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  1. Aaand, here we go:the gods-forsaken ranger stronghold quest. I know I’m not really a ranger, and it is mod-enabled, but does it have to be quite this buggy?? Once again, I go to Imnesvale, and there is nothing for me to do. Mazzy’s cousin stops by and tells us we must go to Trademeet; If I go to Trademeet and return to Imnesvale (16 hours), the ranger quest is failed. If I ignore Mazzy and go to the Temple Ruins and back (8 hours round trip) the ranger quest is failed. If I just go to sleep for 8 hours right in front of Nelleck… nothing happens, there is nothing to be done. Is there a solution to this goddam quest somewhere? Does anyone know if this is a bug in BG2EE v2.or a bug in Tweaks Anthology? Last time I encountered this it was with the old Tweaks component; this time it is with the new component by DavidW… I hoped it would work better but it’s got the exact same bug. I’m ready to just CLUA myself the damn Moon Dog, but is it so much to hope the game would work correctly?? Is there a solution to this somewhere that I’m not aware of - some variable I can set?
  2. EDIT - sorry, ignore what’s below, I misread the question. IR makes this change to the Gauntlets of Dexterity, the Ring of Human Influence, and maybe a couple other things. It doesn’t change the Bracers of AC. ——— ...
  3. Remember, a version of this mod removes ALL unnamed enchanted weapons, so the ONLY magic weapons in the game are those with special lore around them. But that doesn't make something an "artifact." Varscona is a nice upgrade on a normal longsword, but it's not an artifact. When I say "artifact" I specifically mean something that might be in the Book of Artifacts - the Hand of Vecna, the Ring of Gaxx, Krynn's Dragon Orbs, the Machine of Lum the Mad, etc. Put another way, as I did earlier, Think about how Vecna himself died, cut down by Kas. The Sword of Kas is, unsurprisingly, an artifact. Or more relevant, think about how our god-daddy Bhaal died: he had to be cut down by a particularly powerful magical sword, which was infused* with actual divine power. * (Let's leave off spoiling the story, I guess, if you already know why that needed an asterisk.) So what weapons sound like god-killers? I just updated the mod and these are the rules I applied: Any weapon that has to be put together from different parts acquired while questing = an artifact. (So, it hits as +5.) This includes the upgraded Mace of Disruption, even though it is the easiest such weapon to put together. Any weapon that is in an incomplete state for not yet having been fully put together = not an artifact. (So, it hits as +3, though these often still have very powerful secondary effects and to hit/damage bonuses that far exceed those of lesser magical items.) The sole exception to Rule #2 is Carsomyr. The unupgraded Carsomyr counts as an artifact and hits as +5. (Frankly making this thing "upgradeable" was pretty silly in the first place.) Items that describe themselves as artifacts and back it up with capabilities similar to the above, are artifacts. The best example is K'logorath, the description of which overtly says "whole nations have gone to war" to possess "this artifact." Yup, that there is an artifact. Hits as +5. Items that have minor effects (say, +2 to hit and damage plus a bit of elemental damage - lookin' at you Varscona/Stonefire/Frostreaver/Blackblood) are regular magic items. Hit as +3. Items whose descriptions mention bland things like "a useful enchantment" or "this was the sword of [some rando mortal]" are regular magic items. Hit as +3. The Ice Star is powerful, but with apologies, it falls into this category. Notwithstanding its importance in e.g. NWN2, the current updated version of the mod leaves the Silver Sword as a non-artifact weapon that hits as +3. But again, while this may sound "weaker," I challenge anyone to write a list of enemies who can't be hit by such weapons. Off the top of my head, I can only think of two. Maybe three.
