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  1. This sounds like a broken install. Trigger 0x40a8 is a default trigger and should be there; not being able to find Ajantis' script is also a bad sign.
  2. That's odd as it implies the mod was not able to add strings to the tlk. This can be caused by having the game (or an editor) open when installing, or selecting the wrong language for WeiDU when it's first run.
  3. Use the latter. The problem with the former is that it will throw off your replacement tokens depending on whether it decompiles with "ue". E.g. REPLACE_TEXTUALLY ~Dialog\(ue\)?("\(foo\)")~ ~Interact("\2")~ will fail on a match for ~Dialog("foo")~ because it only matches one group, not two. Also of note: while scripts are compiled/decompiled and go through the process Mike1072 describes, dialogues themselves store actions and triggers as plain text. What you see in NI is what you need to match.
  4. It literally requires you to restart the program and get an update, and this is when you decide it a good opportunity to shit on the person providing the tool? Alien should be lauded for taking on an already thankless task, but abusing his effort is a shameful low.
  5. There's a leftover setup-iwdification.tp2 in stratagems/test. It makes Project Infinity unhappy.
  6. For the EEs, you can add opcode 319 to the item, which allows restriction via gender.ids. For the originals, it's a bit more complicated. You could use opcode 180, but unfortunately it needs to be applied to individual creatures. Essentially you'd have to find a way to apply op 180 to every creature file that shouldn't be allowed to use the item.
  7. It wouldn't help translators regardless--they work off of tra files, not a modded tlk.
  8. Yes. Further, it'll use the highest reference of the string, e.g. if your string already exists at 1234 and 5678, WeiDU will assign 5678.
  9. I'm a little surprised since this is my testing platform. Just to make sure, I downloaded and installed BG2 complete from GOG, downloaded v13 and everything worked fine. Previous versions, all the way back to 2013's v9, are available under the changelog link on the download page.
  10. Yeah, BG/BG2 at least have the 'if I'm attacked, retaliate' as a default. Glad it's sorted!
  11. Have you assigned scripts to your characters (record screen > customize > script)? Unlike BG/BG2, party members in IWD start without an AI script assigned so they don't do anything even with Party AI enabled.
  12. Thanks Jarno, your contributions to the thread are immeasurable.
  13. The dispel magic mechanic relies on caster levels. E.g. a level 20 and level 40 mage will both have Protection from Evil last 40 rounds, but the latter's will be substantially harder to dispel.
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