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  1. I'm happy to announce that Yoshimo's Remorse v3.0 is now available. You're wondering what's new? Here's the list of changes: Added Polish translation by GoForTheEyes. Added Polish audio edit by GoForTheEyes. Fix by CamDawg for the bug that happened if Yoshimo suffered from permanent death in Shadows of Amn. Mod's audio structure reorganization. Additional testing. Special thanks for the translator for her hard work! Download new version today and have fun!
  2. Shades of the Sword Coast is a mod that adds new quests and enhances existing areas. The first game from the Baldur's Gate series includes many areas that introduce some empty places. This creates a chance for new stories to appear. That is the main purpose of this mod: to add new stories, new characters, new items, and many new chances for your party to show what they are capable of. What's new: The mod leaves BETA status Fixed visuals: Ormyrrs' quest Fixed area: L#HND1 flags Fixed quest: improved journal entries Fixed quest: experience for the Gardener's quest Native EET campatibility Traification Enjoy! Download Forum
  3. Walahnan is a powerful chronomancer and a man who suffers from germophobia. But worry not, he can prove to be more than useful. While his ambitions do not overwhelm those around, he certainly has some aspirations that inspire his studies. The mod does not include a romance, however, you may get an option or two to show you like him. To join him, visit Ulgoth's Beard and accept to help him with his personal quest. The mod also includes some content for Siege of Dragonspear. Download Forum
  4. Thanks for tagging me! Yeah, jmaeq may need a small break and I saw you posts so as a 2nd author I thought it would be cool to make the mod work fine and stop confusing people with that string/translation problem with new WeiDU. Thanks for your help, @CamDawg Cheers
  5. Kuldahar has its past and future. It also has its people. This mod's aim is to introduce the stories that are bound with this town and those that live in it. The Rediscovery of Kuldahar adds new quests, encounters, and shops. These are filled not only with new characters, but new areas that present new parts of the town. Visit Kuldahar again, see all the changes, take new quests and enjoy your stay under the canopy of the Great Oak. Version 1.1 includes a Polish translation by norQ and a map marker fix. Download Forum
  6. Just to confirm: I do not play EET so whenever I feel my mod is more or less ready, I am open to talk about EET compatibility and updating the mod with changes made by someone who can actually apply needed tweaks/changes/fixes and after testing. I actually sent K4thos a question if he has some time to work with me on EET compatibility for SotSC.
  7. I may be unable to look at during the upcoming days, there's so much on my plate... As for writing all those mods... I just like to tell stories. I feel I want to mention so many things, touch so many themes. It takes time, but remember I've been here for more than 10 years. And yeah, it's all time consuming, but... when you finish the story you've been working on and you know someone had fun reading/playing it and that you can say things through mods, you feel it's not exactly wasted time. Sometimes you say silly things, sometimes it's serious, sometimes it's romantic and sometimes it's all about fears. And... it's still fun. Mod as long as you know it's giving you something and there are things you think may need some attention or themes that can be fun to play with and... perhaps there's some message you want to send? You can do so many things. Good luck with your mod! Cheers!
  8. That wasn't it, however you can keep things you added here, because they (or other code that will assure text is in the right state) may be needed anyway. The bug is way simpler: you use StartStore("PEJeffy",LastTalkedToBy()) while the store you added is named PEJEFFID. So, you may need to change StartStore("PEJEFFID",LastTalkedToBy()).
  9. I also think you may also need to reload the converted tra files. An exaple from Oak-Maw NPC: ALWAYS ACTION_DEFINE_ARRAY OMnoconvert BEGIN END ACTION_DEFINE_ARRAY OMreload BEGIN OakMaw END LAF HANDLE_CHARSETS INT_VAR infer_charsets = 1 STR_VAR tra_path = EVAL ~%MOD_FOLDER%/translations~ noconvert_array = OMnoconvert reload_array = OMreload END END ALWAYS INCLUDE ~%MOD_FOLDER%/lib/functions.tph~ END Especially here: ACTION_DEFINE_ARRAY OMreload BEGIN OakMaw END OakMaw before END is the tra file being reloaded upon installation, as WeiDU must use the new version, the generated utf-8 version of the OakMaw.tra file. Just use this code and rename everything, to something like: ALWAYS ACTION_DEFINE_ARRAY JFFnoconvert BEGIN END ACTION_DEFINE_ARRAY JFFreload BEGIN dialog END LAF HANDLE_CHARSETS INT_VAR infer_charsets = 1 STR_VAR tra_path = EVAL ~%MOD_FOLDER%/translations~ noconvert_array = JFFnoconvert reload_array = JFFreload END END Make sure I haven't made some typo or something. I am going offline for now, but I hope that will get you closer to your answer.
  10. Isn't that the problem with an utf-8 file being converted with iconv? Try saving tra files in ANSI and and reinstalling the mod. If the problem disappears, it mean it's the source of the problem.
  11. Looking for some new evil companions with whom you can work with and explore the cold Frozenfar? The mod adds a new, one-weekend companion to Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition. His name is T'viy. He's a chaotic evil gnome, a little bit insane follower of Urdlen, The Crawler Below. Version 2.0 includes an updated portrait, longer breaks between talks, a voice/name/biography fix via PID, one new talks and traification. Enjoy! Download Forum
  12. The mod adds a brand new companion to Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition. His name is Tipps Rattletattle; a halfling geomantic sorcerer. Turned to stone some years ago, he now may return to the world of the living and join the group lead by the Hero of Icewind Dale. Version 2.0 includes a fixes, new portrait, one new conversation and a traification. Enjoy! Download Forum
  13. The mod adds a brand new companion to Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition - Orra, a fighter/mage/cleric. She's a woman of a honest heart, who came from a distant land of Kozakura. She values tranquillity, truth, and companionship. Listen to her stories, talk to her, and perhaps you'll become friends. The mod does not include a romantic path, which is explained in talks with the new companion. She may join you early in the game, in Easthaven. Version 2.0 includes: 6 new scenery talks, 1 new story-related PID option, a voice/name/biography fix via PID, text improvements, updated portrait and traification. Download Forum
  14. Ina, a true neutral undead bardess for IWD EE, introducing potential romance with a female PC has just been updated to v2.0. What's new in this version? New reactions to mod quests, new portrait, traification and English text fixes. Download Forum
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