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  1. subtledoctor

    SR V4 Beta 16

    No, quite different, actually. It does not appear that the Tweaks component affects the caster level of scrolls at all. You can cast Magic Missile from a scroll at 1st level and it will fire 5 missiles; you can cast Acid Arrow at 1st level and the acid damage will repeat as many times as if cast by a 10th-level mage. You cannot cast Flame Arrow from a scroll until 3rd level; but at that point it will be cast as if by a 10th-level mage. Astrobryguy's mod sets the caster level for the scroll to 6 for those three spell levels, regardless of when you can cast them. And regardless of your current level. So using a Magic Missile scroll at 1st level will fire 3 missiles, and using it at 20th level will still only fire 3 missiles. I'm fairly sure you can combine these two mods, and in fact to my eyes using both seems like a good idea. I think Tweaks has a different component which sets the caster level of scrolls to your caster level, which means the effect will scale - which I guess is what Merlin is looking for. The problem here is that some classes do not have caster levels, so a thief casting Magic Missile from a scroll will only ever fire 1 dinky little missile. As for magically-created weapons: so I guess it's a vanilla issue. I think the EE games at least have item flags that might apply here, I recall seeing something like "forbid off-hand" in NI. Might be worth looking into.
  2. subtledoctor

    SR V4 Beta 16

    Interesting. This should be fixable in EE games, not sure in the old engine. Do you have any other mods? Anything affecting your caster level? I don't understand... is this in some particular monster form? All of them? Don't they have magical weapons that prevent dual-wielding? Is SR different from the vanilla game here? This is vanilla game behavior, I think all scrolls are cast at level 10. If you are playing the EE game(s) I highly recommend this mod: https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/46720/scroll-caster-level-mod-now-part-of-eet-tweaks This has been addressed already... somewhere. SR was built for BG2, and BGT/Tutu use the BG2 dialog.tlk as its base, so it works there, but BGEE uses the old BG1 dialog.tlk as its base, so the strings don't all work. We have caught a bunch of these, and have to fix more on a case-by-case basis as people find and report them. Not sure about this one. May just be the way the engine works...?
  3. subtledoctor

    Maxmimum time for instand/limited timing mode?

    I use 126144000 and it seems to work fine. It's somethign like 9 in-game years. :P
  4. subtledoctor

    IWDEE: New opcodes

    I was thinking for a Missile Snaring ability, if the number of columns is arbitrarily extensible, you could have it block every arrow/bolt/bullet/dart item RES in the game. But, that might be annoying to set up and finicky in practice. I probably won't bother. That's annoying about .EFFs.
  5. subtledoctor

    IWDEE: New opcodes

    Any idea if 7eyes can block an .ITM as well as a .SPL, the way 318/324 can?
  6. subtledoctor

    IWDEE: New opcodes

    I don't understand what goes into parameter2. Is "type" meant to be the row number in 7eyes.2da? 7eyes.2da has its field for spellstate... I assume they need to match?
  7. subtledoctor

    Of cleric kits and strongholds

    Thank you kindly.
  8. subtledoctor

    Compatibility for casting in armor mods

    Tweaks already does delete all 145 effects. It could go further, and check all 177 effects to find which referencd .EFF files use opcode 145. That would be more thorough, but also a lot more than 3 lines of code, and the benefit would be purely hypothetical. These 3 lines will get it done in a way that works now, with a minimum of effort. d5arcaL, -C, and -P refer to Leather, Chain, and Plate armors, respectively. I have a different .EFF file for each armor type so that different kits, classes, feats, etc. can allow casting in specific armor categories.
  9. A couple of mods (only mine, so far) implement spellcasting in armor on a per-class/per-kit basis by converting the opcode 145 equipping effects into .EFFs applied via 177. This way, the effect that disables spellcasting has a name, and you can use various methods to make someone immune to the effect. I've made a function for anyone to use for this purpose, so that multiple mods can apply it in different ways (e.g. Tome and Blood introduces a Magus kit which can cast in armor; Might & Guile allows all bards to cast in leather armors only), and they will all be compatible with each other. However, because there is no more opcode 145 effect in the .ITM itself, it stymies the CDTweaks "cast spells in armor" component. Tweaks can be patched fairly easily to make sure it still works in this circumstance. In the item patch, after the two DELETE_ITEM_EQEFFECT lines for opcode 60 and 145, add this: LPF DELETE_EFFECT INT_VAR match_opcode = 177 STR_VAR match_resource = ~d5arcal~ END LPF DELETE_EFFECT INT_VAR match_opcode = 177 STR_VAR match_resource = ~d5arcac~ END LPF DELETE_EFFECT INT_VAR match_opcode = 177 STR_VAR match_resource = ~d5arcap~ END
  10. subtledoctor

    modifying IWDEE dialogue

    Actually I figured it out: the .d file includes not just the dialogue stuff, but the Weidu EXTEND_BOTTOM command to insert its content into the in-game dialogue. It's not terribly clear ftom the error message, but the inlined code was lacking and END to close out that command.
  11. subtledoctor

    ITMs and Weapon Style bonuses

    Sorry, yeah, I didn't mention that part.
  12. subtledoctor

    Of cleric kits and strongholds

    Last question: is (disjunctive) conjunctive (disjunctive) valid in dialogues? Like: IF ~ OR(5) Class(Player1,BARD_ALL) Kit(Player1,D5_BARD) Kit(Player1,D5_BLADE) Kit(Player1,D5_JESTER) Kit(Player1,D5_SKALD) OR(2) PartyHasItem("bdinsigc") PartyHasItem("bdinsigr") ~ THEN REPLY #41903 GOTO 26
  13. subtledoctor

    Of cleric kits and strongholds

    A further question on this method: to test things I've been adding OR(2) Kit(Player1,SWASHBUCKLER) Kit(Player1,WILDMAGE) whenever the dialogue has Class(Player1,BARD_ALL) That means, if responses are evaluated from the bottom up, it will check against the two kits, then maybe check some other possibilities (such as !Class(Player1,BARD_ALL) ), and then check for Class(Player1,BARD_ALL). But would it be better to include the Bard check in my added conditional? OR(3) Class(Player1,BARD_ALL) Kit(Player1,SWASHBUCKLER) Kit(Player1,WILDMAGE) If the response is the same, why not combine them?
  14. subtledoctor

    ITMs and Weapon Style bonuses

    You can use 177 x2 to apply 2 EFFs with timing mode 2... eff1 reduces SWS by 1 pip, eff2 reduces it by 2 pips. Now apply a 318 effect against eff1 if SWS=0; and other 318 effect against eff1 if SWS>1; and another 318 effect against eff2 if SWS<2. Make sure the 318s get applied begire the 177s. Call your uncle Robert. Don't explain when he gets confused.
  15. subtledoctor

    Of cleric kits and strongholds

    I get EXTEND_BOTTOMing within a state; but what about when the state itself seems to be conditioned on the class? E.g. from line 463 of BDDELEND.DLG in SoD: IF ~ Class(Player1,BARD_ALL) Global("bd_delenda_conned","BD0108",1) ~ THEN BEGIN 46 SAY #44672 IF ~~ THEN EXIT