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  1. At first blush, I would say that modmerge wasn't installed first. That's a pre-requisite for installing mods into SoD games.
  2. Been awhile since I've posted an update here, so I thought I would go ahead and post one. Work on the re-write continues to progress, though at a slower pace, due mostly to one bad reason, and one good reason. First the bad: laptop crapped out. I typically have a laptop and a desktop to work with at any given time which gives me a lot of flexibility in my day-to-day life. I decided to get a really nice "gaming" laptop this time around, specced even better than my desktop so I can perform all the functions I need to on either machine, giving me even more flexibility than I had prior. Hopefully it works out the way I think it will The good: I'm onto the part where I am creating entirely new items. Not planning to do a ton of these, mostly just filling in some gaps for under-represented items. I am aware there is already a mod for this type of thing, which is why this is going to be pretty limited. I'm trying to make these new items pretty unique, to boot, in terms of what they can do. At least some of them will be upgrade able as well. Even trying my hand at making a cursed item or two. This is the primary reason that progress is going much slower, since I'm doing these from scratch. It takes a good bit of creativity and thinking to come up with new, unique, stuff. It's not just copying an existing item and making a few alterations, here's my thought process when making these: What type of item is going to be - axe, sword, armor, etc... What I can make it do that hasn't already been done, and isn't too powerful for the games and where I want to place it within. What name and description I should give it that makes it interesting and alludes to what it can do, and explains why it can - This is the most time-consuming part for me, since whatever backstory I give something, I try to make sure it makes sense within both the lore and era of the games, and doesn't just sound lazy or slapped together. Making it work the way I intend it to - Second toughest part. Lots and lots of testing and adjusting here, and if I can't make it work the way I want due to limitations of the game engine, or my own modding skills, I have to go back to to square one. Creating new icons, visual effects, and sounds as needed. Once done here, I move onto the item upgrades component. Planning on doing a mix of leveraging existing NPCs for some, and creating a new NPC for others. Never created an entirely new NPC like this, so we'll see how it goes!
  3. After feedback I received and further consideration, I've decided to drastically alter what I am doing with IWD items, since other mods deal with those. I am going to be importing a few cursed items from IWD to do something interesting with. Other than that, my focus on any additional items to fill out under-represented gear will be of my own design.
  4. While I do the best I can to keep my mod compatible with others, I am sure there are going to be situations where things just don't mesh well with other mods. That being said, I am currently working on a complete re-write, wherein I am focusing on better modularity of individual components, and nixing things that have been, or are currently, covered by other mods.
  5. With any item my mod imports from either SoD or IWD, there is a check to see if it's already in the game files before doing so. I try to avoid dupes where I can, though admittedly I can't account for everything without feedback and input from kind folks such as yourself. I went and checked MiH, for the IWD items that one brings in, they rename the files using their prefix, essentially creating something new. I don't usually do that unless there are conflicts. I'll probably just put in a check for that component of MiH and make IWD item component incompatible. I looked for Forgotten Armament, but it appears to have been removed and no longer available. I did see that the author is a contributor to MiH, so maybe those two mods have merged into one, no idea.
  6. Work continues on the re-write, and I've been making decent progress on the next component, which is bringing in some items from IWD into BG1-SoD and BG2. My approach to this component is to use IWD items to fill in some gaps for item types that are under-represented in BG1 and BG2 to give players more options for those slots. Same as before, really, but re-thinking, and expanding on it. I'll give some examples: In BG1, there are two Belms (which are just +2 weapons). One in Durlag's tower on the top level, and one just laying on the ground by the waterfall in Cloakwood. Seems kinda silly to me to have two of the same thing like that, so why not replace one with the Lucky Scimitar +2 from IWD? Or how about the lack of options for belts? Kinda lacking in both games, imho, and there are some neat ones in IWD we could bring into the mix. There's also some nice consumable and semi-consumable items in IWD that would be useful. The first two that came to mind were the Mummy's Tea and Philter of Purification. They both do the same thing, cure diseases, which would be a nice QoL thing to have in BG1 and 2. Those, along with some ammo items and wands that are unique to IWD I am planning on bringing in. Outside of filling gaps, there are a few unique IWD items that are in the category of what I call "semi-cursed". Items that involve tradeoffs, but aren't necessarily fully cursed. I *really* like these kinds of items since you have to give up something to get something else in return. Anything that makes the player have to think and choose, or otherwise adds to the strategy portion of the game. I am planning on bringing some a these along for the ride, too. All this time spent on these two components thus far has given me time to think on what I want to do with what will likely be the last two parts I work on: New spells and Item upgrades. So far in the spell bucket, I got a really neat idea for one new spell that I simply cannot wait to get into the hands of players; providing I can make it work the way I envision. It'll be low-level, but scalable, and may even answer a long-standing mystery. For item upgrades, that one remains a swirling mass in my head, but it's beginning to settle into what I think will be it's final form. My mantra for this mod to give you all an idea where my headspace is at: Interesting, Unique, Useful, Balanced.
