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  1. Only with Classic IwD. Also works in a modded install, tried it years ago. Hoping one day, some intrepid soul(s) will give them dialogue, banters and ee-gads maybe even romances.
  2. No love for...the original NPCs of IwD? (Blucher's BG2 to IWD Characters [bg2iwdmc] - includes Solaufein, Kelsey and Tashia!)
  3. Also made for non-EE - but maybe it can be ported --> over at BWL, Game Over Only on Party Dead Read also http://www.shsforums.net/index.php?showtopic=49994&view=getlastpost
  4. You're not a developer, that's obvious; (neither am I); otherwise, you would totally understand that these kinds of kludges, and similarly the oversight of minor issues [which could lead to major bug(s)], happens in software development all.the.time. In every type of application--games to major business packages to programming languages to dev platforms to desktop widgets. These kludges pass through several levels of review- after several coders have worked on the same blocks, and after one or more rounds of testing, and a QA (quality assurance) process after all of that -- all of which, so many eyes have seen the 'fix', may know that it is yes a bandage - but if it works, and it works simply, and it doesn't break anything else... so be it. These are not 'bad' coding or development cycle - they're simply tools used at the time to get the job done. It could take years before someone goes back and data-mines the code to find such gems, or lumps of coal. We can criticize all we want, from the comforts of our self-isolating chairs, years after the fact, that these bandaids aren't effective; but we can't reasonably label these as incompetent or a dysfunctional process.
  5. It's easy to backseat-QA code and development decisions - especially after 20 years! We should be glad the game works at all.
  6. I love these kinds of (re)discoveries and aspects of the classic BG games! Twenty-plus years onward, and there're still little treasures to be found. And more will be found!
  7. RPGCodex is definitely not everyone's cup o' tea. It's reminds me of the first BG-related forum I joined, back in the day. Codex is much worse, of course, but still has its own appeal. But you can still get some useful nuggets on occasion e.g. https://rpgcodex.net/forums/index.php?threads/ssis-gold-box-series-thread.61389/page-48#post-2330009 I'll agree with Jarno on this one (what?!! )-- I don't want or mean to start a witchhunt - if anyone wants to learn the aliases, they can be found relatively easily.
  8. oh yay, a(nother) Roxanne poolparty! Can I join in? Not much to contrib here, only to note: 'Roxanne' is just as equally likely to be a 'he' as 'she'. We work withwhat we have-- gotta use 'she'. S/He still maintains at least one account here on G3 - so I'm sure s/he's reading this thread! Hi Roxanne! Despite past 'indiscretions', s/he still posts infrequently (at least, under known aliases) on RPGCodex. {sorry, I don't know which is the newest post} Hear, hear!
  9. Can't resolve your issue but maybe you can find a solution or get assistance over at SoS's official forum: http://www.shsforums.net/forum/195-shadows-over-soubar/
  10. There are several mods that make changes to the class; you can review them to see how & what the modding achieves: (Monk Remix) Details of changes to the Monk class - Sword and Fist Monk Tweak: scaled Wisdom bonus to AC Monks - Kit Revisions (Unreleased Projects) "The punchy-kicky [animation] stuff monks do is their two-handed melee attack sequence (cause mfist.itm is a two-handed weapon with no equipped appearance)"
  11. And surely was done on purpose. And Drak is now 'taking the piss' with us, already knowing the topic would be controversial. Let's not be too serious about this. He/She isn't. This thread turned out to be more entertaining than I thought.
  12. Kind of surprised (and sadden) that no one else has done this yet... A post to give thanks to your work on such a great mod. I understand that because Ascension is such an old mod, and many gaming eras have passed since its release, the current generation of players just aren't aware of its history and attempts to support and grow it. Ascension certainly has the most distinguished pedigree of any mod out there. (Just repeating what I posted at it's former forum home...) I was doing my monthly {translated: quarterly} review of forum posts, and I see an innocuous-looking announcement that the mod is now hosted at G3. Luckily for me, I continued to here and...what??!--Ascension joins the 21st Century!?!!! What sorcery is this! Many thanks and congratulations for keeping alive a much-favored mod. You're one of the best in the modding pantheon to take up the task. I'm looking forward to good things in the mod's growth and stability. A question for the annals of history: did you actually have direct contact with Weimer?! It's been ages since anyone has mentioned connecting with him. Glad to know 'papa' is still out there and noticing the good works we do in the community.
  13. Who changed the title of this thread? And why?
  14. I'm not missing the point - and you just made mine -- casual users of the service aren't using those features.
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