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  1. Since this has been bumped a bit, let me add that a nice idea from The Bigg Tweaks (tb#tweaks) is to make Imprisonment a "permanent maze". Seems to be able to patch SCS' DMWWImprisonPlayer checks on scripts, but I've not tried it myself. Worth to mention, I think.
  2. Hi. FYI, this is the wrong forum. This is the one for Tweaks Anthology. I think the Modding Q&A one is more appropriate. Are you by chance basing your mod in Tweaks Anthology's component?
  3. Aaaah, I think I got it. It's even easier and without an EFF file (your comment put me on the right track, thank you). On the same item (e.g. MFIST2.ITM) added a #318 (protection from resource) referencing the same MFIST2.ITM, conditioned to the stat that I wanted to check. Then followed by the effect that I wanted. I don't know if the other way that you suggested works but I missed setting something, but this one is so simple that I feel silly for not noticing it before. Thank you very much!
  4. Thanks for the answer! I did it a quick try, and it did not work. I'll give it a second more detailed look after work. Meanwhile, a doubt from your comment. In the first paragraph you mentioned a spell resource, but in the second you said "back in the ITM file, after that 177 effect". Was a mistake, or you meant that I need to modify both the SPL and the ITM? To clarify: I created a spell applied on level up (via the CLABxxxx.2DA) that grants the APR boost on proficiency (intended only for weapons), and then there is the MFISTx.ITM which also adds APR. I'll try as many combinations a
  5. Same thing just happened to me... I made the post 3 times. I even tried to delete the duplicates, but I don't see how.
  6. Hello. I've been able to successfully use equipped effects on a MFISTX.ITM to increase the attacks per round only on "unarmed" attacks with the Fist weapon. But I've also used a SPL at level up to add APR on a certain proficiency level (with opcode 326 and adding entries to SPLPROT.2DA), and I wanted that to apply only with "normal" weapons, not the unarmed attack. Since there is not a specific opcode for this I just want account for that in the MFISTX.ITM, so I was attempting to use again #326 with the opposite condition (so one increase only applies if the other is missing). I need
  7. He had a standard selection, I think, but definitely not empty. That's what I meant by "no issues".
  8. FWIW, I took Quayle, and I did not had any issues. I did not customize him, so he's still a Cleric/Illusionist. In case it's helpful, I did have the AI on, though I don't know if this has any influence in this case.
  9. What's the reasoning for this? Helping the translators? From the world where I come from (GUI development using a framework called Qt), this is solved by the translation tool, which will hint the translator with an already translated string coming from the same text, but will still allow for changing. Quoting from the manual:
  10. Thank you Bubb! I did a few tries with something else, and it indeed seemed like it wasn't possible, but I really wanted a definitive answer. Jarno: I do know that's kinda cheesy, but first I wanted to know if it's possible, and try it out in practice. This idea pretty much spurred when thinking about the Find Traps spell, as I think the best use of it (which I learnt from watching Mivsan_NT's playthrough) is using it when facing opponents in trapped areas. It's a pain to start fighting and using items, while keeping the trap finding activated manually, or have a party member only looking
  11. I am creating my own AI script for the party, so I can learn some scripting. I have this block adapted from the built-in AI scripts: IF Global("suy#mode","LOCALS",2) ActionListEmpty() OR(2) Class(Myself,THIEF_ALL) Class(Myself,MONK) !ModalState(TURNUNDEAD) !ModalState(DETECTTRAPS) THEN RESPONSE #100 FindTraps() END But I thought it would be cool if the character could find traps/illusions EVEN if fighting. The user can do it manually: attack someone, then press the button. Will be finding traps as long as you don't switch target, but if you do it, you can press again the bu
  12. First, a big (but late) thank you for the links, Azazello. I was aware of only some of them. Second, just note that I found the answer to the first question: I want to enable the "left handed" bit, and then the Monk can dual wield weapons, but not use an off-hand weapon while making attacks with the first. The fist becomes then like a two-handed weapon, like I wanted. Thanks auiwqi in the Discord chat for the finding. About the second question, the APR cap with unarmed attacks: if there is a limit that states where the progression stops, I have not found it. But increasing the rate t
  13. Thank you very much! FWIW, in case it helps, seems that the "jimfix" mod included some change to address a similar issue with the Shield of Reflection: https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/66358/mod-jimfix-ascension-scs-fixes-general-tweaks https://github.com/AnotherDole/Jimfix I wish I could have helped more, but my skills with NearInfinity and projectiles are not enough for this.
  14. Hello. I would like to tune a bit the Monk class, and the first and easiest thing I would like to do is balance the progression of damage, enchantment and APR of the unarmed damage (and probably something about using weapons as well). I don't know yet how I want to change it, so I'm just exploring what it's possible. For now I don't want to go too radical, just editing files a bit, and balance the DPS. First, this is what I've found: monkfist.2da: Controls the fist item that the monk has equipped as Fist at any given level. MFIST1.ITM, MFIST2.ITM, etc. profs.2da: Controls the
  15. Hello. I've noticed a certain inconsistency in Physical Mirror in BG1EE with SCS v32.7, and using the component to bring the IWD spells into BG. I've faced Amarande in Cloakwood, and I've noticed the following. He gets the "cast previously" version of Physical Mirror. He gets the expected behaviour with the ranged missiles. He reflects back a Melf's Acid Arrow spell. I don't know if this is intended or not, but since the arrow is conjured (per spell's school), might make sense. He DOES NOT reflect a Magic Missile (expected, I suppose). He DOES NOT reflect a F
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