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  1. I don't have any clues for that. I'll try on a fresh EET install to check that out.
  2. In game, the effect does not apply the AC bonus on my party with the actual setup. If i switch the projectile SHLD07.PRO from SHLD07A.SPL to SHLD07.SPL, the AC bonus is correctly applied. I dunno why it has to be like this, but it's the only way in my game for this to work correctly. Maybe it's an engine difference between the enhanced editions and the base games ?
  3. Minor bug: Shield of the Falling Star (SHLD07A.ITM) the shld07.pro should be on the first spell (shld07.spl) for the aura to take effect (instead of shld07a.spl, wich does only apply the actual effect)
  4. Woohoo, thank you Bartimaeus ! This release will certainly be the last one before anyone silly enough to go through all your edits again and comes with a bug list of a 1000 items, i hope ? A pearl to ya ->
  5. thanks for the explanation ! I understand this is such an edge case that you don't want to bother with it, i just wanted to write it down if anyone was looking for that specific weird moment in-game
  6. Hey @Bartimaeus, i found another "bug". Aura's spell act weirdly with the actual setup. I was wearing doom plate +3 (PLAT12.ITM) with IR dooming Aura, and for some reason i had to separate from my character wearing it, becoming neutral near my party as usual. But i realized that just a second after that, the dooming effect from the aura applied to my team ! I dunno why, but the .PRO parameter "affect only ennemies" from the aura spell doesn't seems to work in that case, triggering also on neutral, or is that an engine bug ? I have tested some ways to overcome that issue, and the best and effec
  7. Oh ok, i have the bad habit to use the latest git version, i should pay more attention to this. Hope you'll get a working version anytime soon then. Thanks @jastey !
  8. Sorry for Necroing that topic @jastey, but i didn't want to add a new one as it concerns this mod. I dunno if someone did get the same bug, but i have a weird one in the ascalon questpack quest (EET installation): "of wolves and men" (ACQ16). Whenever I brought the ingredient to create the antidote for the quest to Thalantyr, i chose the appropriate ingredient dialogue to give, it then starts a cutscene to create the ingredient, my UI disappear as intended, but nothing happens. I'm stuck during the cutscene and i have to shut down the game. I have tried to edit the scripts to see where this ha
  9. i hope not, as i just want to play now ! It has been quite easy to find all those bugs because i was modding with an IR/IRR/SR/SRR install as base, so, as i scrolled through items, i just found all those little errors. Won't happen anytime soon since i'm done on my part. Was a hell of a job on your part too @Bartimaeus, because it's hard to go again and again on the same project. So, a big thanks to you
  10. Yeah i know, it's hard to check everything, mostly when you update many files like with your mods ahaha. Thanks again for your time !
  11. hey @Bartimaeus it seems you forgot to add the sw1h40.eff file from blade of roses in your latest release ?
  12. Wouhou ! Thanks a lot @Bartimaeus Time to reinstall one last time and play... maybe ?
  13. Last report (minor) Bolt of Polymorphing +2 (BOLT05.ITM) is missing the kensai and cavalier restriction flag (byte 0x2f) Chain Mail +3 ('CHAN07.ITM) has incorrect IR stats bonuses/penalties from components 3+ Allow Spellcasting in Armor->With Casting Speed Penalties, 1040+ Revised Armor->With Movement Speed Penalties and/or 1101+ Allow Thieving Skills in Armor->Stealth is Penalized by Armor and Shields) : hide in shadows/move silently penalties are -10 should be -40, casting speed penalties are AG#IRS1.EFF should be AG#IRS2.EFF, increase attack speed factor penalty is -1 sh
  14. Thanks a lot @Bartimaeus I'm reinstalling everything right now, and i'll test everything then. I'll report to you if i find anything. Maybe some time, at last, i'll be able to play again for real xD
  15. Here's my second batch of bugs/inconsistencies found : Items: Spells called from items: Sorry for the big lists, i didn't think it would get so long... but i think i got them all this time !
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