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  1. Lol, I almost certainly don't know more about it. I'm happy to look and see, but I have a lot of trouble dealing with animations myself.
  2. I have found a fairly quick and easy, if not pretty, way to make spell icons. I'm just working with paint, so nothing fancy. I just save a similar bam as what I want as a bitmap using dltcep. I then alter it as I like (using black for transparency). Next, I import it to dltcep in the animations tab and save it as a bam. Bam!
  3. Yes, that's still the plan. I'll be releasing an updated version first in spells & magic. Once I've worked out there kinks and bugs, I'll have a version for both TnB (for mages) and FnP (for priests). There will be multiple implementations. Some notes can be found here, here and here. Edit: I need to edit that a bit. I do have a read magic spell in the works, but I'm not going to require it to use class based scrolls (but e.g. a mage would need to to read a cleric scroll) Edit 2: also note that these are just one version of Craft items, the version that is closest to pnp.
  4. Oh, that is awesome! Lol, I have been doing this: 1) change the original spell to multiple subspells with all of the modified saves required for the modification. 2) replace the original spell with a 'shell' that applies 326 effects based on the relevant stats and/or States This works fine if you are just modifying the spell based on a single stat or state but each additional variable adds another 'layer' to the spell, multiplying everything. (e.g.) Edit: the example is the same basic idea but iirc it's not applying save bonuses/penalties, so the above strategy wouldn't hel
  5. Er, it turns out that I need to plug in a lot of stuff into the Homebrewery version, so I don't have a nice pdf. But here is the (mostly completed) readme: https://github.com/UnearthedArcana/Faiths_and_Powers/issues/136
  6. That would totally make sense. On my Android, but I'll see If I can access it. Edit: Homebrewery doesn't like Androids for whatever reason. I'll attach it and/or link it in a few hours (well, it could be like 10 hours)
  7. Hi Endarire, F&P is compatible with SR (install SR first). I'm not sure about MIH
  8. No. It is not up to date, unfortunately. Ineth(sp) made it a while ago. I do have access to it but it's difficult to manage. I'll update it sometime soon, or at least when we have spheres, etc finalized (do we)?
  9. Why not just set a global value when you talk to the NPC and then check for it in the dialog or script of the second npc? Also see: https://gibberlings3.github.io/iesdp/appendices/variables.htm
  10. One of the things that is on my to do list is to look into this. I'm working on another spell mod that will be partially incorporated into fnp (and maybe tnb) and I'm looking for conceptual incompatibilities. I'll send you a list when I have it. I can tell you now that specific priest spells will not show up if fnp is installed unless they are specifically accounted for. We'll account for MiH if fnp is installed after it and we'll send you a pull request if we figure out an easy easy to install spell mods after fnp. I can't speak as much about tnb.
  11. This, and many other text issues, has been fixed in the most recent version (though, we may not have released it yet). In any case, it is fixed in version 0.80.2
  12. I recall she sent a (useful) pull request for faiths and powers a while ago. It was a long time ago. She has been a valued and valuable member of the community. I know that there were... issues.. but I miss her and wish she would come back.
  13. Okay, it's been a while, but I remember that there is a way to change the mfist item, and I think the fist item, to act like a "normal weapon" (i.e. where it acts like any other weapon re proficiency, specialization, etc.) I don't remember how. I'll check in a bit, but thought I'd throw that out there
  14. I suggest installing the release version of B_Spells (Spells & Magic). I know it's an older version, but it's more stable and should present fewer problems. I upload to the main build just to keep everything in order. I try to only release builds that will be relatively gentle.
  15. I love it! And my pleasure! I love talking about different implementation ideas! I'm working on a tweak that implements pnp high int illusion immunities, which will implement something like this, but require higher Int levels. I'm also going to do a variant that gives wis like bonuses to saves vs illusion (and maybe other spells that make sense), as well. And, I'll also be doing the pnp wis bonuses to saves. I'm interested in hearing more about your implantation. The way I would (and probably will)do it is by using different 326effects based on the Int stat. Let's see... This i
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