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  1. Sorry, new baby > work responsibilities > updating mods. See you at some completely unspecified point when I have a chunk of spare time.
  2. See if you can reproduce it with just SCS. And let me know exactly which spells you're casting.
  3. Ease-of-use AI doesn't use stealth at all, so I don't know what's going on there.
  4. I've seen that report from several people, so it's not just you. I think the RNG trick I use generates the same number for multiple creatures spawned at the same time. I'll think about whether there's a good fix.
  5. I’m not at all sure how compatible they are TBH.
  6. You can’t make her multiclass: she’s human.
  7. It makes some very small cosmetic tweaks to two cutscenes (both associated with the arrival of one of the Ascension-modified Bhaalspawn). - In the vanilla version of Gromnir's intro cutscene, the party stand around watching passively while Gromnir and Melissan banter and Mel is taken away. In this version, they arrive just after she's been removed. (As a matter of implementation, they're present but invisible). - In the vanilla version of the scene with Yaga-Shura's soldiers and fleeing peasants that you see just before confronting Yaga-Shura, there are three soldiers and three lines that they speak, but it's random which lines are spoken. In this version, you get each line once. Trivial really, but I watched both cutscenes a lot while testing the battles, and the minor problems with them started to irritate me.
  8. SCS "spellcasting demiliches" nerfs demilich immunity down to L1-5 iirc.
  9. - if Angelo isn’t using his Detonation arrows, it’s a bug; will address - it’s possible IP is overnerfed now. Possibly with the new nerfs (which make it match the spell description) the others are overkill. Will muse. - Inquisitor has been around for ages and different people have different views. No plans to change it, since in any case it’s a separate component. - I’m not sure what the “extra invis” is. It’s some ordinary spell, not something scripted for Angelo/Semaj. Probably mislead (SCS hides the spell name). Are you sure an illusionary version wasn’t around somewhere?
  10. Sounds like something’s wrong, yes. Can you describe in more detail: who is summoning the fiends?
  11. OK, thanks for this. What’s going on is that the L2 Spell is the IWD version, and IWD Cure spells don’t affect outsiders and undead. In hindsight that’s going to lead to anomalies when the rest of the IWD spells aren’t present: I should be cloning and tweaking a BG spell instead. Given joinable tieflings (esp. Haer’dalis) I should probably be removing the no-outsiders thing anyway. I think the 3.5 framework has advantages (and SR does it) but I don’t want to mess to quite that degree with the system, especially as IWD has spells at all five levels. And I don’t have a problem with a 25th level caster being able to use a 5th level slot to heal (on average) 47 hp.
  12. Looks like my code isn’t anticipating any F/M/T; will fix.
  13. Replying to a few points: - ok, clearly something is still going wrong with the “customize NPC” thing, but it seems erratic. If you’re using that component and it’s fine, can you let me know? - will have a look at the Baresh/Selaad encounter when I get a chance. (I’m relocating atm and have limited time.) - yes, I’m leaving SoD alone at least until I have a chance to play it. Its AI is totally different from the rest of the game and it wouldn’t make sense to mess with it blind (and reviews suggest it’s pretty good). - ITEM_MM is set on items that give immunity to Magic Missile. - Although they’re listed in their descriptions as L10, HLAs are actually L9 iirc; in any case I’m pretty sure SCS doesn’t mess with their level. - fwiw there are no “SCS authors” other than me: it’s not a collaborative project.
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