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  1. @flamewingcan you please check Guest Maciek's bug report? I cannot test it on BG:EE and I have never experienced that kind of issue before using my own version on classic BG.
  2. What about using the feedback window to inform the Player about racial immunities (not just liches then) whenever a spell fails to affect those creatures?
  3. @BartimaeusThanks a lot for this new update! Much appreciated.
  4. I think the Icharyd fight (which I experienced a few times using the Improved Ulcaster component) only needs to have the dispelling removed but subtledoctor is also raising a good point about fatigue. I agree much less with him about keeping the dispelling effect just because defenses in difficult fights "come and go anyway". To me, that is actually one more reason to remove it. Everything else is top notch, in my opinion.
  5. Just to chime in, I share completely Bartimaeus' feelings and experience when it comes to playing videogames. I still believe most of the time a mouse and a keyboard cannot be beaten. The second best way for me was the Wii controllers (theoretically). That is why the Wii is my favorite console ever. Once I get myself a decent VM system I may add another entry to my very short list above. Until then my favorite way to play is either mouse and keyboard or a Wii mote (+ nunchuck).
  6. I find this *extremely* interesting and it's something that always escaped my attention (unsurprisingly, considering the circumstances...). I don't see much of a reason for anyone not importing a BG1 character/saved game to have any of the items and at the same time I don't see much of a reason (other than, possibly, gameplay balance) for otherwise having any stripping at all. And I would not absolutely want to lose either the Helm of Balduran or the the Claw of Kazgaroth if I have obtained them in BG1 because those two are iconic items that should not be removed at all. At the very leas
  7. Oh of course! Sorry about the confusion. I have practically no memory/recollection of how imported items work but I suppose BG2/BGT/BG2:EE/EET check for the inventory of imported characters or saved game and decide which item should be kept and which should be discarded? It's pretty shocking to realize that I have only completed the BG1 part of BGT and I am therefore totally ignorant about the transition and the item importation process and that I only played BG2/ToB once over 10 years ago...
  8. Sorry, can you elaborate? Has IRR removed Helm of Balduran from the game? I sincerely hope not. Also, I am not really fond of having the Horn of Kazgaroth duplicated since it's always been a unique item. What was the rationale for this decision?
  9. Yes, of course! I didn't mean to suggest you should just steal polytope's work/files but was rather trying to understand if what polytope has done already was what you would need to do yourself in order to reach a very similar result. Since you mentioned being a tedious work I was just wondering if reinventing the wheel was truly necessary or if it was perhaps possible to ask polytope permission (with crediting) to use his Dispel Magic version inside SRR. It was just an idea to save you time though, nothing more. Cheers!
  10. Well, if that is the case, hasn't polytope already done the job with the difference being 50% +/- 3% rather than +/- 5%?
  11. @Bartimaeus, perhaps that's the way to go when it comes to Remove Magic and Dispel Magic. To change them so they really have a different usage and purpose may be the way to go but wouldn't changing Dispel Magic to 50% +/- 5% require that tedious job with extended headers, percentiles, and hit-dice limitations you mentioned above?
  12. I find this approach to be more rational and, generally speaking, acceptable. I'd be interested to hear polytope's counterargument to Bartimaeus' criticism though. I guess this will be part of your next version of your tweaks, @polytope? (It may be even a good candidate for IR/IRR adoption) Cheers!
  13. I seem to remember Kahrk being quite tough even on a non SCS'ed game. I'm also pretty sure I managed to defeat him with SCS's mage AI installed but I did play with no AI pre-buff anda tweaked stratagems.ini file tolower the mages' level (something DavidW kindly introduced after me requesting it some time ago).
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