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  1. I share Bartimaeus' sentiment about subtledoctor's extensive presentation of the invisibility status in the BG games. I'd like to have it pinned somewhere in this Forum.
  2. Yes, it seems there is a discrepancy between the Horn's description and the description of the Globe of Power effect there but it's actually more of a misunderstanding. The partial magic resistance would be the temporary immunity to spells from level 1 to 3. I agree that with magic resistance the player assumes we are talking of MR.
  3. I might have forgotten that little I knew but I seem to remember what you wish might not be impossible. Perhaps "ChangeClass" allows for the class-specifics buttons to appear in the selection bar? Cheers!
  4. Hi Bartimaeus! Thanks for both the updates! Very much appreciated.
  5. NdranC, in some way your bug is similar to the one reported by Chitown Willie above (bonus/malus not being correctly applied) and even in this case I am unable to replicate it. Everything is fine with the magic resistance on my end. I doubt it is a visual bug though. I do believe that the bonus is applied each time, for some strange reason.
  6. Hello! I will investigate the occurrence and check whether the magic resistance is correctly applied. I wouldn't recommend playing with the EE version of this modification though. It was made by a third party and it is not updated, meaning that at best there will be critical issues that I have been fixing since then and at worst there will be other problems which I cannot identify and solve. Cheers!
  7. The topic about WTP Familiars is here. There is an EE compatible version released in the past by @flamewing but I don't recommend it because it has not been updated and the only version one should play is the latest (2.5) which is only compatibly with ToB/BGT. If you do play with my modification, feedback is always welcome.
  8. Unfortunately it is. The frequency of the crashes and the less than prompt return to full functionality may be cause for considering a merge. Gibberlings3 is, very probably, the strongest community website for IA game and keeping its name and content unaltered may shave a sense but wouldn't you think SHS and Pocketplane (I would add Black Wyrm's Lair but I know that there is unfortunately bad blood) could just pool their resources and manage a shared website? I know there would be problems, starting with what the name should be but... It feels a bit anachronistic and ineffective to not change
  9. Hello! I tested the rabbit in my BGT game and the HPs are correctly removed at level 1 or higher. I had tested the HP gains/losses extensively in the past so I was very surprised to read CHARNAME's HP adjustment was not working properly for you. It'd be good if someone else could confirm this issue. Cheers! EDIT: Another player confirmed the HP loss working correctly. Would you please attach your WeiDU.log?
  10. Bartimaeus, should we still use version B16 to install SRR 1.2.0? Thanks!
  11. Hello Chitown Willie! Thanks for reporting this bug. It should not happen, of course. Is it happening with every familiar? Cheers!
  12. Hello, Bartimaeus. Are you saying that the Weapon Speed factor has no effect? I thought that what it'd do was to prioritize the timing of the attacks so that a weapon with lower speed factor would cause its damage earlier during a combat round, possibly killing the enemy and avoiding taking damage from the opponent's slower weapon?
  13. Thanks for this new update, Bartimaeus. Looking forward to playing with SRR in a not too distant future, hopefully.
  14. Hello bob_veng! Thanks for your assist. From what I can see, I don't have any other issue with the other icons but this was just at character creation. If I encounter a problem, I will make sure to give appropriate feedback. Cheers!
  15. @ArthasHello. I don't think there is a maintainer for TuTu GUI and I have no idea what changes the Big World Fixpack has but I suppose it's what mxtu has done some years ago. I have been reworking the BGT part of the TuTu GUI for my own use but I never uploaded it anywhere. I will submit it to @skellytz if he is interested but I have not been able to do much testing. Cheers!
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