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  1. The group of "Nearest()" identifiers has never worked correctly for me. Afaik, "Nearest()" also takes the active creature into account, and "SecondNearest()" actually targets the third nearest (when taking the active creature into account). In your case the NearestAllyOf() specifier in combination with Allegiance() and General() checks might produce the desired result: IF See(NearestAllyOf(Myself)) Allegiance(LastSeenBy(Myself),PC) General(LastSeenBy(Myself),HUMANOID) THEN ... However, that only works in EE games. Edit: You might even drop the Allegiance() check, but I
  2. Thanks for the hint about the parameter "from_utf8". This is a big improvement over the traditional way of handling translations. No more trouble creating .tra files with the right ANSI encoding. This "feature" isn't related in any way to HANDLE_CHARSETS though. It rather appears to be a quirk of the WeiDU binary. The 64-bit Windows executable seems to display UTF-8-encoded setup.tra correctly in the console window, but the 32-bit executable does not. Since most mods ship with 32-bit executables it's still advisable to use only US-ASCII characters in the setup.tra.
  3. Yes, it does. See the readme for more details (linked in first post).
  4. Your line of thought would be more fitting for a delivery service kind of mod. But that's not what I had in mind. The 'ghostly merchant' is certainly arguable (I initially thought about making it a conversable item), but I think the way it's currently implemented fits well into a high level magic world like the Forgotten Realms. I could have just as well used a djinni instead. There are still several aspects that have to be tweaked in future releases though. In its current state the artifact is quite powerful.
  5. Thank you! Yes, it was a coding challenge (which was the main reason I actually created this mod in the first place. )
  6. Magic Store of Vergadain This mod allows you to acquire a magical artifact called "Magic Store of Vergadain" that provides the means to visit any store you have visited in the past. Getting your hands on this unique artifact involves a small quest of one kind or another. The mod supports the following games and game variants: Original BG2 Tutu/EasyTutu BGT BG:EE (with or without SoD) BG2:EE EET IWD:EE The mod is currently available in English and German. Download: GitHub Discussion: G3, Beamdog Readme
  7. Magic Store of Vergadain Download from GitHub Readme Introduction The games contain a great number of stores for your shopping needs. However, finding or returning to a store can take a lot of time or is sometimes not even possible. This mod allows you to acquire a magical artifact that provides the means to visit any store you have visited in the past. Getting your hands on this unique artifact involves a small quest of one kind or another. The mod supports the following games and game variants: Original BG2 Tutu/EasyTutu BGT BG:
  8. There is a git option that defines how line endings are handled. You can check it with this console command: git config --get core.autocrlf On Windows it should be set to "true" (unless you know what you're doing), so that text files are checked out with cr/lf (windows-style) and committed with lf (unix-style). You can find more info here: https://git-scm.com/book/en/v2/Customizing-Git-Git-Configuration#_formatting_and_whitespace
  9. Update: NPC Generator 1.4 Changelog: - Added Project Infinity metadata - Added German translation for WeiDU prompts - Fixed potential display issues with component names in WeiDU.log and Project Infinity - Compatibility improvements
  10. Yes, that should work fine. The code checks the FAMILIAR status, so that speed increase is only applied when the creature is in follower mode. @jastey Just to make sure, are these value correct? (Cre resref is only used to check for creature existence during install time.) // cre resref => script name ~c#bran01~ => ~c#brandock~ ~c#grey02~ => ~c#grey~ ~c#sola12~ => ~c#solaufein~
  11. Thanks for the reminder. I planned to expand this feature to support familiars, but couldn't find the time to actually implement it until now. I have rewritten the code to be more flexible (see commit). Non-EE games and EE games prior to patch 2.0 don't (properly) support the Familiar target which makes it a bit more complicated for these games, but I found a workaround for this issue. The code also supports special familiar-type followers (provided they exist at install time). @jastey I think one your mods provides a familiar-type follower? If you can tell me their cre resref and script
  12. NPC Generator This mod allows you to install any number of pregenerated or exported characters as regular NPCs. It is available for original BG2, BGT, Tutu, BG:EE (with or without SoD), BG2:EE, EET and IWD:EE. Version 1.3 fixes an installation error in IWD:EE and improves plot-specific behavior of NPCs and followers for SoD and BG2-SoA. Download: GitHub Discussion: G3, Beamdog Readme
  13. Update: NPC Generator 1.3 Full changelog: - Added scripted NPC/follower removal at the end of the SoD campaign - Added code to improve handling followers during the SoA Spellhold dream sequence - Fixed an installation issue in IWD:EE
  14. I've noticed a couple of issues in version 5 beta 3 (EET game, SoD campaign): At the Coalition Camp after the attack of Caelar's troups, Ophyllis arrives with news about your money. At the end of the conversation Imoen interjects, and right after that Imoen dies in place of Ophyllis. Line @5530 (~I said I'd follow you anywhere, <CHARNAME>! Do you need any more proof? We are in *hell*!~) is endlessly repeated by Imoen when you reach hell. Looks like an incorrectly set script variable. Moreover, the way how this script block is coded it blocks the chapter screen from showing up a
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