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  1. hey, i have just tried as you said, and tested some other opcodes to same conclusion, i cannot add the flag in opcode #146 as you said, for #12 it works... it's logical after some thinking though, you can't half the damage of a cast spell thanks again @Gwendolyne
  2. Thanks @Gwendolyne ! i've already tried this parameter (special = 256) but it's for a cast spell opcode (146), and weidu juste write a 256 number instead of checking the flag at bit8.. i don't understand why. Is that a bug ? here's my code LPF ALTER_EFFECT INT_VAR match_opcode = 215 opcode = 146 target = 2 power = 3 timing = 1 duration = 0 savingthrow = 2 special = 256 STR_VAR resource = ~IUBURN2~ END
  3. Does anyone knows how to code the special parameter in a saving throw effect ? I tried to set the "save for half" (bit8) parameter but with no results whatsoever...
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    ok thanks @Bartimaeus
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    I see that there is a component "Revised HLAs", but i cannot see any documentations describing what its purpose is. I've seen the code, so i know the effects it applies, but i suggests to add 1 or 2 lines about it in the readme and/or the online documentation ? There is a small typo in kreso_hla.tph for the second hla : ACTION_IF FILE_EXISTS_IN_GAME ~spcl900.spl~ BEGIN // g whirlwind should be spcl901.spl Minor, but then the check would be useless so...
  6. Thank you @Bartimaeus ! Glad to see your mod updated. More goodness for us
  7. The Mithral Full Plate Mail +2 (PLAT09.ITM) has a Base AC of -3 where it should have a Base AC of -2 (Base AC of a Full Plate +2 is -1 + IR mithral effect: +1 bonus to AC), or maybe the name should be changed to +3 instead ?
  8. Thanks you both for your explanations, that enlightens to me some dark parts of the game since a lot of time !
  9. Agreed, this forum is a little gem i found some years ago while starting to mod, and i 've never found better ! Love you folks
  10. thanks @subtledoctor I forgot to ask if the class has any impact on the abilities and/or the stats. If a demon is a thief, can it hide in shadows ? if a basilisks is a mage, can he cast spells ? does they gets the bonus effects from levels (thac0 from warriors does not progress like these of mages for example)
  11. Does anyone knows if monsters ability scores have the same functionalities as for players ? I mean, sometimes i see .CRE with 9 everywhere and AC and THAC0 sets by hand obviously, but what if i changed it to, say, Strength 20 for example ? Does its damage score and thac0 are changed by the stat bonuses given by a Strength that high ? Or will it use the THAC0 given by hand ?
  12. i just had to remove the .itm from the command setting, but it worked. Thanks a lot @subtledoctor
  13. I'm trying to create a function (based on some already functionning existing code) to exclude specifics items from the file itemexcl.2da, but i would like to automate the process. I've already made it work for all armors, but for specific items i don't know how to procede. Here's my existing code for specific items : 1st part OUTER_SPRINT item_exclusion ~%specific_itemname%~ <- insert the item name here 2nd part COPY_EXISTING ~itemexcl.2da~ ~override~ READ_2DA_ENTRIES_NOW num_rows 2 FOR (i = 1; i < num_rows; i += 1) BEGIN READ_2DA_ENTRY_FORMER num_rows i 0 current_item SET isToExclude = 0 PATCH_IF (FILE_EXISTS_IN_GAME ~%current_item%.itm~) BEGIN INNER_PATCH_FILE ~%current_item%.itm~ BEGIN PATCH_IF (current_item STRING_EQUAL_CASE ~%item_exclusion%~) BEGIN SET isToExclude = 1 END END END PATCH_IF (isToExclude == 1) BEGIN REPLACE_TEXTUALLY ~[%LNL%%MNL%%WNL%][ %TAB%]*%current_item%[ %TAB%].*~ ~~ END END BUT_ONLY the file is actually not removed, if someone can help me on this one ?
  14. That was my basic way of doing, but as @jastey says, it's always useful to get the genius of other coders, as i am really far from doing as effective as you ol' modders (no offense ^^) @subtledoctor thanks doc' for taking time to explain your routine, that was really entertaining !
  15. @subtledoctor Sorry for off-topic but what was your other code choice then ?
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