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  1. If it's a corrupted BAM, as the assertion error suggests, we can try to narrow it down by removing BAM files added by Fixpack. The core component adds iscrl5a through iscrl5j.bam to fix some scroll images. It also copies in a new states and states2.bam for some portrait icon fixes. For ToB games it creates maslg2bw, maslg2s1, msolg2bw, and msolg2s1.bam from existing files to fix celestial weapons. Finally, it edits the tanar'ri (mtang2XX) and wyvern (mwyvg2X) bam series to fix some animation issues. If it's anything, I suspect the tanar'ri/wyvern animation fixes, as the rest have been in the core fixes for years at this point. edit: What I'm suggesting is to install Fixpack, then manually delete the files mentioned above from the override file and seeing if the crashing stops. If it does, then we can narrow it down to which specific files are at fault.
  2. CamDawg

    Site and Forum Feedback

    Very well-spotted. Had an extra div tag in there; fixed.
  3. CamDawg

    Calin NPC Mod

    Ah, I forgot to set up moderator permissions for you in the Calin forum. Should be good to go now.
  4. CamDawg

    Reporting some Bugs

    Oh, and while the first two are annoying you can work around them. For the third, you'll have to console: CLUAConsole:CreateItem("cddevice") CLUAConsole:SetGlobal("CDBracerQuest","GLOBAL",12) His timer works fine, but the relevant dialogue is weighted incorrectly to the point where it cannot fire.
  5. CamDawg

    Reporting some Bugs

    Confirmed on all three, thanks.
  6. G3 is pleased to announce the addition of Calin, a new NPC mod from Kitanna. This mod introduces Calin, a neutral good human Blade Master and includes a romance for females who are Elf, Half-elf, or Human and of non-evil alignment. Calin is available for Baldur's Gate (original and Enhanced Edition) and the two conversion projects, BGT and EET. Calin includes content for both the Shadows of Amn and Throne of Bhaal portions of the game. Project Page Forum Readme Download
  7. CamDawg

    Compatibility for casting in armor mods

    Thanks SD, I've made the commit.
  8. CamDawg

    Of cleric kits and strongholds

    Dialogue triggers work just like script triggers--all conditions must be true for the trigger itself to be true. In this case, one of the five triggers for the first OR() must be true AND one of the two conditions in the second OR() must be true.
  9. CamDawg

    Of cleric kits and strongholds

    The only possible pitfall is if some other mod wants to modify those transitions as well, since you're effectively eliminating them. It's a bit of an edge case, though--if you have two mods targeting the same technical-type of transitions, you're likely going to have a larger compatibility problem to address.
  10. CamDawg

    Of cleric kits and strongholds

    The easy case is if you need to block a state from a bard kit, you just add a trigger to exclude the kit: ADD_STATE_TRIGGER bddelend 46 ~!Kit(Player1,FOO)~ Adding non-bard kits to this is substantially more difficult to do in a compatibility-friendly fashion, and determining which way to do it is not straightforward. There's the blunt approach (d code): REPLACE_TRIGGER_TEXT bddelend ~Class(Player1,BARD_ALL)~ ~OR(5) Class(Player1,BARD_ALL) Kit(Player1,D5_BARD) Kit(Player1,D5_BLADE) Kit(Player1,D5_JESTER) Kit(Player1,D5_SKALD)~ However, this can fail if someone else has already OR()'d this trigger, as nested OR triggers are illegal syntax. Fortunately, WeiDU has a tp2 action that can solve this though, full disclosure, I've never actually used it (tp2 code): COPY_EXISTING ~bddelend.dlg~ ~override~ DECOMPILE_AND_PATCH BEGIN REFACTOR_TRIGGER ~Class(Player1,BARD_ALL)~ ~Class(Player1,BARD_ALL) Kit(Player1,D5_BARD) Kit(Player1,D5_BLADE) Kit(Player1,D5_JESTER) Kit(Player1,D5_SKALD)~ END BUT_ONLY WeiDU will sub that Class check with the five-sided OR trigger as before. However, if it's already in an existing OR trigger, then WeiDU will simply extend the existing OR trigger with the new conditions you're adding so that the syntax remains valid and it'll compile. edit: Should also note that there's another method: if the dialogue is weighted well, you could append a new state to deal with the new conditions. However, you need to know your way around dialogue weighting to really take advantage of this method. For example (d code): APPEND bddelend IF WEIGHT #-1 ~OR(4) Kit(Player1,D5_BARD)? Kit(Player1,D5_BLADE) Kit(Player1,D5_JESTER) Kit(Player1,D5_SKALD) Global("bd_delenda_conned","BD0108",1) ~ THEN BEGIN cd_new_46_branch SAY #44672 COPY_TRANS 46 END END The goal is to weight this just above the existing state 46; the COPY_TRANS 46 in the transition means that after this alternative opening state it'll follow the same dialogue paths as the existing state 46.
  11. CamDawg

    Why is my mod crashing?

    Start with the simple--remove the creature's scripting so we can see if the error is the script or the creature itself. If it's the script, start cutting out parts until you find the problematic bits.
  12. Use the links from the release tab: https://github.com/Gibberlings3/SwordCoastStratagems/releases
  13. FWIW The Calling also assigns 'taerom' as Taerom's DV. It's the only original NPC DV assigned by it.
  14. CamDawg

    Future tweak ideas - post 'em here

    It's one of the last Joinable NPC tweaks, but it's there:
  15. CamDawg

    Site and Forum Feedback

    Yes, but it's not straightforward--click the search icon to get to the advanced search and use the 'Members' tab. Alternatively, after you get search results you can click the 'More search options' to get to the same panel.