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  1. Try downloading this version => https://github.com/Gibberlings3/Divine_Remix/releases
  2. @kjeron If the external EFF were opcode #171, do you think it (and all its related bonuses if used) will be removed upon switching to another item category? As far as detecting regular launchers is concerned, I was thinking of using item type "Arrows, Bullets, Bolts". Would this be a valid workaround?
  3. Luke

    Opcode 144 Disable Button in EE

    @Avenger Nothing at 14? Yes, there's Find Traps.
  4. What about a custom value for "Remove Summoning Cap (Celestials/ordinary summons)"?
  5. Moreover, there may be issues with signed integers (i.e., all those values for which BIT31 - 0x80000000 is set to 1). For instance: LPF ALTER_EFFECT INT_VAR match_opcode = 324 // Immunity from spell and message parameter1 = 0x80110FEF // the function won't write this value... parameter2 = 138 // STATE bit_eq specified value END
  6. Luke

    IR Revised V1.2.5 (2019 April 5th)

    You could set probability2 to 1 and probability1 to 15, maybe it's clearer....
  7. Yes, it makes sense.... The problem is that we don't have a script trigger equivalent to opcode #225 (Reveal magic), so it may be difficult to tell enemies not to waste Remove Magic and similar spells......
  8. Right, I completely forgot about those....... If that's the case, then yes, they cannot be UNDEAD.... A new ITM is needed collecting some special immunities like Poison, Kill Target, Slay, Petrification, Hold creature, Paralyze, Charm creature and so forth.....
  9. Right. Well, you can easily add the following CRE effect => opcode #297 (Immunity to Turn Undead) About Detect Illusion: since their SEX is set to ILLUSIONARY, they will be immediately destroyed by a sufficiently skilled thief (the same holds if True Sight is cast, and this makes sense...)
  10. @subtledoctor, @bob_veng What you suggest is indeed very appropriate. So, what about this? As soon as they're summoned, they're flagged as UNDEAD (and thus they receive RING95.itm, SEX set to ILLUSIONARY, RACE set to SHADOW/SPECTRAL_UNDEAD) => I mean, if you don't realize you're fighting against an illusion, then I think it makes sense for them to have the same immunities of Undead...... Then, in order to realize this I was thinking of adding an OVERRIDE script, something like this one (I use IWDification, so the names of the various resources refer to that mod....) As you probably know, there are 3 different level of Translucency (i.e., CDITRN20.itm, CDITRN40.itm and CDITRN60.itm) => the first one for Shadow Monsters, the second one for Demi-Shadow Monsters and the last one for Shades. So: CDITRN20 could grant the blur overlay (opcode #65) + a boost of 2 to AC CDITRN40 could grant the blur overlay (opcode #65) + a boost of 4 to AC CDITRN60 could grant the blur overlay (opcode #65) + a boost of 4 to AC + immunity to Non-magical weapons
  11. I see. So this means that I can tweak them without worrying about breaking your AI, doesn't it? Does the same hold for all summoning spells (i.e., you never use them)? Unfortunately, I don't have an SCS install to check myself.....
  12. I think that shadows summoned by WIZARD_SHADES, WIZARD_DEMI_SHADOW_MONSTERS and WIZARD_SHADOW_MONSTERS need some boost. I mean, they currently have only the appearance of a shadow (via opcode #66 and #51), but not any other useful feature (combat-wise) => As a result, they're pretty weak. So, IMHO: They should be flagged as UNDEAD (RACE set either to SHADOW or SPECTRAL_UNDEAD, SEX set to ILLUSIONARY) => Consequently, they should receive RING95.itm. They should either receive a sort of WIZARD_BLUR (maybe +4 AC instead of +3 and no boost to saving throws) or a permanent Invisibility effect (this is probably too much since you won't be able to target them with spells.....) They should be immune to normal weapons.
  13. Luke

    SCS v32: spell systems

    Yep, you're right, it works fine on EE........
  14. Luke

    Need help with REPLACE_TEXTUALLY (again)

    I sent you a PM.....
  15. Luke

    SCS v32: spell systems

    @DavidW Antimagic attacks penetrate improved invisibility Maybe you're already aware of this, but I fear this tweak only works for ToBEx games => according to NearInfinity, BIT24 (Can target invisible) is labeled as "Ex" (instead of "EE/Ex"), so it's probably not functional on EE games ...