  4. Clones, to be precise. But my point is, it doesn't change anything about the spell; it isn't "supposed to summon a player-controlled fiend" - it is only supposed to do whatever SPWI807 does, in whatever form SPWI807 is at the time FnP is installed. It is entirely agnostic as to what SPWI807 actually does. Now, if SCS or aTweaks or something comes along and changes SPWI807... then that means FnP's clone will not be updated to match it. But I can't cast the actual arcane SPWI807 spell, because that would result in a priest spell calling down the Cowled Wizards on you for using wizard magic. So... I guess I'm kind of in a bind here. I can't control what other mods do after my mod is installed. That said, if someone installs SR and then FnP, then they should see the basic SR behavior of that spell, even if aTweaks or SCS comes in later and changes the wizard version. But it sounds like the basic SR behavior is itself being modified by those later mods.
  5. It literally just casts SPWI807.SPL. FnP does not make any change to the summon at all, except to allow some clerics to cast the spell.
  6. Quick update to v5.33.4, which fixes the pre-EE crash bug relating to light crossbows, and sets various legendary weapons in SoA to have a high enchantment, notwithstanding some meddling by Item Revisions. You hit the nail on the head. Fixed in the latest version. In a game in progress I suggest tweaking a few weapons by hand (hamm09.itm, blun25.itm, sw1h31.itm, sw2h10.itm)
  7. Just ask yourself, "does weapon seem like a magic item? Or an artifact?" K'logorath seem like yes (it is mentioned as an artifact in the description, and says people have gone to war over it - earth-shaking, kingdom-felling characteristics suggest an artifact). Ice Star, Life Stealer, Staff of the Woodlands, Blackmist, from reading their descriptions seem like probably not. Rod of Smiting probably not - "can be very useful against some foes" in the description hardly sounds like an artifact. Crom Faeyr and Carsomyr, yes. Improved MoD yes, because the simplest rule is that anything upgraded = artifact-level. The Gesen Bow doesn't matter because launcher enchantment is meaningless. The Equalizer is sort of a tough call, since its description sounds pretty legendary ("designed to... shift the universe")... but the thing is +3 in the unmodded game; I hardly think my mod could be faulted for keeping that the same. But OTOH, you have to put it together, like Crom Faeyr... I'll consider it. Daystar could go either way. It hardly seems like an artifact, but it is also designed to scratch demiliches, and there is no other pre-TOB longsword that can do that.
  8. Don't get me wrong, I considered that. I even have a version of the mod that removes all generic enchanted weapons and downgrades them to unenchanted masterwork weapons. (That one hits you right in the pocketbook, no more selling reams of overvalued magical detritus to Ribald!) But there is also lore in the 2E system, and in FR stories, about artifacts, weapons of such powerful enchantment and quality that, unlike most, they are capable of striking down gods. The mod's design is focused on lore, so it sets up a few categories: normal weapons, unenchanted masterwork weapons, of unusually high quality/materials (for BG1's sake this counts as "+1" behind the scenes, pretty much only so you don't face an unscratchable vampire wolf) generic enchanted weapons that are your bog-standard +2 (TOB generic +3 weapons get downgraded to +2) named weapons that are not legendary/artifact level gear... these can hit 99% of enemies in the game but not god-level enemies, and in the absence of SR are stopped by Improved Mantle legendary artifacts, which can hit anything and everyone not protected by PfMW or Absolute Immunity. Admittedly that last category is kind of a "you know it when you see it" kind of thing... it includes anything that is upgraded by Cespenar, as well as Carsomyr, Crom Faeyr, the Staff of the Magi... I feel like this is responsive to the lore and allows gameplay where you just don't have to think about it very much. Obviously you want named magical gear, and even when some of that gear has slightly lower bonuses than generic gear, there is always a secondary effect that raises its utility. You usually keep and use this stuff over generic gear, and in doing so you get the benefit of not having to worry about what you can hit... apart from when you foolishly face off against absurdly powerful enemies like demiliches. As I say, the assumption of the mod is that legendary/artifact-level gear will be +5. Now that I know IR reduces that, I can account for it and restore them to their rightful category in my mod.
  9. FWIW you can see my full install order here. Although, I’m currently using SCS v33, not v34, and I did not install Improved Fiends. That’s probably why my fiend .cre files look different.
