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  1. True... So basically it's a matter of personal tastes... But if that's the case, then you should also "fix" all those leading op318/324 effects (filtering GENERAL/RACE/CLASS/etc...): they usually bypass both MR and Saving Throw checks... It's probably better to leave things as they are...?
  2. Noted. Yeah, me dumb. I forgot about about Sequencers and the like (and also op#188...) OK, fine. Yeah, me dumb. I forgot about about Sequencers and the like (and also op#188...) Exactly. If you give a name (@ 0x8) to the subspell, remove the "Ignore Center" bit from "IDMOLD.PRO", and cast the spell at someone that is standing really close to you, you'll see Caster : Damage Taken (x) upon a failed Save vs. Spell. So it's always the original caster that casts all the subspells via op78... That op318 (p2=SPLSTATE=MOLD_TOUCH) effect on the subspell is probably redundant since "IDMOLD.PRO" already checks for that (@ 0x3E)... Having said that, you might want to address the following: On the main SPL file: op215 and op174 offer no Saving Throw. Guess that they're there for providing "visual" and "sound" feedback, right? If that's the case, then they should also bypass Magic Resistance (`resist_dispel=2` or 0)... On the main SPL file: please remove op78 (Disease type: Mold touch/Single) and alter `parameter1` of the second op78 (Disease type: Mold touch/Decrement) from to 2 to 3... The `Delay/Permanent` timing mode of op78 (Disease type: Mold touch/Single) is still causing issues (it leaves a permanent Diseased portrait icon along with the corresponding spell state...) On the subspell file: make sure `spell type` (@ 0x1C) and `primary_type` (@ 0x25) match the values of the parent spell (this is already the case for `secondary_type` (@ 0x27)). I'm not sure if this is relevant or not when the subspell is cast by op78, but just in case... Yes, you're right, but simply because in all these cases the splprot filter is an "IF" "ELSE", so everybody is affected by one of the child spells (as mentioned above by Galactygon). However, generally speaking, it would be better to move those checks from op326 to the subspell... In fact, it does matter for spells like CLERIC_WALL_OF_MOONLIGHT, where the splprot filter is not an "IF" "ELSE" (see the file in IWDEE). So please move the MR checks from op326s to the subspells (also, that final op318 should bypass MR as well – "A creature that has passed through the wall can only take damage from it once." So If the target fails its MR check, good; if it does not, then the spell is wasted...).
  3. Somewhat related, though minor: as you may have noticed, after executing that command the various columns may end up quite a lot separated (see "SPLPROT.2DA", where "V1.0" is aligned with the "STAT" column. That's probably unnecessary since it's not a "real" column...) To sum up: I was wondering if there's a way to perform / execute what your NearInfinity calls "Align table"...
  4. And the same occurs with Haste, i.e., you can benefit from it even if the "fatigue" period has not expired yet... OK then, so be it (120).
  5. You're forgetting about that op44 setting STR to 3 ("... the target becomes fatigued and <PRO_HISHER> Strength drops to 3 for 2 turns."). This one is not applied permanently, and that's why 240 is correct...
  6. OK, makes sense, thanks for clarifying. CLERIC_BLOOD_RAGE: duration of op206 should be 240 (the fatigue period kicks in after 120 seconds and lasts for 120 seconds, so 120 * 2), otherwise you can benefit from it while being fatigued...
  7. I agree. Also look at Ghoul/Ghast/Carrion Crawler attacks: they all use op109.
  8. So basically you coded it as a Chunked death for 3 HD and lower and a Normal Death for 4-5 HD... If that's the case, then OK, I misunderstood its description (in fact, my interpretation does sound a bit OP: all 6+ HD creatures are instantly killed on a failed Save vs. Spell...). Separately, I'm not sure you can solve the other issue by just reordering the effects... I think you do need an op206 effect to properly distinguish the two cases...
  9. Good. But that's how it should be coded for the time being... This is also related to "Enrage" spell-like abilities, which should not grant immunity to op109 (only the mental one, i.e., op175...) OK, but that's not case for all Abilities. For instance, look at the one whose `minimum_level=14`. Here op333 bypasses MR (`resist_dispel=3`), so both the main spell and its child "#BELTYN.spl" bypass MR (which is incorrect...). However, this is probably an unnecessary fix (since both the main spell and its child use projectile `1|None`), but just in case... Is there any particular reason for that...? I reported it because I find it a bit misleading (target makes its MR check but graphics and audio still play...).
  10. Yes, that is certainly true (even simple tasks like computing the successor of an integer coded in base 10 is cumbersome...) Are you talking about something like your SFO vs. COPY files pre-made with NearInfinity (or similar), right?
  11. @CamDawg Since you're directly porting everything from IWDEE as is, please be aware of the following issues (and please add them to your v2.7 to-do list):
  12. @DavidW So, to sum up: what did you mean by [WeiDU] is not just nominally Turing-complete...?
  13. Oh, you're right, sorry! So we can give that feature to, say, Monks without much trouble, that's good to know... However, since that's the case, you forgot to attach the EVASION spell state to all relevant CRE files (f.i., "LDDTHIE2" (Thief) is a level 8 thief, so he should have the EVASION spell state... Ditto for "NYM" (Nym), "MERCTHFD" (Mercenary Thief), etc... So you might want to add that to your v2.7 to-do list...
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