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  1. Yes, you're right about SPPR and SPWI, those are the most important slots because they're also available to the player and the like. I was simply saying that there's no "harm" in adding something to either SPIN or SPCL (if someone wants to), there's plenty of room...
  2. Right. But as far as Innate and Class abilities are concerned, the situation is way better (also because 'level' is irrelevant). An unmodded BG:EE install uses: 367 SPIN slots (out of 1,000) 41 SPCL slots (out of 1,000) An unmodded BG2:EE install uses: 482 SPIN slots (out of 1,000) 69 SPCL slots (out of 1,000) An unmodded IWD:EE install uses: 120 SPIN slots (out of 1,000) 87 SPCL slots (out of 1,000)
  3. Minor nitpick: it's bit 0 (2^0 = 1) plus bit 2 (2^2 = 4)... Anyway, the best way to flag a certain ITM / SPL is that of using spellstates, opcode #328 and the CheckSpellState() trigger. Alternatively, you could use an unused STAT, opcode #233 and the CheckStat() trigger, but that's not ideal because you have to be sure that the STAT you choose is really unused, or opcode #233 will fail when setting the desired value. For instance, think of Fighter-Mages and Black Blade of Disaster: if you already have some proficiency points in Long Sword, then the spell will not grant you GM in Long Sword. To tell the truth, this issue can be fixed via putting opcode #233 in the main spell (timing mode = 0 or 10) instead of attaching it to the "sword" item (timing mode = 2). But unfortunately, this is not the case for "real" (not magically created / not temporary) items that grant a particular immunity when they're equipped: in this case you need to use opcode #233 with timing mode 2 and that might be a problem if the STAT you chose is already used... So, to sum up: if you use opcode #328 with your personal (unique!) identifier and the CheckSpellState() trigger, then you're 100% sure everything is fine... As matter of fact, SCS does exactly that (as a result, it adds a certain amount of entries to SPLSTATE.IDS...) Unless I'm missing something, the hard limit for EA, RACE, GENERAL, GENDER, SPECIFIC, CLASS and SPLSTATE is 256 (from 0 to 255...) And finally, you might want to mention SPELL.IDS: this is another limited resource (even though I think it's rarely used. As far as I know, the only mods that add a certain amount of entries to this file are IWDification and Spell Revisions...)
  4. Yeah, I do hope the incoming update will drastically increase the maximum number of Spellstates: they're invaluable for any Quest / AI mod. Alternatively, we need an 'ImmuneToOpcode()' script trigger...
  5. Not really... If you read the first post of the thread you posted, you'll find out there's a free (and legal!) software that lets you download .ipa files...
  6. There's an opcode for that (#72). Anyway, as you've already pointed out, it is too risky (last but not least: it doesn't support timing mode 2 – "While equipped"...)
  7. To tell the truth, the first point install mods on the desktop game is somewhat misleading: it might imply that you need to purchase the game twice (iOS + desktop). That's not necessary. But again, everything you need to know is on that link...
  8. @Mike1072 For each spell that lets you polymorph into some creature (e.g., WIZARD_SHAPECHANGE and the like), you might want to disable the following buttons (via opcode #144): Stealth, Thieving, Turn undead, Bard song and Find traps. Guess it makes sense...?
  9. @Bartimaeus For each item that lets you polymorph into some creature (e.g., DVRAT, DVWERE and the like), you might want to disable the following buttons (via opcode #144): Stealth, Thieving, Turn undead, Bard song and Find traps. Guess it makes sense...?
  10. Here's the guide you were looking for...
  11. Unfortunately, the latest models (i.e., 12.9-inch iPad Pro and 11-inch iPad Pro) are not supported (as far as Screen Resolution / Aspect Ratio is concerned). This means the games do not scale correctly to fully fill the screen. You know, it might take away from the experience...
  12. I got your point, but it's also true that you won't be using every single animation set... In any case, guess we'll live with that...
  13. I see, so the missing animation files are grouped into categories (e.g., IWD2 animations) and the user will be able to choose the packages he/she is interested in... Will it be possible to install just a particular animation? For instance, suppose I want just GOBLIN_WORG => Will I be forced to install all the other animations that are supposed to ship with GOBLIN_WORG?
  14. Yeah, I forgot to mention I was referring to an EE game. I mean, all identifiers are listed in ANIMATE.IDS but that doesn't mean that all animations are actually present. For instance, on BG2:EE GOBLIN_WORG is listed in ANIMATE.IDS but the actual files (BAMs / WAVs and so forth) do not exist....
  15. Do you mean that all missing animations will be installed at once? Or will the user be able to choose the ones it needs/wants?
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