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  1. I just some players will do. Oh, I see what happened. A typo meant that the "AP_ABSP1" line was still sneaking into the Arcanist clab table. If you open d5acnst.2da, there is a line with "XTRA_SPLS AP_ABSP1..." - just delete that row. Then things should be sorted out. Alternatively, you can install version 0.9.2. Once I fixed that, I installed [TnB Arcanist] - [CDTweaks Un-nerfed Mage Spell Table] - [TnB Ability Score Bonuses], to simulate your setup. Then I rolled up an Arcanist with 18 INT. I don't have a functional EET game so I installed them on BG2EE, and set the sta
  2. The arcanist memorization slots should equal whatever the normal wizard spell table it. The code doesn't have to make them equal; the game engine automatically sets your memorization slots to match the table every time you level up. The Arcanist code only adds a permanent -1 penalty at every spell level, to make you match the non-specialist table (because the game treats any kitted wizard as a specialist, for purposes of the spell table). That -1 penalty is the "AP_D500SLT" entry you see in the kit ability table that you posted above. So changes to the spell table will be taken in stride,
  3. W/r/t the first post: I forgot in my response, but it came up in another thread: I have the vague recollection that in cases of kit/class mismatch, the game uses the generic class column of weapprof.2da. So e.g. a mage/thief or cleric/thief with the vanilla Swashbuckler kit would not be able to specialize in weapons. @kjeron Do you know if I’m remembering that correctly? (My experience dealing with it was in the context of dual-classing, not multiclasses... the dual-classing issues might be a bit different, and are definitely more complex.)
  4. Should be no different, if you do it right. In general though, no matter how you apply it, putting a single-class kit on a multiclass character means you will get the HLAs and (I think) proficiencies of the multiclass - not the kit. I'm not 100% sure about the proficiencies thing. If I'm right, it means e.g. a multiclass Swashbuckler/mage will not be able to specialize in weapons, and will not be able to take Whirlwind as an HLA. There is no workaround for that - it's just how the engine handles kits when the kit doesn't match the underlying class.
  5. Can you check d5acnst.2da in your override folder? (Or look at it in NI.) Either copy/paste the contents here, or attach the file to a post. As you look at it, you should see a few rows with stuff like “AP_D5SRC3A.” Those are your casting slots, the number is the spell level and the trailing letter indicates the number of slots. So if SRC2A and SRC2B are in the third column, that means you get two 2nd-level casting slots at 3rd level. Re Evermemory: yeah, there’s not much I can do about it. I used to change the +slot effects to operate via .EFF files, then I could make the Arcanist immun
  6. Not to barge in on another mod’s forum, but NPC_EE can do this, at least partially. I’m working on an (extremely) comprehensive solution.
  7. They improve at 5K, 50K, 150K, 450K, 1.25M, 2.5M, and 4M XP. I forget what exactly improves... I think hit points, thac0, and saves. They provide a 15% hit point boost to the caster (when outside of your backpack), so the bonus will grow along with the caster’s growth, rather than being dependent on when you cast the spell.
  8. The mod doesn't change any base game HLAs (to my knowledge - and I'm considering changing that), it only adds new HLAs and then changes LU tables to contain the new ones. In order to make the mod only change the base LU__0.2da tables, and leave all other ones untouched, change the "refine_mod_kits" setting to 0.
  9. I’m very happy with the way Haste/Slow are working in my game, using the Spell Shield opcode to cancel each other. I’m tempted to implement something similar with Sleep/Fear/Charm/Confusion/Feeblemind/Stun vs. Exaltation/Spiritual Clarity/Chaotic Commands/Mind Blank/Impervious Sanctity of Mind.
  10. This is a 2E game, what is that 3E nonsense?? I demand there be a non-trivial chance that the teleporter winds up in solid earth 30 feet below the destination and instantly and irrevocably dies.
  11. Mana Sorcerer doesn’t get any bonus from stats or items. The maximum envelope of 99 points just doesn’t leave much room for that sort of thing. Now that I know the maximum is actually 127, maybe I’ll implement something... maybe 1 bonus point per point of CHA above 15... that means up to 10 bonus points, and the normal max can be 115, and I can rejigger the point advancement to power up the mid-high levels a bit. Maybe: 2/level for levels 1-5 (10 + CHA bonus total at level 5) 3/level for levels 6-10 (25+ at level 10) 5/level for levels 11-15 (50+ at level 15) 8/
  12. And another quick update to version 4.9.2, which updates the Revised Bards to work with related systems (Arcanist, stat-based bonus spells) in Tome & Blood v0.9.1.
  13. Quick update to version 5.26, which fixes the way crossbows and katanas are handled in a few parts of the weapon proficiency overhaul, and updates the ability score-based spell slots bonuses to match the newest and fixedest version in Tome & Blood v0.9.1.
  14. Jeez, I don’t know. I never try that sort of thing. If everything after it uninstalls and reinstalls perfectly? Sure. But the changes won’t apply to Charname or any NPC you’ve already met. Best bet, as always: fully back up your game folder, then update the mods. If it works, great; if not, trash the game folder and restore the backup.
  15. I think you can't complete the quest if Jaheira is not in the party. At least that's what I'm finding in my current game.
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