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  1. You should try the DDrawFix if you are not playing the gog version (in which I believe it is included by default). Otherwise consider foregoing the widescreen mod. I found it not quite worth the screen flicker and lag issues it caused.
  2. I hope it's temporary... but I'm getting nasty 403 errord trying to follow any link to the forum. Really hope it's not lost for good. Should have done a backup long ago. Does anyone know what's going on?
  3. NPC Stronholds has some remaining bugs, but none of them gamebreaking. I'd say it's well worth the effort. A much more organic way to experience all the content than multi-strongholds for Charname.
  4. Balduran's Seatower is not out of beta yet, so I wouldn't expect this for some time as Jastey writes above. Rome wasn't built in a day.
  5. If you do want to give character mods a try, I heartily recommend Kulyok's NPC pack. The writing is lovely and blends in quite well with the tone of Icewind Dale. They are also relatively customisable with regards to their classes.
  6. That'd be hilarious. I can see Eldoth taking undue advantage of the situation. This all sounds great, by the way! I wish I wasn't so busy currently. Can't wait to give BG another go (and am cheekily hoping this mod will be out of beta by then!). Currently I'm stuck in The Temple of Elemental Evil, which I had never played before but is actually quite enjoyable despite its reputation.
  7. I thought it was rather that those around us became prettier...
  8. What a perfect Christmas present! Thank you for your indomitable efforts. The quests sound lovely. Will probably take a while until I get to them, though...
  9. Are you playing EET? If you have the Xan BG2 mod installed, then yes, he will rejoin you in Athkatla as intended. Custom characters or mod NPCs who have not been updated for SoD will remain in your party, but will naturally feature no content for SoD, so you might as well give the new additions a try. That also helps balance out the inflation of experience over the course of the trilogy.
  10. A spear seems much more fitting for him, in terms of flavour. Elves of Shilmista are not known to fight with halberds, and it is an unwieldy weapon for a hunter anyway. It's a question of game design whether balance should be prioritised over coherence. Personally, I think that the logic of "there's a lot of halberds in BG:EE, so Kivan should be proficient with them" which seems to have led to the EE change, or even alternatively "Kivan's halberd miraculously looks like a spear" is a bit circular.
  11. Absolutely. Make sure to take her along to the Underdark.
  12. I'll give it a try and let you know if I manage to do it - can't seem to be able to find instructions for Kit mod adaptation though, so will have to rely on trial and error.
  13. So it seems like this game is actually no vapourware. Who would have thought! I can't lie, the whole unskippable advertisement coupled with paywalled forum shenanigans of BWL always did seem rather dodgy to me. So I never really looked into the plans for this game (talk about advertisement annoyance...) - but now that it appeared on my radar it actually looks extremely promising. Note to self: Listen to Finch more and don't judge a book by its cover. Has anyone backed this / been involved with its creation process?
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