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  1. @Bartimaeus, would you mind telling me why Infinity Animations need to be installed at two different times? Is there a particular reason for it? (with this I hope that all my installation order questions are finally finished ) Cheers!
  2. Thanks for the recommendation, subtledoctor. I will take a look at it.
  3. Hello! Quick question: I assume the component Recover lost items from Hell has been removed? It doesn't seem to be available with version 33.7. I also noticed some settings.ini entries also gone, namely: fiends_cast_slowly dragons_cast_slowly celestials_cast_slowly genies_cast_slowly Does anyone know why? Cheers!
  4. Well, reason enough for me to skip it. Thanks.
  5. I feel like I am flooding the board with message but I hope you can bear with my questions. Now I am wondering about whether or not you guys would recommend the Anthology Tweak "Cast Spells from Scrolls (and Other Items) at Character Level". In many ways it makes sense to me but I am wondering if there may be any bad interaction with SR or if I am possibly missing some other non desirable consequence or internal consistency with the spell system. Any advice?
  6. Hello everyone! I was wondering if someone playing with BGT played with this component installed. I found myself being quite unsure about it and I would love some feedback. Thanks!
  7. Small OT: I do wish Ascension64 could have stayed with us a little longer to develop TobEx further. Most of the new EE engine additions could have been added to it, I'm quite sure... Incidentally, I like the vanilla Petrification (I set this to 0 in the settings) so in my case it would have been particularly good to have a better solution for it.
  8. Hi there! I think a new version of IA is in the works and perhaps it will require changes in the future recommended installation order, just like it happened with the 2020 version of 1PP. This version I have on my local drive is a bit of a mystery because I have no recollection about how I got it and it does not come with new documentation (it still uses the b5 version of it). Gwendolyne is currently active developing a new IA version and that one explicitly mentions needing to be installed before 1PP. In my own notes this version I have was to be installed after 1PP just like you we
  9. Hello again, Bartimaeus! I have one more question about the installation order. You have Infinity Animation to be installed after 1PP. What version are you considering here? The readme file of the version I have (upcoming version 6) explicitly says that Infinity Animations should be installed before 1PP. Is there a particular reason why you recommend differently? Thanks!
  10. Hello! As I am about to install SRR, I would like to ask what recommendations you guys have (especially @Bartimaeus) for the .ini settings. A few of the settings I have already made up my mind about but there are some of them that I am really not sure which way to go: - Revised Saves - Dispel Globes - Alternative Remove Magic - AOE Lower Resistance - Resist Imprisonment Additionally, silly question perhaps but I noticed that there are several entries (ex. Petrification) whose value is set to 1 and then there is extended choice to 0 and 2. The 0 and 2 choices
  11. @AL|ENI understand what you are saying. I was not starting any "holy crusade" against modders using WeiDU 247. But if possible we would need WeiDU 247 to have the flag --noautoupdate on by default so that it doesn't cause any issues. I am not capable of working on the source and @Wisp has been inactive for months. I am not sure that "wait until he produces a new version" is the right strategy here. Sorry for the off topic, jastey. It will be my last one.
  12. Got it, thanks. I am finding out WeiDU 247 to be something I would like to avoid as much as possible so perhaps if BGQE doesn't need the new functionalities it may be a good idea to downgrade back to 246.
  13. Hello there, @megapilhas! I am not able to test this but the script you quoted does seem to spawn both Balthazar and Melissan. CreateCreature("balth",[758.514],14) // Balthazar CreateCreature("dw#melis",[810.624],6) // Melissan Unless I am missing something. Try commenting out/removing those two lines from the script and see if they still spawn.
  14. I guess that for the meantime we can flag this component as non compatible with BGT.
  15. Hello jastey! Thanks for this new update. I have a question about a oddity I noticed when I installed BGQE. The .exe file is a whooping 7 Mb, compared to the usual 1 Mb of most WeiDU releases. It installed fine and all but I was wondering about its size. Can you tell me something about it? Thanks!
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