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  1. The NPC is needed for pretty much everything in the mod.
  2. Been waiting for this to start my new run. thanks for the update!!
  3. Thank you very much! Sorry - one last question....which FnP kit did you base the beast hunter FMC off of? I tried checking in the various mod files but couldn't figure it out.
  4. I've been meaning to ask, what spheres do you assign if F&P is installed on your cleric kits?
  5. Not sure if reported, but using latest version Mana Sorcerer isn't showing up as an option in character creation. No other mods installed.
  6. Looks interesting! Is there a cap on the Electrocannon and revitalizer effects?
  7. Here's a novel idea....install it and try it out
  8. Suggestion on naming - Thrown Weapons instead of Hurled Weapons. Hurled Weapons just looks funny to the eye.
  9. There's a version out by a different author, Tipun I believe. It can be downloaded from IWD1-IWD2-EET - Arcane Coast
  10. Tweaks Anthology has a component to remove XP cap.
  11. Was it a BG pop up or a Steam pop up (assuming you launched through steam)?
  12. Never used it but according to the readme, EET is supported. Try installing it and see what happens?
  13. Tried making a new bestlord and seeing the same thing with SR. Only Animal Summoning I. I think something's off with the focus access granted by the kit. Tried another kit with major access to animal and i'm getting all versions of the spell
  14. Focus, iirc, moves spells one level down. Kit selection by dialogue.....was like that in older versions since, again iirc, they couldn't get the kits to show at character generation.
  15. Couldn't find the extra mod files. Can you repost?
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