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  1. I'm wondering what's the purpose of that flag... I mean, those ITMs are coded to cast a SPL that turns them into broken weapons, so how does that flag work? Calling @kjeron too...
  2. A quick note for the 2-3 people (other than @DavidW and @Wisp) who use SSL: the source-code editor Visual Studio Code has an extension that supports SSL and SLB file formats (as far as Syntax Highlighting is concerned).
  3. If I recall correctly, @CamDawg forgot to update the version string to "beta 5", so the two files should be identical....
  4. @DavidW So, I went the extra mile and started using SFO (so as to complete your lecture about functional programming). I (hopefully!) managed to get the hang of it, but unfortunately some features are poorly documented / rarely used in SCS, so I'd like to ask you a couple of questions: As far as make_item and make_spell are concerned, how can I target a specific header using add_effect_inline? I was hoping for the array eff_fields to have an additional parameter (i.e., header or something like that), but that's not the case.... I mean, I don't think you're forced to do something like this, right? EDIT: Just to clarify: I'd like to match headers based on their order, i.e.: I'm looking for something like header in ordinary ADD_ITEM_EFFECT / ADD_SPELL_EFFECT ('SET header to number of extended header (starting from 1) the effect should be added to (by default the effect is added to every header'). I tried with add_effect_inline => "match=>~ability=1~ opcode=>18 parameter2=>1" // Add this effect to the first extended header only! but it's not working (i.e., the effect is not added....) Is it possible to collect something like this add_effect_global_inline'0=>~opcode=>0~ add_effect_global_inline'1=>~opcode=>1~ add_effect_global_inline'2=>~opcode=>2~ add_effect_global_inline'3=>~opcode=>3~ add_effect_global_inline'4=>~opcode=>4~ add_effect_global_inline'5=>~opcode=>5~ into an auxiliary array (like you would do when adding a brand new ability / effect, i.e.: add_ability / add_effect => auxiliary_array).
  5. So, I've just noticed @DavidW does exactly that in SCS (i.e., he changes the identifier back to WIZARD_CONJURE_LESSER_FIRE_ELEMENTAL), so @CamDawg needs to fix this issue here in IWDification...
  6. So, to sum up: As far as CharGen and level up (for Sorcerers and Shamans) are concerned, you cannot exceed 50, otherwise the spell will not appear. Instead, as far as learning a spell from a scroll is concerned, then you can safely exceed 50, you'll be able to copy it to your spell book. Is that right?
  7. Fortunately, that's not true (at least on EE games...) I've just tried with SPWI982 – DAERRAGH (note that 82 > 50) and I successfully copied it to my spell book as a level 4 spell
  8. Yeah, it goes up to 99 (the same holds for priest spells of course...). Yes, you're right, this level is almost full... Nevertheless, I'd rather use the remaining free slots instead of leaving them empty (even if it is not strictly needed, like a spell castable by enemies only...)
  9. Good point (also taking into account that 'SpellRES()', 'RemoveSpellRES()' and so forth work fine), but, as @subtledoctor said, why the need to be so drastic? I mean, there are more or less 50 (60 or even 70 in some cases) empty slots per level, so why should they be left empty?
  10. Why the need of this effect in the first place? I mean, it doesn't filter anything (EA is set to ANYONE....) Try removing it and apply opcode #232 directly to your CRE file....
  11. Do you perhaps have any suggestion/tutorial about this? I mean, I do think this is one of the most difficult part when making icons....
  12. Actually, it does seem to be possible, see below. ConditionalTargetBlock(EnemiesInOrderShort;OR(2)&Kit(scstarget,BLACKGUARD)&Class(scstarget,BARD)) Separately: I noticed there are some 'ActionCondition()'s in SCS, but are they functional? I'm asking because I keep getting an error when using them... Moreover, according to the underlying perl code, they seem to be functionally identical to standard 'Action()'s... if ($scsline=~m/ActionCondition\(/ eq "1") { extract_from_brackets(); push @action, $scsline;
  13. Did you manage to test it in the end?
  14. Technically speaking, that's how signed integers are represented in two's complement...
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