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  1. Spell levels: You can create unique spell (umm) variations by adding headers with extremely high casting level requirements and then, under certain circumstances, adding the relevant number of casting levels to the character. For example, Pecca's spontaneous casting mod adds cure/inflict/summon effects to all priest spells and gives priests an innate that increases their casting level by the relevant amount. This should be done in 50 level increments to account for spell advancement over 50 levels for mod compatibility. I'm not sure what, if any, the spell level limits are. I know I tested up to (I think it was) spell level 10,000 and it worked. But, conflicts can arise if two mods use the same range of levels for the same classes. Edit: Pecca's mod (and shortly b_spells and fnp) is the only mod that uses this to my knowledge and I don't know offhand what level ranges are used. I'll update
  2. It isn't coming any time soon, but I'm working on a mod that adds wand crafting, a lot of new wands and (more relevant) will offer wand recharging. Here are the details so far: https://github.com/UnearthedArcana/B_Spells/issues/153 I'm doing something similar with potions. I like the idea of adding a potion merchant or two, so I'll see about that as well. You can also check out tome and blood. It has a version of wand recharging
  3. There is also google translate...Yeah, I know, but if it's only one line
  4. I haven't made any changes since the last upload to the main branch (which I suppose, is 'ahead' of your branch re kit descriptions but is otherwise almost identical--see below.) I believe that these are the only differences between the builds: 1) The main branch is more up to date re kit text descriptions (which we should probably separate from setup.tra at some point). 2) I think you did an update re multiclass kits. I didn't add that to the main branch because I got the impression that it was experimental(?) 3) Oh, maybe the tra reference in cleric_kits.tpa where the champ of [halfling deity--Avoreen?] was referencing the eye of Gruumsh (sp?) kit. This is fixed in the main branch. I'm not sure about your build I'm neutral re who updates what. I'll have time later tonight (EST) to update the main branch if you like (at work--can't upload to github from here). Edit: I'm home but no time right now. Tomorrow Edit 2: updated
  5. @Lauriel Do you mind posting your working sample? lol, it doesn't work like I remember
  6. I haven't looked, but are you counting the " Well, I'm just doing that because there are basically two competing standards re starting a new sentence: in my day, you used two spaces after a period. However, I understand that nowadays, it's one space. Its all very Oxford commaesque. Now, my brain is confused and so I sometimes use one space, and sometimes two, so I would need to do something like that even if I only used the macro for myself. Re: set_2da. Did you also count the "2DA[space]V1.0" in the top left corner? Maybe that is what's throwing your numbers off
  7. Still playing with the modified identify spell. I was able to access Imoen's (and then Minsc's) inventory. When I tried casting on Jaheria, who had not yet joined my party, it showed Imoen's inventory instead. Non-allies should be protected from the spell. Anyway, very cool! Also, I see how to restrict it to certain inventory slots. As such, you could give warriors an ability to identify a weapon (and/or armor/helmets) if they can swing it around it for a bit (i.e. if they hold it in one of their weapon slots). This, of course, makes them vulnerable to cursed items, but still, pretty cool and useful. I'm going to totally add this to a kit/class revision I'm working on. They're even going to do a little attack animation when the ability is activated. Good fun! Edit: just comment out or delete all slots that you don't want them to access, e.g.: -- button {area 26 347 52 52 bam "STONSLOT" slotinfo "characters[id].equipment.personal0" action "B3Identify_IdentifySlot(characters[id].equipment.personal0)"} Basically, the only thing I know about lua is that "--" comments out a line I see how to create my own M_* file. Just replace all instances of "M_B3IDEN" with the alternate name. lol, brain getting tired
  8. I can think of one way to do it. You could probably do something with REPLACE_TEXTUALLY that modifies your files before you compile them. Like, you would still need to create a new token, let's call it THE_HESHE. You would put <PRO_HESHE> in all the normal places, including at the beginning of sentences, etc. But, you would then copy your own files and do a REPLACE_TEXTUALLY replacing all instances of ". <PRO_HESHE>" or ". <PRO_HESHE>" with ". THE_HESHE". So, wherever your <PRO_HESHE> follows a period, it'll be replaced by the capitalized THE_HESHE. Otherwise, it'll stay lower case. Then you compile the file(s). Edit: er, making it useful for any mod would involve more. Sorry, missed that. Hmm, you could create a "workspace" in the override or the main folder, modify the text, copy it there, and then compile. I don't know all the details re compiling so I'm not sure how best to make this something like a replacement for the weidu command
  9. Lol, so much this! I don't even play the game except to test something. Modding is just how I enjoy the game.
  10. I just deleted a few paragraphs of blah blah blah. lol. Like, I was thinking of possible ways to bypass the limitation of not being able to select HLAs at character creation. Basically, I'm just interested in finding out what sorts of things can be done. Once I know that, the ideas will come. Like, is the class button array considered a menu that you could access with this? That's probably too good to be true. Well, I also just get excited at the possibility of doing new things.
  11. Okay, I have two Identify related findings: 1) This does not work with SPWI110.spl. The original identify needs to be added to hidespl.2da and a new spell needs to be added. 2) the functions seems to work fine when run in two different mods on the same install. That is, I made a wiz version in one mod and installed it (over grease). Then, I made a cleric version in a second mod, and installed that (over detect evil). Both work just fine in BG2EE. I created a cleric/mage with the wiz and cleric version memorized. She cast both, and they both worked. The two quick and dirties are attached. B_Identify.zip
  12. Yeah, it's easy peasy 123sy with the provided .tph. I did it in about ~5 mins on one of my comps (not sure which one atm). It might work fine to run it over and over again in different mods. It's worth testing. (lol, I've borked my menu so many times with no long term repercussions). Also, if necessary, we could tweak the tph to deal with multiple iterations if necessary (once we've figured out a few basics re what it actually does). Agreed. Or, maaaybe SPWI110 could just be modified to cast the subspells(?) Not sure if it'll work. I used a modified detect evil spell. I tried to modify SPWI110 and it didn't work. But, I didn't change the headers, targets etc., and moved on to detect evil. I just wanted to create a proof of concept. Edit: Nope. It doesn't work if you replace SPWI110 with an otherwise working version. You have to use a different res. So, yes to adding SPWI110 to HIDESPL.2da. My thinking was also to investigate what else we can do; what other menus can be accessed (hla menu, proficiency menu, etc.)
  13. Subtledoctor has given me a clue--lol, it pays to look and think--so that's something to start with. Actually, @subtledoctor if you don't mind, I wouldn't mind trying to dissect the code here to see if I can figure it out in a public forum (where people can point out my dumb errors and/or make use of any 'breakthroughs' ) Edit: Responding to this: Edit2: I'll upload a quick and dirty example tomorrow if SD doesn't get to it first
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