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  1. Sorry @Gespenst That's never been clear. Certain 'kits' use different UIs, like the hide ability. We cannot normally add the hide button to the Paladin**, so what we do is create two versions of the class. In this case*, we made a paladin version and a ranger version. The paladin version is only for initial selection, to give the aesthetic that the class is a 'Paladin' class. However, that class switches to a ranger kit as soon as the game starts, and it is this 'ranger' version that you are actually playing. * I think we've only done this with paladin/ranger ** This may change in the near future...
  2. No, but it accesses items in the inventory. And it does stuff in the menu. But yeah, maybe it's something else...
  3. @subtledoctor I bet the problem with the crashed inventory has to do with the identify spell that @Bubb gave us. As a reminder: https://github.com/Bubb13/IE-Snippets
  4. glad to help (trust me: I've been there!) Sometimes you will see "LPF" instead of "LAUNCH_PATCH_FUNCTION". It means the same thing. Patch functions presuppose a file that it will 'operate' on (in this case, an .are file). If you haven't copied one over, or copied an existing one as in this case, it will fail. You will also see "LAF" or LAUNCH_ACTION_FUNCTION. They do a lot of the same things, but the main difference is that an action function does Not assume a file (often the function will copy an existing file and 'do stuff' to it like a patch function).
  5. I don't know much about area editing, but in section 1 of jastey's response, she posted a patch function which is not quite the same as copying a file over to the override (which would definitely conflict with any mod that changed that area). Basically, it takes an existing file and changes only the relevant 'parts' of that file as determined by the modder. This can still lead to conflicts--if your mod and another mod changed the exact same 'parts'-- but it is much less likely to cause conflicts. For example, I could patch all spells to increase their range to 100, say, and another louder could change all spells to have a casting time of 6 and all spells would have a casting time of 6 and a range of 100. No conflict except possibly conceptual.
  6. https://homebrewery.naturalcrit.com/share/rJZOF-sOCV
  7. Ah, thanks @lefreut. I knew this location documented eeex specific functions, but I didn’t notice that it also documented regular functions. That’s particularly bad because I’ve been creating a readme for eeex over the last few years...
  8. The EE games include a number of additional functions and such that, it seems to me, should be included in the IESDP. I'm specifically talking about functions related to lua (I don't even know the correct terminology, but I hope you get my meaning). For example, I believe that this is a function: Infinity_GetScriptVarInt(global) It would be nice if there was some kind of description of what this does (and preferably an example of use). Thanks for the ear
  9. Very cool. I had planned to create a mod like this, but I never got around to it. A few additional ideas: - Dealing with gated demons to gain blackguardhood (for paladins and fighters). - Convert to a different deity/kit at temples (for clerics) with a few offering paladinhood (e.g. church of Helm). - Becoming a ranger or druid at the druid grove (fighters or clerics).
  10. Oohh, cool. So, like does this allow you to make different (seamless) choices with her class development (e.g. no dual class)?
  11. Btw, I loaded the template in gimp and it appears to work. I don't know enough about layers etc. to determine if it does work but I thought I'd throw that out there. Edit: btw, I have been getting satisfactory results with gimp and material provided here: https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/42011/blazing-bams I create the C icon, convert the blank space to transparency and then add the scroll and/or rock backgrounds as needed, and then convert the exported images with DLTCEP.
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