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  1. Official release for version 2.0 which brings the following enhancements: Corrected attack scripts (only noticeable on Insane difficulty). Corrected Phiuhls to no longer be undead. Created new bone fiend creature instead of using the existing cre.
  2. Thank you. Per our discussion on the G3 discord, the warning you're seeing was resolved with v13.0 of the scripts.
  3. You'd have to update the FW spell to apply a spell state and then have the scripts check against that spell state. It's probably possible to use an existing spell state if one exists for poison weapon as I'm assuming a person won't be capable of casting poison weapon and FW on the same character.
  4. Official release for version 13.0 which brings the following enhancements: All Games Fixed bug with the scripts overwriting player commands. Improved Haste issue may not be from SCS. Checking in a different manner to correct issue. New system using EEex to track spell cast cooldowns. Corrected bug with use of both Melf's Minute Missiles and Black Blade of Disaster.
  5. No idea regarding compatibility. I would not recommend installing this after item randomizer as there is a chance Forgotten Armament would then overwrite an item that randomly gets moved.
  6. I played with my scripts in IWDEE and it was good. I doubt SCS would cause any issues.
  7. You should be fine installing it as part of your current run.
  8. When I made Forgotten Armament a year or so ago, your mod was not one I used but one I ensured compatibility with. Here are the locations for all net new items I add: https://github.com/Gibberlings3/Forgotten-Armament/blob/main/ITEM-LOCATIONS.md This lists the items coming from IWD and the .cre/.sto files they are attached to: https://github.com/Gibberlings3/Forgotten-Armament/blob/main/forgotten-armament/components/add_items_iwd.tpa This lists the items coming from NWN2 and the .cre/.sto files they are attached to: https://github.com/Gibberlings3/Forgotten-Armament/blob/main/forgotten-armament/components/add_items_nwn.tpa
  9. With the updates to the new item adds and SoD imports, are you going to be doing any checks to ensure compatibility with other mods that do the same?
  10. I just did an experimental push of these scripts to my git which should enhanced spellcasting cooldowns thanks to the power of EEex. I do not have the time nor setup to run a test, but for those willing to give it a shot I'd appreciate any feedback on script performance. If you do test, items that I am curious about: I'm calling lua more frequently with the update, so I'm looking to see if there is any lag or delay caused by more lua calls (I am not expecting this, but need to confirm). Ensure spells are not being queued up by the scripts until the spellcasting cooldown is expired and the spells can be cast without cooldown delay. Any overriding of the player chosen spell or ability (I have weeded most of this out, but need to ensure it doesn't creep back in). Thank you!
  11. I would recommend using long duration buffs if you don't want Rage used. Its a prebuff, and I don't want to waste time in a tough fight throwing that up at the start when I really need to be using a Whirlwind, Hardiness, Dispelling spell, etc.
  12. I'd refer you to the IESDP for scripting specific questions and tell you to look at SpellRES() for your questions on spells without symbolic names. https://gibberlings3.github.io/iesdp/scripting/actions/bgeeactions.htm Shield grants protection from magic missile while ghost armor doesn't. I'm guessing I don't have checks for both Black Blade and Melfs missiles in place. I recommend using one or the other in the interim. I prefer to be conservative with spell use and only use one of the shields active at a time with preference to Fire Shield (Red).
  13. You can search for spells via near infinity and it will tell you the full spell name the scripts use.
  14. Official release for version 1.4 which brings the following enhancements: Added Chinese translation courtesy of yoshimo0417.
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