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  1. Yeah, I saw. Looks great!
  2. Glad to see this out and about!
  3. Is there a simple way to check if a spl makes use of a particular opcode via PATCH_IF? I have to admit that I have not even tried as I have no idea how I would do such a thing, tbh. I have code that does basically what I want it to, but it's...wasteful, so to speak. That is, is applies INNER_ACTION much more often that it needs to. I can give the code snippet in case it'll help: The problem is those darn INNER_ACTIONs...
  4. Well, this is very cool. I've found a reason to modify rather than set values of certain effect variables. Well, I'm only doing this for savebonus, but I could see it being useful for duration, dicesize, dicenumber, or in certain cases, param1 or 2 (e.g. opcode 12). That is, right now I'm doing a thing where characters get a bonus based on dexterity to save vs. certain spells, such as fireball. Basically, I'm cloning the spell to cast different versions of itself based on the targets dexterity (i.e. giving bonuses for exceptional dex). But, certain spells--and certain mods and potential mods--already impose save bonuses or penalties for certain spells, and I want the code to be as unintrusive--as unintrusive as a modification like this could be--as possible, so I just modified alter_spell accordingly (i.e. as a new zombie function). If you're already building a more expansive ALTER_SPELL, maybe you can add a few subfunctions that, if ticked, would add/subtract the inputted value rather than set it to that value for a given field. That is, for example, there could be a set_savebonus which could default to 0. If the value of set_savebonus is 0, then savebonus acts as normal (i.e. it sets the save bonus). But, if set_savebonus is non-zero, then save bonus = the previous value +/- savebonus. Similar for other fields I'd offer my code, but it's not this sophisticated (I just hijacked savebonus). So, instead, I'm offering the suggestion.
  5. This one is like spell_to_innate, but allows for a few more options (including changing spell types from any kind to any other kind). A lot of the text options are English only, but those can be traified to support other languages. Also, it won't replace any sphere text in spells with custom sphere names, but those could easily be added. Sample uses: This one is a lot smaller. It just adds additional prohibitions (i.e. school or alignment) to a given spell:
  6. https://github.blog/2019-05-14-git-ransom-campaign-incident-report/
  7. Something like this should be done for splstates in the ees
  8. Heh, I was actually thinking of Aristotle and his discussion of fatalism and naval battles. And Jarno is, I think, teasing out the difference between what we might call ' metaphysical' vs ' epistemic' possibility, which I think is relevant to the Aristotle conversation (lol, which I won't get into because, among other things, I feel like like this conversation is detailing this thread. At the same time, it felt rude to say nothing...I'm definitely not going to get into a 'my favorite philosopher is better than your favorite philosopher' discussion except to say that Kant rules; the ancients drool. ) More on topic: @CamDawg will this ordering issue and/or auto pause issue be fixed eventually? Is it fixable?
  9. Yeah, I'm curious where these probabilities come from. Nobody has found a way to take measurements from other possible worlds, have they? There is a(t least one) probabilistic argument for the existence of God that relies on the improbability of life. The idea is that, given that the probability of life is so low, and given that there is, in fact, life, it is more likely than not that some supernatural Being intervened to create life--and thus, it is more likely than not that such a Being exists Edit: of course, as Kant pointed out, such an argument, even if it is successful, doesn't actually get us to God. Maybe this being is just an alien Horror best described by Lovecraft. The only way to get to God is by some kind of ontological argument, and, well, that route is not promising...
  10. I think it's fairly clear that InKal was not saying that the probability that p, given p, is something other than 1:1. If I were to flip a coin, get heads, and ask: 'what are the chances of that result?', the most appropriate answer would be '~50%'. Sure, you can point to the result and say, 'no, it's 100%' and, in a sense, you wouldn't be wrong. But, what has happened is that the question has been modified and that modified question has been answered.
  11. Omg, dude. Just... Awesome! Any chance of getting something like this for kit descriptions? *Puppy dog eyes*
  12. Okay, so I'm trying to display the gender of the character in the class descriptions (rather than the protagonist gender). I have tried REPLACE_TEXTUALLY replacing (e.g.) <PRO_MANWOMAN> with <MANWOMAN> in the class description, but in this case the gender doesn't display at all. The same seems to be the case with tokentxt.2da. I can get this to work (which references the protagonist info): 2DA V1.0 * TOKEN_TEXT PROTAGONIST STAT VALUE EQUALITY STRINGT STRINGF 0 RESERVE * * * * * * 1 NP_MANWOMAN 1 35 2 0 woman man But not this (which doesn't seem to reference anything): 2DA V1.0 * TOKEN_TEXT PROTAGONIST STAT VALUE EQUALITY STRINGT STRINGF 0 RESERVE * * * * * * 1 NP_MANWOMAN 0 35 2 0 woman man Any way to get this to work?
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