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    Quite a few, but for now let's say Baldur's Gate.

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  1. Yay progress What I'd really like to see would be some list of what's-done-what's-to-go since your last was updated... HOLY COW 7 years ago?! What, how is that possible This forum must LIE, I haven't been here lurking for 7 years, c'mon...
  2. Soooo, since G3 is back, how about an update on that occassion? ^^
  3. I guess I won't make it without playing BG until Aklon comes D: The urge is rising and he doesn't seem close to be finished :< (I need both SoA and ToB to play it!)
  4. Why not love AND leash. Lemme be a weirdo I actualle came here cause I was dreaming of BG soundtrack last night and it got me SO BG hungry... And I said, next time I spend months modding and playing this game, it will have Aklon in it (cause I need to get around in life instead of playing BG for 20th time...). It's a good 'will happen, but not so soon' button for my cravings
  5. ...I'm still here. Just letting you know, I must be one of the oldest Aklon stalkers you have here I actually saw this: http://forums.gibberlings3.net/index.php?showtopic=17223 and I facepalmed at my crappy remakes. When you will get the mod done, let me know and I will do the hair properly xD Also, ages ago you asked me if I would voice Aklon's sister, if I recall right. Silly world, I actually got into voice acting a year ago, got a fine equipment now and can pronounce English fluently. If you did not change your mind over the past 3 years, I can still do that as well xD Take care and good luck with this It must be the project that's the longest under construction without dying along the way. Pretty impressive for sure, haha.
  6. Progress seeing I? Awesome! Thanks for listing things too, now I know that there's truly an awful lot of things done and that sure gives hope! I guess all I can do now is wish you best of luck and let you know that I'm still out there, waiting and drooling at the thought of this mod being released (sooner or later). Have a nice day and may the work be light and all that
  7. I'm glad you're done with Imoen But actually that tells me nothing much of what's still there to do Is it possible for you to give us some "to do" list or something so we could follow the progress and see how much's been done/how much is to do?
  8. Finally got around logging in Sooooo.... any progress? *-* I don't think I can go on much longer without playing Baldur's Gate and I reaaaaally wanted to have Aklon in team next time around Don't feel pressured or anything though... right? :>
  9. Wow, haven't been here for ages, or so it seems. I'm getting my BG cravings again, but I hope I can wait untill Aklon is released to play the game again The mod seems so promising. I'm glad you haven't given up on it, I really am!
  10. Now I see I have another MOD to wait for. It's very promissing :> Good luck!
  11. Yeah!! I must say, I was really worry recently :]
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