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  1. Well done. As for the next move, I suggest you take a look at DEFINE_DIMORPHIC_FUNCTION so as to avoid defining "check_ini" and the like twice... Also, in case you're still wondering about this, the so-called PATCH_REINCUDE trick should do the trick...
  2. Oh, that means Nishruus and Hakeashars have always been (partially) broken? That's kinda bad... In the current v2.6 beta "SpellCastOnMe()" keeps ignoring Ability Target 4, so that script trigger is probably intended to work that way... Any idea how to fix them? First of all, spell description doesn't state that Remove Magic and the like are supposed to kill them (only Death Spell), so I'm not sure why they're scripted to die if hit by those spells... As far as IF SpellCastOnMe([ANYONE],0) THEN RESPONSE #100 ApplySpell(Myself,CLERIC_CURE_LIGHT_WOUNDS) // SPPR103.SPL (Cu
  3. Shouldn't Robe of Arcane Might provide a Caster Level bonus to arcane classes only (op=191, p2=0)? I mean, it's called Robe of Arcane Might, so...
  4. I see. I'm going to use LOOPs for the time being, thanks for your help.
  5. Do you mean something like this? VARIABLE(x=65) INCLUDE FILE(mod_folder/test.ssl) //////////////////////////// /////////////////////////// VARIABLE(x=85) INCLUDE FILE(mod_folder/test.ssl) where "test.ssl" is IF Race(LastSeenBy(Myself),x) THEN RESPONSE #100 RandomTurn() END Unfortunately, it's not working... Now it compiles to IF Race(LastSeenBy(Myself),65) THEN RESPONSE #100 RandomTurn() END IF Race(LastSeenBy(Myself),65) THEN RESPONSE #100 RandomTurn() END So basically "x=85" is ignored...
  6. @DavidW What's the correct way to redefine variables defined via VARIABLE ? For instance, the following file will compile into You see? 85 is used twice (65 is somehow ignored...) What am I missing? I'm asking because I'm pretty sure it's doable, I saw this in SCS where you're redefining variable "scscloudmelee"...
  7. Yes, it should. You can find more info here. For instance: 6) "HPCLASS.2DA": this parameter is completely ignored for multiclass kits.
  8. @ptifab OK, technically speaking some of them are not really bugs (e.g., offsets 0x2, 0x10). For instance, let's consider offset 0x2 ("Location"). Since legal values for these fields never fall outside the byte range, then writing WRITE_BYTE is not that bad (even if the "Location" field of SPL files is 2 bytes long...)
  9. It's not working for me, even when I directly click on a specific sprite. What am I missing? In any case, this trigger should probably fire even when the spell just affects the creature @Galactygon
  10. Just for completeness: were you perhaps referring about the fact that opcode #232 triggers once per round? So basically trolls won't always fall unconscious instantaneously (worst-case scenario is when their HP get below 10 immediately after opcode #232 triggers, and you need to wait almost a full round before they fall unconscious).
  11. @Ardanis ADD_SPELL_HEADER: this should be WRITE_SHORT instead of WRITE_BYTE.
  12. Care to elaborate? Let us summon @Wisp as well...
  13. Yep. I see. That's bad since I'm not interested in "negative lookahead" from the start, but rather "everything but a string containing specific text"... As a result, I'll consider manipulating it (REPLACE_TEXTUALLY) beforehand...
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