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  1. - ADD_ICONS I use this one a lot. It adds portrait and spell icons to spells and can create a corresponding scroll (though you need to provide a path to some scroll file). I'll be updating this last part to just create a scroll from some existing scroll when I get around to it https://github.com/Grammarsalad/Macros_n_Functions/blob/main/lib/add_icons.tpa - TEXT_REPLACE This one just replaces one bit of text in a spell description with another bit of text. https://github.com/Grammarsalad/Macros_n_Functions/blob/main/lib/replace_text.tpa
  2. No, I don't think that is it either. There is a wizard in ...Ulgoth's Beard(?) that does this, pre-ee, I think. Maybe see what he does? Not sure I have had trouble recognizing locals on pcs. Maybe try nexttriggerobject as multiple lines? Or maybe the pc can just summon another minion to teleport back? The minion overrides the char, makes them summon another minion, kills self, then the new minion does stuff(?)
  3. Edit: I see we've had some activity since last I was here. Ah good! I'm glad to have helped, if inadvertently! You just made my day!
  4. Yup, definitely. No argument here. Yeah, not sure why...my hope was that the update would stop using detectable spells completely and just add new spells states, but alas. My best guess is for compatibility (especially with those mods that will never see updates...) I don't know the answer but I really want it to be yes.
  5. There is a similar method using 180 which I believe works in the tob engine (maybe it requires tobex). You can even apply it on a kit by kit basis while leaving the standard usability system intact with the use any item effect. I don't remember the details but an implementation can be found in the old faiths of faerun mod by Mordeus and Requiem. Edit: here https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/17118/mod-faiths-of-faerun-kitpack-v0-5c-ready-for-testing/p1
  6. Interesting. According to the iesdp, a master id value of -1 sets the master to "Not Party Member" whatever that means...
  7. Yes, the process exposes the extra proficiecies for player selection as per the other profs (excepting the first 8 or so). But, as SD has pointed out, they are already being used by detectable spells. Also, I don't even think that the most recent update changes spell detection using another method. It actually makes some sense as it would mess with those mods semi-unnecessarily. My plan was to create a mini mod (for ee only) that would be installed last and that would switch detectable spells to a different system. But, darn, that's just a lot of work and I don't even want to start it unless I finish my non- weapon proficiency mod. No idea if that'll happen. You would need you cycle through all scripts and change various prof related triggers as well as spells and items that set those proficiencies. In my brain, the code feels fairly simple, but it's probably going to be a messy affair in practice..
  8. Sorry @Gespenst That's never been clear. Certain 'kits' use different UIs, like the hide ability. We cannot normally add the hide button to the Paladin**, so what we do is create two versions of the class. In this case*, we made a paladin version and a ranger version. The paladin version is only for initial selection, to give the aesthetic that the class is a 'Paladin' class. However, that class switches to a ranger kit as soon as the game starts, and it is this 'ranger' version that you are actually playing. * I think we've only done this with paladin/ranger ** This may change in the near future...
  9. No, but it accesses items in the inventory. And it does stuff in the menu. But yeah, maybe it's something else...
  10. @subtledoctor I bet the problem with the crashed inventory has to do with the identify spell that @Bubb gave us. As a reminder: https://github.com/Bubb13/IE-Snippets
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