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  1. This is somewhat contradictory and arbitrary. If any change to Physical Mirror is warranted I'm much more of a fan of souping it up so it affects a much wider array of projectiles, like physical spells as used in PnP. Or reflect msectype 10-OFFENSIVEDAMAGE and suddenly it becomes a decent spell. See below, from Priest Spell Compendium vol 2:
  2. Careful: MT and all its subspells should be removed by by all items/spells where Cure Disease opcode is present. It's fine doing lists of 321s as a mod, but is too hacky for 2.6.
  3. Oops, my bad. Looks like this hasn't been implemented. Spike Stones does display "Slow" in IWD:EE as well. Opcode 102 doesn't protect against area of effect projectiles if coming from the caster. If you remove the 102s from MGoI you can damage yourself with a Fireball. In Antimagic Shell's case they aren't necessary since spellcasting is disabled anyway.
  4. I've gone through the spells, here's my exhaustive feedback. Most of it are bugs and inconsistencies and some are subjective balance issues:
  5. Ideally, a single target flame strike would farm out the visuals to the projectile as a "pillar animation" which would play regardless of the target's protections/deflections/turnings/traps. Then you don't need any extra child spells. That's debatable and maybe you're right. I'll let @CamDawgvoice his opinion. Whatever the case, mechanics should be consistent across the board.
  6. It's generally best practice to do all the power and MR checks once in the parent spell containing the projectile and have the resist_dispel set to 0/2 for insta effects and 3 for timed effects in the child spells. Some ambiguity is preferable IMHO so you wouldn't know the GENERAL/ALIGNMENT of the creature stepping through the wall based off of combat feedback. Also, from the QA point of view, you'd be more easily catch any MR/resist_dispel bugs/inconsistencies if they're all done in the parent spell.
  7. Re IWD:EE 2.6.6. I'll leave the rest to @CamDawg: I haven't looked at this spell properly so can't answer any questions. Have you tried standing next to the infected creature with your caster? If the projectile is applied internally via a 326 style effect then the target might become the "caster" so then the target might be rightfully excluded. I actually don't know the exact behavior. More on this in Shroud of Flame below. As you said the projectile doesn't work properly because the fix will have to involve changes to the source code. None of the effects should bypass MR so that's an easy fix. That 0 damage effect is there for show. It doesn't disrupt spellcasting. Thanks, should be an easy fix. There's also an extra 318 at the end of the effects list which should be removed. It's likely a relic from when pass-through projectiles hit the same target multiple times which has been thankfully fixed in 2.6. For some reason, the caster can be affected by his/her own spell. I know because I tested this extensively. Could it be because 333 sets the target as the caster? I haven't investigated the behavior of the "ignore caster" bit for projectiles if applied via 326/333/146 p2=2. But it seems to be the case, no? Yes, this is a larger issue that needs attention. These effects shouldn't be turned by a spell turning, though at the same time it makes sense to block them with an anti-magic shell or a Potion of Magic Blocking or a MGoI. But then what about the damage from the weapon itself? Should MMM also be blocked by MGoI? This is a whole new can of worms. For now it make sense to set these effects to power = 0. There are arguments for this, since Earthquake bypasses MR. Though Spike Growth and Entangle do not. There's no real consistency for this. These spells change the environment rather than affect the creatures directly. I'm on the fence for this. Blade Barrier and Circle of Bones are stationary spells in IWD:EE and are not dispellable (like other stationary spells). If Circle of Bones is stationary in BG1/2 then it makes sense to leave them as-is, no? Self-stacking can occour if multiple instances of Suffocation are cast or if the caster launches the spell 3x via Chain Contingency. The effect should have a savingthrow = 1, so that's an easy fix. As for 126 vs 176, I'm on the fence for this one. Thanks! Should be set to 0. The splprot filter is an "IF" "ELSE" so everybody is affected by one of the child spells. I don't see an issue here!
  8. Actually, a robust way would be to keep opcode 321 so the spell can be refreshed but separate the delayed fatigue effects into another child spell that is instantly cast. The fatigue effects would still be applied on a delay inside that spell even if the parent spell was refreshed. This behavior would be consistent with haste which can be recast without dispelling previously cast haste spells.
  9. Okay then yes, we should have identical behavior in Blood Rage. The graphics/audio show the physical impact of the spell, much like Magic Missile, Vitriolic Sphere, or Sol's Searing Orb which occours regardless of MR and saving throws.
  10. Wall of Moonlight: Thanks. Both power and MR checks should be done in the parent spell SPPR428.spl and those fields should be 0 in the child spells. Mold Touch: we hope to fix this in 2.7. Lich Touch: I see your point. I'll look at application of 109 vs 175 Blood Rage: This only occours if the spell is refreshed before expiration but the fatigue will still be impending. I'm on the fence for this one whether we block subsequent castings via a 206 or dispel previous castings as is now. An alternative would be to use both in that the 206 appears as a delayed duration effect that blocks unfatigueing the recipient if subsequent castings occours during the fatigue period. Great Shout: death effects seem to be properly set according to the description. It goes for chunked death for 3 HD and lower but that's still within the scope of the description. I can look at the effect ordering to prevent unnecessary text feedback. Emotion Fear, Animal Rage, Static Charge: these are bugs that I missed, thanks. Added to my to-do list. Beltyn's Burning Blood: The spell does one MR check at the beginning of the spell so the parent spell should check MR and not the child spell #BELTYN.spl. Saving throws are rolled once per round by the child spell which is how it behaves in 2.6.6 Otiluke's Freezing Sphere: is meant to play graphics and audio regardless of MR which should only block damage. 100% intentional. The spell has 2 mschools in the description so the exclusions are unset. Ofc since the IE doesn't allow for a spell to belong to two mschools at the same time it has to belong to one of them.
  11. Fixing concentration is on my to-do list but I have to familiarize myself with the exact mechanics of it and therefore haven't yet figured out repro steps. It would make my life much easier if you folks can come up with repro steps so all I have to do is relay the ticket internally.
  12. Evasion Check has been softcoded a long time ago (since 2.5?) so it's linked to the entry 252 EVASION in the SPLSTATE.ids rather than any thief levels.
  13. Thanks, reported in PP even if he already knows.
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