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  1. It wouldn't help translators regardless--they work off of tra files, not a modded tlk.
  2. Yes. Further, it'll use the highest reference of the string, e.g. if your string already exists at 1234 and 5678, WeiDU will assign 5678.
  3. I'm a little surprised since this is my testing platform. Just to make sure, I downloaded and installed BG2 complete from GOG, downloaded v13 and everything worked fine. Previous versions, all the way back to 2013's v9, are available under the changelog link on the download page.
  4. Yeah, BG/BG2 at least have the 'if I'm attacked, retaliate' as a default. Glad it's sorted!
  5. Have you assigned scripts to your characters (record screen > customize > script)? Unlike BG/BG2, party members in IWD start without an AI script assigned so they don't do anything even with Party AI enabled.
  6. Thanks Jarno, your contributions to the thread are immeasurable.
  7. The dispel magic mechanic relies on caster levels. E.g. a level 20 and level 40 mage will both have Protection from Evil last 40 rounds, but the latter's will be substantially harder to dispel.
  8. For me it's just that we already have a tool to avoid namespace collision--the modder prefixes--so this is a natural fit for labels. So even though it's redundant, I'd use something like cd_tweaks_cosmetic_remove_helmet_animations or somesuch for Tweaks labels.
  9. One thing to keep in mind is that BG2/EE doesn't have a school-balanced set of spells. Only four schools have spells available at every level--abjuration, conjuration/summoning, evocation, and necromancy--while the rest have gaps: There are no level 7-9 divinations There are no level 6-9 enchantments There are no level 9 illusions. There are no level 8 alterations SCS/IWDification does at least provide a level 8 alteration (Iron Body) but you'll still need spells for the other gaps. edit: And I see that's already mentioned in the thread Mantis linked.
  10. Yeah, Fixpack had to futz around with it, too. I know Lava has a macro from (I can't remember who) that adds BAMs to the mapicons.bam at install time so that his new world map areas can have unique art. So it's possible to insert new BAM frames on the fly, but certainly not as easy as EEs.
  11. The Gibberlings Three G3 is pleased to offer a new NPC for BGEE: Zakrion, a human Duelist found near the ship wreckage on the Sword Coast. Zakrion is authored by jmaeq, who has previously published The Beaurin Legacy. The mod includes custom portraits and voicing, a friendship track, numerous banters and interjections, and a "semi-romance" with the PC. Learn more about the mod on its project page, forum, or readme, or grab v1.0 from the download center.
  12. In the originals those +4 save bonuses are not attached to the improved invisibility state and have to be explicitly invoked via ops 33-37--this is one of the very few places where the EEs added a hardcode. Preventing those bonuses from stacking involved subspell shenanigans in Fixpack.
  13. Yes, before the Beamdog forums were at forum.beamdog.com, they were at forum.baldursgate.com.
  14. OUTER_FOR (index = 0 ; index < 10000 ; ++index) ACTION_GET_STRREF index contents OUTER_PATCH_SAVE contents ~%contents%~ BEGIN REPLACE_TEXTUALLY ~old text~ ~new text~ END STRING_SET_EVALUATE index ~%contents%~ END I'll leave it as an exercise for the reader to determine the last string in dialog.tlk to use in place of 10000 in the loop.
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