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  1. Eh, the Mana Sorcerer was underwhelming, so I’m continuing with a Light Mystic Warrior. BUT, there’s a problem. I just finished the Umar Hills dungeon, and destroyed the Shade Lord. Toward the end of the fight, I got hit by some kind of Mass Call Lightning. All six party members got hit by lightning. A couple minutes later, as I was moving to the edge of the map to return to Imnesvale, it happened again. All six party members struck by lightning. Upon entering Imnesvale, it happened again. After talking to the mayor: again. Upon returning to the Athkatla city gates: again. Entering Waukeen’s Promenade: again. The Temple District: again. Every time I enter an outdoor area, I get hit by six lightning bolts. What gives???
  2. I think thac0 penalty and slight spell failure chance. That’s nothing to do with the mod, it is bog-standard hard-coded vanilla behavior. Yes, some specialists get more benefit out of this, like Enchanters and Invokers. There aren’t many Abjuration, Illusion, or Divination spells that involve a saving throw. It’s just how the game is. I highly recommend Spell Revisions along with this. But note that SR should be installed before TnB.
  3. No. SCS makes separate versions of the fiend-summons for enemy mages, who do not need ProEvil. Even if I add the ProEvil requirement for death knights, SCS will have no way if knowing the make the enemy-only version without that requirement. Then SCS casters will be torn apart by their own summons... which would be funny for a few seconds, but unsatisfying overall.
  4. Generally, I believe that most basic summoning spells will get you ~3 instances of a creature with the same HD as the spell level; but some spells will get you a single creature that is much stronger. This is in the latter category. OTOH that doesn't mean it is balanced well. I get the devotion to PnP, but then again in PnP I can't see a Death Knight being summoned as a meat shield for some piddly 13th-level spellcaster. If the mod is going to make allowances for these games (not having the Death Knight immediately murder the summoner), then I don't see why the mod couldn't make other allowances - like, say, reduce some of the OP spell power on the theory that only 'lesser' Death Knights will end up being bound by this spell. Also, I figure Death Knights should, like fiends, attack the party if not protected by ProEvil. Unfortunately while I could easily implement what's in the last paragraph in a post-SR tweak mod (I have one of those!), doing this in a way that plays nice with SCS is probably beyond my abilities...
  5. I think so? We haven't looked at that in a while. I think the mod includes no FMC kits, and a kitless FMC would not be in the sphere system and therefore would get no spells, and therefore an FMC is not something you would want to play. So we disabled it in the menus. You can probably re-enable it with a simple edit to CLSRCREQ.2da, if you really want it. But, you still won't get any spells. That would take substantially more tinkering.
  6. Thanks for confirming that. It's probably worth making this absolutely clear, especially since the IESDP doesn't. The IESDP says this: It speaks about "row/column intersections" but doesn't make clear that all whitespace is counted as the space between two entries, not matter how large or small. So contrast the above table with this: 2DA V1.0 1234 NAME VALUE WEIGHT A alpha B C beta 2345 123 Here, the "alpha" entry appears to be in the same column as "WEIGHT" and "123." But it is not. In both of those tables the value "alpha" is under the "NAME" column, and in both tables, row A equates to A alpha 1234 1234 They are identical, in other words; the default value is only inserted in any blank "row/column intersections" to the right of existing entries. The bug reports about column headings had me worried that whitespace to the left of the first entry somehow mattered; and the IESDP is silent as to whether that counts as a "row/column intersection." But even if it were, inserting a default value there would be contrary to the way the game generally handles insertion of the default value (i.e. only to the right of existing entries, as I described above). So my confidence is renewed that if some Weidu operations shift the placement of the header row entries by reducing or even eliminating the whitespace on the left side, it should have no impact on gameplay.
  7. 1) If the first row of that table is shifted to the left (the row with the class and kit names) you could simply open it with a text editor and add a single space or tab before "ID" and save it. If that row being "out of alignment" is a problem, adding a space should fix it. (The table doesn't have to actually be visuall aligned - that is just done for human readability. All that matter for how it functions is how many items there are, and how much whitespace is between them.) 2) I just grabbed a copy of MnG 3.8.17 and ran a test, and it does not make anything go out of alignment. The only code relating to weapprof.2da is: ...so, I don't know what the problem is. But, anyway, 3) Not for nothing I deprecated that component and it's not actually available in current version of the mod!
  8. Take a table like weapprof.2da or mxsplwiz.2da. They both have a total of n columns. They have one row with n-1 columns, and then a bunch of rows with n columns. It looks like this: A B C Y 1 0 0 Y 1 1 0 Z 1 1 1 Now, when doing things like SET_2DA_ENTRY, my understanding is that it treats column #0 as (A,X,Y,Z) and column #1 as (B,1,1,1) and column #2 as (C,0,0,1). In other words the whitespace in front of "A B C" is ignored. Also, I'm pretty sure that doing something like PRETTY_PRINT will remove that whitespace and just line up the columns like I just described: A B C X 1 0 0 Y 1 1 0 Z 1 1 1 Now, the question is, is there any difference in how those two tables work in the game? My assumption was the answer is "no." There is still the same number of columns in every row, and everything is oriented the same... it is only missing some whitespace in that first row. Is this assumption wrong? I just had a bug report imply that the whitespace there matters, and Jarno acted like his usual trolly self, saying "duh, of course that's broken" without pointing to an actual explanation of how it works. Can anyone set the record straight once and for all? (If those two tables are functionally different, it's a bit of a problem because AFAICT Weidu treats them as functionally the same, and can have the effect of mangling them in ways that won't be obvious to the modder using it.
