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  1. You can probably write a custom patch function that does the job for you. 2DA files are simple text files after all.
  2. Even the 64-bit version is still called OpenAL32.dll for compatibility reasons.
  3. I've just updated Firefox to 90.0.1, and it seems to be fixed now. Might have been caused by this bug.
  4. The Enhanced Edition games are portable, with more recent patch versions even across different systems (Windows, macOS, Linux) since binaries for all platforms are included by default. Installation path also doesn't matter unless you want to manage the game by a game client (e.g. Steam or GOG). You might have to reinstall OpenAL on your new system though, which is required to run the game.
  5. I'm having trouble posting comments lately. When I use the Preview feature all I can see is the background image. Afterwards it is impossible to submit the comment. It is stuck forever in the "Saving..." stage which can only be fixed by logging out and restarting the browser, or by waiting a long time before trying again. Maybe it's a caching issue? (Using Firefox v90.) Has anyone experienced this issue as well?
  6. I've heard of the term long before I even thought of creating "Skip Chateau Irenicus". I don't know how, why or when this came up either, but it was certainly invented long before Beamdog even existed. The term is fitting though. I can see many parallels to a real castle or palace. The hideout has been decorated in a very extensive and opulent manner, as it contains luxurious living rooms (which even leave Imoen in awe), servants' quarters, a well-stocked library, a torture prison, and even an arboretum. Moreover you can encounter all kinds of servants, guards, prisoners and even some female company.
  7. Spellhold Studios Skip Chateau Irenicus This is a mod for classic BG2, BG2:EE and EET that allows you skip all the boring details of Chateau Irenicus without losing potential equipment and items. Version 3.2 adds previously missing support for BGT and provides an option to improve the opening cutscene in Chateau Irenicus by making it more believable. You can grab the latest release from the download links below. Links: Forums: SHS, Beamdog Download: SHS, GitHub Readme
  8. Zip archives can store unix permission info. However, not all zip packers support this feature or simply store a dummy record. You can check with "unzip -Z [zip_filename]" (from the command line) whether or which unix permissions are included. The same is true with zip unpackers. Some unpackers ignore permissions stored in the zip and apply default permissions instead. The standard unix zip/unzip tools for the command line should properly support unix permissions though.
  9. @K4thos It looks like removing the binary patching caused some issues. The game crashes reliably for me whenever the DAYNITE or NITEDAY animations are triggered. The game executable probably chokes on the fake video files. If you don't want to revert to binary patching then using a valid dummy video file with a single black frame works well enough to satisfy the game engine. The game screen may flicker shortly, but it's barely noticeable. You could generate these files dynamically since ffmpeg is already part of the package: ffmpeg -f lavfi -i color=c=black:s=1280x720:r=15/1 -c:v libvpx -t 1ms -f webm daynite.wbm ffmpeg -f lavfi -i color=c=black:s=1280x720:r=15/1 -c:v libvpx -t 1ms -f webm niteday.wbm Edit: It seems to work even better (and without any flickering) when using a transparent dummy video file: ffmpeg -f lavfi -i color=c=black@0.0:s=1280x720:r=15/1 -pix_fmt yuva420p -t 1ms -f webm daynite.wbm ffmpeg -f lavfi -i color=c=black@0.0:s=1280x720:r=15/1 -pix_fmt yuva420p -t 1ms -f webm niteday.wbm
  10. Spellhold Studios Test Your Mettle! Test Your Mettle! is a mod for BG2:EE and EET that provides you with a unique dungeon crawling experience. Version 1.4 provides several improvements and fixes a couple of bugs and compatibility issues. Moreover, it is now possible to install the spell "Spacewarp" independently from the main component. Full changelog: Added labels for Project Infinity. Added areas to the game's debug console. Added compatibility with the "Imoen 4 Ever" mod. Added option for sorcerers to learn the Spacewarp spell. Changed availability of the Spacewarp spell in stores. Component "Make 'Spacewarp' available to stores" can be installed independently from the main component. Modron director gives more specific directions where to find the boss of the maze. Fixed a problematic 'call for help' function in modron combat scripts which also affected certain summoned creatures. Fixed a compatibility issue with a visual effect caused by EE patch 2.6. Fixed a missing variable when choosing the "bad ending" of the quest. Fixed various minor combat script issues. Links: Forums: SHS, Beamdog Download: GitHub Readme
  11. Using variables in string arguments requires the EVAL keyword before the assigned value. ACTION_IF GAME_IS ~eet~ THEN BEGIN ... LAF HANDLE_CHARSETS ... STR_VAR tra_path = EVAL ~%MOD_FOLDER%/lang~ The keyword "EVAL" can be omitted only if the AUTO_EVAL_STRINGS directive has been defined.
  12. Coincidentally I had to perform just the same operation today. From what I read setting the "ignorecase" option to false is generally a bad idea on case-insensitive filesystems. It can cause all kinds of weird errors. For example, if a filename only differs in letter case it might cause git to report spurious conflicts or create duplicate files. I can think of two options how to accomplish it anyway: 1. By brute force: Delete the original uppercase files from the git project, afterwards add the lowercase files to the project. This method is best done if you want to rename the content of whole folders. I have done it this way. It involves: - making a backup of the files you want to rename - deleting the files from the project: git rm -r path/to/files/ - restoring and renaming the backed up files - adding the (renamed) files to the project: git add path/to/files/ Afterwards git should be smart enough to detect that the files have been renamed. 2. Enforce file renaming via -f option: git mv -f MYFILE myfile I haven't tested this method. But from what I could find on various websites it should at least work on macOS. You might have to specify the full path to the file you want to rename. In either case you don't have to set the "ignorecase" option to false.
  13. According to the WeiDU docs the percentage signs (%) are treated as an alternate option to double quotes and tilde signs to enclose literal strings. It doesn't help that they are also used to substitute variable content. Apparently this is commonly misunderstood by many modders and can lead to bugs that are hard to track.
  14. It works! The resulting script doesn't contain the vanilla content anymore.
  15. Yes, versions before 8.4 replaced the monk/smuggler event by its own version, which were functionally the same but used mod-specific variables. Version 8.4 didn't change the functionality of the script in that regard, but also added (or forgot to remove) the vanilla game script. In any case one of the two code portions can be safely removed since they both do effectively the same. It would save me some work though if you left the original modification from Wheels in and just remove the vanilla content. I have attached the different script versions for you to verify. ar5504-wheels.zip
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