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  1. The scripting issue is only a problem in EET and BGEE. SoD expansion and BG2EE are (currently) unaffected.
  2. No, the mod is still needed. This script block is checked in addition to the flag that has to be enabled for every area in the game. I don't know why Beamdog added it to the game in the first place.
  3. Game over triggering when the protagonist dies is scripted. Before installing this mod, open BALDUR.BCS with Near Infinity and search for "GameOver". Either remove the whole block where this script action is included or add "False()" before or after the "!InParty(Player1)" trigger. Do the same in BDBALDUR.BCS and BALDUR25.BCS.
  4. @K4thos This EET function may fail on non-64-bit Windows systems: Within the "win32" branch SYSTEM_ARCH is only set if an AMD64 system is detected. After the switch-case operation you're testing content of SYSTEM_ARCH for empty string, but that'll work only for initialized variables. Uninitialized variables will be treated as literal string content by WeiDU - %SYSTEM_ARCH% in this case. Use this code to check whether SYSTEM_ARCH is still uninitialized: ACTION_IF (NOT VARIABLE_IS_SET ~SYSTEM_ARCH~) BEGIN Btw, I'd suggest to delete arch_var.bat after the function call as well.
  5. I can't say much about Tactics. But Ascension has encapsulated the HANDLE_CHARSETS call in another function (look for "handle_charsets_immutably" in ascension/lib/sfo_lite.tph). You won't have much freedom for that mod either.
  6. Not quite. 1. The "/czech" part from the tra_path parameter is not needed, since it's derived from the LANGUAGE directive. 2. The "noconvert_array" parameter expects the array name, which is "noconvert" (just as outlined in my code snippet above). But from what I see you're trying to add or update a language for Ascension. In that case there is already a HANDLE_CHARSETS call defined somewhere in the script. Since HANDLE_CHARSETS treats tra files for every language equally you might have no choice but to follow the text encoding conventions defined for that mod. I'd suggest to contact the mod author or maintainer directly if you have trouble adding your translations to the mod.
  7. WeiDU's HANDLE_CHARSETS function allows you to exclude tra files from the conversion process. It's commonly used to exclude setup.tra, which contains only strings for the WeiDU installer. The code can be found in the mod's .tp2 script file. Let's take this code snippet as an example: ACTION_DEFINE_ARRAY noconvert BEGIN ~setup~ ~lines-ee~ END ACTION_DEFINE_ARRAY reload BEGIN ~lines~ END LAF HANDLE_CHARSETS INT_VAR infer_charset = 1 STR_VAR tra_path = ~MyModFolder/languages~ noconvert_array = ~noconvert~ reload_array = ~reload~ END The "noconvert" array contains all tra filenames (without .tra extension) which should be excluded from the conversion process. In this example the files setup.tra and lines-ee.tra will be excluded. You can add your own tra files to this array to have them excluded as well.
  8. Small issue with all CLASTEXT.2DA files (BGCLATXT, SODCLTXT and CLASTEXT): They contain a corrupted entry where symbolic kit name is missing (around lines 72-76). It's most likely the OHTYR_OLD entry.
  9. Converting the files with Notepad++ may be complicated, since it converts from UTF-8 into the default ANSI codepage (whatever that is on your system). I'd suggest to use the command line tool 'iconv' instead (the same tool WeiDU calls internally). iconv binary can be found here: http://gnuwin32.sourceforge.net/packages/libiconv.htm The syntax is: iconv -c -f utf-8 -t cp1250 sourcefile-in-utf8.tra >newfile-in-cp1250.tra
  10. Text in mods that are not exclusively aimed at Enhanced Edition games has to be encoded in ANSI. By (WeiDU) default this is CP1250 for Czech. The mod itself will convert it automatically to UTF-8 if needed. You can check if text conversion is performed by looking for a call to HANDLE_CHARSETS in the mod's .tp2 script file. More details about how text conversion works can be found in the WeiDU Documentation.
  11. Spellhold Studios Test Your Mettle! Test Your Mettle! is a mod for BG2:EE and EET that provides you with a unique dungeon crawling experience. Version 1.1 adds Russian and German translations, as well various improvements and bugfixes. You can grab the latest release from the download links below. Links: Forums: SHS, Beamdog Download: SHS, GitHub Readme
  12. The Chaos Sorcerer is a unique sorcerer kit inspired by the "Wild Mage" specialization for mages. Version 2.5 provides Russian and French translations. You can grab the latest release from the download link below. Links: Download Forums: Beamdog, SHS Readme
  13. Yes, that should be the correct strref. If it still doesn't work, try unchecking all usability flags (if there are any set). The opcode restriction should be enough to make it usable exclusively by the target. Also make sure there are no duplicate opcode 319 entries. They might interfere with each other.
  14. The opcode definition look fine so far. Btw, which name strref did you place into the parameter1 field? Many CRE files are using different strrefs for their "Name" and "Tooltip" fields. It should definitely work with the strref from the "Name" field.
  15. Actor's script name is indeed limited to 8 letters, and defining it via EFF file (which allows up to 24 letters) doesn't work for this opcode. But using Actor's name strref should work fine. Make sure to set the Power field to 1 though, to actually restrict the item to the specified target.
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