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  1. Luke

    Opcodes #146 and #148

    Opcode #12 never lands to my attackers......
  2. Luke

    Opcodes #146 and #148

    @kjeron I need some help with opcode #232. I need to apply opcode #12 every time someone attacks me and is within range = 2. So: Spell A: melee header: target = 5 (Caster), projectile = 1 (None) opcode #232: target = 2 (Preset), parameter1 = 3 (Nearest Not Self), parameter2 = 7 (When attacked), resource = ~Spell B~, duration = 60 (or whatever...) Spell B: melee header: target = 1 (Living Actor), projectile = 1 (None), range = 2 opcode #12: target = 2 (Preset), timing = 1, parameter1 = 1 (or whatever...) Is that correct? I don't think so because it's not working....
  3. Luke

    IR Revised V1.2.4 (2019 January 20th)

    What if Wand of Frost had a 5% chance of freezing the target to death (opcode #13, param2 = BIT5, subjected to MR) upon a failed Save vs. Wand at -2?
  4. That's a pity..... What about making param2 a sort of item category filter? E.g., if I set param2 = 20, then opcode #248 is restricted to Large Swords only...... That would be great......
  5. Luke

    IR Revised V1.2.4 (2019 January 20th)

    Girdle of Trollish Fortitude (BELT06): opcode #146 references a non-existent resource (i.e., BELT09.spl)
  6. Luke

    ITMs and Weapon Style bonuses

    @kjeron Do you know if weapon category 28 (offset 0x001c, Hand-to-hand weapon) is supposed to ignore a character's weapon proficiencies (including weapon style proficiencies)?
  7. @@CamDawg Could you update all the links in your first post? Thanks in advance
  8. Luke

    ITMs and Weapon Style bonuses

    @subtledoctor Thanks! Guess I also need to set type to 1 (offset 0x90 in the EFF) and provide a parent resource (offset 0x94 in the EFF), right?
  9. Is there a way to set a certain .ITM so that, when equipped, it ignores pips in Single/Two-Handed weapon styles? Unfortunately, I cannot use opcode #233 because it cannot set those proficiencies to 0 if the current CRE has already spent some pips in them......
  10. Luke

    Why is my mod crashing?

    I guess ActionOverride() is not needed..... Why don't you put just ApplySpellRES("d5cx###",LastSummonerOf(Myself)) ?
  11. All the changes made by this opcode are permanent. The only exception seems to be param2 = 3 (i.e., change CLASS) -----> this means it works with timing mode 2 (Instant/while equipped): you can change your CLASS via equipping a certain item.... and when you unequip it or get killed, your CLASS is restored to its original value. @Avenger, @Galactygon, @CamDawg Is this intended? If so, why do GENERAL, RACE, EA and the remaining ones act as permanent?
  12. Luke

    best way to poll memorized spells

    Guess it depends on what you wanna achieve. Continue() means your script is not forced to restart every time a block is executed...... This is probably fine for your application......
  13. Luke

    SCS v32 and spell targetting

    Is this fixed now (RC #9)? You wrote nothing about this in the latest changelog..........
  14. Luke

    best way to poll memorized spells

    I don't think you can use APPEND with .baf files..... You should use EXTEND_BOTTOM/TOP.........
  15. Luke

    Some questions about scripts

    Separately, is it intended that the information about the object LastSummonerOf() is lost every time you save and reload a game? Suppose a CRE has a script like this: IF StateCheck(LastSummonerOf(Myself),STATE_REALLY_DEAD) THEN RESPONSE #100 Kill(Myself) END If I'm not mistaken, the Kill() action doesn't get executed if I save the game, reload and kill its last summoner......