  9. I can’t look at it right now, but probably don’t bother with it. That’s very old, and an old version of the mod... unless you are specifically planning to play a kensai, no need for it.
  10. Nope. I have the mod installed (plus 110 other ones) and the text is fine. You broke the text when you shut down the installer. The right thing to do after that is to start over from a completely clean reinstallation of the game - not to try again installing mods on the now-broken game. That’s not your fault - this game is as old as the hills, and wasn’t built with modding in mind, so the tools are unusually finicky. But, neither is it the fault of this mod, which works fine when installed correctly. To some extent, yes. More specifically, you are meant to play the game unmodded a time or three, with the 266-page manual open next to your keyboard. And once you have mastered all the mechanics, only then install SCS which is like a test of how well you really mastered them. Some people get a kick out of jumping right into games on the hardest difficulty, but BG2 doesn’t reward that. Playing Insane with SCS your first time out is just asking for frustration. (Even moreso if you bork the game text beforehand )
  11. Do you have Tome & Blood stat bonuses installed? If so, it might look like this if you look at the spell slots within ~1 second of entering a new area, or of loading a savegame, or after resting. Try letting the game clock run for a second or so and see if it us fixed.
  12. Whoops! Shows how fast I was setting up the Github repo. Will fix. Meantime, people can just rename the file, as above. Thanks for the catch @Caedwyr
  13. Maybe simpler idea: just give regular arrows an item ability to create a quiver. You can activate it the first time you buy or recover an arrow, and thenceforth you can just ignore them. But no need for any changes to stores, containers, or creatures.
  14. EDIT - I suppose I will make this thread cover my various mods that change the spellcasting system(s). The first such mod I posted as s standalone kit is the Mana Sorcerer. That kit starts out as a basic Sorcerer, and you have an innate ability that allows you to switch from casting spells with a certain number of spell slots per level, to casting by spending Mana Points. The number of Mana Points maxes out at 99, so this gives you a fewer total number of spell levels to cast, but on the other hand it allows you to spend points on spells of any level, whereas a normal sorcerer can only spend 1st-level slots on 1st-level spells, and 2nd-level slots on 2nd-level spells, etc. So it trades a bit of overall firepower to reach maximum flexibility. (It still learns spells just like a sorcerer; so the kit is similarly limited by the number of known spells.) Also, as of v0.6, you get an out-of-combat ability to recover some Mana Points that you have spend earlier in battle. Compatibility: the Mana Sorcerer mod is only for EE games, v2.5 or later. This should be installed immediately after Tome & Blood in your install order. Given enough time and motivation, at some point I might expand this to be a spellcasting option for any sorcerer kit, instead of just the trueclass sorcerer. But that will take a fair amount of effort and complication, so don't hold your breath. You can download this Mana Sorcerer kit over here. --------------------------------- Here is another wizard kit, based on a version of the "Arcanist" class - specifically modeled on the one described here. In short, this kit can learn spells from scrolls like a wizard, then 'prepare' a certain number of those spells each night, and then after resting can cast the prepared spells spontaneously, like a sorcerer. I think it is basically the way wizards cast spells in 5E. (I think - I've never played 5E.) This is precisely like the way Revised Bards cast spells in the Might & Guile mod; the main differences are 1) this is single-class and so advances faster, and 2) this kit can use 8th- and 9th-level spells, and 3) this kit has more spell preparation slots. It has one fewer casting slot than a vanilla sorcerer - so the number of casting slots should more or less match a Dragon Disciple. This is probably strictly superior to the vanilla mage; it is not meant to be balanced in that way, but is more like a convenience tweak, giving you a variant way to learn and cast spells if you feel like it. This might finally be how you can roll up a wizard Charname who is superior to Edwin! For good game balance, I recommend pairing this with Tome & Blood's Revised Specialists... then specialist wizards will have more perks to go along with their old-fashioned Vancian casting. Compatibility: the Arcanist mod is only for EE games, v2.5 or later. This should be installed immediately after Tome & Blood in your install order. (Maybe it could/should be folded into Tome & Blood... I'll wait to hear what @Aquadrizzt thinks.) If you also use Might & Guile Revised Bards, you MUST use MnG v4.8 or later for full compatibility between the two mods. You can download this Arcanist kit over here. --------------------------------- We have various other mods that could fit in this category - for instance, the 'Revised Bards' component in Might & Guile allows its new multiclass bard kits to cast spells just like the Arcanist described above. And Faiths & Powers v0.79 and later has an option that allows any cleric kit to learn and cast spells like a sorcerer or shaman instead of using the traditional Vancian system. And Will to Power creates a 2E-inspired points-based psionics system for multiclass cleric kits. But those changes can be discussed in the respective mods' forum threads.
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