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  1. The big thing that enables a lot of my EE-only modding is the stuff Beamdog brought over from the IWD engine - opcode 321, opcode 318/326 and splprot.2da, opcode 328 and splstate.ids, etc. And all that, of course, derived from having access to both the original IWD source and DavidW's IWD-in-BG2 mod. If someone could have plugged those capabilities into BGT via ToBEx, boy would I have been so happy.
  2. This sounds a lot like what I saw sometimes in testing, but then it got fixed and I released it. Damn if I can remember what specifically caused that problem... but are you using the latest version? If it works after levelling up, then maybe it has to do with spell slots. If you look at the character in a savegame where it isn't working, do you see a bunch of opcode 233 effects modifying proficiency 108? Those effects get removed and re-applied at level-up, which would explain why it works after levelling up. EDIT - now that I think about it, I changed that so it no longer gets re-ap
  3. It's one of those tweaks where I ask, "sure it sounds cool in general but can I name a discrete instance of when it might actually make my game better?" And since the answer is probably no, then I don't bother with Yet Another Mod that Might Introduce Bugs (YAMMIB). (A bit like all of those variant spell tables, which have interesting names, but when I look at them they don't really differ until level 25+, and my mages rarely go past level 25 or so in TOB, so I realize I can completely skip all of that.)
  4. I don't love that, I worry about the stability and potential interactions with other mods when it has so many possible caster level values. For a modded version that is simple and static, but with more interesting/sensible/PnP-friendly values than "everything at 10th level," I have been using Astrobryguy's Scroll Caster Level Mod.
  5. I think I recall seeing in-game options to toggle this stuff in the "fine-tune difficulty" part of the new difficulty system. I'm playing on EE though, where that stuff is done through UI tweaks. I don't know what it looks like for the old engine. EDIT - ah right, I think it's controlled by dialogue triggered from an innate ability, or something like that.
  6. Off the top of my head: zero out every value in SHMSPLKN.2da, which will preclude use of the existing spell-picking mechanism. Then choose which spells you want them to know, and add them manually just as the special ones already are in CLABSH01. This will break the class for any kits, though.
  7. Glancing at the patch notes (such as they are), there’s not actually any improvement in 2.6 that ever bothered me. I suppose pathfinding, but that’s really it. All the improvements that I was looking forward to apparently got lost and were not backed up (*I shit you not), and have been pushed to the 2.7 patch. Whenever and if ever that happens. So, I’m not upgrading anytime soon.
  8. Or, forget about the 2.6 patch and just play the 2.5 patch with a well-tested version of mods. Installing a brand-new and untested patch, and then waiting to install a bunch of brand-new and untested versions of mods on it, is just asking for trouble.
  9. I think SR no longer removes Pro Petrification... right? It used to change it into Expeditious Retreat (right?) but since SR4b17 started using ADD_SPELL, it now just adds Expeditious retreat as a new spells and preserves the original Pro Petrification. I think. Anyway, yes it is a stupid spell, not much more interesting than CLUA'ing yourself a few thousand XP since it basically turns basilisks into rats. My "Random Tweaks" mod has an option to change it into "Mirrored Eyes," which uses my generalized version of IWD thieves' "Evasion" ability to give you an extra chance to save again
  10. Oh, this guy doesn’t do search. It’s beneath him apparently.
  11. Whoops, I didn't spot that. That may be the error. Or, another error. Good eye, Jarno.
  12. If this is the EE game, they coded the proficiency screen to only display options that are available to the base class. So you would need to also edit the unkitted cleric column in weapprof.2da and allow trueclass clerics to use longswords and spears. Yes, that obviously entails other consequences that you may not like. It’s SUPER annoying. Another option is to leave the trueclass column alone and install the UI mod calked “hidden game options” or something like that. It has a component to display all weapons in the proficiency screen. (Or maybe it’s an option in lefreut’s UI tweak
  13. That's part of the "multiclass bards" component that you installed. It changes bards into multiclass wizards, but the idea is that they approach magic in a musical way, through repertoires and improvisational patterns instead of rote memorization; this lets them cast spells spontaneously, but limits them to 7th-level spells. When you say "I'm a bard myself," it sounds like you are an actual bard in the unmodded bard class - not a multiclass wizard bard. The original bard class is left intact and operates normally; but when you install the multiclass bards component it changes NPCs into new-st
  14. Well, Project Image is a broken and poorly-designed spell to begin with. This sounds like another facet to its poor design: it is entirely possible for the spell to suppress not just the innate ability button, but all innate spells in any location. But I guess they did not do that. Yeah. Vanilla sorcerers are stupid and munchkiny. Vanilla sorcerers with vanilla Project Image, even moreso. Note, that sequence is also possible with unmodded HLAs, since unmodded HLAs are spells and the unmodded Project Image allows you to cast them with 9th-level spells slots. SCS isn't designed to addre
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