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  1. It literally just adds a Wondrous Recall effect to all 1st-level spells - and makes some balance adjustments to account for it. (EDIT - some of those adjustments might require the EE game.) Works fine with scripts, works fine with SCS... in theory I would prefer other cantrip systems, but in practice I use this specifically because it works with scripts and enemy AI. Anyway if the AI is behaving improperly I don’t mean to take attention from that. Sorry.
  2. That spell simply changes the targeting of Simulacrum from [self] to [target]. It’s designed to be a sort of portable Vhailor’s Helm: cast it on your fighter for an extra tank, or on your priest for extra summoning/support, as the situation calls for. But it still uses the Simulacrum effect, which AFAIK doesn’t change the AI of the target. Green targets are cloned green, and I guess red targets are cloned red. The effect does not allow you to set it the way the Monster Summoning effect does. I suppose it might be possible to add a conditional effect in SIMULACR.spl that could chang
  3. Very quick shout-out to a solution that doesn’t require overhauling enemy AI: use Tome & Blood’s “level 1 cantrips” to make 1st-level spells usable at will. Then enemy mages (and you) will never lack something useful to cast.
  4. @Angel , given that the strings may be different in different installs, it's probably a better idea to make a Weidu hotfix mod to patch out the 171 protection. And once I started looking into that, I figured, why not make an all-around hotfix to protect against sequencers being removed more generally? I've been reading a few threads about it, going back to ~2013 on the BD forums, and it looks like there are some long-standing issues: SCS Mind Blank can block the op171 effects needed for these to function, given that they need to add an innate ability. (Solved) The transition f
  5. Yup, when I install only the SCS IWD Arcane Spell Pack, I see this in Mind Blank: The effect is not present in IWDEE, so it seems the mechanism for extracting the spells from the source is mistakenly adding this. (There is also a duplicate 101 protection against the Maze effect, but that duplicate does exist in the IWDEE source, and is harmless in any event.) This is not the only thing that can mess up sequeners - apparently the unmodded EE 2.5 versions of Resurrect and Mass Raise Dead can as well. But this is definitely likely to be problematic. On the bright side, this is a
  6. I found details: someone wrote on the BD forums that it is SCS’ Mind Blank spell that includes the errant opcode 171 immunity. And that it actually interferes with unmodded sequencers as well. So your sequencers might not be glitchy at all. (But maybe look over the IWD spells component.) EDIT - now I think about it, isn’t Mind Blank added by Spell Revisions? Is there an IWD version, or something similar? Maybe that BD poster was mixed up. I’ve got SR and SCS installed currently, I’ll take a look tomorrow. Should be easy enough to sort out now we know where to look.
  7. Oh yeah, you can certainly give a sorcerer some bonus thac0/APR and call it a fighter/sorc. And maybe give it some cloned divine spells and call it a cleric/sorc (like that geological sorcerer or whatever it’s called). But that seems hacky to me. And you could never do a thief/sorcerer. With my reinvented sorcerer casting, you can make real sorcerer multiclasses, or do funky stuff like allow every single divine caster decide in-game whether they want to use Vancian casting or sorcerer casting. (Which is a thing we have in Faiths & Powers.)
  8. Not to advertise on the neighbor’s lawn, but Tome & Blood has several options for innate sequencers if you cannot get it to install via SCS. Also, I vaguely recall reading elsewhere that the disappearing sequencers might not be a bug with the sequencers themselves, but rather with another buff spell that applies opcode 101 immunity to opcode 171 (presumably in error). If the sequencers need opcode 171 to add the innate ability, and it is blocked by the buff, then it could mess up the sequencer. Might be one of the buffs in the IWD spells... I can’t remember.
  9. Ah right, it’s not that the folder wasn’t found, it’s the file. Sorry, I should have read the post more thoroughly. In that case it might be an issue with SCS - perhaps that component expects the file to already have been created, and your particular set if choices is one that was not tested? This is more speculation on my part, but I don’t know how else to explain the “file not found” error. You install only the IWD spells in the first instance, and then quit the installer. Then install the rest of SCS at the later instance. (I believe Weidu v248 is going to have a feature that
  10. Who cares? They ran Weidu just fine before, only after your comment did they start changing their setup and get to the point where the Weidu executable itself would not run. MacOS 10.11 is a bit old, and IIRC Weidu v247 has some new changes geared toward the newest version of the OS, so it's possible that v247 simply won't work on their system. But that's beside the point: v246 worked just fine, so they should stick with that. FWIW as a point of reference, I have no problem installing SCS on my computer, which is MacOS 10.14. But then I have several other mods installed first which thems
  11. Stick with Weidu v246 if that was working. And it seemed that was working fine. Jarno, shame on you, you should be able to tell by the first post that this isn't an OS issue, they had already installed several mods. And Weidu itself was working fine. It hit a snag in the SCS code that Weidu was running. I have never installed that particular SCS component on my MacOS system, because I don't like it/have preferred variations. But it seems like SCS is expecting the Weidu_external directory to be there, and it is not? Maybe the directory would get auto-created by Weidu, but that isn't h
  12. Small update to v0.9.5. Changelog: -- small bugfix for Sunscorch -- moderate bugfix for Shadow Monsters/Shades -- At the request (elsewhere) of @megapilhas, I added some options for nerfing Edwin's Amulet. (Limit to +1 bonus spell per level, limit bonuses to 7th-level spells, or both.)
  13. The "More Style for Mages" mod already includes several options for changing the Staff of the Magi, so people already have options. I wouldn't bother messing with it unless you have a particular vision that you think is awesome.
  14. For Enchanted Weapon, I think the brainstorming is a bit too constrained. Elevating the enchantment of a weapon is practically useless except against about six enemies in the whole trilogy. Who is going to devote a 4th-level slot for that? The EE version of the spell already applies it to the person, rather than to a weapon: anything you pick up becomes a +3 weapon, whether it's a simple club or a named +1 or +2 weapon with extra effects. A mod really just needs to make this spell scale to +5. Hmm, maybe my mod should do that. As far as an SR version, it would be better to temporaril
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