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  1. Your last question is addressed in the ReadMe "Enhanced Edition games support sorceror kits, so you can slect the kit at character creation."
  2. Mechanus Cannon. That was cool. One question, is there supposed to be such a big delay in damage?
  3. From your thread on the beamdog forums....SCS should go after EET_End now. Does this mean aTweaks should as well? I usually use both together but I thought the general rule of thumb is that majority of mods should go before EET_End. I guess that leads to the next question of is v32 still compatible with atweaks?
  4. Is there a console command to turn off NPC customization after install?
  5. The install started as a large megamod set us but when SCS initialize AI failed I started testing mod combos to figure out the issue. The last two tests were with T&b revised spec and SCS. Always failed on AI initialize. The spell revisions install was due to something subtle posted. When I get home from work I'm going to try his suggestion with near infinity and see if that works.
  6. tried Revised Spec & SCS again and same error message on SPWI707. SR, Revised Spec & SCS, made it past SPWI707 but same error on SPWI807. Can I has RC11?
  7. tagging @subtledoctor for this one since there's something odd going on with Revised Specialists of Tome and Blood and SCS RC 10. SCS always fails on initialize AI component when it gets to SPWI807.SPL and SPWI905.SPL. The error message for 807 is below, I didn't grab it for 905 but I recall it being the same: On another test install it was failing on SPWI707.SPL with the same error. Installing without Revised Specialists, everything installs fine.
  8. I think Tweaks Anthology has a component that increases store item stacks.
  9. Entangle is a level 1 druid spell, isn't it? Don't forget Web, Dyna can cast that when she gets lvl 2 wizard spells.
  10. Yes please. I hate that dungeon with a passion. If pathfinding in the game wasn't so horrific, it'd be bearable, but....
  11. Believe it was moved over to Tweaks Anthology
  12. do you have full permissions in your default install directory? Most recommend copying a clean save somewhere outside the default install directory and installing mods there.
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