool by now. I started doing a "damage calculator" after the usual conversation online with someone claiming that this weapon/class/whatever was better than another. But I wanted more, and now the application has the basic building blocks to be more, including visualizing things based on game data, which I think it's something that could be useful for modders who care wary of balance considerations. I want that for the next release it can gain some features in NearInfinity and EEKeeper. Given that EEKeeper is no longer developed, I'd like this tool to be a worthy successor (it's still a long way to go). I have a basic introduction of the project on the README file on the repository: https://gitlab.com/moebiusproject/moebiustoolkit The README links to a website, which I'm now updating for the latest version, and which I want to even contain videos explaining what the application does and showing it, because for the 0.1 release I feel I got no feedback at all given how confusing things might be. This is an introduction to the whole thing in 16 minutes of video (it's a draft! don't share the link just yet in some other place please, I need to update it for a final release): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fIUoqYugsMc Thank you!
  13. Some other findings on Balthazar abilities: Lunar Stance grants +2 to luck, but it's not mentioned on the description of the ability. I will submit a pull request suggesting the addition. Lunar Stance can't be removed by Breach. The other stances have the secondary type set, but not this one. Breach removes the fire damage and hence the self-healing property of the Solar Stance, but doesn't restore the fire damage to its value when out of the Solar Stance (maybe this last part is intended?). EDIT: Forgot to mention that this is in the latest Ascension, but with BG2EE 2.5, not 2.6.
  14. There is a bug with Balthazar's Dragon Fist: the Slow effect is not applied. I've tried to apply it to my characters, and none of them get the Slow effect correctly. The portrait is displayed, the "Slowed" message is logged, but neither the movement, the AC or the THAC0 changes at all. I've tried to look at the implementation, and I see Dragon Fist having a "Use EFF" which uses FINSLOW.EFF, which in turn casts FINSLOW.SPL, but then I'm just lost in what could be wrong. Any hints are appreciated.
  15. Since this has been bumped a bit, let me add that a nice idea from The Bigg Tweaks (tb#tweaks) is to make Imprisonment a "permanent maze". Seems to be able to patch SCS' DMWWImprisonPlayer checks on scripts, but I've not tried it myself. Worth to mention, I think.
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