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  1. @subtledoctor So, this is not strictly related to this, but I'd like to inform you that now the DLC Builder works for EE games patched to v2.5 (it just doesn't work on BG2:EE due to a bug / oversight). This is great news because I think it'll (vastly...?) improve the entire importation process. But there's a problem: I tried importing mod files using this method and it didn't work (BG:EE without SoD). I told you this so that you can play around with it and see if it works for you (granted it IS supposed to work of course...)
  2. What about Magic Resistance and Primary / Secondary Type? Is there a general template?
  3. A quick note for the 2-3 people who use SSL: unlike TRIGGERs, you cannot combine multiple TARGETs inside a single "TargetBlock()" using the character "|". You need to use either "*" (only the first argument in "TargetBlock()" will be considered) or "&" (all the arguments in "TargetBlock()" will be considered). For instance: TargetBlock(PCMages*PCsInOrderShort) // "PCsInOrderShort" will be discarded TargetBlock(PCMages&PCsInOrderShort) // First "PCMages", then "PCsInOrderShort"
  4. Device specs? I've noticed no slowdowns so far (Apple A9X chip...) Are you talking about 'See()' triggers?
  5. What are the most demanding script triggers for the CPU? Generally speaking, which is the maximum number of script triggers a script block should have? You know, when casting a spell which is not party-friendly, you might easily have more than 40 script triggers...
  6. @CamDawg The component Exotic Item Pack is not really compatible with EE games. In particular, item descriptions include the "Not Usable By" section (see "CDKAT2.itm") and are generally quite different from EE standard descriptions. Let's consider again "CDKAT2.itm" as an example. Current description: You see? No blank lines, "1D10" instead of "1d10", "Type: 1-handed" instead of "Type: One-handed", etc... That's probably how it should look like:
  7. @DavidW I'm not sure what's wrong, but it seems that INSERT_SCRIPT_BLOCK doesn't work with BAF files generated by SSL_TO_BAF... I apologize, it's my fault. My "match" string contains "." characters and I forgot to quote them...
  8. Yeah, it even has multiple opcode #233 giving it some weapon proficiency points (as if it were a real Fighter...). Unfortunately, it's not the only one (that's partly why I started modding summoned creatures...)
  9. Does the first bullet point hold for 'SelectWeaponAbility()', 'EquipMostDamagingMelee()', EquipRanged()' and 'XEquipItem()'? Do point#2 and point#3 hold for 'XEquipItem()'? Does this part "avatar animations are updated to reflect the new item." hold for 'SelectWeaponAbility()', 'EquipMostDamagingMelee()', EquipRanged()' and 'XEquipItem()'? The last point basically implies that 'HasItemEquipedReal()' will return FALSE. Is that correct?
  10. Yeah, the same holds for the elemental resistances of Andris and Davaeorn. But as far as monsters are concerned, there's no such thing. For instance, IWD:EE shadowed ogres have 9 Strength and deal 1d10 (Slashing ) damage via "S1-10M2.itm" (they're flagged as SPECTRAL_UNDEAD, but I don't think this should imply dealing less damage than a standard ogre...)
  11. @Jarno Mikkola Could you provide a concrete example? As far as I know, there's no such thing...
  12. I fear most monsters in IWD:EE have 9 in all stats (which of course doesn't make sense... Elder Umber Hulks with 9 Strength??)
  13. You should probably put it into a separate component... After a quick test, everything seems to be fine (please double check...). Moreover, the code is easily modifiable in case you want to take into account other rechargeable items (e.g., Sandthief's Ring)...
  14. No, I don't. I also added ARE (Containers) and STO files. To sum up: if a wand has 2 abilities (e.g., Wand of Spell Striking), then my code will make sure that both 'charge' values are not greater than 5 If a wand only has 1 ability (or 2 abilities and one of them has 0 charges), then my code will make sure that 'charge' value is not greater than 10. Does it meet your specifications?
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