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  1. Hmmm. Yes, that was the bug I had in mind. But I'm puzzled that my detector isn't picking up the issue. Any idea when exactly the crash occurred? Did one of your characters finish a spell? Did an enemy spellcaster?
  2. I'm thinking of the one you posted June 29th. I don't have any particular knowledge of Revised Battles - sorry.
  3. On an earlier bug you reported: Could you put the attached folder in your BGT game folder, make a copy of setup-stratagems.exe called setup-dw_387_audit.exe, and run setup-dw_387_audit.exe and install its one component? (It won't affect your install or show up in your WEIDU.log, it's just a research tool). It'll take a couple of minutes to run, probably, and when it's done there should be a file called 387_log.txt in the folder weidu_external/data/dw_387_log . Open it in a text editor and copy-paste its contents into a post. (This is guarding against situations where some spell/item tries to use the ToBEx Set Stat opcode (318) with an old (value <387) stat, which is what caused some of the crashes I think you reported earlier. That shouldn't happen on SCS, and doesn't on a clean install, but interactions with other mods may be leading to edge cases.) dw_387_audit.zip
  4. On Revised Battles and Breach: The version of Revised Battles you are using was last updated in 2008. The 'latest version' of Detectable Spells to which the Readme refers was coded by me sometime during the end of the Bush administration. Best practice for spell detection has changed very drastically since then; it's highly unlikely that a 2008-vintage AI mod will play nicely with anything modern like SCS. My advice is to drop it.
  5. On WEAPPROF: - Jarno is incorrect: the engine has no interest in whitespace and doesn't care that the top line is misaligned. - The problem with WEAPPROF is much more straightforward and has nothing to do with indentation (though the misaligned top row makes it a bit difficult to spot): the proficiency slots for BG2 weapon proficiencies for most multi-class characters have been set to '1'. I think some mod in your install order must have done this intentionally. No idea which one.
  6. It isn't about the engine exactly, it's about CLASS.IDS. Some other mod in your install order has removed the ancient LONG_BOW synonym for MAGE_ALL. If you add the string '202 LONG_BOW' to class.ids in a text editor, the script will compile. However, Ascension shouldn't be relying on that ancient oddity. I'll fix it next time I update.
  7. Noted, thanks. I'm unlikely to be able to get to it soon though, I'm afraid.
  8. PRETTY_PRINT_2DA is actually cleverer than that. It lines up all the columns, but it knows to indent the third line one step. (You can actually give it a variable if you want it to indent a different line.) I am reasonably confident that the engine has no interest in how the whitespace is arranged, but it doesn't do any harm to throw a PRETTY_PRINT_2DA in there, if only as a courtesy to people viewing modded files in Near Infinity.
  9. You can't add columns that way. SET_2DA_ENTRY edits existing entries, it doesn't add new ones. You would need to use an APPEND_COL to add new column data. Unfortunately, in this case I don't think it will help you. I'm fairly sure (as Jarno alludes to) that the range in rndmagic and the other BG2-style random-treasure files is hardcoded and won't be changed by editing the files. (I admit I haven't tested it, but that's what IESDP says.) Assuming you're modding an EE game, you could try using the IWDEE random-treasure system, which is a bit more flexible.
  10. OK, several observations: 1) Don't use the Improved Difficulty System component of BiggTweak with SCS v32 - it's obsolete. Its only function is to work around the hardcoded effects of the difficulty slider, but it's now possible to turn those off directly, and SCS already does that. 2) Why are you using Spell Revisions and SpellPack? They basically do the same thing - rearrange the spell system - and I'd have thought they're incompatible, conceptually and probably technically. (You can't really edit the spell system piecemeal - spells react to one another.) I strongly recommend using one or the other - and that being the case, I strongly recommend that the one you use is Spell Revisions, because it is currently maintained and SCS actively allows for it. 3) In any case, the change-log tells us that there is an incompatibility between the changes that SCS makes to Breach and the changes from Spell Pack and/or Spell Revisions. (It is not a bug with the SCS component itself, since I do an install test with BGT and Breach is working fine on an SCS-only install.) It's 99% likely that the incompatibility is with Spell Pack, since (a) it was installed later than Spell Revisions, and probably overwrites rather than patches spells; (b) SCS is explicitly aware of SR and allows for it, and I do SCS+SR install tests that seem ok. (Not on BGT, to be sure.) To test this, uninstall Spell Pack, reinstall SCS component 5900, and see if the problem recurs. 4) Assuming the issue is an incompatibility with Spell Pack, I'm not really interested in trying to fix it. Life is too short. It's not currently maintained; its latest version is many years old and only installs because of various third-party patches. (And compatibility with spell-system patches requires active design work mod-by-mod, it can't just be done by intelligent code.) My advice is to uninstall it. If you really want it for some reason, deactivate SCS's modifications to breach (via stratagems.ini; see the readme for details).
  11. Almost certainly. Virus checkers often get upset with the WEIDU executable used for BG mods.
  12. @Wisp: you might want to update to the version of DS in SCSv33. It's somewhat newer than the Ardanis one that QP, is using, and I think there was a problem like the one described here that I fixed in the update.
  13. Version 33.2 is now out; see the original post for details. Main features: a fix for the serious problems with French translations and the IWD spells component, and some tweaks to the NPC Customisation and Management component to fix a stutter bug and allow for mods which allow nonhumans to dual-class and/or humans to multiclass. If you're playing in English, probably it's not worth doing a reinstall just for this one.
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