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  1. Lava

    Version 2.2 of Evandra Released

    Feed is super simple. You post the news (with a proper prefix, like G3: Evandra v2.2 Released) and just write info on what is the mod about and what is new in this version and then links to forum, download and website. The pattern is there. And ten the system does the magic, posting copies of the news at SHS and every other website that use the code of that specific feed. If you'll decide that you want to write crossmod with any of my NPCs, just let me know
  2. Lava

    Version 2.2 of Evandra Released

    Yay! You should let others know through the feed or something It's so great to see more and more from you, Rhaella
  3. Lava

    New versions

    I thought I would start a thread to use when a new version is up. So... 1.1 is here! What's new? Many things: Replaced blur effect with a combination of glow and transparency Replaced creation of a new .cre with a transfer of SoA Yoshimo to ToB. Check if Yoshimo's heart was brought to the temple of Ilmater if played both SoA and ToB (does not affect ToB-only games) Lock "Bring me Yoshimo" in the Fate Spirit dialogue. Yoshimo has his own "entrance" in ToB. Added a special race for him that should work better with his "state". Added a special effect to his soundset in ToB that should also work better with his "state". Added a dual-class option. Better check for games that also have Yoshimo Romance installed. Enjoy!
  4. An update for newly released Yoshimo’s Remorse is available. Version 1.1 includes better visuals and audio, many tweaks and improvements, as well as a brand new dual-class (bounty hunter / figher) component. Was the event at the Asylum truly the ending to Yoshimo's adventures with the Bhaalspawn? Is there simply no way to redeem himself? Yoshimo's Remorse is a mod for BG2:ToB that makes Yoshimo a playable character in Throne of Bhaal. However, he is not what you expect him to be... Prepare yourself for new adventures and talks with the infamous bounty hunter, a tormented soul that was left with nothing but regrets. Listen to him as this may be his last chance to find peace. Mod Page Forum Download
  5. They are compatible but you can't experience both romance and remorse. Romance includes events in SoA that can't be compromised with the remorse events. However you may have both there, installed. Just know that if you romance him, you won't experience the content of this mod. But if you do not romance him or start a new ToB game, remorse content will activate.
  6. We know that this idea was somewhere present in the community for a while. Continuation of Yoshimo's quite melancholic story in the Throne of Bhaal? Well... now it's true. I must say that wouldn't happen if it wasn't because of @jmaeq , who became that project's co-author. Many may have realized that Yoshimo is one of my favorite NPC. I created Yoshimo Romance. I translated Yoshimo Friendship and kept the mod (and other NPC IEP projects) updated... ...this is something new, though. It offers a bit different experience Something we hope many people will enjoy. This project does not change Yoshimo's original story, but tells the next chapter. How is it different to Yoshimo Romance then? Well, first of all, to experience new chapters of the story introduced by the Romance, you must first create a romantic bond with the NPC, while here it's something for all Bhaalspawn's to enjoy - including those not interested in romances. Also Yoshimo isn't directly present in ToB if you use the Romance, while here his presence will be much more significant. All in all, I am proud of both Yoshimo Romance and Yoshimo's Remorse, but they offer different kind of content and use quite different approaches. But hey, enought talking, right? I bet many of you would rather enjoy the mod, rather than listen to some old modder's babbling! So here it is - Yoshimo's Remorse. Enjoy, everyone! @jmaeq - thank you for taking care of the project, helping me, writing stuff, coding, testing... I am glad you are here, as a co-author.
  7. Lava

    Site and Forum Feedback

    Great! Thank you!
  8. Lava

    Site and Forum Feedback

    Probably no one cares about such details, but Calin mod is the only one with the space between forum name and its description. Thought I would mention it. Yes, I know, it's really pedantic.
  9. We are happy to announce that Minsc Friendship (NPC IEP) is now available! Grab our favorite Rashemi, his mighty friend Boo and go kick some evil butts! The mod adds talks for both SoA and ToB, works on both BG2 and BG2EE... and that's not all! Want to ask Boo some questions? Go ahead! It's now possible. And be enlightened by his cosmic wisdom! Download Forum
  10. Lava

    SHSforums down.

    I already mentioned that to Kaeloree so I bet SConrad is indeed aware of the problem.
  11. Lava

    Adding Additional Content

    Sure. My only concern is that there should be some note that it's Skie from Cost of One Girl's Soul, not my old Skie for BG2 which is a bit... crappy. Really, I am considering taking the old one down or something.
  12. Lava

    Adding Additional Content

    I mean it's been years since the G3 CBP was updated and we both wrote many new NPCs (I release like...5 NPCs since then? And there are some NPCs from Artemius and they all talk to one another) since the last update and... well, adding that would be a lot of work. I don't want to rush it. Let's see if Artemius likes the idea at all.
  13. Lava

    Adding Additional Content

    The checks would need to work both way, we once talked about it somewhere here long time ago, but also simply using the same global variables is good enough, because the global is set to a different value after one talk anyway so it won't happen twice. Anyway, I think we can wait and I would like Artemius to decide if he's fine with that and want to go that way. For the last few years we've been mostly writing those talks together, between our characters