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  1. Oh my god @bob_veng those look amazing. Better than a lot of the vanilla icons. Great work.
  2. You might be able to use our Low Magic World to do something like that. It has a component designed to reduce the duration of spells, but you can edit the settings.ini file and nothing is stopping you from making it increase the durations instead. (There is a slight issue, the code doesn't distinguish between player-castable spells and monster/innate/system spells. So there is the occasional blip where something in the game goes longer or shorter than it should. I haven't got around to implementing limits on which spells are affected...)
  3. I'm fairly sure those components should not be installed on the EE games. Not 100% though. (The Dispel Magic Fix actually caused problems for me when I installed it on IWDEE a couple years ago. For whatever reason it caused trolls to become unkillable.)
  4. https://github.com/Gibberlings3/ItemRevisions/releases 4b10 is the “definitive” version[/url] (whatever that means). IRR is a bucket of tweaks and changes made by Bartimaeus. It is effectively a different mod; it is akin to some things I have done, tweaked values meant to be installed on top of IRv4... it just doesn’t happen to be coded that way, for reasons. tl;dr: it’s basically two different ‘takes’ on IR: Demi’s vision and Bartimaeus’ slightly different vision. I say, forget which one is “definitive” and use whatever you prefer. It’s your game after all. (EDIT - can’t do links from a phone in this dumb forum software.)
  5. Pretty sure RR at least should be installed before SCS... (EDIT - but that's neither here nor there as regards SPWI705.)
  6. Welp, all my mods just became incompatible with SR. Got some work to do... EDIT - also meant to say: great job, congratulations!
  7. Ah, figured it out: each item in the array only gets handled once. And the items in an array cannot repeat. So the array needs to be indexed.
  8. Yeah. I separated the conditions so they were nested (first check class = 3, then inside that check the regexp sequentially). Same result. It’s really weird. I guess I’ll play around with it some more, see if I missed validating something. The actual code is here, if anyone wants to play around with it - starting around line 1350 (the array starts around line 1640): https://github.com/subtledoctor/Faiths_and_Powers/blob/master/faiths_and_powers/lib/add_multiclass_kits.tpa EDIT - unless maybe ADD_KIT_EX is zeroing out variables, so the check returns false on sequential passes? Still, if that were the case I would expect it to return true only once - not once for each kit.
  9. Sorry if the thread title doesn't make sense. Here's the issue in a nutshell. I have some code like this: ACTION_PHP_EACH d5_kits AS sc_kit => mc_kits BEGIN ACTION_IF (%sc_kit_class% = 3) && (~%mc_kits%~ STRING_CONTAINS_REGEXP ~fc~ = 0) BEGIN ...do some stuff END ACTION_IF (%sc_kit_class% = 3) && (~%mc_kits%~ STRING_CONTAINS_REGEXP ~ct~ = 0) BEGIN ...do more stuff END ACTION_IF (%sc_kit_class% = 3) && (~%mc_kits%~ STRING_CONTAINS_REGEXP ~cm~ = 0) BEGIN ...do extra stuff END END I have an instance where the mc_kits variable is set to ~fc_ct_cm~. In this case I would hope and expect the mod to execute "some stuff," "more stuff," and "extra stuff." But it is only executing "extra stuff." In other words, it only considers the last true condition to be valid, instead of all three. An y idea why? And/or how to fix it?
  10. More likely an EE effect was added on purpose. Sorry bud, I just can’t be hamstrung by the limits of the original engine anymore...
  11. Neither here nor there, but that’s a very elegant solution. I’m surprised I never thought of it before!
  12. I've never seen a bunch of people with less class and grace than around here. Well okay that's a lie, I have. But still.
  13. Huh. If it's a custom item and only appears in that one place, I don't see why not to simply patch the item itself. But glancing at the Weidu source, I see there is in fact a "ADD_CRE_ITEM_FLAGS" function. Might work something like this: COPY_EXISTING ~creature.cre~ ~override~ LPF ADD_CRE_ITEM_FLAGS STR_VAR item_to_change = ~your_item~ flags = ~STOLENUNSTEALABLE~ END EDIT - huh, it's in the documentation and everything. Amazing what you can figure out, when you actually try to figure out what you need to figure out.
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