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  1. Impossible without engine hacks, I *think*. (If there’s an ingame way to edit travel times, I don’t know it, though it’s not something I’ve looked for extensively.) If you’re set on this strategy, I agree with Lynx: do a technical proof-of-concept before worrying about fine details.
  2. At the technical level, the simplest way to do this is by script and dialog. Teleport just summons an invisible creature that initiates dialog. Use the dialog options to select where you teleport to and to control what options are available and whether you're allowed to do it at all. Implement teleportation to an area via an area-specific cutscene called from the dialog, and put the special effects into that cutscene. That's fairly easy to implement. It would obviously be cooler to have a graphical select option but it would be radically harder to do (lots of UI editing at the least, possibly
  3. You can detect the main character's name: use the Charname() trigger. (The game uses it to get Drizzt to attack you if your character is also called 'Drizzt'.)
  4. Question: AI scripts for the planetar hardcode the spells they expect it to have, so if you add new spells, it won't use them. There's no workaround to that, short of writing your own AI. Requests: probably not in both cases, sorry. The complexity is excessive relative to the gain; use EEKeeper. And in addition I'm not aware of all the ramifications of putting kits on multiclass characters like that either, which means I don't want to risk implementing it and finding it leads to trouble down the line. I am *slightly* more tempted by the ability-score swap but it's very much not a priority
  5. I think it’s more elementary than that: if a string is already in dialog.tlk, there’s no reason to pad it out by adding a redundant copy.
  6. @Luke you can do it with LOOPs though. BEGIN LOOP(x||65) INCLUDE FILE(test.ssl) END LOOP //////////////////////////// /////////////////////////// BEGIN LOOP(x||85) INCLUDE FILE(test.ssl) END LOOP I actually think I might have done it that way before and changed it on an erroneous assumption about how variable-substitution works in SSL. (Obviously, in this particular case it would be better to do BEGIN LOOP(x||65;85)
  7. No idea, then. It may be that this bit of SCS isn't working properly either. Ultimately this is the price paid for SSL being a messy bit of PERL I wrote 13 years ago when I knew a lot less about program structure, but also so embedded into SCS that I don't want to risk breaking anything by rewriting it.
  8. To be fair to Beamdog, it's not as if the flags are called that in any official material. It's what Near Infinity calls them. If NI's description doesn't match what the game engine does, that's for NI to fix. (The writing on the tin was put there by third parties, not the tin owner.) The proper description of the SPL flag would probably be 'ignore the dead-magic settings of opcode 66'. (And to be fair to Near Infinity, their descriptions are not intended to be full descriptions, just something short enough to fit in the interface.)
  9. I don't 100% recall, but I think the answer is that variables are read from an SSL file before substitutions are made to that file, but INCLUDEs and VARIABLEs are processed in parallel. So if you want to redefine a variable as you go along, make sure references to the variable live in a sub-script rather than in the top-level script.
  10. To repeat a comment of mine from earlier: "Mine is a pretty conservative restoration of the original cut content; Oversight’s has the same idea as the original cut content but a quite different implementation." I - obviously - prefer mine but the differences are comparatively minor (I think mine might be a bit more dialog-heavy, and you have to kill Kangaxx in Kish's). Given that mine doesn't have technical incompatibilities with SCS, you're probably better off using mine than trying to coax Kish's into working with SCS. There is a fairly detailed readme in my version that expla
  11. I'm finding that the alignment comes back wrong even if you just permute rows. ... I'm basically concluding that this is more trouble than it's worth. The game is doing some weird lookup stuff that doesn't really track the implied logic of its tables, and the risk of breaking something is probably too high. Thanks for your help with it.
  12. Actually @argent77: when you say it 'fails to list available alignment entries' do you mean it doesn't list them at all, or that it gets them wrong? I'm finding that if I permute rows, I get the parent-class alignment table - kit is ignored.
  13. That's matching some of what I've just been finding. I got through character creation ok but was getting alignment anomalies. Will test a bit more, if only for my own curiosity. It offends my mathematical sensibilities to have arbitrary rules like this... EDIT: If I understand that correctly, won't it always be satisfied? I'm only permuting table entries, not deleting any. (But then, in that case I shouldn't have got alignment anomalies on my own run.
  14. That certainly complicates it, to be sure (not unmanageably so, but the cost/ benefit equation would change). I didn’t find that on my own testing but I may have missed something - will check again.
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