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  1. Hello! Glad to see your managed to play without further issues (I hope). It may be that there is a bug with the transition from BG1 to BG2 but I thought I had taken care of it in one of my latest update to WTP Familiars. Can you tell me what version you had installed? Thanks.
  2. Salk

    SR Revised V1.1.0 (2019 February 5th)

    Hello Bartimaeus! Sorry for a late intervention but I haven't been checking on this forum the last days. About imprisonment: I quite despised having the game apply different mechanics to party members and NPCs for the same spell but I realize there is not much that can be done to overcome the engine limitations, like you said. So I think this is the least of the many evils. Thanks for your precious job, my friend!
  3. I will test it as soon as possible. At the moment, I do not have the game installed and I have not even tested the interim v31 because I thought I'd wait for a version endorsed and released by you. I hope to be able to give a detailed feedback before the end of the week. Thanks. By the way, I don't know if you saw my post on the subject, but SCS finally does something closer to your preferences for detectable items - they're detected only after the first time an enemy uses a spell against them. It was never viable to do that under the original-game system, but both ToBEx and EE radically increase the space of options. Oh yes! I did notice that in the change-log. I follow closely everything you report here of course. I won't need to tweak that .ini option anymore now! Thank you for going the extra mile to make SCS even better. May I take advantage of your presence here to ask what kind of future plans you have (if you have any) for SCS? It seems to me that SCS became so complex and refined that all the is left now is to just improve compatibility and remove possible glitches rather than introduce new components. But that is just my impression... Best of luck! PS - An additional curiosity (hoping to not waste too much of your free time): you have also gone to great lengths to secure compatibility with SR even if you said you don't personally use it. Can I ask what of the revised spell system you find unconvincing? Thanks!
  4. Salk

    SR V4 final

    I find myself in complete agreement here. Everything said makes perfect sense and I hope this will be the final solution. Easy and on spot.
  5. Hello (and belated welcome back)! I will test it as soon as possible. At the moment, I do not have the game installed and I have not even tested the interim v31 because I thought I'd wait for a version endorsed and released by you. I hope to be able to give a detailed feedback before the end of the week. Thanks.
  6. DavidW, if you still have a BGT test install available and are inclined to, can you see if something can be done for the Call for Help component disrupting the intended behavior of a few .npcs? Thanks!
  7. Salk

    SR V4 final

    Eh I must say that after giving it a second thought what Ulb says makes sense. Again. Perhaps it'd be best to leave the panic effect for the insects spells. I like DavidW's idea about a fixed duration for the Flesh to Stone petrified effect. And I like it even better with n-ghost's additional semi-permanent penalty.
  8. Salk

    IRv4 Final

    I am also not sure about Oil of Speed stacking with Haste. The two effects are too similar, in my opinion, and shouldn't stack. But I am in favor of monks using it.
  9. Salk

    SR V4 final

    I see no way of doing this. I can leave the spell as it is (i.e. no death) or I can delay the death further. For now, it seems all dislike the "kill" idea, so I may as well roll with no kill option. I think it is possible to do it using TobEX Opcode 318: "Modmakers can set the damage type percentage modifiers and weight allowance modifiers using this effect opcode. Also refer to the Scripting Stats section." Alternatively, setting STR to low enough values will achieve a similar effect and should be quite easy: both DEX and STR could decrease of a fixed percentage (25%?) each round (1 to 4) with target turned to stone at round 5. Saving throws may be allowed each round to see whether the additional DEX and STR affliction would apply.
  10. Salk

    IRv4 Final

    That sounds actually like a very good idea.
  11. Salk

    SR V4 final

    The problem with that is that: 1) It sort of duplicates the "Dying" effect 2) It goes against the game's lore where petrified characters are NOT dead 3) It does not escalate but just apply an effect after 5 round Overall, not really appealing. On top of that, it would remove any kind of resemblance with the original spell so that its name "Flesh to Stone" would not even make much sense anymore. I can see why Free Action may be a problem with my suggested solution though but perhaps we could work around it by changing the carried Weight of the target to achieve a similar effect in two steps, rather than five.
  12. Salk

    SR V4 final

    kreso, first of all, nice to see you again and thanks for working on these final versions of IR and SR. I believe it is a wonderful community effort we are witnessing here and I am particularly grateful to Bartimaeus for carrtying the Revisions torch when it was darkest with his Revised releases. About the change-log, what I personally like a lot: - the "berserk" effect for Insect Plague and what I don't: - Flesh to Stone killing within 5 rounds I think the initial idea is good but I would develop it differently: possibly a series of cumulative effects applying on the target which culminate in turning into stone. Each round the target's total movement would be impaired by a fixed amount until it becomes zero at round 5 (10%, 20%, 40%, 75%, 100%). Also an increasing malus to Dexterity (-1. -2, -4. -6 and -8) and additional penalty to both THAC0 and casting time (to be discussed), also becoming increasingly harsh.
  13. I play already in a self set Iron Mode but it would have been nice if such possibility had been available (like in Temple of Elemental Evil) as option for the game.
  14. subtledoctor is maintaining an EE compatible version at SHS. He should be able to help restore full compatibility.
  15. Salk

    SCS v32: installation times

    DavidW, the time difference for the Smarter Mage changing so drastically from BG:EE and BG2:EE depends on a much wider array of possibilities that component accounts for in the sequel?