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  1. Do... (gulp)... do my own work? You monster! Cheers.
  2. In both the BG2 and BG2(EE) actions list, the entry for 162 ReputationSet is this: ________________________________ 162 ReputationSet(I:Reputation*) This action sets the reputation to the specified value. IF Global("KRGOODDEED","GLOBAL",0) THEN RESPONSE #100 SetReputation(20) SG("KRGOODDEED",1) END The example, presumably from a mod (or made up) since it's not used in the base game, uses the incorrect SetReputation instead of ReputationSet. BG2EE does have an actual, in-game use from the Black Pits II campaign, but it uses an EE-exclusive trigger so it may not be a good example for the oBG2 entry: IF Global("TIER","GLOBAL",0) Global("OHB_INITREP","OH8100",0) AreaCheckAllegiance(PC) OR(2) ReputationLT(Player1,10) ReputationGT(Player1,12) THEN RESPONSE #100 SetGlobal("OHB_INITREP","OH8100",1) ReputationSet(10) Continue() END
  3. Yeah, it's basically running out of icons, as @Sam. noted. I'm actually in the process of re-doing this component from scratch, but in the mean time you can open up cdtweaks/lib/unique_containers_default.tpa and deleting these lines: 346 => ~d1bag~ // Silver-Blue Bag of Holding 347 => ~d1bg1bag~ // Silver-Blue Bag of Holding
  4. "You must construct additional Melf's Minute Meteors." "Your summons are under attack." "You require more healing potions."
  5. It could, if the two authors who lived and breathed balance discussions were still active and making decisions instead of the tech guy who leaves chat at the first utterance of the b-word. So, no, you're not going to see me implementing further sphere variants--and that would apply even if it didn't go against the original visions of my fellow authors.
  6. This is exactly the type of passionate, in-depth response that I live for; that it happens to point out shortcomings of the mod doesn't make it any less welcome. (You were also completely nice about it, though your comments would be welcome even if that wasn't the case.) More than anything it echoes my frustrations that I've yet to find a constructive way to address these deficiencies. Well, yes and no. Yes, because it's always my goal to mod for as many platforms as feasible, but also no, because there wasn't anything special required to support BGT.
  7. The sphere system, while once the backbone of the mod, was moved to an optional component for a reason. Like @Nox mentioned, the lack of spells ends up making it a major nerf for divine casters instead of being this awesome, cool thing that differentiates clerics from one another other than their special abilities. The 'solution' was to try and throw more spells onto the pile, but ultimately it's just a bandaid for a deeper and more problematic issue. Ultimately, you run into multiple, reinforcing issues with this approach: Every spell you add stands out more and more as mod content unless you also adjust the enemy AI to detect, react, and use these same abilities. Every spell must be checked so that it doesn't wildly imbalance power Spheres are still ultimately unequal; some will always be better than others Creating new spells which are non-PnP sourced makes all of these problems even worse. And that's not even counting the fact that we're trying to force the old engine to do something it's not really well-designed for and the resulting bugginess. I could definitely do more by abandoning the originals and making DR EE-exclusive but that's not what I'm about, now or ever. Plus there's already a pretty good mod in that space, the aforementioned Faiths and Powers. As for compatibility, DR's got a pretty easy library system to support other spell mods. IWDification and Galactygon's spell mods are already covered, and it's simple to extend it to cover other mods if anyone has one that's not already in.
  8. It was a permission issue. You should be able to delete attachments now.
  9. It depends on whether the original item requires identification. The components only need to make a copy of the original one-handed item if it has a non-zero lore score--otherwise every time you switched back to the one-handed weapon you'd have to identify it again.
  10. And v3 is posted, with this included. Thanks prowler!
  11. Well, this covers about everything I would have suggested, so I'm as lost as you are.
  12. This right here more or less sums up why I don't generally engage on this. Players don't care what she's done, just that she's helped them. That's not a condemnation of players, mind--exclusively prioritizing the ability to quickly pile mods on your game, even if dubiously sourced1, is a reasonable position. It just means that beating the drum endlessly about what the EE install tool actually does, while correct and justified, is a losing position as players write the whole thing off as "drama". All those modders who put in thousands of hours and only asked for their work not to be mirrored or stolen are condemned equally because they lack "good will" or take it personally. I'll note, again, that Roxanne is still welcome here, and I'll reiterate it every time this comes up. She still sends me bug reports through Github, the only communication channel she's not abandoned, and I still fix them. I'd like her to come back, but I can only extend the invitation, not force her to accept it. 1 Last I bothered to check, there are about 56 G3 mods available through the EE install tool. Nine of them are the current, official releases. Another 26 are pulled from their official Github repos, but not the current stable versions. The remaining 21 are pulled from a private Dropbox or worse, e.g. Roxanne's version of Amber has been quietly added back, despite the authors already having a word about that.
  13. All of the setup-foo that ship with mods are just a renamed copy of WeiDU. So if you're ever worried about a package being infected, you can grab the latest WeiDU and then rename it as needed. And no, v9 is not infected.
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