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  1. I also noticed after the install it reclassified everything in eekeeper. Halberts were showing as longswords, and clubs were listed in different item types, etc. Completely made it impossible to navigate items and actually find what I was looking for.
  2. @argent77 Good find! I will look at getting your addition added to the hotfix to keep it all in one place. In the interim, for those that do not want to use Near Infinity to upload the code, you can simply join the bandits and they will take you to the bandit camp. Edit: The hotfix is updated to include this change.
  3. Going through Unearthed Arcana now, and so far I've incorporated Song & Silence and Tome & Blood. Currently going through Faith and Powers, which is a lot. Definitely a lot to get through. From there it's going to be focusing on Might & Guile then the additional DSotSC spells.
  4. I think this was addressed in the main thread, but were you able to get it working by placing the hotfix in the correct folder before the install?
  5. @subtledoctorThank you! I've started going through and identifying and mapping out where changes will occur. Most seems like easy changes (i.e. updating detect invisibility to ignore non-detection, and adding invisibility Purge to wizards to replace dispel illusions). Just taking some time, but progress is being made.
  6. Do spells/abilities from unearthed arcana replace, work in tandem, or don't work with other spell mods? I.e. would there be conflicts with IWD spells, DSotSC spells, etc.? How much does unearthed arcana change base spells/abilities?
  7. I am thinking of ways to incorporate more spell mods into the scripts, and I think I may have a solution. It would require rewriting most of the existing weidu code, but I think it will be more scalable to adding more spell mods as well as mixing spells together between different spell mods. What are one or two spell mods that people are playing that are not already covered by the scripts that you would like to see added?
  8. Updated scripts are live. Below are the following changes made to improve the scripts: Updated spell tracking for both Minor Globe of Invulnerability and Globe of Invulnerability so they are now tracked separately. This allows for better spell determination on what can be cast on or against a player. Added Black Blade of Disaster for pre-buffing and in-combat casting for non-SR versions of the scripts. Added BETA for enhanced ai scripts for summoned celestials. I have the ai scripts for summoned celestials as BETA since I will be doing further playtesting on them; however
  9. I see spell revisions completely revised planetar and deva spellbooks, so I'll have separate scripts created that are optimized for SR. I should have the scripts ready today to get into the testing phase. Hopefully I can get some positive results in my testing and release shortly after.
  10. As far as next steps with these AI scripts go, I am currently working on developing an enhanced AI component for (Fallen) Planetar and (Fallen) Deva. I've been unhappy with any other versions of the AI for these summons, and I am hoping to see a big improvement of how they act as a friendly summon or as an enemy combatant. Right now I am in the process of scripting and haven't even begun doing any testing yet. After that is completed, focus will be on stabilizing the current release by adding any new features/correct bugs (i.e. v2.6 removed all spell tracking for Minor Globe of Invulnerability
  11. @Kentoto Thank you for the feedback! I made these with v2.5 (now v2.6) compatibility, and sadly v1.3 is missing one of the biggest checks available that helps run ai scripts. With CheckSpellState trigger missing, there is no way to make it compatible with earlier versions like the one you are using without a complete overhaul of the scripts. I appreciate your interest in the scripts, and if you do upgrade to a current version of the game, I hope you give these another chance.
  12. I think you can just start a new game in SoD directly.
  13. Thank you so much for the kind words! I am so happy you enjoy them!!
  14. For taking over 2+ years to release patch v2.6, I was a little underwhelmed by what was actually delivered. I'm intrigued to see all that was changed within splprot.2da and see more of what was actually updated.
  15. @subtledoctor edited my initial post for clarity, sorry about the confusion. I think the ALTER_EFFECT tried to update the spell, but because it could not find opcode 232 it threw the warning on install.
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