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  1. subtledoctor

    EET_end confusion

    If you want to use BWS or PI ot sonething that's fibe, but there's no reason individual WeiDu mods should require rebooting into a different OS... (Not to mention, a copy of Windows for that rebooting costs 130 frackin dollars... If it was easier and cheaper to keep a copy of Windows handy it might be a different story. My old computer had WinXP in a virtual machine and full Win7 on a separate partition... but after 8 years of strong service, I needed a new laptop. There's not really a good/cheap/easy way to run multiple OSes these days...)
  2. subtledoctor

    SR V4 Beta 16

    IIRC in beta ~14 or 15 kreso changed it from affecting 1 person, to affecting the whole party with +1/2 APR. Did the description not get changed along with the spell?
  3. subtledoctor

    Question about charming

    By default, Entangle seems to make people hostile. That could be it...
  4. Well, to be fair, " " is not an integer, so the error report is correct. More seriously, I'm a bit at a loss as to how to troubleshoot this. I glanced at the v32 SCS mod folder, but I cannot (quickly) find any file ending in "...stratagems-inline/fiend_spl_table_sr. SPWI707, 807, and 905 are the three fiend-summoning spells, but TnB's specialists component does not single them out for any particular treatment. Without seeing what SCS is actually doing when it trips an error, I cannot really guess at what it is about those spells that leads to that tripping up. The only thing that I can say for sure is that the TnB specialists component adds new headers to the spells, with min level 51+, for its spontaneous conversion ability. It also adds a global effect or two, to end the spontaneous conversion if and when the spell is cast. In my current install, SPWI707 looks like this: EDIT - why don't goddamn spoiler tags work right? And why can't I even edit them?? Sorry, I know I seem like a grumpy old man, but these new forums really kind of suck.
  5. Those spells adopt the 2E convention that the school of "Illusion/Phantasm" includes phantasmal spells that are, basically, real unless and until tou realize they aren't real. The werewolves in the circus tent quest are IMHO a great execution of this idea. Only later in 3E they made a whole plane of existence for shadows and made it fully distinct from phantasms. Back in 2E, the idea of shadow/ether stuff being used in illusion spells made some sense; illusions being after (in one sense) all a function of the interplay between light and shadow. I read "shadow monsters" as meaning something like "phantasmal monsters;" whereas the actual monster called a "shadow" is a species of spectral undead that is unrelated to illusion magic. To me, the use of the same word is merely incidental. The monsters from the Shadow Monster spells, therefore, should not be considered undead. I've discussed elsewhere how to make them cool; the IWD spells are... conceptually underwhelming. They should be better than the equivalent Monster Summoning spells when enemies believe them, but worse when the enemies disbelieve. So far I haven't come up with an ideal way to represent that in the Infinity Engine. Maybe they should be strong, and blurred or whatever; but their first attack should carry an opcode 248 effect that weakens them if the target makes a saving throw. Something like that... (EDIT - I hate that cutting and pasting messes up text formatting on this new forum, and you can't fix it from a mobile browser...)
  6. subtledoctor


    Good man.
  7. subtledoctor


    I actually think using them as healing potions is less convenient than casting CLW. I was just playing and Minsc, with two goodberries in a quickslot, got Held. Attackers started whaling on him, and Finch tried to keep healing him from behind, but those Goodberries? Totally useless. And as far as situations Maybe healing is just the wrong tack. Someone once suggested reducing fatigue, which would be interesting, but kind of weird, and very situationally useful (and mostly useless). Regeneration seems pretty boring to me. I think the problem is, trying to find a unique effect is hard. Maybe something like, each berry gives the result of an Aid spell, and the number of berries is what scales? Or maybe physical stat boosts - +1 STR/DEX/CON for a little while? Magical berries that make you stronger and more hearty?
  8. subtledoctor


    That's fine and all, but you're just talking about abstract numbers. My response to that, with all possible respect, is "who cares?" The game chose an arbitrary number (5), and making the spell into "create a healing potion" results in a fairly arbitrary number (1); yes, 3 is halfway between them but that fact is... arbitrary. It's like saying the mean is always better than the median. That's senseless; it of course depends on the context. Scaling would be a bit difficult with 3. I might scale it to level 9 instead of 18: - Level 1: heal 3 hp - Level 3: heal 4 hp - Level 5: heal 5 hp - Level 7: heal 6 hp - Level 9: heal 7 hp That's notably stronger at 1st level (but, to me, not a dealbreaker since it is less convenient than Cure Wounds). I guess you could scale it to 10 hp per berry at level 15? Then it's like getting 3 healing potions. I'm still not sure I'd ever actually cast the spell, though...
  9. subtledoctor


    In a discussion of consisting of judgment and opinion, you are calling things "lame" and "wrong." Which, hey, feel free. But a) that actually doesn't make any sense, and b) it's kind of shitty. My post 1) rightly dismissed such nonsense, and 2) tried to return focus to relevant aspects of the discussion - how the mod can make gameplay better. Honestly on re-reading I don't see anything "hostile" there... unless you mean hostile to the devs. If so yes, I have posted on many occasion that IE games require TONS of mouse clicks on generally small targets, moreso than most games, and can result in discomfort. I don't think that's hostile so much as accepted truth, and it seems quite reasonable to discuss reducing the amount of clicking in a forum on modding the game... (EDIT - that's @Bartimaeus. @bob_veng sure, 3 is fine if you're into that sort of thing but in this context I don't find that to be a particularly convincing argument...)
  10. Poop, actually now I'm not sure. They are in STYLBONU.2da... but now I forget whether that is in BG2/TOB or was introduced in the EEs. If you don't see it in NI, then I guess the weapon styles are totally hard-coded.
  11. subtledoctor


    I mean, by that logic 1 is even lamer. Would you rather use 8 healing potions that heal 1hp each, or 1 potion that heals 8 hp? I can make this a mod for you. Instead of 1 healing potion, stores will sell you a stack of 8, and you'll have to use them 8 times to actually heal yourself. It'll be fun: we can take bets on how long it will take before you put your fist through your monitor. (j/k - the answer is "never," because carpal tunnel syndrome will prevent you from actually making a fist. ) tl;dr: play the game both ways and then tell me which you think is "lamer"
  12. It's very hard to creatively mod the weapon styles on the pre-EE engine. On the EEs I can make SWS Spec give an extra 1/2 APR, which is pretty great. Pre-EE, you can only play around with thac0, AC, damage, and crit chance. If I had to work within those constraints, I would focus on accuracy (strong thac0 bonuses) and melee AC (melee only - not ranged AC, to keep it distinct from SnS style). Something like: - 1 star: +1 to hit, -1 melee AC - 2 stars: +3 thac0, -2 melee AC Would be good for rogues.
  13. subtledoctor


    Yeah, they can be split. It's a question of how much you want to split them for multiple party members, vs. how much will each one heal and how annoying is it to have to click over and over again for tiny amount of healing. I'm playing with 2 berries per cast right now, with a bit beefier hesling for each berry. At low levels, I am enjoying this setup. we'll see how it is as I get to higher levels.
  14. That's what gave me pause and led me to cut short my first post.
  15. I started to, but then I wasn't sure my idea would work. Then something came up and had to run.