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  1. I just wanted to take a moment to first thank Jastey, Mike, and all the other fantastic modders here at G3 for welcoming me into the fold with my SoD to Baldur's Gate 2: Enhanced Edition mod. Its my first major mod, and I've learned quite a lot over the last 6 months I have been working on it - largely due to the patience of aforementioned modders. I welcome any and all feedback on my mod. If you see something that broken, let me know. A better way to code my mod in WeiDu? I'm all ears. Suggestions for improvements or additions? Would love to hear them.
  2. Version 0.6.2


    SoD to BG2EE Item Upgrade is a mod for BG2:EE that imports many more items from Siege of Dragonspear into the game, placing them into thoughtful location in Shadows of Amn. The mod also has an optional component to force importation of the SoD items that a player can normally import into BG2:EE at their normal locations. Lastly, the mod also gives upgrade recipes to Cromwell and Cespenar to upgrade most of the imported SoD items. Project Page Forum Readme
  3. What this mod does: Imports more Siege of Dragonspear items into logical (to me at least) locations in BG2:EE during the Shadows of Amn campaign. They are attainable in a variety of ways – quest rewards, drops from enemies killed, shops, and containers. Includes an optional component to force all import-able SoD items to be present in their normal locations. Since the Voidsword +3 and Voidhammer +3 are mutually exclusive, a choice is given for which to import. I included this component since many players (myself included) have had trouble with these items not importing into BG2:EE properly. Adds upgrade options for the majority of the imported SoD items via Cromwell and Cespenar. All recipes are on both, so the player should not run into any issues upgrading items. Many of these new recipes require existing upgrade components within the game, keeping in the spirit of having to choose one upgrade over another for strategizing and replay-ability. In addition, I have also created a few entirely new upgrade components to fit with the theme for some of the upgraded items. I included an upgrade path for one importable item from BG1 as well, since I felt it deserved a future in BG2. Adalon now drops silver scales, correcting what I felt was an oversight. (These scales are used in some of the new upgrades.) Imports Helm of Opposition from BG1 - simply because it's fun, and if you know how to use it, it can be very useful. All of the upgrades were created with balance in mind, and most have unique effects to keep things fun and fresh.
  4. Ok, if I didn't need to match, what would the syntax look like?
  5. Grammar, I did check out your example too, but I didn't really "get" what: %max% referred to, or how exactly it was defined.
  6. Mike, I figured it out about 30 seconds before reading this . You were absolutely right, but it does pose another question: Does it matter which number parameter 2 is set to on the effect I am changing? By that, I mean would it mess up other portrait icons if the effect started with the portrait icon something common like confusion or stun? I'm just wondering is there is a "best practice" here when it comes to setting the initial parameter to be changed by ALTER_EFFECT
  7. I have been working on correcting the way projectiles and portrait icons are set in my mod to be more compatible with other mods, and I have run into a snag. I have been able to get all the projectiles working correctly, but the portrait icons are another story. I'm sure its probably a syntax issue, but I havent been able to get past it. I am hoping someone could look at the code below for one of my spells, and tell me what I am doing wrong with trying to alter opcode 142. I referenced the IWDification mod for this, but what was done there doesn't seem to be working for me:
  8. Thank you very much for your continued help on this Jarno! with your help and my own delving into .d files for my mod, I am starting to get a better grasp of how they work. I am using a .TRA file for my strings for other .d files I have in my mod, referencing them with @12345 (for example) Would it be better for this particular .d file to be done as you have it above? or something like I have below for consistency:
  9. Jarno, thank you very, very much for your help on this, I am going to work with this and see what I am able to do.
  10. Hehe, I'm happy to hear that someone thinks it's easy, but I'm still scratching my head on this one. I've located and copied over the sound files, along with the effect just to see if they would play (even if the strings were wrong), but they do not. I haven't done anything with Opcode 330 in WeiDu yet, so any examples of it's use would be helpful. for what it's worth, I cant even see how the effect references the sound files to play them.
  11. Thank you for the response Mike. I attempted copying over the sound files the effect uses to see if it would even reference those and play them, but it doesn't. Based on your feedback, it looks like making this work is going to be a hell of a challenge. I hope I am able to get it working, as it is one of the more unique and fun things that SoD added. For what its worth, the effect *does* reference those same strings in BG2EE and plays them as floating text, but as you can imagine it is totally wrong. Out of all the custom effects I have created for the items in my mod, this is proving to the the most difficult, and its just for flavor more than anything else.
  12. Greetings all. In my SoD2BG2EE item upgrade mod, I have included the jester's bracers, and I am having alot of trouble with importing it's effect of "telling corny jokes". The actual effect file is: BDBRAC02.EFF. It's a "Float Text" effect, and it also plays sound files. It has a display type of "Cynicism" Despite all my efforts, I am running into an absolute brick wall trying to bring this over to BG2EE. I would really appreciate any help with this.
  13. Thank you argent! So I assume then I would replace MY_ITEM with the item name, would the format be: myitem or myitem.itm? Also, does it matter which order I place this code in the tp2 file? Should I add it along with the other item information, or does it matter? Also, what about naming the charge abilities on items?
  14. As I am working on some new items for my mod, I am running into an issue I am hoping to get some guidance with: For weapons that have a ranged and melee component, how do I set names for each? What I mean is take a throwing axe for instance: If you right click on it, there are two icons, one named "melee" the other "ranged" for their respective uses. When I am making new items with these capabilities, they only show the name of the item, making it difficult to determine which is melee and which is ranged. I get the same result for any charge abilities on new items. I am sure there is a way to set these names using WeiDu using SAY NAME or SAY 0X##, but I cannot for the life of me find any examples of this to follow, or any documentation. I know I am probably overlooking something, but I'm just not seeing it and would appreciate some assistance. Thanks in advance!
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