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  1. Xan is my personal favourite, Ajantis or Isra are probably best for classical courtly romance, Adrian or Sarevok for more shades of grey.
  2. So glad it's still under active development! It looks to become such a great addition to the game.
  3. What is wrong with your sort? Do you really think that the encouragement modders deserve for all their effort *on your behalf* is mocking them?
  4. I fear for the purposes of the Amber mod they wouldn't be recognised as eligible, though, seeing as the second PC romance only kicks in in a MP game.
  5. We should be able to add Jan's Extended Quest to the list, as it does not use chapter variables: https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/76673/jans-extended-quest-now-compatible-with-bg2ee#latest
  6. That's a decent enough summary. They are technically compatible, and in my experience there were no jarring conceptual clashes playing with both, either - in fact, their talks complemented each other quite nicely, brushing different subjects, and the difference in mood, while present, never seemed enough to render her bipolar (at least as far I can recall). Then again, I could never quite have enough of Imoen.
  7. I strongly disagree that the Imoen "Romance" (a misnomer really, in its current state) makes any extreme changes to her character. It certainly used to, but I have a feeling that this is one of those mod rumours that stick around, but are based on an older version of the mod. The current one is perfectly enjoyable without engaging in the whole notion of sexual attraction (which admittedly only works for very few characters, although it somewhat fits the themes of the game), offering a touching friendship/sisterhood path, character quests and, most importantly, fixing the plothole of Imoen not
  8. 1. No conflict between any of them. 2. Technically they are all compatible. Valygar Romance in RE was originally part of the Bonded Xan Romance. I can recommend Kulyok's writing, but it seems Corthala Romantique is more extensive. So choose either and keep the IEP Friendship anyway. 3. Yes Quest Mods I forgot to recommend Tower of Deception. It is very unobtrusive, a nice side quest that is hardly distinguishable from the base game. Keep it for later though, the battles can be tough. Fishing for Trouble has no unforgivable flaws and I would install it myself, but it in
  9. As far as I understand, Aura BG2 is simply not yet completed, rather than it being an EET comptibility issue.
  10. Some other unobtrusive, down-to-earth NPC mods you can't go wrong with installing: Afaaq, Isra, Adrian, Valerie, Xulaye, all IEP Friendship & Banter mods, de'Arnise Romance, Korgan's Redemption, Sarevok Romance, Imoen Romance (sic!) Quest mods are more of a hit and miss, but Lava's (CoI Series, Athkatla expansions, White Queen...) and Kulyok's (Reunion, Sellswords, Return to Brynnlaw, Dungeon Crawl...) integrate well and/or have to be actively sought out, which I consider the standard for a good BGII mod considering the plethora of side quests already flying in your face in Athkatla.
  11. Seems like a case of coders on two different levels coming up with solutions to the same separately encountered issue then. Good find!
  12. Oh no, I've been promising to do this for the Solaufein mod for ages. I'm so sorry. Thank quarantine I should be able to get to it this week.
  13. You can, in WoP, and if you hae high enough stats (Charisma?) you can talk him down from becoming hostile even before taking on the other two.
  14. I never understood the need for such limitations. Just set yourself that challenge and simply refrain from doing things you know the characters wouldn't be able to do; it's immersive and great fun.
  15. @Shandyr, alright, that thread gave me a good chuckle on a miserable day. I understand you were being ironic and making fun of the SoD controversy, but they all took it at face value? (I mean, I hope so. You can never know nowadays.) Then good on you for playing both sides, and honestly if you got banned for this then you should realise it's only their loss.
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