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  1. Auto-haste for familiars has been added just recently. But it won't be available until the next public release of the mod.
  2. NPC Generator This mod allows you to install any number of pregenerated or exported characters as regular NPCs. It is available for original BG2, BGT, Tutu, BG:EE (with or without SoD), BG2:EE, EET and IWD:EE. Version 1.6 provides French translation and allows you to assign individual AI scripts to NPCs in follower mode. Download: GitHub Discussion: G3, Beamdog Readme
  3. Update: NPC Generator 1.6 This version adds French translation as well as a dialog option to assign individual AI scripts to NPCs in follower mode. Changelog: - Added French translation (thanks @deratiseur) - Added option to assign AI scripts to NPCs in follower mode via dialog
  4. Good catch, thank you! The bug doesn't appear to have an impact on the resulting mod installation though. It'll be fixed in the next release.
  5. Magic Store of Vergadain The mod allows you to acquire a magical artifact called "Magic Store of Vergadain" that provides the means to visit any store you have visited in the past. Getting your hands on this unique artifact involves a small quest of one kind or another. It is available for original BG2, Tutu, BGT, BG:EE, SoD, BG2:EE, EET and IWD:EE. Version 2.2 provides French translation by Deratiseur. Download: GitHub Discussion: G3, Beamdog Readme
  6. New release: Magic Store of Vergadain 2.2 Changes: Added French translation (thanks @deratiseur)
  7. Done. This tweak works in both PST and PSTEE.
  8. It depends on your expectations. Using the code snipped provided by CamDawg should be enough to enable fog on maps. However, if you want to have full control over the fog behavior then you also have to add definitions to FOGPT.2DA and/or FOGAREA.2DA. I wouldn't recommend to define FOGPT.2DA entries though, because without it the fog will creep in from the edges which looks more natural. Setting up definitions allows you to specify only a single fog generator location which may look artificial. Btw, fog on maps with active day/night cycle may cause problems because of a bug in the fog implementation. It looks like the engine applies the night lighting incorrectly to the fog which causes some unwanted coloration (see screenshots below).
  9. The mod "Magic store of Vergadain" should definitely be installed before EET_end since it adds new lines to Taerom's dialog.
  10. Variable replacement cannot be performed for instances where WeiDU expects a numeric value or an expression. There are several ways around it though. For SAY you can use WRITE_LONG instead. The ADD_JOURNAL action is more limited, but it's possible to include variable replacements if you build the command dynamically and INCLUDE it. Btw, simply prefixing existing strrefs by "2" can be dangerous if the strref in question is either less than 10000, or greater than 100000. It's much safer to add 200000 as a number instead. ALWAYS OUTER_SET eet_2 = GAME_IS ~eet~ ? 200000 : 0 END // Build ADD_JOURNAL command dynamically <<<<<<<< .../inlined/my_mod/journal.tph >>>>>>>> OUTER_SET title_strref = eet_2 + 59615 APPEND_OUTER - ~.../inlined/my_mod/journal.tph~ "ADD_JOURNAL EXISTING TITLE (#%title_strref%) @10000 @10001 @10002 @10003 @10004 @10005 @10006 @10007 @10008 @10009 @10010 @10011 @10012 @10013 @10014 @10015 @10016 @10017 @10018 @10019 @10020 @10021 @10022 @10023 @10024 @10025 @10026 @10027 @10028 @10029 @10030 @10031 USING ~sodrtd/translations/autotra/%LANGUAGE%/game.tra~" INCLUDE ~.../inlined/my_mod/journal.tph~ // Replace SAY by WRITE_LONG COPY_EXISTING ~sodrtd/cre/c#rtdblc.cre~ ~override/c#rtdblc.cre~ SAY NAME1 ~Karlen~ SAY NAME2 ~Karlen~ WRITE_LONG SELECT_COMMON1 (eet_2 + 69456)
  11. I don't think RESOLVE_STR_REF supports the USING directive. However, you could wrap the WeiDU action in a WITH_TRA block. WITH_TRA ~modname/translations/%s/blabla.tra~ BEGIN OUTER_SET strref2 = RESOLVE_STR_REF(@107) END
  12. Usage is exactly like GET_RESPONSE_STRREFS except that you specify a second array parameter ("text") for accessing the response strref. Afaik WeiDU always returns the same strref for identical strings. For example if tra reference @1234 is used to add a new transition to a dialog then RESOLVE_STR_REF(@1234) should return the same strref that can be used to find the response later on. This contrived example adds a response trigger to selected transitions of Jaheira's BG2 dialog.
  13. Another point to consider is that many mods have already been updated to be compatible with patch 2.6. However, as a result it is possible that these mods are not fully compatible with patch 2.5 anymore. EET itself does only support a specific patch version anyway. You'd have to install older mod versions which were still developed for patch 2.5 to create a stable mod installation. But in that case you might miss new features or bugfixes. Btw, I don't see EE patch 2.7 coming in the foreseeable future.
  14. Following up on jastey's description of the GET_RESPONSE_STRREFS function above, this is a more powerful version that returns not only response strrefs but also the remaining response elements such as flags, journal entries, triggers, actions and the next dialog state. Definition of patch function GET_DLG_RESPONSES: Example code that prints information of a dialog state to the console (from SoD file BDEDWIN.DLG):
  15. Spellhold Studios Trials of the Luremaster for Baldur's Gate Trials of the Luremaster for Baldur's Gate is a port of the Icewind Dale expansion for the Baldur's Gate series. Version 3.0 overhauls monsters and brings them closer to their pen & paper descriptions, improves combat scripts, adds more starting points for the adventure and fixes several bugs. More details can be found in the Changelog section of the readme. You can grab the latest release from the download links below. Download: GitHub Forums: SHS, Beamdog Readme
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