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  1. I've attached my current install order document. This install order is still being tested and I've only gotten down to the bottom of the NPC list so far, so there may still be issues with the kits, classes, tweaks and scripts. It also doesn't show all the subcomponents for every mod (since I wrote this based on the various mod readmes and not all of them spell this information out). Hopefully it is helpful for you. I'd recommend keeping the number of mod NPCs down for a typical install, especially since they tend to be somewhat less talkative in parties that don't have mostly base game NPCs and may be lacking cross-mod content. Regarding the Druid Grove, I don't know if it actually matters since it is mostly a graphical change, but I just put it early in the install order to reduce the chance of problems caused by installing it after other mods that may (or may not) also modify the area. Note that Project Infinity won't be usable if you have any mods on your list that use ReadLN as part of their install instructions. Since I have a number of such mods on my list, I'm doing the laborious manual install method. BG EET Final.txt
  2. Comments as follows. BGUB first in the list - good call. Note that only the following components will install if you are using BG:EE (which you must be if you are trying for an EET install). 2. These all should be installed before EET as you are doing. Note that Finch may not correctly leave the party at the end of BG1 and the transition to the SoD content. I haven't tested it, just going off @jastey's comment in another thread. 3. Where did you find "kalah:0:Andyr's Kalah expansion component for Unfinished Business". There's a BG2 UB component "Kalah and what he was promised", but I haven't seen a standalone version. 4. I installed the "DruidGroveMakeover:0:Druid Grove Area Visual Makeover" before any quest or NPC mods just in case a later mod went and broke things again with area scripts, etc. The general install order I tried to follow after EET was 1. UI & Systems 2. Area graphic changes 3. Quest Content 4. NPCs 5. Item Packs 6. Spell packs 7. Kits & Class Revisions 8. Tweaks 9. SCS/AI stuff There are exceptions, but that's the general rule. 5. Isra/Valerie. Valerie needs to be installed before Isra in order for Isra to detect it for the crossmod content. However, currently Valerie isn't compatible with EET, though you might have more luck using Valerie v3.0. 6. I'm not sure if Are needed as I think EET includes its own world map as part of the base mod.
  3. I've got a fairly well figured out install order right now with a lot of mods, so feel free to share what you want to install and I can probably help.
  4. Okay, so it sounds like it will stay as an "install order" form of compatibility and it will remain on the player to install the mod early in the install stack. Thanks for the update. I'm trying to plan out an install and I wanted to know if it was going to become more like other item mods which can generally be installed at any point in the order unless you wanted to directly modify the items by another mod, or if it was going to stay as before. I'll hold off my next install attempt until the new version comes out since I'll need to install it near the start.
  5. I'm looking forward to the next update. Are you looking to make any changes to how the mod is structured to give it built in EET compatibility, or are you leaving things as they currently are?
  6. Something you could also consider doing if the mountain looks too large to climb is using bits and pieces you like the most in other things. Basically pull the classic GM move of just re-using encounters/story ideas that the players never saw in new content and claiming that was what you were always intending to do in the first place.
  7. You may have to CTRL+R the party members. I think Call Lightning can have a long duration and I recall a bug way back in the day where transitioning between areas could cause it to continue to fire off because of how it was coded. Possibly something to do with a script misfiring.
  8. Nephele voiceset added and updated Petsy to v4.01. nephele.tp2 audio.zip setup.tra
  9. Also, there's an updated version of Wings! available in the Beamdog thread that fixes a possible no valid response loop. I also managed to track down an appropriate voiceset for Nephele so once I get that coded I will be done adding voicesets.
  10. Thanks. I'm not sure how I missed that when I was searching for someone who had done the same. This is a pretty good version, though I think the version I chose is a bit more mature and evilish so I think I'll keep it. Though the one you linked is good for a slightly younger take on the character. Next added, a voiceset for Arath. This was a hard one to match, but I ended up going for a fairly intelligent sounding charismatic voice that is a bit joking in parts. It isn't a perfect fit, but was the closest to what seemed to capture the personality of Arath or a version of the personality which is plausible. voice.zip arath.tp2 SETUP.TRA
  11. The one's I've selected are *okay* but that's about all. The Pai'na and now Ninde ones are okay substitutions, but the Varshoon one is very much me finding something that vaguely fits and calling it good enough. If you want to add these to your install extract these files to your Paina mod directory. For Ninde, you will want to copy the voice folder to your ninde/audio folder, the setup.tra to your ninde/translations/english folder, and main_component.tpa to your ninde/lib folder overwriting files as prompted. For Ninde I know that Kaeloree only wanted to add a voiceset if they found the right person to record the lines and that hasn't happened since 2013. For Pai'na @Artemius I may or may not be interested. The voiceset I've added for my personal use isn't quite right, but seemed to capture the spirit of the character or a plausible interpretation close enough for my personal use but I don't know if it matches up to the caliber they as the mod author want to aim for. Paina.zip voice.zip setup.tra main_component.tpa
  12. Basic Varshoon soundset added. NWN to the rescue again.
  13. More progress. I added a basic soundset to Pai'na one from a NWN character I think. The voice matched the written style quite closely. Finding a soundset for Varahoon is proving more difficult .
  14. A general question, are you familiar at all with the Spheres of Power systems for the Pathfinder system? It's a spell system that limits casters to have power progression closer to the martial classes, however the advantage of using the system over the default magic system is it lets you do some really cool things with each class if you invest enough into the build. It strikes me that there's some potentially interesting things that could be done with such a system inspiring a some variant kits for BG2.
  15. The Isra/Valerie problem appears to be due to Valerie not being completely compatible with EET. The mod apparently works okay if you install it before installing EET, but for some reason the Isra mod will not detect the presence of the Valerie mod properly and patch things accordingly. Since I already have so many NPC mods, I've decided to just remove Valerie at this time. I may add it back if it gets updated at some point.
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