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  1. Congratulations on the impressive release! ToB is a bit lacking relative to earlier chapters (BG1/SoA) when it comes to choice for mods, and this is a very welcome addition!
  2. You've already got at least one if not two drow joinable NPCs in the game whom surfacers don't react to adversely. It's gonna be quite a lot of dialogue writing to implement.
  3. Yes, it makes sense to remove the ILLUSION mschool dispelling ability from True Sight/Seeing spells and give the ILLUSIONARYPROTECTIONS msectype to those spells (Pixie Dust, Invisibility 10', Shadow Door). Wraithform is alteration as well, not sure if we want TS to dispel it. Thanks for the list. Perhaps the ILLUSION mschool dispelling ability was intended to be an extra sure way to remove any ongoing illusion spells that didn't have ILLUSIONARYPROTECTIONS assigned? Surely there are some mods that have been sloppy and didn't assign the proper msectype.
  4. I think it's a bug yes, because True Sight/Seeing remove both Illusion spells regardless of msectype as well as the msectype IllusionaryProtections. The effect of Blindness will need to be housed in an external child spell, say #BLIND.spl (use mschool=0, msectype=0, power=0, resist_dispel=3, saving_throw_type=0, save_penalty=0), that can then be shared by other blindness causing spells/effects (i.e. Nature's Beauty). Also, a self-removing instance of opcode 321 should be the first effect in #BLIND.spl, just to make the implementation cleaner. Saving throws, power, and MR checks should be done in the main parent spells, as usual.
  5. This may be an old myth that's been debunked, but don't large number of Globals have an effect on ingame performance?
  6. (patiently waiting 20 years for Devas to use a glowing Mace instead of Sword in their animation) Sorry, I don't have an answer to your question. Wish I knew.
  7. I can say without having ToF installed that this happens in an unmodded game due an interaction of several factors: 1. Path projectiles are hardcoded to always affect the caster as one of the targets being hit so items/spells using such projectiles try to block the caster from being affected by his/her own spell via an opcode 318 param2 = 43 (if target is source). This effect is the first effect in the effect order of the spell (applied onto each creature the projectile hits, including the caster). 2. An engine bug occours when you pause the game and the effect order of an item/spell applied just at the moment the game is paused is messed up, among other things. As such, the caster protection effect discussed above is invalidated if you happen to pause the game at the wrong moment, which I can see you did based off of the screenshot. The red/pink projectile and trailing smoke do look pretty.
  8. You can change the specific.ids of the caster temporarily during time stop (i.e. DW_TIME_STOP) since that has no consequence (caster doesn't die nor interact with allies during a time stop) and then cast a helper MYSPELL.spl onto a creature with opcode 100 (protection from IDS entry) just after the Imprisonment is cast i.e. Spell(Target,WIZARD_IMPRISONMENT) ReallyForceSpellRES("MYSPELL",Target) to prevent the target from being targeted while the caster is inside a time stop.
  9. Could you use WeiDU to patch the palette entries based on the alpha entry to make it a sliding scale of icon color <--> black/gray without resorting to photoshop?
  10. I know I'm being slightly pedantic here, but changing the spelling of her name to "Korlaj" would at the same time preserve pronounciation of the existing name and be a nod to Semaj if he'd be replaced by her in BG1. Speaking of which, I wonder if an Imoen-be-gone mod would be possible, both in SoD and BG2. Especially if we can account for the scenario where Imoen dies prematurely (i.e. BG1 or even Chateau Irenicus) or falls out with charname. Then, some of the plot railroading can be avoided or shrouded in alternative and very plausible explanations. i.e. if Imoen doesn't exist then charname is accidentally freed by a collateral explosion during the Irenicus-Shadow Thieves battle. There is a mod that I forgot the name of which allows the player to attempt to leave Amn but ends up in Brynnlaw with a very compelling plot explanation which in this case could be recycled. In that case, the survival of Imoen is no longer plot-critical so she no longer needs that MINHP belt in Chateau Irenicus.
  11. These unpronounceable names not identifiable with any real-world language are a bit different as they give a sense of how powerful these creatures are, disconnected from our world.
  12. It's more of a matter of consistency imho. Original games went with fantasy names that are easy for an English speaker to pronounce/decipher which are consistent with the canon material which often times played up to real-world stereotypes i.e. arabic sounding names for genies. I guess if there's a subgroup in Faerun that uses Polish names it makes sense to give those characters such names? Polish names are a bit hard to decipher for a non-Polish speaker due to how many consonants can build up a single "sound" like the "sz". Speaking of which I think I got the pronounciation of the Polish "sz" wrong again. Now I'm not sure if it's pronounced as "Korlash" or "Korlage"?
  13. Tamoko is from Kara-Tur, so an exotic-sounding name feels like a good fit, especially since it sounds somewhat Japanese. Khalid/Jaheira are also somewhat exotic actors but an english speaker wouldn't have trouble guessing the pronounciation. Korlasz is different because of the "sz" sound and now I see that have misspelt the name in the above post as "Korlazs" (since in Hungarian the same sound is "zs" rather than "sz"). Unless you know that in Polish "sz" is pronounced as "ge" in english (i.e. Garage) you'd have trouble reading that name.
  14. With all things considered, the BG series has absolutely benefitted from the SoD expansion imho. I'm also not without criticism either on the plot as others have already mentioned but then again it's the nature of capitalism to skimp on some corners to fulfill a budget/deadline, with Beamdog not being a particularly large company like Microsoft (i.e. Age of Empires 2) who can sacrifice incredible amount of resources for a devoted fanbase. The low-interest rate environment that was prevalent throughout the 2010s has evaporated and hit the gaming industry as well which means the future of IE development isn't certain going forward. Hopefully, BG3 will pique interest in the older games as well and give us a "third life" so to speak. But the Bhaalspawn plot is already quite saturated/complete so I can't think of any more expansion possibilities unless it's some standalone adventure that takes place in SoA/ToB or possibly a more fleshed-out ToB. Something that slightly bugged me (and hasn't been really mentioned so far) were the names often were non-Germanic/Latin i.e. Korlazs which is clearly a Polish name. Most of the names in the original series were Germanic/Latin-derived fantasy names. I'm an ethnic Hungarian for the record, and I have no personal beef against central/east europeans but a Hungarian name in the BG series for the sake of inclusivity would feel off unless there's a good contextual reason in the plot.
  15. Cloning spells should become much less laden with bugs with this suggestion., especially when it comes to interacting with other (creature- and spell-granted) immunities. Only the self-referencing 318s/324s would need to be updated.
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