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  1. Sadly no. He really is an utter cad.
  2. Be careful with those flaming arrows.
  3. Just wanted to say that this looks to be an incredibly exciting project Bon courage ! You might want to get in touch with Domi who a long time ago (in a galaxy not so far away) was working on a concept for an IWD2 overhaul ("Chimeras", I believe).
  4. Second that ! Thrice huzzah !
  5. I think it would be the most efficient solution to detect SoD upon installation and then simply move the respective talks of impending doom slightly further down the line (into SoD). Not perfect, but in lieu of someone willing and able to replicate Domi's characterisation probably as good as we get.
  6. To everyone their own, but I think any Dynaheir mod for BG2 would be conceptually incompatible with the tragic arc of the Dynaheir Romance. Also, there's already too few "acknowledged" NPC deaths in the Trilogy, due to the whole exaggerated resurrection business, so I kind of appreciate Dynaheir, Khalid and Yoshimo adding this touch of loss to the second game.
  7. I really like the idea of more populated areas! Count me interested. Athkatla especially always felt a bit too sparsely populated. I would suggest implementing Night/Day differences. It might be as simply as tinkering with the Extracount variable used in many areas for keeping track of no-name NPCs.
  8. It's pretty amazing that after 15 years, this mod is still in the works. If it ever gets released, you might get a Guinness entry for it. Respect for sticking it out over all those highs and lows.
  9. Iylos shouldn't necessarily offer any incompatibilities, but if you recoded some of the Balthazar stuff you might want to double-check.
  10. I personally take it to mean that we finally get all our conspiracy fantasies surrounding The Hidden, the Illithid Lair and Tazok's sewer key come true.
  11. Isewein

    Team BG

    Anyone have an idea what happened to Team BG (baldursgatemods.com). It's been down for about a week. I know that forum has been dying a slow death for a while now, but there were still some mods only hosted there. @CoM_Solaufein maybe?
  12. I really wish EET would offer the option to delay the transition into SoD. I appreciated that in BGT. It's so jarring to have the epilogue sequence and then be thrown right into Korlasz' dungeon. And it would allow us to do TotSC after defeating Sarevok, for example. I know there is this Tamoko mod, but it would work so much better and safer as a native EET feature.
  13. Aaaand now it's gone. Yikes. Hope Team BG isn't down for good.
  14. I finished a little BG2-only playthrough with Evandra last month to try out the romance (I usually play female Charnames in my longer runs). Loved the slow progression and generally low-key character of it. It feels very fitting for Elven courtship. Couldn't get enough of her interjections; both her anecdotes from Krynn and astute observations of Faerun were really interesting to read. I agree that as limited as they currently are, they are maybe making her appear a bit on the superficial side. I wish there had been more opportunities to explore those more deeply in PID, but I realise all this exposition must be rather tedious to write. Especially Suldanesselar, rushed as that portion of the game may be, could have used some more interjections qualifying her initial dislike for Elhan. I had only the vaguest idea of Dragonlance before this mod raised my curiosity, but now I almost feel like I should read those novels. So I'd say you needn't worry about it being too niche a character concept. Great idea to have her be mistaken for a Red Wizard by Minsc. Would have liked to see more of that as well - maybe from Edwin's colleague, Neera or Cowleds? It could add a nice element of humour to an otherwise rather serious mod to see her grow increasingly frustrated at it, while at the same time being too proud to relinquish her traditional habit. It would have been nice had she been able to detect the illusion in the Windspear Hills, or at least hint at it, considering how it's her specialty and all. Another minor nitpick is that I don't really like how she sometimes "translates" Elven expressions to an Elven Charname. I realise it's hard to write around it, but it breaks the Fourth Wall too easily. I would prefer if she either just used those words where their meaning is apparent in context, or if there was a lovetalk acknowledging and discussing the differences between Faerunian and Krynn Elven dialects. (Heavens, that makes me sound incredibly geeky.) I didn't mind that the actual romance didn't start until ToB - to the contrary, actually. One particular scene I don't wish to spoil was really incredibly, well, romantic, and this is coming from a bit of a cynic here. It made me feel invested in Charname's future, and after having had a peek at the epilogues, I'm really glad for him that he made the choice he made. I fail to understand the criticism levelled against the voice acting above - I thought it was absolutely phenomenal. Of course the technical quality won't be on a professional level, but the delivery absolutely is! It's really great that you included more than the usual soundset as well. Some voiced interjections really made Evandra come to life. The one before the final fight against Irenicus was nothing short of epic. In general, Evandra sounds sufficiently distinct from Isra that I wasn't quite sure initially whether you recorded it yourself again. Do you have acting experience or just play a lot of P&P? Honestly, I can only say it with Xzar's words - your voice is ambrosia. As with your other mods, Evandra demonstrates that you really have a talent for bringing characters to life who sport a unique and interesting background while still being as relatable and human (in this case, well, Elven...) as it gets. If you feel inspired to work on this again in the future, I would absolutely love to see the Spelljammer Drow quest expanded a bit more. I think it's great when NPC mods tie into lose ends of the original game, and you show how well you are able to do that with the Jysstevs in the Isra mod and the Solamnic Knights here, but as it is the Spelljammer questt felt a bit bare-bones. Why was Philomena kidnapped in the first place? How did she manage to escape and hide at the gnomes', who fear the Drow so much? Shouldn't Evandra be more shocked to find a compatriot in such an unlikely place, and one she happens to have encountered before at that? How on earth does my Charname even know what a Spelljammer is - I don't think that's common knowledge even in Candlekeep. I loved how you made use of the Ust Natha map though - it's my favourite in the game, and mods which extend the stay there are far too few. I also thought the character development the encounter lead to for Evandra was really well done. That aside, I cannot but reiterate that Evandra is in dire need of crossmod with Xan. They are so compatible in character that I could see them actually becoming friends. I'm sure you don't need any inspiration for that, but if you do, I did make some notes here and there (what can I say, it's Xan). Interaction with Xulaye in the Underdark or Irenicus from Longer Road could be very interesting as well, although I realise those mods seem less popular these days. EDIT: Suffice to say, not a single other bug was found; rather amazingly. Tiny typo in quest.tra @228: too -> to
  15. It's a simple typo in the .tp2. The last block under epilogues is set to copy rh#eva4.2da twice; instead change it to ~evandra/epilogue/rh#eva.2da~ ~override/rh#eva5.2da~ for "Romance, PC ascends".
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