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  1. You can, in WoP, and if you hae high enough stats (Charisma?) you can talk him down from becoming hostile even before taking on the other two.
  2. I never understood the need for such limitations. Just set yourself that challenge and simply refrain from doing things you know the characters wouldn't be able to do; it's immersive and great fun.
  3. @Shandyr, alright, that thread gave me a good chuckle on a miserable day. I understand you were being ironic and making fun of the SoD controversy, but they all took it at face value? (I mean, I hope so. You can never know nowadays.) Then good on you for playing both sides, and honestly if you got banned for this then you should realise it's only their loss.
  4. Same here haha. Some things never change, and apparently growing older has not made us wiser. It does seem odd that a community that to me seems to consist of gamers mostly well into their adult years still goes through these episodes of college drama. I can't say I have an opinion on moderation on the Beamdog forums, but I will say that I find the general societal trend away from open discussion of issues for fear of offending people worrying, and I get the impression that this may be what drives this approach to moderation rather than Stanford Prison style corruption by power.
  5. Oh dear, but that's precisely the point. Since they were made "using sticks and stones", it is only natural that porting them to the modern instances of the engine we would also make use of modern capabilities to adjust balance and integration issues, no? Otherwise, if from the technical limitations that once shaped these mods you derive some Platonic essence of what they are supposed to be, you certainly would not want to have them ported to EET (or WeiDU, for that matter) in the first place, would you? Your slippery slope analogy simply does not apply, because the yardstick by which balance and integration are measured is not subjective player experience but the original game itself. Nobody is going to change the Tanar'Ri into Tasloi, or at least nobody who would not apply the same treatment to Aec'Letec. But then again, they could just play story mode, so I really don't see whence you derive this fear of a plot to gradually dumb down BG mods. It seems to me you are mistakenly projecting professional industry trends on the modding community.
  6. I hadn't really been following this, but it's a real shame that we will likely never see a continuation of the intricate worldbuilding and narrative build-up which was fostered over so many Dragon Age titles, especially after the wonderful swansong that was Trespasser. It seems that the naysayers were completely right after all, as the pattern pointed out by K4thos should have made apparent to everyone from the start, I suppose. I can't say I enjoyed the mechanics in DA2 or Inquisition at all, but as interactive films they worked so, so well, and I'm confident that was 99% due to the Whedonesque characters of writers like Gaider. I don't really see any developer taking up the character driven, escapist semi-RPG that has worked so well for Bioware any time soon. And even if they did, it gets tedious getting into new worlds again and again. Thedas had to overcome that same suspicion initially, but proved itself by just being a really solid and interesting setting to explore. I pray they don't turn it into another cash cow MMO, but I have some premonition that is precisely what they are going to do.
  7. Hm, the only nice thing about this is that the "shitforbrains" insult just parses as tail-for-brains for me. Really, can't we keep our insults D&D style, at least?
  8. I for one would never think of installing DSotSC or NTotSC without these balance improvements (and from what I recall from my last playthrough, there are still some encounters / items I would like to see nerfed further). This is not because I do not enjoy tactical challenges (we have the vastly superior SCS for that nowadays), but because gameplay and story integration into the original game are completely messed up otherwise. In my opinion, these pre-WeiDU mods actually trivialise the game when a random orc horde provides for more of a challenge than Sarevok and his goons, and moreover the uber loot of that orc horde would make Firkraag envious. That is why not only encounters, but also items are nerfed. I appreciate the concern for author's intent, but at some point you have to take into consideration that a) modding was, well, non-modular back in the day so you had to combine quest and tactics mods, while today we can easily chose to focus on either and b) strictly speaking, the author's intent was neither for the mod to be ported to BGT, EE, etc., and there is nothing stopping people from installing Classic BG1 and original DSotSC if that's what they prefer. As Jastey pointed out, you could also just raise difficulty to insane (but please leave nerfs enabled on D&D rules!). So please, Jastey, keep to your current design philosophy which creates a more smooth experience between all the elements of a megamod, and thank you for all the hard work put into NTotSC!
  9. This is working as intended. I personally think it a wonderful end to his arc narratively, and also quite convenient practically considering the number of ToB-only NPCs one might want to free up a spot for. Imagine, he has the real chance to finally be safely reunited with his one true love, after concluding every and all outstanding business he had on earth (his own revenge and aiding Charname's) - why would he not choose to do so? SPOILER: The way to keep him for ToB is either by romantic attachment or by resurrecting Deheriana. Either require some specific decisions, but honestly I think you are fine - just accept as a nice surprise for your game. If you REALLY wanted to you could probably tinker with some variables to enable him and Deheriana in ToB.
  10. Ah, I knew I played a nicely done Bladesinger back in the day! Thank you for the resurrection! Any chance we could see a resurrection of the resurrection, i.e. does anyone still have this mod in pristine form?
  11. Do my eyes deceive me? This reads too good to be true. It seems virtually everything I was hoping for in a BG1-after-Sarevok mod is included, plus some continuity enhancements - those are always welcome! It sounds terribly complicated to code, and I cannot begin to imagine how much work you put into this. What a wonderful present for the new year, new BG!
  12. Is this patch gone for good / do you have any plans of incorporating it into the mod, Kish? I love NPC Strongholds!
  13. Ah, just found out this one has not been updated for EE yet. Do you think it is, as K4thos mentions above, still save to install on EE ? I would rather not miss the alignment corrections, and the new Rhynn Lanthorn component sounds great! I remember this being talked about in ancient history during the inception of UB.
  14. A Barkspawn for Baldur's Gate! Between him, Afaaq, Solaufein and a familiar the old GemRB dream of ten party members has finally been fulfilled.
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