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  1. Lava

    Tob content?

    This is a BG1(EE). BGT, Tutu mod. AFAIK theire is no BG2 content here.
  2. Lava

    Bug Thread

    Ah, ok. I can see most interjections use InParty("KKCalin") InMyArea("KKCalin") !StateCheck("KKCalin",CD_STATE_NOTVALID) so while @jastey is right about kicking him out for a moment, if you romance him it may be a good idea to handle it differently. You may try putting him into a state in which he won't be able to talk OR you may for example use console to teleport him to a different area for that one talk and then move him back.
  3. Lava

    Bug Thread

    Or - in case friendship/romance is killed upon kick-out - make him somehow untalkable. Kill him for that moment and then bring him back (even with console) or try to keep him away from the priest, silence him... depends on what states are being checked for that talk. Maybe @jastey saw the conditions when she checked the file.
  4. I can accept lack od drider as it was introduced in IWD2, but funny thing - there is no basilisk animation in BG2... I know there are none of those in vanilla BG2, but it's unusual for these games that there was something in the first game and the resource was lacking in the second. When creating Ooze's Lounge I had to copy bams from BG1 to ensure compatibility with BG2. There was also another animation like that... just don't remember which one... Tasloi, perhaps?
  5. I need some rest now so I can't check Yeslick, but it may need the fixes. Also... I may be wrong, but fixpack seems to be correcting the (.d file) instead of the actual line (.tra file), but I may be wrong. Aeon is dead and I won't be updating it. It was my first mod and there are only some ideas that I actually like and I am not going to rewrite 80% of the mod... I've decided to let it enjoy the eternal slumber. Rest in peace, my friend. I learned how to mod on you.
  6. Gahesh was re-worked few months ago - including the element that is being "fixed". And I have no idea what Imnesvale mod is about and I never worked on such a mod. I see you edit 1st post - I said TotDG was handled 3 years ago.
  7. Huh... that's what I've been talking about. La'Viconia no longer exists. It got a complete rework thanks to argent77 and it's been re-released with him as co-author. It's also been renamed as Viconia Revamped. So whatever is there, is no longer valid. The new version of VRevamped should be up soon as the mod is still being brushed up, but I wanted to look into one matter so it still requires some time. As for TotDG - there is just one item file there and I have no idea what's being fixed. I am resting now as I have a flu along with some temperature and comparing files isn't something I can do right now... sorry... Perhaps someone knows what's in there. Sadly - I don't. On the other note: the problem with such "fixpacks" is that original authors aren't informed about what's in there, what was found and fixed... then some people download such fixpack and can enjoy for a while, but the original mod transforms, is patched... sometimes it includes stuff from the fixpack and sometimes not, because there is a chance someone reported the problem, but sometimes such a note in the mod's forums is not being made. Then we end up with a fixpack that doesn't work with the newest version of the mod and an actual mod that does not have all the fixes. And asking a modder with a lot of released mods like Jastey or me to go and download the package in case one of my mods got something new without me knowing it... well, it's kinda unfair, as I have to take care of 30+ mods and I really barely have time for new stuff. And I am not saying that's what you doing, but saying what happens when authors are not informed about problems and instead the problems being "handled" via projects like this one. It's a pity, because it would be great if everyone could just enjoy the fix, not only those that use BWP. And yes, sometimes an update of a mod takes time, but it eventually happens. Jastey is doing some great work taking care of projects of modders that retired. Such work also takes much time... anyway, I think I said everything already. Also thanks to everyone that report stuff and people like Jastey, who adopted some projects and is always there to help. EDIT: the readme says "Repaired DGI005.ITM effects" so it looks like the TotDG thing was handled 3 years ago...
  8. Yoshimo now has it included. And the fix in BWP is for a version from years ago and the string numbers changed meanwhile - if those changes are forced, then the dialogue will be messed up. Foundling's thing isn't there, because I need to consult it first. And as you going to ask about it - no, I am not going to report it. No one bothered to report these things to me and instead released fixes without letting me know about the problems. I think I wrote about it once and now we have a perfect example: those things could have been fixed months/years ago and inlcuded in an original package.
  9. 1. I think the best idea to handle those for EE are those actions introduced in the Beamdog version of the game: 357 ForceRandomEncounter(S:Area*) 357 ForceRandomEncounterEntry(S:Area*,S:Entry*) 2. You can't upload them just like that. You may, however, ask admins to make G3 the official hosting site. To do that you should send a submission request to G3 admins. You will also gain access to uploading centre and you will be able to upload new versions whenever you want. That comes with a subforum and description on the main website etc.
  10. Yeah, but when I am looking for some new mods and wonder what I should install, I most often skim through all the forums here, as the main forum is the site I visit more often than the website. I think that may be a common thing, because here you will also see if there is some update to be released, some new opinions on the projects etc. With having only a thread, the mod may remain undiscovered. Furthermore, having one thread means feedback will be mixed with new release announcements, bug reports etc. It may be hard to find info specific players is looking for Just a thought though. I am really happy to see this mods with its own website. I just think it would be best if its own forum followed the announcement As I said, it surely deserves it!
  11. Nice! Will there be a seperate forum for this mod? Like for other projects. It would be great. There are so little SoD centered mods and it would be a pity if this one wasn't noticed by those unfamiliar with the forum structure (aka "new users").
  12. Friendship and Remorse does not affect echother, thus there will be no problems. Romance can be installed, but if you romance him and it will become advanced (have a couple of talks and not stop it from continuing), then Remorse content will be blocked - also because romantic content cause certain things to happen later in game.
  13. The idea of "keeping him both alive and happy" is nothing else but showing his doings had no consequences. He would become flat and boring. I like this character and created Yoshimo Romance, co-created Yoshimo's Remorse and translated Yoshimo's Friendship into Polish ONLY because I think he is one of game's most complex characters. The story the character tells is much more touching exactly because he has to face effects of his past deals and contracts.
  14. It should always be author's decision what to do. Perhaps it is hard to accept that, but the creator should decide how and where to offer his/her work. Nothing else to add here, sorry.
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