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  1. Nice. I have no idea what mod that is, so I wasn’t criticizing it. I meant the actual 3E rules. Oh I’m not a 2E stat defender. I wrote a whole mod to apply custom bonuses for stats!
  2. Are you saying that the games us messing with party members’ SPECIFIC values?? Any information about when this happens would be very helpful. It must be in a script somewhere...
  3. The reason I can’t get with 3E stats is the idea that you only get a bonus for every other point increase. So you can have a bonus to a score but not see any functional benefit, at all. That’s garbage design. This is the other problem, specifically in the context of BG games. They simply weren’t designed for the 3E stat table. I agree that the 2E table is garbage (in places), but for best results in these games I found it necessary to create replacement tables from scratch.
  4. I think it’s because one of the things Demi wanted to do was clean up spell descriptions and make them more consistent. I have to say, I think it makes more sense. The descriptions simply denote “Area of Effect;” while the most correct way to describe this would be in square feet, if you are going to use linear units then diameter communicates the size better than radius.
  5. I can’t tell what the problem is. I don’t get those errors when I do a test install. Possibly some of those mods are borking a file and then prevents SoB from reading it correctly? E.g. I’m pretty sure the IWDEEKit mod has not been updated since before the 2.0 update. Maybe some of the other ones, too. (Also, don’t install the standalone Mana Sorcerer, it is out of date and the newer version is in Tome & Blood. I should probably delete that repository...)
  6. 1) Use NPC_EE or Level1NPCs or SCS NPC Customization. 2) Set the kit field in the .CRE file(s) in Near Infinity, before you enter the area where the NPC is. 3) Give me the names of the .CRE files and I will add it to the NPCs that are handled by the mod, so players won’t have to do any of that.
  7. They should probably be merged. And if so, I think it should probably be a save vs. Death... kind of weird to think that the catlike reflexes involved in a typical Breath save would let you avoid... light. Rather, I think the question is, how sunburned do you get when hit by the spell? (Also, I think the damage should be nerfed. But that's another question.)
  8. Bad install order shouldn’t cause those errors... but that is a pretty bad install order. I would try finding a good order somewhere, maybe a thread in the General Discussion forum or you could use this one. See if the errors persist with proper install order.
  9. I have made the 5E casting system (what I sometimes call "semi-spontaneous" casting" into a portable set of functions that can be dropped into any arbitrary mod and used class-wide (like this mod), for a kit (like the TnB Arcanist or MnG bards), for an individual, whatever. A files containing all these functions currently exists in this mod, in MnG, in TnB, in FnP, and in SoB. These functions should be identical, so when I update one I have to update them all. I have current, test-worthy versions of all those mods, but they should all be updated/tested in lockstep. (Part of what makes testing difficult.) With that said, I can upload these test versions to Github if people are interested.
  10. Well, I have my personal fork of IR, and I can make such changes happen in a timely manner there...
  11. All of this discussion makes a lot of sense for IR proper as well as IRR. I don't know the best way to package it: In IR itself As an optional component in IR As a component of a different tweaks mod like my SD Random Tweaks As an independent little hotfix ...but it should be trivial to write up something to patch them and Gorion, to add/remove the robes respectively. Frankly I lean toward #1 - as noted, Demi made IR for BG2, when even things like Tutu and BGT were not really stable or widely used. There are many instances of things not lining up quite right with BG1 filenames - e.g. a bunch of BG2-only strings, or the handling of the Ring(s) of Wizardry. I think he would approve of adjustments that make the mod work better on BGT/BGEE/EET.
  12. I don't remember which bugs you are talking about. There are some pretty major bugs in the 5E casting conversion mod. I believe I have fixed them all (and then some) and those fixes required modifications to, like, five other mods. (MnG, FnP, SoB, NPC_EE, and this one). They will also require a change to CDTweaks, for which I'll have to set up a pull request. The 5E changes require serious testing... I just don't have much time to do in-depth testing these days. (If you - or anyone else! - have the time and inclination to run tests, I could send you the latest versions of everything.)
  13. @Bartimaeus You don't happen to have a list of those .CRE filenames, do you? (Narcilicus, the Thayvian guy, and the guy in SS)
  14. Ya. It’s basically all 8 innate cantrips (with 1 or 2 substitutions) from a single item. Benefits: 1) you get all 8; 2) the mini missile is cast as a weapon attack instead of a spell, so you can “set it and forget it;” and 3) it doesn’t gum up your innate abilities bar.
  15. Yes, it would. I think there’s a way in NI to add a new string there, but I’m not very familiar with it. No, that one’s on me. Probably the string changed in a game update, and I haven’t looked at that code in like 5 years. The 2 newer cantrip options seem so much better to me, I’m always surprised at how many people opt for the junky innate version... sorry!
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