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  1. Was it a BG pop up or a Steam pop up (assuming you launched through steam)?
  2. Never used it but according to the readme, EET is supported. Try installing it and see what happens?
  3. Tried making a new bestlord and seeing the same thing with SR. Only Animal Summoning I. I think something's off with the focus access granted by the kit. Tried another kit with major access to animal and i'm getting all versions of the spell
  4. Focus, iirc, moves spells one level down. Kit selection by dialogue.....was like that in older versions since, again iirc, they couldn't get the kits to show at character generation.
  5. Couldn't find the extra mod files. Can you repost?
  6. Posted earlier about Smarter Mages failing on trying to copy "dw#sumfi.spl". First I thought it was a bad download since everything installed fine on an clean install of just SCS. Started a larger install again and smarter mages again failed on that spell so some prior mod seems to be mucking things up. I have an EET install that ended up going south that already has the spell in the override folder. I searched the SCS repository but couldn't find the spell itself so I assume it gets created at install time? Would things go horribly wrong if I copied the EET install version to get smarter
  7. Until the next update, SODBG2_IU needs to be installed on bg2ee before you begin the EET setup
  8. disregard. something must've went wrong in my download. reinstalled and everything was fine.
  9. Did you click the green "Restart" icon in the upper right of the window? Just tried it on an older build and it's working fine for me.
  10. RE:Construct Spells. From my prior post, the juggernaut dies as soon as he is summoned. Fiddled around in the .cre files. The has it's override script set at TOMEGOL4.BCS which from my limited knowledge tell it to kill itself The other two have GENSHT01.BCS. Changing the juggernaut to this script fixes the dying on summon issue
  11. So tried out a new install, just F&P. The animate construct spells aren't getting added to the kits (well, at least the Azuth cleric kit). I can add them in via eekeeper, but they're all first level spells. Additionally, the adamantium golem dies right after he's summons. The Stone and Clay golems look like they have the same creature animation/sprite and they also aren't getting a proper name. In my install they had a number, 52093 or something like that.
  12. You can find the spell descriptions in the docs folder of the mod
  13. Stone of Askavar is compatible (used it many times) and it's listed as being EET compatible. You just need to install it on the BG1 portion of the install
  14. Gotcha. Back to the constructs.....figured out why I couldn't find them. First, was looking for the wrong spell name, second, they're all flagged as innate spells. Is that how it should be?
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