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  1. Olvyn seems to have issues with v2.6.6, so again, out of scope. For SCS hotkeys, it's a cool idea but I want my mod to be reliant on itself and not dependant on another one to work. I'm guessing (I haven't personally checked, just a hunch) SCS requires any mod using it's hotkeys to be installed before SCS which is contradictory to how my mod needs to be installed.
  2. @Endarire as previously stated, Olvyn spells will not be included in my scripts. It requires EEex which is unsupported by the current beamdog patch version 2.6.6.
  3. @Endarire @Maderez I'm looking into options for both of your comments. Regarding hotkeys, I'm looking at using an ini file where players can set the hotkeys before installing my mod. Regarding potions use, I'm looking at doing something similar to how SCS allows users to fine-tune difficulty in game through use of an ability/dialogue. I added setting options to the ini file that players can set before installation of the mod. This can include settings like: no potion use during pre-buffing and allow basic-ai to auto-attack enemies. Please let me know if there are any additional settings that people would like to see included.
  4. Sure, that works for the hard coding in the game, but that doesn't have any impact on keybindings within a script.
  5. I would love for a way to allow the user to assign a hot-key to pre-buff or go into turn undead mode; however, I do not know if such a thing is possible within the EE games. Additionally, the topic of using "shift+key" was discussed earlier, and if memory serves, is not possible to do within the EE engine.
  6. The easy solution for consumable items is don't have consumable items in the quick slots that you don't want the scripts to use. When you are ready for the potion of heroism, fire resistance, or strength enhancing to be used, then throw it in. I personally load up my quickslots with wands (which my scripts don't use), healing potions, and potions that remove poison. For the keybindings, I think "B" (for buffing) does align better than "D". That will be an easy enough change throughout my scripts to update going forward. That can definitely make it into my next update. I have tested, and my next update will allow players to customize their hot buttons/keybindings for pre-buffing and constantly turning undead by updating the enhanced-powergaming-scripts.ini file.
  7. Thank you. One note when playing with mods using bgee and sod is you'll need to install dlc merger. Mods will not work without this installed first.
  8. Updates to the scripts should be coming out in a day or so. Once released, they should work for you without needing to purchase sod.
  9. The updates I'm working on will resolve the issue you're seeing. The script is trying to reference a dialog file that doesn't exist (I made the incorrect assumption that sod was installed on all bgee games). Regardless, the update will allow the scripts to work without sod present.
  10. Are you running sod with the install? I'm updating the hover text which should resolve any issue you are experiencing. As such, I have Russian and soon (thanks to @Cahir) Polish translations for this mod. If anyone is interested in helping translate into additional languages, it would be greatly appreciated!
  11. @Endarire it appears the changes I made to Resurrection causing it to not cast healing spells on newly resurrected players is causing the issue. My guess is there was a change either from v2.5.x to v2.6.6 or something to do with Olvyn making an update. Either way, it should install now without issue.
  12. Official release for version 5.4.1 which brings the following enhancements: All Games Removed changes to Resurrection spell from previous release. The previous changes appears to be conflicting with older EE installs and/or specific mods.
  13. @Endarire is the weidu log above from the one that was successful/minimalistic, or was that the unsuccessful one? Also, what mod is mespells from?
  14. It will replace the scripts for summoned Deva and Planetar only with my scripts. Fiend scripts will be left alone. So while you may bring a friendly celestial in to aid you (that may also be prebuffed like the rest of your characters), enemies can also summon celestials that will attack you. I'd like to think the enemy ai is now more aggressive, so just an FYI because it can increase the difficulty.
  15. Thank you! I think players will see a big improvement with the healing for these!
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