  7. Thanks for the feedback. I checked and sure enough, I missed it. It's back in for the next build. Rookie mistake ><
  8. Heya folks, I've made more progress on the rework of the mod, and have another Beta for you all to try out. Here's what I've implemented so far: Component to add more importable items from SoD to BG2EE. Several new items have been added, and they now import using a similar method to the the standard SoD importables. This means that you are limited to a maximum of 33 items, one per inventory slot on the player character. This, in turn, allows me to add more importables without over-itemization. Some QoL, consumable, semi-consumable, and a few minor SoD items will import whether or not you have them in your PC's inventory as long as you import a SoD save when starting a new game. Examples: SoD ammo types, wand of water elemental summoning, bard instruments, some +1 or lesser items. 2. Optional component to force the importation of standard SoD items, whether you had them or not. If you install the first component, this will include the SoD ammo types, consumables, semi-consumables, and minor items mentioned above. Since the voidsword and hammer are mutually exclusive in a single playthrough, there are options to pick which one imports, or both, if you desire. This does not require importing a SoD save, but does require starting a new game. 3. Optional component to force the importation of the newly added SoD items, whether you had them or not. This requires the first component to be installed, and starting a new game. Options are given for the mututally-exclusive items similar to #2. This may or may not cause the game to feel like it is over-itemized for you. If it does, simply use the standard importation method. 4. Some item locations have been re-shuffled in a way that made more sense to me, especially given the new additions. Check the changelog for info on these. As always, I appreciate any feedback. As a reminder, all of these components REQUIRE STARTING A NEW GAME TO WORK PROPERLY. Sorry for the caps, but you wouldn't believe the amount of complaints I got from prior releases that didn't start new games. Daeros'_IKSP_Beta1.zip
  9. No doubt there. That's why I brought up Steam input if that's an option. It's much more user-friendly, imho, since you can save controller profiles (and even share them with the steam community), once you get a config you like for a game, you can save it, and always have it handy even if you upgrade to a newer PC, or have to reinstall things. I just wish Valve would release a new standalone steam controller based on the controls for the Deck. I've fallen in love with it's layout and capabilities. It's the only modern controller layout for me that I can manipulate d-pad controls and analog controls in a way that feels natural and comfortable. I know that's totally a subjective thing, but still...
  10. JoytoKey is probably going to be your best bet: https://joytokey.net/en/ If you are playing through steam, check out the community controller profiles for the game, that might make it much easier for you than trying to do it manually. Just enable steam input for the game from options->properties->controller and go to town. I absolutely love this feature on my Steam Deck. Makes setting up gamepad controls for PC games that don't have support (or modern controller support), a breeze. Heck, I managed to play through Ultima 6 on it this way.
