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  1. Are you sure you're using the most up-to-date version of SCS? I'm pretty sure this is fixed in RC10.
  2. (Incidentally, it needs to be an action rather than a patch function because as far as I'm aware there's no totally reliable way of finding the resref of the file being patched.)
  3. Try this: DEFINE_ACTION_FUNCTION resolve_deathvar STR_VAR creature="" default="" RET deathvar BEGIN ACTION_IF "%default%" STRING_EQUAL "" BEGIN OUTER_SPRINT default "%creature%" END ACTION_IF FILE_EXISTS_IN_GAME "%creature%.cre" BEGIN COPY_EXISTING "%creature%.cre" override READ_ASCII DEATHVAR deathvar PATCH_MATCH "%deathvar%" WITH none "" BEGIN SPRINT deathvar "%default%" WRITE_ASCIIE DEATHVAR "%default%" (0x20) END DEFAULT END BUT_ONLY END ELSE BEGIN WARN "function resolve_deathvar attempted to find a death variable for %creature%.cre, but it doesn't exist" END END
  4. Version v32 is a fairly systematic recoding, so I'd need to see this reproduced there before investigating it. As for tactics, I'm just reporting what I did last time I played. I agree, you need to treat elder orbs/hive mothers differently.
  5. Incidentally on the question of tactics (albeit this is an ancient thread): my own experience with beholders is you just want to do as much damage as possible as quickly as possible. They have middling hit points and no real protections: dump tons of area effect on them as fast as you can.
  6. Which version of SCS: v31, or the v32 release candidate?
  7. DavidW

    SCS RC9 homework

    Do you mean RC9, or RC10?
  8. DavidW

    Balor: Aura of flaming death

    Correct. Balors have a permanent fire aura. (I should probably give it a bespoke name.)
  9. Catching up after being out of contact for a week. I am seeing critical (i.e., install breaking) bugs in some circumstances on Cure/Cause Wounds and with certain bam files in the Initialise component; did I miss anything? (and lots of other smaller things that I’ll get to when I have a chance and which I appreciate being mentioned, but right now I’m only keeping up with the critical stuff.)
  10. DavidW

    Error installing SCSv32 on EET

    If you post your Weidu.log, post the debug in something more easily readable (I.e. zip) and ideally give a quote of the actual error message, I will have a look.
  11. Oh, that’s right. Ok, just download the 32-bit version and use that. (I swapped over because I suspect the 64-but version is more proof against out-of-memory errors.)
  12. @AnonymousHero: - Planar Prison: as I've said in the earlier post, I'm not doing a systematic, this-catches-all-bugs, release here, just picking up on the most serious and/or easily fixed. If you check the changelog you'll see that the Planar Prison bug didn't make triage (for RC9 or RC10). - Playing on 32-bit Windows: were you able to play on 32-bit windows anyway? I'd thought that the version of SSL I was shipping is 64-bit only (that's why I was relaxed about shifting to 64-bit WEIDU).
  13. That's the snowball swarm component fix; it should have checked if you had that resource present. I've updated RC10; if you try again, it should work.
  14. Yes. I forgot to comment out part of my testing environment. (I've updated the RC.)
  15. The double stoneskin is definitely a bug, will chase. As for the lack of magic protections: these get determined randomly, but almost certainly he does have those spells, it's just that you're playing on a difficulty level that won't autocast them for you (they have fairly short durations). There is an argument he ought to prioritise casting them over his teleport sequence, though; I'll consider it. (Most of my detailed testing is at a higher difficulty setting.)