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  1. Hmmm... I replaced the files with everything I got from here, and I checked ToB. The spirits at start still speak in Polish, so the voice files must be somewhere else :< The out-of-game menus are also in Polish, that really doesn't bother me, but maybe those files are somehow connected? Hm. Could the file be Dialog.bif from data maybe? I have no idea, just guessing. Ah, nevermind. Things kept borking, and old install files I had kept also borked, and I went to GoG.com and it's on sale actually. So I'm just going to buy the English version and rest in pepperonis. Thanks anyway, cheers xD
  2. Thank you a ton of kittens! I'm gonna hamster those away somewhere, since it seems that I will never be free of this game. I honestly thought last time was the last time... but apparently 40 or so times is just not enough for a decade... or so <counts... got BG1 when I was 10, mom tried to take it away, because Sarevok starting video was brutal... she failed... 14 years. 14 years of Baldur's Gating. Holy pig >
  3. Hey guys, So I don't know if anyone could help me, but if you could, I'd be grateful. A while ago my Throne of Bhaal CD refused to cooperate (well, it was OLD, granted). Last time I installed it from Polish version (first I owned, I got English later, non-pirated, it's where I started to actually learn English properly ), but it was horrid with partially English text (from mods), Polish sounds, and generally a total bloody sausage. So this time I thought - maybe I could ask someone here to copy and upload somewhere the English files from a clean install of ToB? *NOT* Enhanced edition. I use a ton of mods, and I doubt they're all compatible with that, are they? So, voices and dialog.tlks. I don't think there's anything else needed, right? Would anyone be so kind? Thank you very much either way! <i wanted to post you a cute puppy picture, but forums don't trust me, so, alas, it's all up to your imagination>
  4. Yay progress What I'd really like to see would be some list of what's-done-what's-to-go since your last was updated... HOLY COW 7 years ago?! What, how is that possible This forum must LIE, I haven't been here lurking for 7 years, c'mon...
  5. Soooo, since G3 is back, how about an update on that occassion? ^^
  6. Hah, welcome back ^0^ Time to whine in the Aklon forums for some updates then >
  7. I guess I won't make it without playing BG until Aklon comes D: The urge is rising and he doesn't seem close to be finished :< (I need both SoA and ToB to play it!)
  8. Oh my, the most hilarious and unexpected mod I've stumbled upon! Where did you get the idea?
  9. Sorry to butt in on this small off-topic of yours, but this topic has kinda irked me for a longer while, so I have to Over half the human population gets a period. It's ridiculous when people try to put a shame-tag on it. And then there are poor girls who can't go to the drugstore and buy pads/tampons because they're too ashamed of the most natural thing happening to their bodies. And men who will tell their girlfriend to never speak of it because it makes them feel insecure or other bs. Just wonderful. I get that some characters and/or people can be those super-touchy kind and I try to respect that (with difficulties, admittedly, when it comes to humans [written characters are of course another thing]), but that is no reason at all to criticize this mod like this and to call it creepy is just silly There are creepy things in this world that people do and that are not evil or harmful to anyone. I've seen them, I've heard about them. And seriously, painting a man's nails is a creepy fetish? I wonder what you'd say about those other things Wikipedia "fetish" if you want a mild pre-taste.
  10. Oooh I love this topic! Kudos to you <3
  11. I can't sing well enough for it to be beautiful, sadly. Not yet
  12. I've been doing voice overs for various projects before, this reel is just the lines I've had recorded previously sticked together and some background music added Not that much effort there. Just so you know, I can't speak without this accent, I can only make it more prominent
  13. Hey there guys, I'm dropping by to leave a small offer I love you all for creating mods to my most beloved game and I would be happy to help with voice acting for them mods. If you know of any mod that is in need of female voice acting/are a creator of one, feel free to contact me or send the modder to me! You can hear some samples of my voice here or on the other demo reel on my youtube profile. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=20RnjAUhnm0&feature=plcp Hugs!
  14. Why not love AND leash. Lemme be a weirdo I actualle came here cause I was dreaming of BG soundtrack last night and it got me SO BG hungry... And I said, next time I spend months modding and playing this game, it will have Aklon in it (cause I need to get around in life instead of playing BG for 20th time...). It's a good 'will happen, but not so soon' button for my cravings
  15. ...I'm still here. Just letting you know, I must be one of the oldest Aklon stalkers you have here I actually saw this: http://forums.gibberlings3.net/index.php?showtopic=17223 and I facepalmed at my crappy remakes. When you will get the mod done, let me know and I will do the hair properly xD Also, ages ago you asked me if I would voice Aklon's sister, if I recall right. Silly world, I actually got into voice acting a year ago, got a fine equipment now and can pronounce English fluently. If you did not change your mind over the past 3 years, I can still do that as well xD Take care and good luck with this It must be the project that's the longest under construction without dying along the way. Pretty impressive for sure, haha.
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