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  1. RI potentially blocks one attack per round, for x rounds. High-APR enemies (or high numbers of enemies) can indeed do some damage to you. But, less damage! MI blocks x attacks, no matter how fast they occur. It might last a while, or you might use up its protection in a single round.
  2. I imagine it's because the mod was designed for BG2 and Ashideena in BG1EE has the same filename as what becomes the Rift Hammer in BG2. That's my best guess. Anyway I think the Rift Hammer is a much more interesting concept, so I never conplained about this.
  3. I don't think the OP was saying there is a problem to be fixed. Just putting up a signpost, if you will, for possible future readers so that they can see it's not an SCS issue and thus they won't bother you.
  4. Just FYI, if you use my Mac Weidu Launcher it will use the latest version of Weidu for all mods.
  5. kreso has popped up over at the Beamdog forums, a month or so ago, and claimed to be actively working on 4b17. The only thing he specifically mentioned was major revisions to the Haste spells - switching everything back to the Haste opcode instead of the current (+move and +apr) implementation. Just FYI.
  6. Never specified which game this is for - I only see "the BG saga." Does that mean you are playing BG2/Tutu/BGT? (That would explain why v7.1 works and v8+ doesn't.) Or are you playing the EE games?
  7. Is that a thing? Do DM/RM and TS auto-kill illusionary creatures? Or is that something you've implemented with a mod?
  8. If I ever get around to doing more work on my mods, this woukd be a nice addition to Tome & Blood.
  9. Interesting. Could do a bard song/aura effect that only works when the caster is moving. Or a way to do Expeditious Retreat: everybody can move fast as long as the caster is moving with them... but if anyone casts a spell or attacks, the effect is canceled for everyone. Fun.
  10. Something like: Illusionary creatures get a custom race or some other identifier. Their weapons do little or no damage; most or all comes through a subspell/.eff. On hit, the target must make a saving throw. If the save is successful,* the target gets immunity to the damage subspell, and thac0/damage bonuses to the race/identifier. * A bit awkward to apply effects on a successful save, since the engine usually works the other way. But it's doable, similar to my spell evasion function.
  11. Druid/mage can be done as a cleric/mage kit if you use a sphere system instead of the game's default divine spellbook mechanism. The Faiths & Powers mod ships with druid/mage, druid/thief, and ranger/druid kits. C/M/T, on the ither hand, is more or less impossible to faithfully recreate. Best you could do is a C/T with some added wizard spells and extra spell slots, and an experience penalty.
  12. I agree that the ideal number of options can be counted on tbe fingers of one hand. TBH my main concern is is a simple binary split: - install anything that needs the executable to be patched (IWD2) - install anything that doesn't need EEex (all the IWD1 stuff)
  13. While I get that the base IWD1 campaign needs to be cordoned off for story reasons, and I think that's the right call... is the same true of HoW and TotLM? It seems kind of silly to sequester those inside the IWD1 campaign. Am I missing anything? Does HoW need to take place in the past? tl;dr: for me the ideal structure of this would be something like: - Install IWD2-in-EET? (Will install EEex) - Install IWD1-in-EET? (Executable patch not needed) - Where should Hjollder be? -- 1. Kuldahar (no change) -- 2. Baldur's Gate -- 3. Athkatla - Where should Hobart be? -- 1. Lonelywood (no change) -- 2. Athkatla ...Something like that.
  14. Forgot Modmerge/DLCMerger? EDIT - that, assuming EET. If it's just on a basic BG2EE game, then maybe a mismatch between the game language and mod installation language. (The first Weidu install will ask for your preferred language abd record it in weidu.conf. If a mistake is made there, all subsequent mods will be installed with the mistaken language preference. When doing a fresh install, always make sure to delete weidu.conf from your game folder and let the file be generated anew.)
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