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  1. Nope, results are the same, it gives me the same error. I tried without the # and with Long or ASCII, always a Parse Error. Maybe the variable is reset when you do another COPY action ? nevermind i'm blind, during my night of coding i forgot a small part so it couldn't work... 2 days try and repeat. Let's move forward, thanks Jarno
  2. This code throw me a GLR parse error : "Parse error (state 1143) at #" what's this "#" for anyway ?
  3. I would like to copy the strref from an item to apply it to a newly created spell. I've read a lot about strref, but i'm struggling at how keeping it into a variable to copy from a file to one another. Do i have to copy the strref from the first file into a global ? or an exterior file (like ini) ?
  4. Thanks for your explanation Mike1072, but is it possible to change that ? Because as i remember, this code seems to be accurate for a vanilla installation but not for enhanced editions that have changed the descriptions. In fact, those precisions about specific damage types weren't in the vanilla game but appeared in the Enhanced Editions. Maybe this code hasn't been revised to reflect those changes ? Same reason goes for the critical hit aversion removal from helms component. The code is not working for me except if i change it (as described in my first post on this page)
  5. So i've decided to do a clean EET installation with the following options 1- vanilla EET 2 - EET + IR v4.0b10 (with critical hit aversion removed in favor of a +1 bonus to AC from critical hit aversion component and revised armors with allow arcane spellcasting in armor and thieving penalties components aswell) 3 - EET + IR v4.0b10 + IRR github latest relase (same options) 4 - EET + IR v4.0b10 without Revised Armors but with Allow Spellcasting (casting speed penalties) and Thieving maluses in armor components 5 - EET + IR v4.0b10 without Revised Armors and Allow Spellcasting components but with Thieving maluses in armor components 6 - EET + IR v4.0b10 without Revised Armors and Thieving maluses in armor components but with Allow Spellcasting component 7 - EET + IR v4.0b10 with just Revised Armors components but without Allow Spellcasting or Thieving maluses in armor components and i've noticed two major problems. With both options 2 and 3, the critical hit aversion from component 47 doesn't work, i.e the description is correctly handled (AC +1 specified and the critical hit is removed), and the AC bonus is added in the effects, but the critical hit aversion option is still active. Also, i've tested a fresh BG2 EE installation and in the vanilla game, the description from armors specifies the bonus/malus against specific melee attacks (e.g the leather armor leat01.itm is specified as : but these bonuses/maluses descriptions are removed in all installations and it look now like this no matter the component (4, 5, 6 or 7) that part is always removed. So it seems to have something to do with the descriptions updates by this component. I've managed to isolate ~item_rev\lib\descriptions.tpa~ that handle it but i'm not really understanding the whole thing. Maybe @CamDawg could looked into it as that part of code was taken from BG2 Tweak Pack ? Now i know it should be posted to the original mod thread (Items Revisions) but as this mod seems to be more active, i suppose i had to post it here. If i'm wrong feel free to correct me. If you need some help, i'll be glad to help you.
  6. I have to make a new install, so i'll try to install it both ways (IR alone then IR and IRR) to check if i can reproduce that bug. Like i said, that's maybe a misunderstanding from own installation.
  7. Thank you lynx and Mike. I am struggling with bitwise operations for now so i'll have to take my time to understand the logic there (i am clearly not a math or code addict)
  8. Hey Bartimaeus, i don't know if it is me or if i didn't understand everything, but in the critical_hits.tpa of IR and IRR the code to untick the Critical hit aversion (Line 71) doesn't seems to work for me. Maybe i'm wrong in my setup, but when using my own mod to do this (second quoted code) it worked. Maybe this is an old code or is not usable with EET ? The code in IR & IRR and the code that has worked for me I'm just starting to code so maybe i've overlooked something, sorry if i've done any mistakes, but i wasn't sure if that has something to do with my experimentations or if the code was outdated.
  9. Thanks a lot ! Is there a tuto that explains me this kind of coding because i'm kind of realising i'm a big newbie in that weidu coding world... The WEIDU readme is really entertaining and i've red other's tp2 to learn more, but i feel sometime that i lack some basics in hex coding and read/write stuff.
  10. I'm having difficulties to find the right code to disable the flag for Critical hit aversion. I've found how to enable it but what is the reverse of that code ? If i want to unset the flag ?
  11. Thank you Mike, for this confirmation.
  12. Thank you for your answer but this has not changed anything. Maybe i've not explained it correctly. I am looking to clone a specific effect with opcode 206 in a list of 5+ of them, so to isolate the one i want to clone, i try to specify the resource to get a match, but so far with my code i have no results. Changing the syntax as you recommended Jarno didn't changed anything. Maybe my code has an error ? Do i have to specify something for the resource (like extension .itm, .wav, etc.) ? Edit : my bad i'm blind, i was not on the correct header level, so that could'nt work, sometime you need to go to sleep before looking correctly on things. Thanks for your time
  13. Hi again, instead of creating a new topic i'm editing this one. so, when i am trying to clone an effect and get a match by resource to select wich header to clone, i have no results so far, so i must missing something. Here's my code i have checked in NI everything is spelled ok, but i have the impression that the code doesn't read the resource, so it can't clone and replace the resource with the new one. Am i doing something wrong ?
  14. It worked, thank you very much !
  15. Hi, i'm editing the properties of some items, using WEIDU, but when i look at the documentation, there's no parameters to the damage type in the opcode (12). for example : with a bow, the first ability effect is ranged opcode 2, then inside it there's some damage effect opcode 12 (like adding 1D2 magic damage). When i try to edit this effect, there's no parameter to alter the type of damage (acid, magic, etc.) My code : Do i have to modify it using another method ? or is there a special parameter i cannot see ?
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