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  1. Feedback: On GOG, it was one user lamenting Linux installs, and another user bizarrely pushing back on WeiDU itself. Steam and BD postings were received positively, but no comments. Reddit got a lot of upvotes and generated the most comments but most were essentially 'thanks' and a small discussion of EEMS. (Though if a macOS player could help out this guy, I'd appreciate it.) Outside of here, no one has mentioned that finding mods is an issue. I miss the PPG Modlist and (behind the scenes)have been exploring possibilities of reviving such a tool over the past few months. While I am fully behind the idea, Github is a bad platform for it. A different community project was forked and updated with unauthorized mods, and I'd rather not repeat the experience.
  2. Oh god, we need a content warning on that spoiler tag. I had forgotten the full horror of sprite outlines.
  3. While I have no explanation for what WeiDU is doing, i do want to ask: why are you trying to set numeric variables by SPRINTing them?
  4. Setting aside the issue of whether having an alternative version is a good idea (it's not) or something berelinde would have wanted (also no), it still won't alleviate any of the aforementioned pragmatic issues. Players will still be coming here for any suggestions or changes, unless you're committed to supporting the unofficial version for perpetuity. Even if you are, then you still have the issue of making sure that any fixes in the official version still get to the unofficial one, the very process we're trying to avoid--except now it's exacerbated by being a further step removed.
  5. I'm going to need a bit more detail. When does it crash, e.g. when you try to start the game, when you encounter Tashia, when you move to a certain area, etc.? Do you have any other mods installed?
  6. This is not a good approach. Having alternate dialogue files simply multiplies the effort needed to keep the mod up-to-date and bug-free, in addition to making it incredibly difficult for other mods (e.g. Crossmod) to properly add and extend Gavin's content. We'd love to have additional translations of Gavin (or any G3 mod, for that matter) but not in a way that actually diminishes the maintainability and quality of the mod.
  7. Op 300, though this is an EE-only solution. The guards at the Nashkel Mines (amnis3) use this to prevent the PC pushing past them to the entrance.
  8. Yeah, doors are the only tools I know to do what you're looking for.
  9. There were a lot of Set Color effects on items that were set as disspellable that Fixpack (and the EEs) address--imagine being hit with a dispel and the color of your armor or sword changing.
  10. I think you're getting pushback because you seem to have a number of misconceptions baked into your analysis. EET is a magnificent project, made even more impressive that it's built primarily from the sweat of one modder. In the end, however, it's not a shining beacon to whom modders need to flock--it's another platform for players to play, and for modders to support. Tutu and BGT didn't eliminate the need to support oBG or oBG2; similarly, EET will not alleviate the need to support BGEE, BG2EE, and (eventually) IWDEE, IWD2, NWN, God of War, Minecraft, and whatever else K4thos' gigantic brain can incorporate into the platform. The EEs didn't even alleviate the need to support the originals. The lament about not having a centralized source for modding is similarly misplaced. We've always had multiple communities, where players and modders were free to hang out at whichever place had a vibe they could enjoy. We've seen more consolidation in the past, say, five years than we've had at any point. While activity has been declining for years, in terms of cooperation, we're in a great place and have been for a long while now. What's keeping SHS, PPG, and G3 as separate communities is not some sense of rivalry between them (or the individuals therein), but the fact that each has built its own valuable identity. I was happy to help Lava build Weasel Mods, because I love the fact that we now have another place where players can explore modding. While I appreciate your enthusiasm for the old BWS, and the lamentation of losing things to individual burnout, you're not connecting the dots here. The maintenance of BWS--or more specifically, BWP--was a nightmare and led directly to AL|EN building PI in a way to avoid the pitfalls that doomed BWS. It also never supported the EEs, omitting a significant chunk of activity in the past seven years. I don't think "then go do it yourself" is a constructive response, and I'm not expecting any individual to try. A 300-variable problem of a community-wide install order that minimizes conflicts has several useful guidelines--which I've done my best to outline some in the tutorial--but no definitive answer. Every new mod, every new component simply exacerbates this. This is why I think the focus should be on "here is knowledge on how to figure this out" rather than "this will work", especially since the latter can become invalid the next time a mod--any mod--gets updated. I appreciate your feedback!
  11. Every so often an antivirus program will give a false positive for a mod. FWIW I just pulled down v10 and scanned it with mine (Windows Defender) and it came back clean.
  12. The good news for EET is that they keep a list (and its support thread) of EET-compatible mods, and it's kept very up-to-date. While here were a few mods that needed updates for the 2.6 patch--I need to do an update for a few Tweaks components--for the most part everything should still just work. Otherwise, yeah, you're probably going to have to poke around forums and readmes.
  13. Well, I apologize for not seeing this topic before. The natural install order is for IR/IRR to follow IU, so it should probably be a separate component in IR, e.g. "Update Item Upgrade to use IR's changes" or somesuch. For maximum interoperability, put it as a separate include and IU can detect and adjust in case the player installs the mods in the wrong order and I can SUBCOMPONENT IU as needed. FWIW, we probably need to do the same thing for Under-Represented Items, now that it's also been updated.
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