  10. The elementalist and mystics are probably unavailable without the sphere system. Most kits are available, and while they might seem a bit funky - e.g. a priest of Baervan Wildwanderer with bog-standard cleric spells and no access to nature magic - they function fine as clerics and have some bonus innates or whatever. But the elemental mystic kits are really defibed by their spell access; what sense does it make for a “Fire Mystic” to have normal druid spells? Multiclass druids will work without the sphere system, I put some extra effort into them.
  11. Wait, what?? What about Carsomyr (!), Psion's Blade, the Mace of Disruption... what else am I missing...? To be fair, if the DM in this game was sane, there's no way you should ever be able to strike down a demilich without first having quested for some righteous artifacts... but, more relevant, are you saying that demiliches can be hit by +4 weapons? What a weird number to land on. Glancing at the internet for 5 minutes, I can't find any canonical source for that rule. I'm guessing Bioware made it up out of whole cloth, to ensure you have to use Crom Faeyr, Carsomyr, the Mace of Disruption, or the Staff of the Magi in order to hurt Kangaxx. Seems pretty artificial, and ultimately, stupid. Speaking of which: I don't think changing the enchantment of an item from +4 to +5 makes it stronger. It only affects how it interacts with this stupid "can't scratch me" system Bioware invented, which has no appreciable effect apart from forcing you to change weapons for no discernable reason. Why can the Flame Tongue and the Sword of Backstabbing damage an iron golem (or other random enemy that requires +3), but Peridan and Rashad's Talon and Kundane and Belm cannot? I mean, I can see why one or another might hit more easily or do more damage, but these are all powerful, enchanted swords that are so powerful and well-known that they have names. What is achieved by saying this or that one cannot even scratch certain monsters? In my current game Melf's Meteors, Phantom Blade, and IWD's Moonblade all have +3 enchantment. Fire Seeds have +5. After installing my mod, there should basically be nothing in the game that has +4 enchantment. Same question: what is achieved by setting those spell items to +4? What is the intent behind that design decision? Can you give me a list of monsters that require +4 to hit, and of monsters that require +5 to hit? I'm sorry, it's stupid. Players can see the "plus" of their weapon (because item names are stupid and fourth-wall-breaking) but they cannot see what "plus" is required to hit this or that monster unless they are looking at a wiki. This is not fun. The goal of my mod is to simplify this dumb system to the point where players just don't have to think about it. Is your weapon so well known and enchanted that it has a name and lore to go with it? Then it can hit most enemies in the game. (Considered +3 for "can it scratch the monster" purposes.) Is the weapon a proper legend in its own right? Then it can hit anything in the game. (Considered +5.) Each weapon has it's own characteristics - Ardulia's Fall still only has +1 to hit and damage - but the silly "can it scratch the monster" stuff is removed from that. It's especially egregious that weapons with strong enchantments and well-known lore can't hit some monsters that boring, generic "magic mace of no consequence" can smash through. The mod reverses that, making sure that all named items have a higher enchantment value (again, solely for can-it-scratch purposes) than any generic "magic" weapon. Basically players don't have to worry about this anymore. Find a named enchanted weapon? Great, that will largely do whatever you need it to do, for most of the game, unless you are facing a god-tier enemy like a demilich. In that case you need a legendary artifact-level weapon... and, thankfully, the game is overflowing with them. What I didn't account for, is that a mod would reduce properly legendary items like Crom Faeyr from +5 to +4. I don't see the sense in that, honestly. Setting Crom Faeyr, or Carsomyr, on the same level as Usuno's Blade or the Cutthroat sword? That also seems (sorry Demi) stupid. But, now that I know, it's something I should account for. I'll have the mod manually bump certain weapons up into the top tier for can-it-scratch purposes. Alkaid, you seem on top of things in this regard: can you suggest a list of weapons that deserve to be bumped up? Crom Faeyr and Carsomyr to be sure... any others you can think of?
