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  1. (1) Some of that looks like buffing happening when the player is out of sight for some reason; bug, will chase. (2) Shapeshifting even if that component isn't installed is a known issue. (3) SCS doesn't modify the casting time of Ironskins, but for the same reason, enemies shouldn't be casting it at that speed (repeat of (1) I think) (4) Amarande isn't a bug; that's how much XP he's worth in vanilla and I don't mess with XP. (5) Helpers is a bug, albeit one probably present in 2009 too as I haven't altered that code. (6) L9 druids is intended, and again unchanged from 2009 (7) Having to reconfigure for a new game is the tradeoff for being able to change your game configuration in real time. Feedback so far seems to be that most people prefer it that way, so I don't expect it to change. Thanks for the detailed feedback.
  2. I'm not in a position to address problems which occur with install tools; let me know if you can reproduce the incompatibility manually. (I am aware of some SR/SCS issues and they're on my to-do list; no ETA though.)
  3. I repeat, RTM. All of this is discussed in detail in SCS’s readme. (Edit: I don’t understand “fairly bugged” - have you found a bug in the prebuff feature?)
  4. You could do most of this relatively straightforwardly for BG2 (though I suspect you’d generate a lot of bugs unless you did it pretty carefully on a case-by-case basis) because the EE engine is basically a souped-up version of the ToB engine. BG1 is *much* more complicated, because the BG1 engine is quite different. BGEE is effectively a Tutu/BGT style conversion of the BG1 game content, with all the judgement calls that entails - and note that purists have long objected that Tutu and BGT are also not as good as the ‘true’ BG1. (As an aside, this is one reason why the original launch of the EE was quite rough. BGEE is a way more challenging project than BG2EE, and from a programming point of view it would have been better to do BG2EE first - but obviously from a marketing and sales point of view BGEE had to go first.)
  5. RTM. (You are warned to install SCS after any UI changes; you are also given an install-time option to move the control to CHARNAME’s innate ability bar; you are (iirc) also told how to summon the difficulty controls dialogue from the console.)
  6. 1) bug, fixed locally 2) less a bug than a limitation - it’s not easy to improve on, but I’m hoping to manage it for the next release
  7. Following up on a few of these: Spell scrolls: if SCS sees that a spell is already installed by another mod, it assumes that mod has already dealt with putting the spell scroll into stores, and so it doesn't do it itself. If some mod isn't doing that, work around it by installing the SCS IWD-spells component (or IWDification) before that mod. Ulb's DW#RND100 CTD: it's (iirc)not a typo, it's an automatically-generated set of files that isn't supposed to go past DW#RND99. What's your weidu.log? Spell shield/globe of invulnerability: Pretty sure I haven't touched anything here; if it's changed, it's a change in the baseline game. (Can you reproduce the result on unmodded BG2EE?) In any case, I don't have any problem with how it's working. (SCS uses all of Teleport Field, Ice Storm and Greater Malison; it also uses the IWD fourth-level spells Vitriolic Sphere and Mordenkainen's Force Missiles, and the Emotion spells. So there's plenty that GoI protects from that MGoI doesn't- and of course the spell is also used by enemies.)
  8. Repost the discussion here if you want me to look at it; I don't check baldursextendedworld.com.
  9. Understood - I appreciate the update as to where EEEx has got to.
  10. I moved to requiring ToBEx because it had functionality that dramatically improved what I could do in SCS, improved it enough that it was worth bundling ToBEx up with SCS and accepting the resultant complexity and risk of problems. Nothing like that is true for EEex: the dramatic improvements in the EE engine compared to vanilla already do pretty much everything I need (non-colored stoneskin is just too minor to be worth the complexity). In addition, the EEEx GitHub readme itself says "EEex is currently in alpha, and as such it is highly unstable. All immediate crashes are believed to be fixed, though you still risk a crash at any time. Use with care." So it's highly unlikely that I'm going to be assuming EEEx in the foreseeable future.
  11. So far as I know, you can’t disable it in EE. (If that’s out of date, I’d be interested in the details.)
  12. Those functions were a complete nightmare in IWD-in-BG2 too - IWD handles spawning by Activate()ing already-present NPCs, but trying to duplicate that using BG2 triggers/actions was a huge bugfest. After several iterations I gave up and wrote code to auto-map all the inactive creatures to be spawned by area script instead, and iirc that code made it into IWDEE too.
  13. This is an interesting tradeoff between tactics and aesthetics. Tactically, you’re absolutely right that every wizard should have Stoneskin precast immediately, but aesthetically it means that every wizard - even ones who are non hostile and mostly just want to talk - is grey, which is ugly. At one point, I Stoneskinned red-circled mages in advance as a compromise. I honestly can’t recall if I’m still doing that - I think it might have been lost in the v32 rewrite. Will check when I have a chance.
  14. No. (Basically because the underlying bcs language doesn’t allow higher-level OR(), so it would have required a tedious amount of propositional logic.)
  15. It works the same way. The most likely problem is that WEIDU is tied into a different .tlk file from the game. That can happen if you make a mistake the very first time you run WEIDU. There’s a file with a name like WEIDU.conf in the game directory (I may have got the exact name wrong). Delete it and try running WEIDU again.
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