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  1. SR's "Dispel Magic Fix" component conflicts with the Trials of the Luremaster mod by removing "Remove item" effects (opcode 112) from the files CDIWDTR1.SPL and CDIWDTR2.SPL. The referenced items grant various immunities and the minhp effect to trolls and revenants. As a result these creatures can't be killed anymore by normal means.
  2. Generated party members are auto-equipped with items from 25STWEAP.2DA, that's why item importation works in Chateau Irenicus even with newly generated characters. These items are taken away right after the importation process by script. However, taking items from several characters at once if they happen to have the same item in their inventory sounds like a bug to me.
  3. WeiDU provides a compare feature which can be used to autogenerate WeiDU code from the differences between two (binary) files. When you've made your local changes to the search map, simply compare it with the original search map: weidu.exe --cmp-from original.bmp --cmp-to modified.bmp >diff.tpa This call writes the code into the file diff.tpa which looks something like this: COPY ~original.bmp~ ~modified.bmp~ // patches to turn [original.bmp] into [modified.bmp] WRITE_BYTE 0x1e5 85 // 0x55 == U WRITE_BYTE 0x1f9 85 // 0x55 == U WRITE_BYTE 0x1fa 85 // 0x55 == U WRITE_BYTE 0x20d 85 // 0x55 == U WRITE_BYTE 0x20e 85 // 0x55 == U WRITE_BYTE 0x221 85 // 0x55 == U WRITE_BYTE 0x222 85 // 0x55 == U WRITE_BYTE 0x235 85 // 0x55 == U WRITE_BYTE 0x236 85 // 0x55 == U You probably want to change the COPY line to reference the correct search bitmap from the game, e.g. COPY_EXISTING ~AR1234SR.BMP~ ~override~ . I'm using this method in one of my own mods to update area bitmaps in a non-destructive way.
  4. Example from the SoD cutscene BDCUT17B.BCS: IF GlobalLT("bd_cut17b_cycle","bd1000",10) !NearLocation(Player1,4535,550,30) THEN RESPONSE #100 CutSceneId("bdcutid") IncrementGlobal("bd_cut17b_cycle","bd1000",1) Wait(1) StartCutSceneEx("bdcut17b",TRUE) END IF OR(2) GlobalGT("bd_cut17b_cycle","bd1000",9) NearLocation(Player1,4535,550,30) THEN RESPONSE #100 CutSceneId("bdcutid") SmallWait(10) SetCutSceneBreakable(FALSE) SetGlobal("BD_CUTSCENE_BREAKABLE","GLOBAL",0) SetAreaScript("",OVERRIDE) SmallWait(5) SetGlobalTimer("bd_mdd016b_timer","bd1000",TWO_ROUNDS) ActionOverride("bdcaelar",StartDialogNoSet(Player1)) END With StartCutSceneEx("BDCUT17B",TRUE) it executes only one script block depending on the specified conditions. With StartCutSceneEx("BDCUT17B",FALSE) it will execute both blocks regardless of condition. (Btw, this is also an example how to reuse one and the same cutscene script for different purposes.)
  5. I wrote a small function once that returns the container index based on the container name: https://github.com/Argent77/A7-GolemConstruction/blob/master/A7-GolemConstruction/lib/functions.tph#L860 Maybe it helps in your case, too. Another option could be adding the item by (area) script: ActionOverride("Container 1",CreateItem("c#q13le1",1,0,0))
  6. They are one and the same. Terms just differ for a number of opcodes for historical reasons. IESDP tends to use opcode names from DLTCEP while NI came up with their own names in the past.
  7. It's possible for a (single) regular familiar, but not generally for allies, summons or "7th party members". (Well, not unless they are unique and you know their script names.) Add these blocks to all global script files of the game (baldur.bcs, baldur25.bcs, bdbaldur.bcs):
  8. Except when you send someone into another room. There are many maps (usually indoor maps) that can be entered by single party members. AoE spells would also remove the option to control movement speed individually per creature. Right now party members move at increased speed as long as combat mode is not active and they are outside of enemy's visual range. For example, an invisible scout moving into enemy range will stop being hasted while everyone else isn't affected by this change. Apart from that, an AoE spell could at least solve the issue with familiars and companions. (Ideally if the AoE projectile can be configured to exclude regular party members to retain their individual states.)
  9. This tweak, as it's currently implemented, requires a straight target to apply the movement modifier. This is possible for party members who can be targeted by Player1, Player2, and so on. Familiars or allies can only be targeted by group (e.g. [FAMILIAR]), which doesn't work reliably from a global script. It would either target none or just a single randomly chosen creature from the target group. The approach mentioned by @subtledoctor would theoretically improve the situation, but it would also come with a number of potential conflicts or restrictions, such as mod order requirements or creature-specific incompatibilities. And I don't know if it would be supported by original BG2.
  10. Well, PSTEE provides a PartyScriptsActive() trigger, which does exactly what the name suggests. Unfortuntately it hasn't been implemented in the other EE games. This feature would have been useful in some of my mods as well.
  11. The find option "-maxdepth 2" can be used to limit search to the game directory and the first level of subfolders in the search path. However, that might still list bogus files if there are multiple .tp2 files present in a mod folder. find game_folder -maxdepth 2 -iname *.tp2 Alternatively you could use regular expressions for the search. However, they are really messy since you'd have to escape so many special characters: find game_folder -regextype sed -iregex "game_folder/\(\(.\+\)/\)\?\(setup-\)\?\2\.tp2"
  12. ADD_KIT_EX can never be faster than WeiDU's built-in ADD_KIT since it uses scripted commands to perform all the required operations (in contrast to WeiDU's ADD_KIT which executes operations natively). Expect only slight improvements in performance.
  13. @Lava WeiDU provides the FORCED_SUBCOMPONENT command which suppresses the "Skip component" option. It can be used in place of the regular SUBCOMPONENT command.
  14. Latest release of MOoF is from 2017 where ADD_KIT_EX didn't exist yet. The warning is most likely from Wisp's fl#add_kit_ee function. ADD_KIT_EX shared this restriction in earlier versions, but has been fixed in v0.4.
  15. Spellhold Studios Trials of the Luremaster for Baldur's Gate Trials of the Luremaster for Baldur's Gate is a port of the Icewind Dale expansion for the Baldur's Gate series. Version 2.0 adds support for Siege of Dragonspear and provides several different starting points of the adventure. Moreover, it fixes a potential mod conflict with SCS and provides new optional components. You can grab the latest release from the download links below. Download: SHS, GitHub Forums: SHS, Beamdog Readme
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