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  1. While the list I have is a decent start, there's still a number of bugs that have cropped up during my playthrough. Nothing really gamebreaking, but some annoyances that I had to manually go in and fix files to tidy up. I may at some point go and look through the other mega playthroughs recently and see if I can sort out a safer install order. There are some good principles you can follow to improve your chances of not running into problems.
  2. It seems to happen at chapter transitions. At a minimum it happened when I went from BG1 to Siege of Dragonspear and again when I went from Siege of Dragonspear to BG2. I also know it happened at least one other time during Siege of Dragonspear, though it may have happened after the Siege of Dragonspear prologue ended, since I just lived with the issue for most of the expansion. Spoilers, but going from Chateau Irenicus to the first chapter of BG2 I do not know if the issue is still there, since the character it was happening to (Imoen) leaves the party.
  3. One fun bug with the EET transition, is if you have a familiar out as a party member when the abduction happens, when it loads into the game in BG2, the familiar will be outside of your cage and Imoen won't be able to talk to the PC. The game gets stuck and you have to force-close it. Unfortunately, if you have the familiar as an item in your inventory it gets deleted and your character suffers the penalties for a familiar death.
  4. This issue shows up again in BG2, but I have been able to fix it by setting Specifics to 0 from 2 for the affected NPCs.
  5. Grey did show up in the Promenade in my game.
  6. That's good news. I'll keep on going. I think if you start in BG2 he shows up with the dryads.
  7. My BG1 game has progressed from Siege of Dragonspear to BG2. Grey was a 7th party member in BG1 but he has not shown up in the area with the dryads in Chateau Irenicus. Should I expect to find him elsewhere, or is there a way that the transition could have gotten messed up?
  8. Changing Specifics from 2 to 0 fixes the problem. I had to use Near Infinity, since I couldn't find that parameter in EEKeeper. Also, at points in Siege of Dragonspear, it got reset to 2 and I had to go back in and edit things back to 0 to fix the item usability restrictions, mostly on wands and scrolls.
  9. I'm not sure. None of the people playing in the bookclub took Shar-Teel as a party NPC. The reviews I've seen of the mod have generally been positive, but I have no personal experience with it.
  10. We are almost done Siege of Dragonspear. The pacing is a bit weird with the middle chapter 10 being extremely long and the following chapters being very short. My biggest complaint is the schizophrenic dialogue choices and lack of nuanced role-playing options in the dialogue choices. As for how it fills in story details between BG1 and BG2 I think it does a decent job. More details on my mod impressions once we have finished the expansion.
  11. Playing on Hardcore difficulty with SCS v33.6 I encountered a possible bug. During the fight with the Green Dragon during Siege of Dragonspear, both the large adult green dragon and the young green dragon used their breath weapons. Both breath weapons appeared to be the same strength (doing 90+ damage), which I believe is not as they should be in 2nd edition (A young green dragon's breath weapon should cap out at 6d6+3). The Adult Green dragon breath weapon also seems to be higher than the PnP values (adult should be 12d6+6). There may be some other reasons why the breath weapons are so high, though having the young green dragon with a breath weapon as powerful as the adult one seems a bit unbalanced.
  12. That is interesting and makes sense. I will try things out with the Specifics = 0 for all my party members and report back if it causes any obvious problems. Thanks for the help in diagnosing this problem.
  13. I tried that. Unfortunately, I pretty much just hit all documentation files and no .tp2 files. I also did a search for the byte offset mentioned by Subtledoctor in the post above. The one file I did find was libiconv-1.9.2-1-src.zip which is used by a whole bunch of mods. On my list it includes Artisan's Kitpack - Arcane Archer Coran (BG2) Tiax (BG2) Xan (BG2) Fade (BG2) Xan BG1 Friendship Sellswords Back to Brynnlaw Reunion Dungeon Crawl Assassinations Sarah ToB None of these really end up mucking about with the transition between BG1 and SoD as far as I can tell. My search may not have found everything that modifies that file though.
  14. I changed the Specifics on Drake and Dyanheir from 2 back to 0 and it lets them both use the correct wands and scrolls again. However, I'm not sure what else this will break.
  15. I think the same may have been true in my games. I can try changing it and seeing if it makes a difference.
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