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  1. @Luke @Ardanis and in the same code: ADD_SPELL_HEADER: this should be WRITE_SHORT instead of WRITE_LONG ?
  2. So i've made some diggings on opcode 148 parameters, and it seems that parameter1 is not taken into account besides 0 (at this value it takes into acount the level of the character). If set to anything higher than 0, it ignores the parameter, dealing the effect as if cast at level 1, no matter what you do with parameter2 Is this a known issue ? I'm working on an EE install...
  3. @Bartimaeus Thanks a lot for providing such support to this game ! A pearl to you
  4. I was not sure about both opcodes #146 and #148 parameters 1 and 2 (casting level not used or used) behaviors and i decided to test them in my games. First, IESDP lacks a small description about the third option in parameter2 , it's not specified at all that it exists, maybe this was a description for an old patch version ? But actually those opcodes have 3 options in parameter2 and IESDP states only option 0 and a mix of 1 and 2. Anyway, my testing was actually this : - make a copy of a burning hand spell, redone it that it has only 3 headers, with level 1, 10 and 20, with 10,
  5. As far as i remember, a lot of SOD files are prefixed BD*.itm, after that they are named exactly as BG basic items (BDAMUL, BDLEAT, BDCLCK, etc.) maybe this can help you to determine what was added by this extension. Here's a basic list of the group of items i found so far : (just replace "xx" with appropriate numbers/letters) BDAMULxx.itm // amulets BDAROWxx.itm // arrows BDAX1Hxx.itm // axes BDBELTxx.itm // girdles/belts BDBLUNxx.itm // blunt weapons BDBOLTxx.itm // bolts BDBOOKxx.itm // books BDBOOTxx.itm // boots BDBOWxx.itm // bows B
  6. I think @Bubb had toyed with it during his EEex dev', maybe he could do it ?
  7. Oh yes, it must have been my tired red 3 a.m eyes that didn't catch it, sorry for that
  8. I have found some bugs in some spells while toying with Near Infinity : - Spell Scrolls (SCRLXX.ITM) The opposite schools for specialists mage are messed up in Illusion, Necromancy and Evocation spells : byte offset is 0x2f when it should be 0x2e - Lesser Restoration (SPPR417.SPL) has incorrect fatigue duration in description : it says 5 rounds, but the dvwinded.spl called spell is only 2 rounds duration - Otiluke's Resilient Sphere (SPWI413.SPL) has incorrect saving throw in spell description. It says vs. spell and breath both (first in spell details and other in description) while it
  9. After playing with Near Inifinity for quite some time now, i have to report some bugs i found during my items and spells examination : - Arrow of Biting (AROW05.ITM) has wrong flag add strength bonus (0) in its ranged header, should be none - Shazzelim +1 (SW1H50.ITM) has wrong saving throw vs. slay opcode. Description says it's vs. death while it's vs. spell in ressource. - Periapt of Proof against Poison (AMUL22.ITM) has missing protection from spells opcodes (FL#GMUM etc. or maybe this is not needed anymore ?) - Periapt of Form Stability (AMUL24.ITM) has incorrect opcode 206 : Protec
  10. Thank you all for your help, i must say it's good to be helped like this ! My function is working as expected,thank you again !
  11. I have so much to learn... thank you @DavidW
  12. Another question, how WEIDU does handle negative values in READ_BYTE parameter ? In my case, i want to add a portrait icon (my previous function), but only if value is not negative, but when i add this : READ_BYTE (fx_off + 0x04) original_p1 PATCH_IF original_p1 > 0 BEGIN // fail safe if value is negative don't add anything it doesn't seem to work, because the function still process its work.
  13. I just realized my mistake, i'm not used to that kinds of codes (using arrays and such), but i finally managed to make it work by effectively define parameters, thanks a lot @qwerty1234567
  14. @qwerty1234567 Weidu returns an integer conversion error with EFF_resource ? As i don't know exactly this part of code, do you have any tips to why it says that ? @Guest Gob Oafenplug The result is unfortunately the same as my code, it does not updates the duration. I must have missed something here...
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