  11. I have another one I wanted to run by you more experienced folks: This one involves me trying to use a new trigger to have the genie in trademeet reward a SoD scimitar in place of the normal one. Everything works, just want to see how COPY_TRANS would apply here, if it's needed, or something else altogether: EXTEND_BOTTOM TRGENI01 35 IF ~Global("BD_HAVE_SOD","GLOBAL",1) Global("K0_SOD_IMPORT_30","GLOBAL",1)~ THEN DO ~GiveItemCreate("bdsw1h08",LastTalkedToBy,0,0,0) SetGlobal ("K0_SOD_IMPORT_30","GLOBAL",2)~ GOTO 36 END EXTEND_BOTTOM TRGENI01 39 IF ~Global("BD_HAVE_SOD","GLOBAL",1) Global("K0_SOD_IMPORT_30","GLOBAL",1)~ THEN DO ~TakePartyItem("misc8k") GiveItemCreate("bdsw1h08",LastTalkedToBy,0,0,0) SetGlobal ("K0_SOD_IMPORT_30","GLOBAL",2)~ GOTO 36 END And regarding COPY_TRANS. What if all I want to do with a transaction is add a new trigger that routes to a new state that includes everything from the original, and just adds a new string to it? For instance here: IF ~~ THEN BEGIN 54 // from: 53.0 SAY #36309 /* ~Your place is here whenever you wish it, even if you do not actively serve. Remember that you remain in the gaze of the Vigilant One, and that your actions reflect upon him. Go with honor.~ */ IF ~~ THEN DO ~AddexperienceParty(35000) GiveGoldForce(1000) SetGlobal("Talonwar","GLOBAL",3) EraseJournalEntry(55617) EraseJournalEntry(55619) EraseJournalEntry(55621) EraseJournalEntry(55622) EraseJournalEntry(55623) ~ SOLVED_JOURNAL #55618 /* ~Cleric stronghold: Halting the Talon war I have served the greater law and pacified both the Talons and the followers of the Morninglord. My service to Helm has been recognized as invaluable. For now, I have been released from further service as a boon for all that I have done so far. I await to be called if need be.~ */ EXIT END What I would like to be able to do here is have an additional trigger: IF ~Global("BD_HAVE_SOD","GLOBAL",1) Global("K0_SOD_IMPORT_46","GLOBAL",1)~ which would do the below in addition to what normally happens, without any additional SAY's and such: THEN DO ~GiveItemCreate("bdblun09",LastTalkedToBy,0,0,0) SetGlobal ("K0_SOD_IMPORT_46","GLOBAL",2)~ If such a thing is even possible to do in a way that doesn't cause issues for other mods.
  12. Thank you for the feedback, Jastey. Could you expand more on what you mean on #3? I thought that I would need to have a trigger: HasItem, to check if an NPC actually has something before using GiveItem. I thought it might cause issues if I didn't. Are you saying that using GiveItem by itself is fine, even if the NPC doesn't have the item in it's inventory to give? Hell, I figured it might crash the game if it tried to give an item it didn't have. For #2 - based on your feedback, that's the one I think I will rely on the most then, unless I want the NPC to be able to use the item in combat AND give it as a quest reward, which is why I did Vaelasa the way I did. I had a feeling I would need a COPY_TRANS in there, but wasn't sure, and not sure where. I really appreciate you taking your time to explain all this to me.
  13. Heya folks, as I am working on the rewrite for my mod, I've had to change the way I did items as quest rewards for the new way I am importing SoD items to work properly. They are working as I intended them to, but I haven't done much with dialogues, so I would appreciate some feedback on how I did these to see if I made any glaring mistakes that might cause issues. In case it matters: I had my registered prefix changed to "K0" from "DTK". Having that one extra character to work with really helps more than I thought it would. Example 1 EXTEND_BOTTOM VAELASA 4 IF ~HasItem("bdbrd01",Myself)~ THEN DO ~AddexperienceParty(32500) TakePartyItem("misc4n") GiveItem("bdbrd01",LastTalkedToBy) SetGlobal("SummonDryads","AR1200",1) ~ EXIT END Example 2 EXTEND_BOTTOM UDSOLA01 161 IF ~Global("BD_HAVE_SOD","GLOBAL",1) Global("K0_SOD_IMPORT_75","GLOBAL",1)~ THEN GOTO K0SODIMP END APPEND UDSOLA01 IF ~~ THEN BEGIN K0SODIMP SAY @80003 IF ~~ THEN DO ~GiveItemCreate("bdbrd02",LastTalkedToBy,1,0,0) SetGlobal ("K0_SOD_IMPORT_75","GLOBAL",2) EscapeAreaObject("Tran2100") ~ EXIT END END
  14. Oooooohhhhhkay.... Let's just say we do things differently and get the thread back on topic.
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