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  1. Yes and no... I mean, your code still fails if "test" and "blah" contain subfolders (no file will be returned...) So basically the "ChildDirRegEx" variable is somewhat useless...? That is, you cannot recursively search into specific subdirectories if these subdirectories contain other directories... On the other hand, if "ChildDirRegEx" is set to the empty string "", then everything will be returned... So to sum up, you're somewhat forced to do something like
  2. @Sam. That's exactly what I tried (the only difference is that I used "," in place of "%WNL%" to separate the various file paths), thanks for confirming it. It didn't work for me because I launched the main function with ~ChildDirRegex = "^.+$"~ instead of using its default value (that is, the empty string ""). However, it seems I cannot target a specific subfolder (or more than one subfolder)...? I mean, if I write something like LAF ps_recursive_search STR_VAR ParentDir = EVAL ~%MOD_FOLDER%~ ChildDirRegex = ~^\(test\|blah\)$~ RET FileList Count END PRINT ~Count of files
  3. If the number is not the same, then opcode #267 will not block your string, it does not go by content (it grants immunity to opcode #139 effects with a matching String Reference value).
  4. For posterity, I was wrong somehow... "ActionCondition()" should work fine when used with "Combine()"... Just keep in mind that only the "LastSeenBy(Myself)" BCS block will contain the condition(s) specified by "ActionCondition()". For instance, the following SSL script compiles as
  5. @argent77 Your code takes into account only one level of subdirectory (since GET_DIRECTORY_ARRAY is called only once), whereas @Sam.'s function should work regardless of that (due to recursion). However, I'm failing to edit it in order to collect file paths into a unique string / array, i.e.:
  6. Pretty much what the title states. Suppose you have a folder containing 3 subfolders and 4 files. The first subfolder contains 5 files, the second one 14 and the third one just 1. How can I collect all those files/file paths (4 + 5 + 14 + 1 = 24) in a single array?
  7. There's no need for that, CLAB (passive) effects should always be added with the correct "Parent resource" (see here for further details...)
  8. What about ChangeStat()?
  9. Yeah, better (right now SPWI100 is indeed not available, as if it were in the 51–99 range...) You're probably referring to SPELLS.2DA... But see? The file has been externalized, so I guess that having more than 50 spells per level is already partially soft coded...? As of now, if you write something greater than 50, nothing happens... Unless it's been externalized only to reduce the number below 50 (but that's pretty useless...) Yeah, the UI would need to be updated accordingly... Hopefully, not that hard with a cap of 100 per level...?
  10. @Galactygon For v2.7, what about extending the number of spells available to sorcerers/shamans at level-up, and to mages/bards/clerics/druids at character generation to 100 per level (01–99)? That would be extremely great and will solve most of the issues...
  11. Unless applied via op177...? In any case, it would be rather odd to equip a weapon that boosts, say, off-hand (p3=2) instead of the hand it is equipped on (p3=0)...
  12. They are meant to set "LastSeenBy(Myself)" to the desired object. See here for further details.
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