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  1. Are you looking for new dreadful places to investigate? Do you like the chilling adventures filled with undead creatures, staring at you with their absent eyes? Hear out Seer and let him show your the way to Eyeblinker... a merchant familiar to those who played Ooze's Lounge (BG2 Mod) and who now comes to IWD EE. The quest is available later in the game and was designed for experienced adventurers. Are you ready to face a very new kind of undead? Are you ready to look the danger right into its huge dead eye? Download Forum
  2. Is there any list of action / triggers that got deleted or modified? Was that issue reported?
  3. Athkatlan Grounds mods - Southern Edge, Ooze's Lounge, Tangled Oak Isle - just got updated. All updates include better EE item descriptions by Cahir. So if you're looking for some quest mods that can expand your favourite city - Athkatla - check out this mods today! Enjoy! Download Forum
  4. Tales of the Deep Gardens, Innershade, The White Queen, I Shall Never Forget and Foundling just got updated! The new versions include better item descriptions for BG2EE. They should match original EE descriptions better. All improvements were provided by Cahir. Download Forum
  5. The mod adds a short quest to Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition. It will lead you to a dark forest, a zone of death and despair. Will you find a way to hunt down the Skineater - a powerful monster that's terrorizing the area...? And will you uncover the truth about its origins? In order to start the quest, talk to a man right after you enter Kuldahar - he's standing near the boxes outside the first shop. While the quest is available from the very start, you may need to gather some experience before you enter the new area. Download Forum
  6. Sorry, but no. I made that icon because I hate reused spell icons in mods. I may try and think how to design few icons like that, but it depends when should that happen and how many are needed. Also, it may depend on which versions are needed (only on-stone, or also on parchment and with no background for spell book?) @subtledoctor - when you have a moment, you can sent me a PM with answers to that, we could discuss creating icons for familiars.
  7. The Infinity Engine games always needed more weasels, right? That's why I've decided to create this mod. It introduces 5 weasel-themed items to BG:EE / BG2:EE / IWD:EE and also adds 4 new spells (1 arcane spell for mages / wizards / bards, 1 shared by both arcane and divine casters, and 2 divine spells for druids / shamans / rangers) which are available through both character creation and scrolls you may find during your adventures. Warning: Those who dislike weasels should should avoid this mod. Seriously, there are probably other interesting mods that suit you far more, and won't make your games smell of musk. Version 2.1 includes a Chinese translation. Download Forum
  8. The mod adds a brand new place to Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition - Below & Below Inn. Are you looking for a place to rest between the battles? Or perhaps you need some nice new items? Or maybe it's work what you actually need? It's all there! To visit the new place, talk to the writer in Kuldahar. He'll inform you where you should look for Below & Below Inn. He should be there, waiting for you to speak with him. Download Forum
  9. One of the things many find sorely lacking in the Bioware NPCs are the more complex relationships presented by modern NPC mods--especially in regards to "friendships," the relationships NPCs have with the PC when not romancing them. This specific mod adds a series of dialogues with Valygar. Version 1.4 includes Chinese translation by Merzbau. Download Forum
  10. Once an independent village located on an Isle, the Tangled Oak Isle became the part of Athkatla. As the city grew bigger and bigger, it swallowed the isle, which now can be accessed not only by boats, but also by a bridge. While Isle is by law part of the City of Coin, it kept its identity, mostly because of the isle's villagers and the symbol that unite them: the Tangled Oak that grows between houses on the isle. Also the Cowled Wizards don't seem to be much interested in what was once called Tangled Oak Village and consider those that live there quite insignificant to Athkatla as a whole, that means the islanders are on their own when it comes to solving problems and a serious one has just threatened that quiet place. Will you, the Hero of Baldur's Gate, help in restoring the isle's peace? The new public version is v1.02 and it includes many changes when compared to previous public version (v0.93). This is the final list of changes between those two versions: fixed L#NIH01.d fixed L#NIFIS.d enhanced L#NIBRI.baf areas corrections description BAMs fpr EE BP-BGT-Worlmap compatibility additional LOAD_TRA for non-EE Chinese translation by Merzbau additional testing This version should work on the old BG2, but know that this feature should still be considered a beta. Grab the mod here: Forum Download
  11. Skie: The Cost of One Girl's Soul gives the player a chance to continue the Skie's plot from Siege of Dragonspear in Baldur's Gate 2: Enhanced Edition. Mod introduces a medium-length quest, a returning companion and some SoD-inspired items. It is for you to decide which of those three components you want to include in your setup. Version 3.3 includes a Russian translation and iconv conversion. Download Forum
  12. The mod introduces many shamanic improvements to BG Series. It adds: a shamanic stronghold, a new male shaman-wraith (named Will), newly designed shaman kit (Witchlight Shaman), items for shamans and undead characters (like Will or Hexxat), few additional enemies... Version 1.6 includes a fix for journal entry script loop and a kit fix. Download Forum
  13. There are many places marked by the bitter taste of loss and death. A frozen pond, known as the Pond of the Drowned, is one such place. It screams, begging for change. Will you be the one to bring peace to that snow-covered place... or will you cause even more pain? The mod adds a new small quest to Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition. To start it, follow the main quest. Once you find a certain book, a new worldmap area will be discovered. Visit it once you're ready. Version 2.1 includes a Russian translation by tipun. Download Forum
  14. Welcome back Hephernaan, a devil known from the Siege of Dragonspear campaign. Are you ready to make a great risk and let the evil puppetmaster into your group? Can you be truly confident about his motives and plans? Perhaps, become even stronger... but can you learn how to see through his lies and promises? Or believe that he truly wants to help or does he feel amused by all the events you wade through every single day? It's your choice. Hephernaan BG2 includes "friendship" talks, new areas, items, and encounters that may feel refreshing for players that are already fed up with the original BG2 content. As this mod uses Siege of Dragonspear references, it may help to glue together SoD Campaign and BG2EE, which itself lacks references to Hephernaan's and Caelar's story. Version 1.1 includes fixes for some ToB banters and ToB friendship talks. Download Forum
  15. This mod adds crossmod content - including banters, interjections and romance conflicts - to several NPC mods for Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition, as well as serving as a hub for crossmod of future mods for IWD:EE. Version 1.2 includes fixes of some typos and variables. Website Download Forum
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