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  1. TuTu doesn't replace fogowar.bam (I would've noticed that), and it seems like the one in my BGT game is identical to the one in vanilla TotSC. Its probably the same one in every IE game, since TuTu disables 3D acceleration on the .ini file, making it look like in BG1 because it's being rendered differently. Pretty simple stuff but left me puzzled till I spent an hour testing today and just found out about it. And for some reason Wine hates it when I run the game on fullscreen without 3D acceleration on, but if I run it windowed it doesn't care. Emulation hijinks. Edit:
  2. I've looked high and low, went over the executable and all the files TuTu v4 touched, but I'm still unable to tell what caused the game to switch to the BG1 FoW instead of using the SoA/ToB fog of war. It's not that I want to fix it or am annoyed by (in fact, all I'm using TuTu for is to test something), but I want to know what caused this change because I'm curious about it and I might go and add it to my BGT install.
  3. Just two little things about priest/spell_swaps.tph: Magic Resistance is being swapped for Mass Cure for creatures with 40 > MR after Mass Cure is switched out for something else on Undead casters. If any there's any Undead casters with >40% MR, this will incorrectly assign them Mass Cure. This one is just a nitpick. The list of creatures with Wands of Heavens is arbitrary and doesn't even check whether the items are present (I believe the same happens with the Wand of Cold and Centeol, but I've not specifically checked that). Lack of Flamestrike is no joke for a meager BG1 C
  4. Fighting Spirit Trolls in melee isn't exactly the best idea, unless you get yourself a weapon with low speed factor and kite them with it instead of taking the hits. You should also be using spells against them, and, yes, the Druid Grove is one of the areas that has it's difficulty increased the most out of all the tactical challenges. For the troll cove just get in and then get out as soon as you are spotted a few times so that you can fight the enemies in reduced groups instead.
  5. Impressive. You've managed to add all the strrefs for BG:EE into it, nice. If you want I, can put together a patch to quickly add the few EE characters I added into this version. I also did some work on adding the Shaman class as an option but did not finish the spell picker, and have some code checking for things that might set maximum HP (such as checking baldur.lua or for the cdtweaks component) and I think I fixed this but I've not tested it (nor anything else for that matter, but I suppose most should work. I'll test everything later this afternoon).
  6. Re: crashes on non-EE games. Since I'm still playing BGT, I put together this small tool that enumerates and then removes every single opcode that might cause the game to crash from spells (I didn't bother making it do that on one run, so it does two, which is not efficient but it does it's job so who cares). COPY_EXISTING_REGEXP GLOB ~^.+\.spl$~ override GET_OFFSET_ARRAY ab_array SPL_V10_HEADERS PHP_EACH ab_array AS int => ab_off BEGIN GET_OFFSET_ARRAY2 fx_array ab_off ITM_V10_HEAD_EFFECTS PHP_EACH fx_array AS int => fx_off BEGIN READ_SHORT fx_off fx_type PATCH
  7. I have no clue which NPCs there are in SoD tbh, so it'll take some more time (not just the new ones but the returning ones from BG1 as well). The EET version should be easy, but I have to do it consciously or I'll end up breaking something. Heh. I have more than enough free time, except I plague it with other stuff. But yeah, let me look to sane code for a couple of weeks
  8. Okay, I finally put together a working BG:EE version, and a fully functional BG2:EE version (except for Hexxat... Next version, I promise!). Nothing about SoD yet, and it shouldn't be running in EET (if it does great, if it doesn't, well, I already know it doesn't). I am not sure why, but you can't choose Axe/Short Bow for Shamans. Probably because they're sharing their proficiency info with Druids when that is listed, I'll fix this for the next version as well. Shamans don't get to choose spells, they automatically get Entangle and Bless I think Next version I'll try
  9. Use the Mage/Cleric spell, that one does work.
  10. I'd suggest making Vithal summon something (something interesting, like some Golems or some extraplanar creature that doesn't get pwn'd by Death Spell), and give two bodyguards to Conster, I'd suggest a couple of dual-wielding Orcish Barbarians (19 STR & 19 CON), and have Conster cast Haste at some point (maximum carnage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). Also while we're at this, this reminds me I was putting a mod like this one a long time ago, specially to buff Tranzig, since he's one of the easiest battles in BG1 (personally I'd give him a Cleric and a Fighter with both ranged and melee weapons, a
  11. Lavok is super easy to cheese if alone if you do it right (offscreen cast Incendiary Cloud, back off and wait till he is neutral). Add the devils near the entrance, because otherwise, cheesing him will be still as easy as it is right now. Also, when you first fight him, he's possessed, so add demons/devils according to what is possessing him in that moment (I've played this today but I'm so retardedly tired I can't even remember what they were... Anyway the game probably calls them demons anyway lmfao).
  12. Erhm, and EET too. You might do best to forget the BG:EE and SoD and just move to EET first and then check later what to use from that to the others. Or NOT. It's up to you of course. Been out of the game long enough that I didn't even know about EET. Definetely seems worthwhile from a player perspective to just focus on EET and put the others aside. Of course modder gonna do what modder gonna do. How would NPC continuity in EET work with full Level1NPC functionality though? Is it as easy as just installing Level1NPC once for each character and then just use that .cre for the whole
  13. What about halving Meteor Swarm/Fire Storm's fire damage and adding crushing damage to compensate? It makes it useful against many opponents since it bypasses magical defences and deals physical damage.
  14. READLNs are a pain to support in BWS. If you must have one, please use subcomponents, so there are a few standard amounts as other subcomponents and then a "custom amount" subcomponent where it does a READLN and asks for a number. Choose a maximum stack size for potions: 1] 12 2] 20 3] Custom (prompt for a number) Etc. Also as noted, various other mods already tweak this (Tweaks Anthology and the Difficulty and Tweak mod are prime suspects), so I'd question the necessity of tweaking it at all here also... Edit: Another argument for minimizing READLN use -- what the
  15. I'm going to suggest prompting the user with a quick READLN for the stack values. I personally like very different values for different type of things (80 for ammo, from 20 to 40 for daggers/axes, 12 for potions and 999 for gems because why not).
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