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  1. Isewein

    Version 1 of Evandra Released

    What a comeback! Congratulations, Rhaella! I'm positively sure that even if Evandra turned out merely half as well-written as Adrian and Isra, she'll make for a great addition to an Elven team. Now, if only there were crossmod with Xan and Kivan as a cherry on top...
  2. Isewein

    2019 Auren Wishlist

    You absolutely should! The writing is great, as in Kulyok's other mods, but this one fits more smoothly into the story than the others.
  3. Isewein

    2019 Auren Wishlist

    Crossmod with Kulyok's Reunion! Seriously, that'd be a great ToB conclusion to their story. Even if it were nothing but some tiny acknowledgment of saving 'their' castle (again).
  4. Isewein

    New engine

    Great, thanks!
  5. Isewein

    New engine

    Is there any way to recover old links? I know that content has been preserved, but if for example https://www.gibberlings3.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=2819&page=1 leads into nowhere, can I adapt the link to the new page setup to find the equivalent?
  6. Well, that's true, but none of it could be considered gamebreaking. Worst case some banter refers to the impending confrontation with Sarevok, or a tavern rumour to his political machinations. But these minor inconsistencies were always present in BGT as well, iirc. The ideal solution would be to recreate any ENDOFBG1 instances wherever BGT and BG1NPC et al. applied them, but for replace them with a simple Dead("SAREVOK") check for the EET version instead, I suppose...
  7. I will say, I still wish this functionality could eventually be turned into an optional EET core component rather than remain packaged into an NPC mod by a modder whose writing style, no offense intended, is known to hardly appeal to a majority of players. It's easy enough for myself to simply mirror the few changes as Roxanne has outlined by moving the trigger from Sarevok to the Duke, but I figure there should be many interested in such a feature emulating the original BGT pacing.
  8. New background is lovely! Thank you so much for not going the way of Web 2.0, visually, as so many time honoured places have recently... Keep up the great work!
  9. Isewein

    Nasty bug, easy solution :)

    Hey, you're welcome! So happy to see you're still around and tinkering! This is really one of the most important mods out there; it brings ToB to the standards of SoA and I can only imagine how many hours of work went into it. Don't be scared by the bug reports, people! It's well worth grinding through, and most of them should be fixed by now.
  10. Thanks subtledoctor, that's pretty much exactly what I meant to say. I understand Roxanne's concerns for compatibility. That's why it would be the best compromise to leave such an interlude right after Sarevok's defeat. Seems to me as if it couldn't really break any mods there, as long as the transition proper were kept the same. A little change of pace between all the heavy plots would be appreciated by many, I'm sure. Of course a real quest mod as you describe sounds perfect, but in lieu of someone willing to code this it would be great if at least the basic option to delay the transition (and move it to one of the Dukes) could be included in EET.
  11. Actually I wasn't doubting compatibility; just thought it would be near-essential to give him some interjections in that mod. If you need some proofreading for your translation (assuming you're doing it yourself?) by the way, I'm happy to be of assistance.
  12. Thanks for indulging me! No, I haven't played it yet. In fact, I'm really just asking out of curiosity here - it may be long until I get around to replaying the Trilogy. But as far as I understand SoD starts its mop up operation some time after Sarevok's defeat (story-wise)? While the rest of SoD is said to be linear and thus likely leaves no opportune time for TotSC. That's why I thought it would be nice to give the option for some respite and wandering around after Sarevok's fall, then trigger the transition to SoD by talking to Belt (or whomever), as it was done in BGT. I guess he could tell you about these 'remaining followers', something like that. PS: I should clarify I came up with this idea when doing some nostalgia reading over at the new forums... the last post in this thread, to be precise.
  13. This all looks like an amazing project. I'm slightly overwhelmed. Just a small curious question: In BGT, I very much appreciated the opportunity to do TotSC adventures after Sarevok's fall, before initiating the transition to BGII. After all, this is how the expansion was originally intended to be played. It fits better balance- and storywise, too. May I suggest to you good folks to keep this option open, rather than moving on straight to this new expansion, or is there some reason against it I am unable to see?
  14. This looks great! I love that you took up the Afaaq model and are turning him into a 7th party member. Party slots are the most expensive resource in a BG game, these days! Will definitely try him out one day! I always liked Solaufein as a character, but I remember the old mod being very much a disappointment when I tried it years ago. It was essentially a completely different person. Have you looked into crossmod? At the very least, Lava's 'Eilistraee's Song' is pretty much asking for it.
  15. Isewein

    Feedback thread

    Thank you for this great mod! It really should have been there to begin with - I can scarcely believe it took 10 years for the crude multi-stronghold mod of old to mature into this perfect example of seamless integration. It's great to see the NPCs' presence acknowledged, for once, and not have every side quest revolve around Charname. I'm very happy that you decided on having them make their own decisions, at times. Haer'Dalis orchestrating the Playhouse seemed especially appropriate to me - I will say that I think this quest line actually works better for him than a Bard PC. The truth is, there are certain NPCs which just fit a stronghold much better than others, so I will probably never see most of this mod, but as for those choice picks, everything works fine. The only scenario I could imagine someone leaving Jaheira to the Druid grove rather than Cernd, for example, would be if the latter had found an unfortunate demise. Same goes for the Thieves' Guild, really. Nalia embraces her commitments to the Keep after her father's death, and Imoen has bigger things to worry about, leaving it firmly in Jan's (unfirm) hands. I placed CN!Anomen at the Temple of Helm (it seemed plausible to me as a sort of penance mission), and I was delighted to see you had accounted for this eventuality! The outcome was definitely the high point of this mod. Can't say anything about the Keep or Planar Sphere plots as I went through those with my main character. There was an incompatibility with Extended Thief Stronghold, but it was due to that mod's handling of the area script, not yours. I fixed it easily enough by simply merging the two area scripts together. Which reminds me - I sided with Bodhi, but somehow Jan never got kicked out of his stronghold. I suppose that may be another incompatibility at work, but I can actually see it quite well: Jan rounding up the remaining Shadow Thieves and galvanising them under his leadership. Of course, they should ideally go underground between chapters 3 and 6 then, but since Charname is away from Athkatla during these chapters anyway, I could easily just imagine them doing precisely that in the meantime. In my opinion, the mod could make an exception there, provided Jan is actually left behind to care for his guild in the meantime - he is thrifty enough to somehow survive some time against Bodhi. His (weakened) thieves could then even serve as an ally against her in Chapter VI! I also did experience the same problems with the Ranger stronghold (for Minsc) as noted already in the Bug thread, but was able to play around them by adjusting variables manually. I figure more detail isn't needed, as documentation in the Bug thread is already sufficient. Overall, I would say that the 'incompatibility with BigWorld' mentioned in your readme is an overstatement. It would be a shame if people were too scared to install this mod, after all!