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  1. Here is my WeiDU.log. I am not seeing anything that pops out to me, but I am not an expert or highly experienced... thanks in advance for assistance.
  2. How can I tell if I have Tweaks Anthology in my EET run? For that matter, how do I tell what mods are installed? I installed with EE Mod Setup Master and installed a goodly bit for this run but certainly don't remember exactly what.... But, I suspect either I am not or it is not set properly simply because I capped at 8M....
  3. Greetings - first if this question is in the wrong place, please let me know where I should post it. I am running an EET playthrough with Sandrah (Dual class F/C) and <Charname> (Triple Class F/M/T). I got toward the end of SoA and saw that my XP has capped out at 8Mil. I really want to uncap my XP entirely or just raise it to 20M. How do I do so? I looked at EET Tweaks and saw that it has an XP cap limiter and don't know what the default is in that. I opened up the XPCAP.2DA and found the following: 2DA V1.0 20000000 VALUE SORCERER 20000000 MONK 20000000 MAGE 20000000 FIGHTER 20000000 CLERIC 20000000 THIEF 20000000 BARD 20000000 PALADIN 20000000 DRUID 20000000 RANGER 20000000 FIGHTER_MAGE 20000000 FIGHTER_CLERIC 20000000 FIGHTER_THIEF 20000000 FIGHTER_MAGE_THIEF 20000000 MAGE_THIEF 20000000 CLERIC_MAGE 20000000 CLERIC_THIEF 20000000 FIGHTER_DRUID 20000000 FIGHTER_MAGE_CLERIC 20000000 CLERIC_RANGER 20000000 but that seems to indicate that the XP cap should be 20Mil, and I am clearly capped at 8Mil per character (split across dual class characters in the case of dual or triple class toons). Is this the right place to be looking? It sort of looks like not. Any help or recommendations would be most appreciated.
  4. That worked, Jastey - thanks so much. Poor Minsk stuck in that cage so long....
  5. First, is this the right location for the following question? If not, where would the right place be? Playing an EET playthrough with Sandrah. Main party consists only of Sandrah and <Charname>. I'm in SoA, chapter 18. Part of the Sandrah quest is to join with Shauhana and in her quest, she need to have Minsk join the group. Note, I left Minsk in his "cage" in the start of SoA. My understanding is that he should be in the Copper Coronet in the Slums. But he is not there. I have looked all over Athkatla (the main city) and even went back and checked in Nashkel and the Friendly Arm Inn too. No Minsk. Any hints as to where he might be or how to "summon" him via console? Thanks in advance for any assistance.
  6. Doing an EET playthrough with Sandrah. In SoA, just got back from Underdark, and sent on quest up north. Came back after completion and Called to Elminster where told that Mystra has been kidnapped by a powerful sorceror (Xephistagoras). Note I have never gotten this far with a Sandrah playthrough so not familiar with this questline... So, group is sent to fight Xeph - very tough fight but I finally survived and thus have Charname, Sanrah and Imoen all whacking away on him for 10+ min. All his buffs have run out that I can see, and he is not casting any more spells. Yet he will not die. Tons of HITS but nothing does damage. Tried +5 weapon (I have one axe), Magic spells, nonMagic weapons, pets, etc. Nothing does damage to him. I picked up Mystra's Bust off of the container in the ground, but it seems to be un-useable as a weapon or potion, nor it is wearable. I have tried speaking with Mystra, no go. I have tried leaving the room, no go. Seems I am stuck... and no clue even what add-on I am working through or if this is part of the Sandrah Saga (my belief). In my reading of Adventurer_Journal_Eroan's Journey he discussed this battle but simply says after he (Xeph) fell, Sandrah and her goddess had a conversation about the events. So, in the end, I <control>Y'd and killed Xeph and then Sandrah had the conversation with her goddess. Long and short, I suspect a bug and thought I would report it. Thanks!
  7. Ahh.. thats the step i missed. Thanks for the accurate and most helpful answer, Jastey! Much appreciated!
  8. Working an EET runthorugh with Sandrah. Working on NTotSC, trying to get to Salamander isle, cleared out Northnern Citadel, Avery and company all happy. In the Northern Coast, spoke to the skipper to told me to go to Nadalin. Check Journal and it has entry "Symbol of Helm" and describes how key is far to the NW for safekeeping, etc. When I go to the boat just south of the caves (which I have cleared), I see either a single carrion crawler or nothing - no Nadalin. I have also gone to wood of the dead and acquired the sword of Ghotal... Not sure if I missed something or if this is a bug... thoughts/assistance would be most appreciated!
  9. Good point - I think you need to be in chapter 2 or 3. But for me, he was there in chapter 1, and I talked to him - he said something about needing either get to nashkel or clearing out the nashkel mines. I personally was in chapter 4 or 5 when I went to IWD.
  10. Note - Churin is not inside the FAI - he is outside it in the courtyard of the castle. And nope, when I went to IWD I had all my gear and when I returned, I again kept all my gear, including all the new stuff from IWD. It is a very nice, seamless addition to EET. I just completed the IWD playthrough. After I defeated the final "bad guy" and IWD playthrough finished, I was automatically teleported back to the Ulgoths beard Inn where I dialoged a bit with Maladernoth. Thus IWD is done for me on this playthrough. Well done and quite fun! One issue/question though - Sandrah got two items and <Charname> got one item put in inventory during my IWD playthough and each of these items are "Stuck." When I click on the items in inventory, I get the dreaded "This item cannot be removed." The two items in Sandrahs inventory are The Storming Shield +3 and the Celebrants Blade - and the item stuck in <Charname>s inventory is a set of red plate armor named "Bathed in Blood." Is there a program recommended that would work with EET that allows character modification so I can either delete these items or just setting each of their flags to "removeable" or some such? I tried EEKeeper with no luck.... Ultimately the game is still quite playable but it would be convenient to get the inventory slots back. Thanks!
  11. Actually, I went back and played another toon and found my own answer. In the courtyard outside of the Frendy Arms Inn (but inside the castle area) is an individual called Chruin. He tells you you need to head north and to contact his friend Maladernoth in Ulgoths beard. You go to Ulgoths beard, and inside one of the back rooms of the Ulgoths beard Inn is Maladernoth. You talk to him and after a conversation, you are teleported to IWD.
  12. As of 9/1/2022, I just installed EET (using the EE Mod Setup Tool) with the IWD add on. Running with the Sandrah mod and most other major mods also. My question is twofold - first, how do you start IWD? Secondly, is there a certain point in the game during which I cant start (too early and/or too late)?
  13. Fantastic. That fixed the issue directly. Thank you most kindly for your timely response! CaptEHCJ
  14. I started over and it worked the 2nd try. No idea what I did wrong the first time. <shrugs>
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