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  1. Thank you for the compliment! For best results, you should start a new game. Install order with those two mods should'nt matter.
  2. The current code for Mordenkainen's Force Missiles doesn't work correctly with higher level versions of the spell. Starting at level 13, the projectiles don't animate properly. After much testing I found the source and a fix: (edit: I found a second fix after I posted this) 1. The reason for the break is that there is a gap between the first two projectiles in the sequence and the rest. In my testing with BG2EE 2.5 the first two projectiles are added as numbers 345 and 346, then 347 is skipped and it picks back up at 348. Even manually assigning them, or changing the LPF ALTER_SPEL
  3. Heya folks, I just wanted to post an update that I am still working on the next version at a steady pace. I plan for 1.3 to be my piece' de la resistance for this mod. I know there are plenty of you just itching to play the new version, and while I do wish I could hurry it along and just get it out for you all, perfection takes time, so please be patient. I know it's been a long time coming. When I first set out, I just wanted to do an item mod, but starting with 1.3, I want this to be "THE" item mod for BG2/EET. Whether or not I accomplish that remains to be seen... but dammit I'm gonna tr
  4. @Jastey That did the trick, thanks once again for helping this old man learn this stuff
  5. Thank you Jastey! I will give this a shot. I was in the "trying to get it working" phase, so I hadn't added my prefix yet I am beginning to understand dialogues and scripts more, but still pretty green with them.
  6. I am working on an update to SoD to BG2 IU, and I wanted to have one of the new items I am bringing in crafted by Taerom Thunderhammer in Beregost using the dialogue for ankheg shells as a guide. The problem is I cant seem to get the new dialogue to trigger, even though my party meets the conditions (as far as I can tell anyway). My goal is to get him to create a remorhaz shell helm (imported from IWD) Here is the code in the .d file I am compiling. It appends to the existing taerom.dlg just fine, but I just cannot get it to trigger. I am sure I am missing something, I just cant f
  7. That's very flattering! However it's not really in the scope of this mod, since it's already been done. I think you will be rather pleased with the next update though. Stay tuned!
  8. Cahir, I think you will like what I've done once you see the finished product
  9. The EET stuff I am doing is nothing like this. You won't miss anything by not using this mod with EET, nothing meaningful anyway. The EET stuff I am doing has more to do with fleshing out itemization to provide a different, more fun experience.
  10. There isn't an "overemphasis" on EET compatibility in the next update, and it will never be so. This mod will always be focused on the BG2 portion of the game moreso than anything else. What I am doing though, is for EET fans, I am expanding the mod to add more content into EET that is carried over from BG to BG2 for a consistent and fun experience. You will not miss anything by not playing EET. Once you all see what I am doing with the update, it will make sense
  11. I've considered the Helm of Balduran, but quite frankly it's already damned good as it is, and to me, it almost feels blasphemous messing with any of Balduran's items. One of the big considerations I keep in mind when making any upgrade for an existing item is that I want to try to stay away from making something the end-be-all item of it's type, and upgrading the helm to any meaningful degree would end up putting it in that category, imo. For Daystar, your wish was granted a loooong time ago. Weimer's original Item Upgrade mod has an upgrade for it: https://weidu.org/ite
  12. Boy did I miss this one by a longshot...... Sorry for the very late answer, but yes, there is a component of this mod that forces all of the normally importable items to be present in their usual locations.
  13. the names are in the "itm" folder insider the main mod folder. If you are familiar with using EEKeeper, that makes finding and adding items easy. I've already made the correction in the mod for the next release. Thank you for pointing it out!
  14. Nevermind, I checked the mod and sure enough, I forgot to add the Shadow Dragon Blood somehow. It is fixed for the next update.
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