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  1. You need a faithful companion? Someone you won't need to pay and someone who will always watch your back? Join Grey the Dog - because every party needs a friendly "woof" once in a while. Version 3 of the mod includes: -Angel's fix for c#grtoo4.itm, Lauriel's fix for c#grtoo6.itm -Changed enchanted level from c#grtoo4.itm to "1" -Proofreadings by Brokenkatana integrated Download Project Page Readme Forum
  2. Are you tired of Aerie? Would you like to try out some other cleric/mage? Or maybe you'd like to team up with the SMARTEST of gnomes? If so, then try out Quayle BG2 NPC. Enjoy his new mini-quest. If you lose Aerie in the main fight, Quayle becomes available. Decide who to save... thus who to work with. New version includes: -Many rewritten lines and talks -Banters between Quayle and EE NPCs -Additional proofreading by jmaeq -New portrait to match BG2 style -Updated .cre file - SoA -Updated .cre file - ToB Download Forum
  3. Southern Edge is a new district for our favourite BG2 city - Athkatla - available from the very start, once you talk to Gaelan and hear his offer. So if you're interested in quest mods with new areas, items and... some minor returning characters, then this mod should catch your interest. Version 2.32 fixes compatibility issues with Imoen 4 Ever mod. Forum Download
  4. Skie: The Cost of One Girl's Soul gives the player a chance to continue the Skie's plot from Siege of Dragonspear in Baldur's Gate 2: Enhanced Edition. Mod introduces a medium-length quest, a returning companion and some SoD-inspired items. It is for you to decide which of those three components you want to include in your setup. Version 3.2 introduces three new SoA interjections for the returning NPC and a portrait update. Download Forum
  5. Yvette Romance is one of the Colours of Infinity mods. It introduces a new romance option for male characters: a priestress of Sune named Yvette. Let her stay by your side and perhaps fate will guide you to something more than friendship, something Sune herself would bless. But be cautious as her past may cast a shadow upon both you and her, testing your relationship. Thanks to AGKanevchev Yvette Romance now includes a Russian translation. Forum (CoI series) Download
  6. I am happy to announce that a new modding site and forums is now open - I present to you Weasel Mods, a new place where all mods by Lava Del'Vortel may be downloaded. Along with this update, I am happy to present two new mod updates: Skie - The Cost of One Girl's Soul (which now includes a new portrait and some fixes) and AG: Southern Edge (which also includes some minor fixes). Links: www.weaselmods.net (forum), www.downloads.weaselmods.net (download) I hope you'll enjoy the new place. Thanks to everyone who's been supporting me for years now. That includes both other modders and all the players that gave my mods a chance! Also thanks to Spellhold Studios, Gibberlings Three, Pocket Plane Group and all the other modding websites out there! You rock! Lava Del'Vortel
  7. Well, Verr is quite sensitive to all kind of scents and he wouldn't like to smell dog on any armor! You know, that's a racial thing. Plus, dogs and cats need to take care of their fur differently. Otherwise it may get tangled or unkempt. We wouldn't like any of them to lose it.
  8. I can send @jastey or @Gwendolyne the most recent version of Yeslick BG2 so one of them can upload the mod, but there was a change in consideration. I wonder if it should be updated first. @Angel - I would love to see him in SoD! I hope you'll succeed. I am a bit worse when it comes to SoD portions, as there is this moving between areas/camps thing and I find it annoying to code, but when it comes to other things, feel free to send me a message. Perhaps I'll help to test a bit... depends on many factors, but... anyway, just let me know.
  9. I wouldn't be that harsh. I think there are different kinds of mods. Some are to introduce weird adventures. Other add spicy scenes and romantic content. There are characters that introduce unusual motifs. Yeslick BG2 - as I see it - add stability and while it may not look as rich as some other mods, I wouldn't say it was ever to offer unique and unusual content. It was to offer a character that will be more like a shelter from all the bizarre things that happen around Bhaalspawn. Yeslick is a solid rock. Calm. Dependable. And I think it's there, in the mod, @Pixel Kaiser, so don't be so harsh about it
  10. Oh, that wasn't my mod! The SoA part and the idea is a work of other SHS modders - Pixel Kaiser and K'aeloree. I helped to make the mod complete, wrote the ToB part. Rhaella and AionZ helped to edit / proofread the new talks.
  11. You can try. If you want to give it a shot, intall the mod, then move go to Pocket Plane and if he's not there, in front of the gate, use these code: C:SetGlobal("YYYoshimoDoomed","GLOBAL",0) There is a chance it won't be needed though. Note that if you used my Yoshimo Romance and reached advanced romnace state, he won't appear in the the Pocket Plane, but from what I have noticed, it doesn't look like you're using the romance. Cheers
  12. Lava

    Tob content?

    This is a BG1(EE). BGT, Tutu mod. AFAIK theire is no BG2 content here.
  13. Lava

    Bug Thread

    Ah, ok. I can see most interjections use InParty("KKCalin") InMyArea("KKCalin") !StateCheck("KKCalin",CD_STATE_NOTVALID) so while @jastey is right about kicking him out for a moment, if you romance him it may be a good idea to handle it differently. You may try putting him into a state in which he won't be able to talk OR you may for example use console to teleport him to a different area for that one talk and then move him back.
  14. Lava

    Bug Thread

    Or - in case friendship/romance is killed upon kick-out - make him somehow untalkable. Kill him for that moment and then bring him back (even with console) or try to keep him away from the priest, silence him... depends on what states are being checked for that talk. Maybe @jastey saw the conditions when she checked the file.
  15. I can accept lack od drider as it was introduced in IWD2, but funny thing - there is no basilisk animation in BG2... I know there are none of those in vanilla BG2, but it's unusual for these games that there was something in the first game and the resource was lacking in the second. When creating Ooze's Lounge I had to copy bams from BG1 to ensure compatibility with BG2. There was also another animation like that... just don't remember which one... Tasloi, perhaps?
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