  12. No - in the unmodded game Dispel/Remove Magic can bypass GOI and dispel any active effects underneath it, but will not dispel the GOI. I'm not sure what you mean by "but you think of changing it" - SR retains this behavior IIRC, and both SRR and my own spell system tweaks offer several options to keep this same behavior, or alter it to allow Dispel/Remove to take down the GOI, or to allow GOI to fully block Dispel/Remove. You have lots of options! What I was discussing a few posts back was a new idea: to really make Remove Magic and Breach fully aligned in their behavior: let them bypass GOI, but be blocked by Deflection. This would have the effect (per DavidW's suggestion as well as my own inclination) of giving enemy wizards a bit more insulation against having their combat protections stripped away. I'm not sure I really understand from your posts what the "funky" behavior is that you are concerned about. FnP does not touch any .CRE files - even when radically overhauling druid shapeshifts, it supplies its own files. It certainly doesn't reduce the current hp of any .CRE files. FWIW, in my current game with SR + FnP + SCS (in that order!), both DEMGLASU and DWDBGLAB have 100 current/100 max hit points. As far as Summon Death Knight: glancing at the default FnP sphere lists, it appears that the spell is not part of the sphere system. Why? Here's the longish answer. First: I think "Summon Death Knight" is a fairly poor concept for a spell. Ever read about Lord Soth? Death Knights are supposed to be campaign-defining villains, not summonable meat shields. It's akin to having a spell (a 7th-level spell!) that summons a lich. Just, no. Second: as I opined to Demi a number of years ago, I think it's somewhat bad form for SR to overwrite spells that summon fiends with spells that summon other stuff. Fiend summoning is a classic high-level wizard trope, the spells are distinct and rare and in some ways the pinnacle of the Conjurer's art. I don't like the idea of them being removed from the game, when the new SR spell could be added and the old spells retained. Third: even if you like SR's spell substitution, it is a pretty dramatic switch in tone and substance. In FnP I designed spell spheres each of which follows a theme; "Protection," "War," "Exploration," etc. I could put SPPR703 into a sphere in which it it thematically appropriate to summon a Pit Fiend... but if someone installs a mod that changes that summon to an undead being, it becomes thematically inappropriate for my sphere design. And I cannot control whether people install mods like that. So, wanting a 7th-level spell in the Perdition "Astral" sphere to be an extraplanar summon, and not an undead summon, and knowing that Gate might be subject to changes outside my control, I included the 8th-level arcane spell "Summon Fiend" in the sphere system. "Summon Death Knight" does not appear at all as a divine spell in the default FnP sphere system. Of course, the sphere system is totally modular, so you can easily add "SPPR703 7 = Death" to the list in that file before you install FnP, and voila - you will have Summon Death Knight in your game. (If you want to change Summon Fiend to Summon Death Knight in a game-in-progress, then you can modify "D5P2807.spl" in NI and change it to a different summoning .EFF. Of course, you will still need major access to the Astral sphere in order to cast it.)
  13. I don’t really remember... it’s a bit weird because the divine fiend summon is Gate, but on the arcane side Gate is 9th level and Death Knight replaces the lower-level fiend summon. (And for the record, I still think summoning and controlling a death knight with a 7th-level spell is outrageous.) I think maybe FnP turns Gate into an HLA... maybe. If so, and if SR straight overwrites the divine version of Gate with Death Knight, then that’s where it is.
  14. Yeah that's very much an EE-only change. It was negligent of me to allow it to be installed on the pre-EE engine. I have it fixed locally but am in the midst of making various other changes. Here is a hotfix that you can install on pre-EE games to keep using the mod.
  15. I don't think so. My mod changes Spell Trap to give op102 spell-level immunity against spell levels 1-9... it's basically like a 'Perfect Globe of Invulnerability.' This, so that is protects against stuff that the AoE Deflection system might miss, like cloud/stationary/repeating effects. Because of this, I personally set the secondary effects of stuff like RM and Breach to level 9, so they are effective against liches but don't bypass Spell Trap. If SRR uses a more traditional version of Spell Trap then these effects could be set to power = 0, yes.
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