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  1. All that should be fine, though Imprisonment might be a problem. You could always apply freedom (op 212) but I'm not sure if it works outside of the area where the character is imprisoned.
  2. This is the parameter used by the mod: LPF ADD_CRE_EFFECT INT_VAR opcode=295 parameter2=1 target=1 timing=9 END The target=1 is because it's being applied directly to the joinable NPC, but otherwise the timing and parameter2 are directly from the IESDP. According to the section on 295, it doesn't prevent permanent death via shattering from cold damage and petrification.
  3. OK, so I didn't read the actual request very closely. The component in Tweaks Anthology to prevent permanent death just uses op 295 to prevent chunking, though I don't believe that quite catches everything.
  4. A Fixpacked or EE version of minhp1.itm has a pretty good rundown of ways to die. Hit points to 0 (use min HP 208 to prevent) Stat drain to 0 (use op 367 on EE or immunity to stat changes (all six) on non-EE) Polymorph (135) can kill if it's used with the replace option Imprisonment (211) is technically not death, but counts as such in the engine Disintegration (238) Petrification (134) Power Word: Kill (209) Slay (55) Kill Target (13) Level drain (216) to level 0 Undead being turned by high-level clerics (use op 297) Story mode in the EEs is done using spells, so starting with ohsmode1 (applies it) and ohsmode2 (removes it) may be useful places to start, though they add quite a bit beyond just preventing death. CTRL-R does remove stuff like this, so you probably need a script block to detect its absence and re-apply it. EEs use a spell state (STORY_MODE) to detect if it needs to be re-applied, for example.
  5. CamDawg

    Git repositories Ransomware [SANS news]

    Looks like Mike merged threads, and it took the title from Grammarsalad's thread.
  6. CamDawg

    Can ankheg tweak be added?

    Yes, you get checked for every link in a travel path. More than two-link travel is fairly rare in BG2 due to the sparsity of the map and its spoke-and-hub nature, but in BG traveling from Nashkel to Baldur's Gate covers a minimum of seven links.
  7. WeiDU enforces install order by using an onion layer approach. So if you install, say, components A-B-C-D and then later decide to uninstall B, WeiDU will uninstall D, uninstall C, uninstall B, reinstall C, and reinstall D to make the order A-C-D. If you reinstall B, it will follow the same process of temporarily removing C & D first to process the B reinstall.
  8. The source was PnP, and it's based mainly on how much the armor restricts movement. IIRC, the justification was something like suits of full plate are typically custom-tailored for a specific person and, as such, would not restrict your movement less than an average plate or splint. However, it's been years since I actually looked at the source for this.
  9. CamDawg

    Giant insects installation issue

    Yes, the immediate workaround is to install one, quit, then install the other. The WeiDU issue is straightforward--delete setup-iwdification, make a copy of setup-stratagems and name it setup-iwdification.
  10. CamDawg

    Giant insects installation issue

    This just raises more questions. cdideca.spl should be missing for EE games, so it correctly identified the game for Decastave but not for Giant Insect. I don't think this is because it's beta 4 instead of 5, but updating certainly wouldn't hurt. Most of the beta 5 updates were bard song fixes. edit: Beta 5 is still labeled internally as beta 4, so you probably are on the correct version already. edit 2: Wait, now I see it. I have a logic error--the library properly sets EE vars the first time, then uses the non-EE values on subsequent invocations. So it uses EE for arcane, then non-EE for divine if you run it all at once--like anyone would do.
  11. CamDawg

    Can ankheg tweak be added?

    If you mean the old 'you have been waylaid by enemies and must defend yourself' encounters, then yes. These are set in the worldmap area links, but they're already very low probability (5% generally). A few randoms are forced--meeting Drizzt after the Underdark, for example, or Dorn in BGEE.
  12. CamDawg

    Giant insects installation issue

    Giant Insect is gated by a platform check. On EE games it just drops in the beetle animation (if missing) and installs; for non-EE it checks for the beetle animation via Infinity Animations and installs if it's present. For whatever reason, your game is not being detected as an EE game. Could you check if you have cdideca.spl in your override? As for the SCS issue, that's odd. When you run a WeiDU setup program, it should check other versions in the folder and update to the newest. IWDification beta 5 ships with v242; SCS needs v246. IWDification should be updating to v246 when it starts, but is somehow failing to do so.
  13. CamDawg

    Characters crashing the game on spawn in Tutu/BGT.

    It's typically equipped items. For example: gv#sw1h is also using an EE-only color via opcode 7 and a 1pp-only appearance (s0) which crashes gv#pam. gv#helm is also using an EE-only color via opcode 7 and a 1pp-only appearance (j9), crashing gv#moid. gv#shld is using EE-only colors as well, crashing gv#moid. gv#jeff crashes because the creature file is corrupt--there are unused bytes starting at 0x7a0.
  14. CamDawg

    Mod Compatibility List for EET

    You're still welcome here under your normal login.
  15. CamDawg

    Future tweak ideas - post 'em here

    Just a quick reminder that I do read the thread, even I don't always respond. Keep the ideas coming!