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  1. Ahh okay, that makes sense. Thank you again!
  2. Hey there, SubtleD! Very excited to play this mod! I did an installation over the weekend, and Component #200 installed with a few warnings: Will these specific warnings cause issues? I do have EndlessBG1 installed, but I did not install the three components that you noted in the Readme. Thank you!
  3. Yay!! While I really like the ideas you've put forth here, I also really enjoy SoD, so to have the option to still get to play through it would be amazing. Really excited to see how this progresses! I think BG1 has a lot of storytelling potential, and your motif of mirrors/reflections is very fitting.
  4. Hi @AWizardDidIt, I need to add my voice as well and say that Black Hearts is incredibly good. I played it for the first time last year, and it will continue to be a staple of all my future installs. I know impostor syndrome very well, as do others here, I'm sure; it can be downright crippling. Just, take heart in knowing that people have enjoyed what you've created
  5. Thanks, Otherwisely! This mod sounds amazing; always glad to see F/F representation and inclusion! I'm currently working on a new install, and this mod's going in. I'll let you know if I run into any issues!
  6. Baldur's Gate is supposed to be fantasy! =,(
  7. I'm just now learning of this mod and these kits, and I cannot wait to install this. The Powder Keg Bard sounds so cool!! With all of the awesome kits that modders have created, I will never run out of playthroughs/PC ideas.
  8. Following this, as I plan on doing the Raging Shifter on my next run.
  9. I'd feel really weird and probably refuse to play a mod that was AI-voiced, especially if it went against the actor's wishes. I see that as coming from a place of disrespect and disregard for artists. I don't care if it's "too emotional"; it feels like the right thing to do.
  10. @Lurker, hello! Apologies for my late reply as well! "One "reason" to give the diary to Illasera instead of Nerys could be that, since it's her show, she's less likely to bug out in her own story... " This makes sense. In any case, I did give the diary to Illasera, and the only hiccup I noticed was, like you, in the fight with Cherise, the dialogue proceeded as if both paths were activated. I then reloaded, started the scene over again, and everything was fine; no parallel dialogues or anything. Weird. "When approaching the Sanctum Portal with the Astral Gemstones, dialog option 2 was just "@3131"; the following dialog option 2 had actual text ("*Enter the Portal*")" Can confirm this happened to me as well. And yea, what was with that little goblin?? I did Detect Illusion in that area, and nothing showed. Oh well.... All in all, I thought that Black Hearts, despite its bugs, was great. I can't wait to play it again. "Also, if it isn't obvious by the slow down of progress reports here, my playthrough is on hold for the time being." All good. Sometimes you need to catch a break every now and then. I'm in SoD right now and resisting the urge to restart with DavidW's new Talents. It's not that I dislike my PC currently (a TN Bard who is drenched in melancholy and death, akin to Xan); I actually like him a lot. Just, there's so many cool runs/characters to do, and so little time....
  11. I love SoD. It has some really great moments that have stuck with me since I first played. I think someone on Reddit said that it felt too much like the climax of the saga, which...I can kind of agree with. At times it feels a bit TOO epic and grand. But, it's a game about a war, so that's understandable I think. Overall, I tend to like it more than SoA (I know, I know).
  12. Hi again, Lurker! Alright, so, regarding my playthrough with Black Hearts: I also experienced the Nerys house bug; luckily, the console command you gave to spawn her saved my butt. Second, with what you said in this comment here: https://www.gibberlings3.net/forums/topic/37301-lurkers-eet-install-eet-modpack_2023-09-17_v2/?do=findComment&comment=330265 -- am I correct in thinking that giving the diary to Nerys will lead to a game-breaking incident? I'm trying to not completely spoil myself with this mod, but I also want to do everything I can to avoid having to resort to consoling and/or finding extensive workarounds with quests (the Ascension + Wheels of Prophecy incompatibilities have scarred me for life). As you have said, it's crazy that up until Nerys' house, the mod has gone really well. Thanks again for these notes!!
  13. jastey - Thank you so incredibly much for all that you've done for this community. We are in your debt, as it's clear that you've been staple of the BG modding world for years. Take care of yourself, do what you need to do, and please know that because of you and your dedication, we got to experience some amazing content that will not be forgotten. Words really can't describe the gratitude that you deserve, but nevertheless - thank you, again!
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