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  1. @Ardanis Could you have a look at the following piece of code? It seems there's a problem with your ADD_SPELL_HEADER/FJ_SPL_ITM_REINDEX.... This is the error:
  2. @CamDawg If you're interested and think it makes sense for this mod, I can give you the code for adding the following SoD items to BG:EE ------> Throwing Axe +1, Poisoned Throwing Dagger, Throwing Dagger +1, Bolt of Fire +1 and Bolt of Ice +1.
  3. Luke

    Some questions about scripts

    Is there a difference between LastSeenBy and LastSeenBy(Myself) ?
  4. Luke

    SCS v32 and spell targetting

    Speaking of this, why do SPLs like DW#MMSEE or DW#WBSEE offer a Save vs. Spell? Shouldn't they offer no save?
  5. Make also sure to check the description of the items you introduced (e.g., Kobold daggers/arrows)
  6. @DavidW What about tweaking a bit the description of the IWD spells so that it matches that of BG spells (i.e., leave at least a couple of blank lines)? Take a look at this:
  7. Luke

    Bug report

    I can confirm this issue on RC 8. In particular, the spell does 1d10 cold damage upon a failed Save vs. Paralysis -----> It should do 1d10 cold damage with no save and paralyze the target upon a failed Save vs. Paralysis (however, the spell description states nothing about the duration of the paralyzation......)
  8. Luke

    Some questions about scripts

    Yes, you're right, that construction is from NI's parser. Thanks for the tip about using the HEX values of STATEs...... Do you perhaps know how can I use REPLACE_BCS_BLOCK to replace more than one script block? EDIT: OK, I found the issue: REPLACE_BCS_BLOCK can replace multiple blocks only if they're consecutive (which is bad IMHO.......)
  9. Luke

    Some questions about scripts

    @Wisp It seems WeiDU (version 246) cannot parse things like this: !StateCheck(NearestAllyOf(Myself),STATE_STUNNED | STATE_HELPLESS) Are you aware of this bug?
  10. Could you provide an example usage of this function? Can I use it to give all CREs that use, say, MAGE7.bcs my custom script? I guess I first need to COMPILE my custom script, right? Moreover, can I use the same name for %old_script% and %new_script%? Oh, wait, I guess that a simple COMPILE instruction is everything I need (i.e., adding a couple of triggers to some existing scripts, overwriting them and keeping their original name).
  11. Luke

    IR Revised V1.2.3 (2018 November 23rd)

    Sorry, I completely forgot about that....... Anyway, yes, you're probably right: it sounds odd to edit just bullets and leave the other missiles as they are..... But if you made a systematic change, then no ranged weapon would cause missile damage........
  12. Luke

    IR Revised V1.2.3 (2018 November 23rd)

    Sorry if already proposed, but what about editing bullets so that they cause crushing damage?
  13. @agris I think it's (much) better to update the description of the spell.......... Separately, what can you tell me of my third point (i.e., Breach)? Can you confirm it?
  14. Luke

    Some questions about scripts

    @DavidW I need your help: I'd like my CRE to spam a certain SPL every (say) two rounds only if there is at least one humanoid (but RACE != mephit) in weapon range. The target of that SPL must be one of those humanoids. How can I do this? EDIT: Solved (hopefully...)