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  1. There's a saying.... "Don't Feed The Tr*ll(s)" I won't. But someone's gotta comment on these statements (and it better be done before Jarno jumps in here). And since I'm not one of those paid-for website staff, I don't have to be nice about this. There's bias; and then there's bias. You gave yourself away with the "EET being a shining beacon" line... daf**!!?! You made me spit out my coffee onto my (work) screen. Are you purposely being provocative? You're certainly not joking. Maybe the vapors are getting to you. "...the actual business of..." wha- What?! You must be in the wrong modding community. I don't know of any modding comm that's 'in the business' of anything. Even She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named would not go so far as to use a line like that. Never has, as far as I know. So it sounds like you and similar Karens better curb your "so strange that these things still live or die on individuals' burn outs, disagreements, and time commitments" fake shock & surprise, and wake up that as much as people love the game and the mods, they're not going to map compatibility permutations of mod components [somebody do the math - which formula(e) should we use?] - for FREE - to the detriment of actually having a Life. woah, radical thought, I know. Deal with it. (Sad and Madness thing is, many have done just that. Result: jastey just told you.) Or do it yourself. Try to prove wrong the decades of contributions by mod communities.
  2. Before you keep asking this everywhere: 1) There is no such thing as an “EET Installer.” I presume you are talking about the ripoff of the BWS that Roxanne gave a confusing name... but you are making it even more confusing. 2) Modders have no control over how Roxanne’s BWS ripoff program works. Only Roxanne does. So asking this in every modder’s thread will not do anything. You have to ask Roxanne or one of her alternate identities. This has to be the Most Beautiful post I've read on this site (on so many levels) in many-many-many months. The 2nd-most Beautiful is this mod announcement - Congrats temnix! This mod environment sounds absolutely fabulous.
  3. They're not at the level of SCS but you can review ysSeries: Yovaneth's Original Saga (BG1) Character Co-operation Scripts. The most comprehensive attempt to script party AI for classic BG1. For fun, you could assign the appropriate scripts to creatures, and see how it works to play against them.
  4. I presume archived topics will stay archived?
  5. As Jarno noted, The Darkest Day has an extensive list of spells, here's the list - http://web.archive.org/web/20030222234550/http://lion.phpwebhosting.com/~teambg/tdd/?page=spells&color=B09800&sel=0
  6. Cheers, thanks for checking. I knew something was strange, G3 Powers wouldn't do something like that without announcing it. Sigh-o'-relief this wasn't done by choice.
  7. No my friend, you're still referring to something else, that's not my question. Don't worry yourself anymore -- I'll wait for a reply from a moderator.
  8. Jarno, what are you on about? Go back, Scroll to the bottom to the page, you'll see the thread is 'Archived' - better known as 'Locked' to new posts.
  9. Separate issue, not cosmetic, may been reported elsewhere, point me to the link if it has--- when did some threads start getting Archived?? That was not a thing in the past. e.g. Conflict with cleric and druid HLA tables from Refinements - Divine Remix - The Gibberlings Three What's the policy about when that happens? Can moderators UnArchive threads?
  10. Unless the 1pp bugs--and features--can be turned off via the options screen or config, they certainly were not installed on top. What you're describing is code integration, bugs and all. Still, we're being pedantic; so I'll leave it to agree that the bugs should have corrected in patches, especially after all this time.
  11. Erephine, developer of 1PP, was hired by Overhaul specifically for her mod contributions -- if I'm remembering correctly; so her code would have been integrated into the base, not 'installed over top'. hear, hear! Why are guests allowed to tag at all? Next, they'll be able to attach files and merge threads.
  12. Neither do I. Under the previous forum software, there was more control over when to show your own, and whether to see others'. Now, it's all-show or all-no-show. Anyway, that link was where I was having the trouble. I tried it now, is now 'sticky' / working. Cheers.
  13. I'll piggyback on this thread and report that the 'View Signatures' option in not sticky-- keeps reverting to disabled. (Few days ago I had temporarily turned them off from the 'x' when submitting a post.)
  14. "There is nothing new to be discovered in BG modding now. All that remains is more and more precise measurement." -- 1894, Lord Azazello Michelson "Hold my beer." 2016, Albert temnix
  15. Only with Classic IwD. Also works in a modded install, tried it years ago. Hoping one day, some intrepid soul(s) will give them dialogue, banters and ee-gads maybe even romances.
  16. No love for...the original NPCs of IwD? (Blucher's BG2 to IWD Characters [bg2iwdmc] - includes Solaufein, Kelsey and Tashia!)
  17. Also made for non-EE - but maybe it can be ported --> over at BWL, Game Over Only on Party Dead Read also http://www.shsforums.net/index.php?showtopic=49994&view=getlastpost
  18. You're not a developer, that's obvious; (neither am I); otherwise, you would totally understand that these kinds of kludges, and similarly the oversight of minor issues [which could lead to major bug(s)], happens in software development all.the.time. In every type of application--games to major business packages to programming languages to dev platforms to desktop widgets. These kludges pass through several levels of review- after several coders have worked on the same blocks, and after one or more rounds of testing, and a QA (quality assurance) process after all of that -- all of which, so many eyes have seen the 'fix', may know that it is yes a bandage - but if it works, and it works simply, and it doesn't break anything else... so be it. These are not 'bad' coding or development cycle - they're simply tools used at the time to get the job done. It could take years before someone goes back and data-mines the code to find such gems, or lumps of coal. We can criticize all we want, from the comforts of our self-isolating chairs, years after the fact, that these bandaids aren't effective; but we can't reasonably label these as incompetent or a dysfunctional process.
  19. It's easy to backseat-QA code and development decisions - especially after 20 years! We should be glad the game works at all.
  20. I love these kinds of (re)discoveries and aspects of the classic BG games! Twenty-plus years onward, and there're still little treasures to be found. And more will be found!
  21. RPGCodex is definitely not everyone's cup o' tea. It's reminds me of the first BG-related forum I joined, back in the day. Codex is much worse, of course, but still has its own appeal. But you can still get some useful nuggets on occasion e.g. https://rpgcodex.net/forums/index.php?threads/ssis-gold-box-series-thread.61389/page-48#post-2330009 I'll agree with Jarno on this one (what?!! )-- I don't want or mean to start a witchhunt - if anyone wants to learn the aliases, they can be found relatively easily.
  22. oh yay, a(nother) Roxanne poolparty! Can I join in? Not much to contrib here, only to note: 'Roxanne' is just as equally likely to be a 'he' as 'she'. We work withwhat we have-- gotta use 'she'. S/He still maintains at least one account here on G3 - so I'm sure s/he's reading this thread! Hi Roxanne! Despite past 'indiscretions', s/he still posts infrequently (at least, under known aliases) on RPGCodex. {sorry, I don't know which is the newest post} Hear, hear!
  23. Can't resolve your issue but maybe you can find a solution or get assistance over at SoS's official forum: http://www.shsforums.net/forum/195-shadows-over-soubar/
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