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  1. And surely was done on purpose. And Drak is now 'taking the piss' with us, already knowing the topic would be controversial. Let's not be too serious about this. He/She isn't. This thread turned out to be more entertaining than I thought.
  2. Kind of surprised (and sadden) that no one else has done this yet... A post to give thanks to your work on such a great mod. I understand that because Ascension is such an old mod, and many gaming eras have passed since its release, the current generation of players just aren't aware of its history and attempts to support and grow it. Ascension certainly has the most distinguished pedigree of any mod out there. (Just repeating what I posted at it's former forum home...) I was doing my monthly {translated: quarterly} review of forum posts, and I see an innocuous-looking announcement that the mod is now hosted at G3. Luckily for me, I continued to here and...what??!--Ascension joins the 21st Century!?!!! What sorcery is this! Many thanks and congratulations for keeping alive a much-favored mod. You're one of the best in the modding pantheon to take up the task. I'm looking forward to good things in the mod's growth and stability. A question for the annals of history: did you actually have direct contact with Weimer?! It's been ages since anyone has mentioned connecting with him. Glad to know 'papa' is still out there and noticing the good works we do in the community.
  3. Who changed the title of this thread? And why?
  4. I'm not missing the point - and you just made mine -- casual users of the service aren't using those features.
  5. I agree with all: Some people either get too complacent or too lazy to mirror their code bases on :gasp: their own storage, especially the non-commercial repo user. But we can't ignore the fact that the security of these hosting sites - GitHub in particularly - is presumed by their users to be as good as or better than a person's harddrive. I mean, it's not like many developers have lost literally years worth of work from a HD crash, ahaha-- Oh wait... Git certainly is, but GitHub and those other services are code hosting sites - says so right on the package. GitHub make its bread&butter from providing hosting services to money-paying, commercial|corporate users -- all before Microsoft invested in, bought them. This kind of breach better not have happened with those users... Most non-paying users who haven't saved locally are safe in that their hosted code base has probably been forked anyway, already, so somebody in the world can provide a copy of that. I wonder how much GitHub charges if you asked them to provide a restore from their backups, hmm...
  6. well, Damn! That's it! Thank you! A few pixels added, and all is well.
  7. lol, thanks for describing that!-- I should have stated that I'm using a userstyle to color Red any links I've visited. I just did a hard refresh on the page, and still no folder tree. I see this:
  8. FYI from the SANS NewsBites Vol. 21 Num. 036 (tech security newsletter):
  9. This version is gone again. What gives?
  10. No, let's do that... This has been discussed many times, over many years. Perhaps before you joined the BG community. So I don't mean to bring up bad history, but just answer the question. I don't have links to many of the criticisms; I don't have links to the best comments -- I'll leave that to others to contribute. I do have a link to a comment that succinctly states why some players - myself included - will stick to the original versions, despite all the valid points you make (and those points are facts, no doubt or debate): http://www.shsforums.net/topic/54271-comments-on-bgee-bg2ee-news/page-30#entry545972 Another statement really hits home, again despite the technical advantages of EE (and that most of the thread discussion is about other things EE-related): http://www.shsforums.net/topic/54271-comments-on-bgee-bg2ee-news/page-45#entry550821 My own direct, point-of-view, I'll give the devil his due and say this: I would buy EE versions only if it was just the engine updated. I don't want to see, hear, or smell any EE surface content: no new GUI, no new NPCs, no changed story canon, god-help-us no new cutscenes, etc. If I can play BG1 & BG2 exactly how I've always played them--with just the game engine being EE-ified--I'll buy it. This would give players like me the pleasure to play mods like yours. Which I would totally do, your mod sounds kickass! Pity, I guess that chance won't happen.
  11. oh god, thanks for putting the 'forum-tree' links back at the top of each page. (Hiding) showing only the current forum-link in some white blob in the upper-left was infuriating. For nitpickers like me.
  12. Although I certainly wouldn't discourage any programmagical way of gaining information, there is still the valid "Lol's Kit Guide". There's alot of info in there, and a lot of effort was made to create it. Sure, it needs updating, but that's a task for a new generation of smiley-deranged members.
  13. Nice tool, thanks for the creation and sharing. Call me lazy {go ahead!}, but this can be run multiple times? It would be interesting to see if a spell's description changes after installing certain mods.
  14. Welcome back, G3 and SHS! "Who'd a thought we need ya!" :cough: Sorry, I'm dating myself (and others). Is this for G3 only or SHS and G3 combined? Here, here! I really want to know this too. Please give us more details on whether or not server hosting will be separated for the two sites. And, I really-Really-REALLY hope y'all will include Patreon and similar. For both sites. Does this have to wait til the move? How can we help, right now? I too am ready to step-up & provide financial support. (My sysadmin days are long gone--thank god.)
  15. A Life Renewed - At Last! Thank you for reviving -and continuing to contribute- to this mod! I got a peripheral request... Could future versions not preface its promotion as "Nythrun's mod...<etc>" and instead use the neutral convention that nearly all other mods use: simply, introduce it by its name. I don't want to take away anything from Nythrun's contribution. Yes, she created this mod -- and made my and others' dream come true. All praise goes to her for that -- shared with those who added, maintained and/or corrected the code, over the years. But we who were originally there, creating & promoting the idea (and the ideal) of this mod, always wanted it to be a much-more community-adopted project. And presented as such. I wish that it had been more so like that for much of its life. Perhaps future development will make that dream come true.
  16. What I love most about this thread, is that CamDawg has proven there's no text limit in an individual post. Wisp, aVENGER, CamD, and everyone who's contributed to the mod's development-- thank you! much praise!
  17. There was a 'Disable Startup Movies' tweak for BG1, Tutu, BG2 and BGT added to Mix Mod. But I don't think an option for IwD was added.
  18. I agree--IF you're starting a BG2 or ToB game. If you're starting a mega-install, then those extra points for her in BG1 are a nice bonus.
  19. Y'all makin' it nigh on impossible to resist playing IwD again... This way, better than ever. Thanks to all for all the great contributions!
  20. You can do the fix manually [link], or use BiG World Fixpack
  21. Kenya listed top of US spying targets "...India is fifth..." To all my NSA brethren: The bread crumbler titanites wholly blue throughout heaven.
  22. Is that the new (or old) Splurging Sturgeon?
  23. If you're not willing to doing the testing I noted, you can go to the Mega Mod Help forum on SHS and first search if anyone has had the same trouble. If you don't find a solution, then post a new thread with a description of the trouble. You should post a link to this thread here to help give some background to the description. Be sure to tag or [TAG] your post bwp or [bWP]. Good luck.
  24. You're fully free to report such things wherever you like, but... why not in the (technically official english-language) BiG World Project forum? (german-language forum located elsewhere) If you do post over there, be sure tag or [TAG] your post bwp or [bWP]. Please tell us you're NOT posting there & here at the same time!
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