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  1. Congratulations for this new, massive release, DavidW! And thanks for the continued support.
  2. Hello, Leandro! Thanks for the feedback. It is always useful to see what people who tried the modification think. For starters, it is really hard to make sure there aren't compatibility problems with heavily modded games like your own. While I do believe few of the issues you described may be solely related to WTP Familiars, I'd take a guess about most of them being due to poor interaction between different mods (including my own) and honestly I tested WTP Familairs on my own standard BGT install which includes a good number of modifications but nothing like "banter accelerators" or increased party movement speed tweaks. In particular, the added Quest mods you have mentioned may have caused some problems with the party spawning such that any familiar (which is not really considered a party member by the original engine which limits it to six) would have caused the same. But the core of the matter is that I believe you are right saying that this is not the mod for you because I do believe that from a RP point of view and also a gameplay point of view the Familiar should be out of the backpack as often as possible. And yes, the time does take in consideration travel time so it is normal that after a trip the familiar wants out because, role play wise, it would have possibly stayed in your backpack for hours. Still, the familiar doesn't leave the backpack after the first warning. It takes three unheard pleas before it should just take matters in their hand. So the fact that your cat left for good after your trip to another region is a bug. Said that, the familiar is quite useful when out (some more than others, but I tried hard to make them be good at something), especially after introducing Empowerment for the Thief/Warrior classes and Spell Bounce but it is normal that they are very vulnerable. I don't account for the difficulty being higher than Core. If you play on Insane with SCS installed then it is natural a familiar could even be killed by a bear in the BG1 portion of the game. The micromanagement is instead a valid complaint. It is not something I could really solve and I realize that it can cause frustration. I don't sympathize much with the "a familiar in the backpack takes a valuable slot" argument to convince me that keeping a familiar hidden there is an inconvenience. If you talk to other BG players you will know they are all happy to keep a familiar there and leech off them to boost the protagonist's total HPs, which is the first thing this modification wanted to avoid. Again, playing "solo" is a legitimate choice like playing on "Insane" but then such extremes come with drawbacks. WTP Familiars is tailored after my own gaming choices and do not scale well (but this could at least partly be remedied). Lastly, from a pure RP point of view, I do believe Familiars, being intelligent, wouldn't want to be confined in a small backpack for hours of in-game time. And yes, being intelligent they have an instinct for survival and that instinct is scripted. They should not get out in the middle of a combat and they should be running back to the backpack when their health hits a critical value (if the owner is in range). Like any "pet", they need a certain amount of care. I tweaked their dialogues too to give them more depth. I know they can die pretty easily but keeping them alive can be rewarding in itself. The loss of the familiar is fully accounted for and the way it is done is, in my biased opinion, quite good. The protagonist suffers the consequences but they are limited in time, unlike the permanent Constitution loss of the original Find Familiar implementation. One more thing: the last version is 2.1. Not sure why your WeiDU log reports a 2.2 version. Cheers!
  3. Hello! As jarno pointed out, this is out of scope for this mod. I can understand the frustration for having to wait for familiars to regroup with hastened/sped up party members but it is not something I can do anything about from this side. Having an option to keep the Familiar in the bag when it is convenient goes against the mod's vision of having the Familiar on the field as much as possible and counter the cheap exploit of having just free HPs for the protagonist. This modification tries hard to compensate that by making them more useful though, including the cat. This instead sounds like a bug. The familiar should not nag at all about wanting out under ongoing combat (unless you are using a version that is earlier than 1.7). And once it is in the backpack, it should not just ask to leave it again shortly after. There are timers that keep track of this and I should investigate it further. Problem is: I have not installed nor played Baldur's Gate for well over a year and this may take some time. I am not sure I understand what you mean with "leaving one of the characters outside of the area boundary" but it may be another bug. About the penalty: it is not permanent. There is a mourning time after which the penalty is completely gone and you are free to summon a new familiar. This has been introduced to make keeping the familiar alive something that has tangible consequences and I am quite proud of the implementation. You can get rid of the familiar easily and the penalty is only temporary. You can also choose another type of familiar once you are able to summon a new one, unless you are playing with a True Neutral character. Cheers!
  4. Hello! I tried the download link but I get an error message saying the page does not exist.
  5. As old BGT player, I am interested in this as well. Thanks for your work, zelazko!
  6. Oh okay, I understand then that we'd need a workaround for it. Probably not too terribly complicated but yes, it'd require some testing. Cheers!
  7. Hello! I like Bartimaeus take and number too, although I was wondering (I cannot verify now): can the berries be split so that they could be distributed to other party members as well? If not, I think that would really be a nice touch. Cheers!
  8. Hello again, Bartimaeus. I thought SCS already offered a component that removed the Stoneskin effect on the caster? Or perhaps I am misunderstanding and you meant removing the visual effect of the spell on the caster? What I was suggesting was to have the character protected with Stoneskin change the color of its body to the Stoneskin color once the combat would start. Cheers!
  9. Hello, Bartimaeus! Have not been very active around here the last months but I am glad to see there is constant improvements being made to our beloved game. Let me just say I think the idea above is really good and, if it was not suggested somewhere else by someone else, I would like to see it apply to Stoneskin as well. Keep up the excellent job!
  10. Hello! Glad to see your managed to play without further issues (I hope). It may be that there is a bug with the transition from BG1 to BG2 but I thought I had taken care of it in one of my latest update to WTP Familiars. Can you tell me what version you had installed? Thanks.
  11. Hello Bartimaeus! Sorry for a late intervention but I haven't been checking on this forum the last days. About imprisonment: I quite despised having the game apply different mechanics to party members and NPCs for the same spell but I realize there is not much that can be done to overcome the engine limitations, like you said. So I think this is the least of the many evils. Thanks for your precious job, my friend!
  12. I will test it as soon as possible. At the moment, I do not have the game installed and I have not even tested the interim v31 because I thought I'd wait for a version endorsed and released by you. I hope to be able to give a detailed feedback before the end of the week. Thanks. By the way, I don't know if you saw my post on the subject, but SCS finally does something closer to your preferences for detectable items - they're detected only after the first time an enemy uses a spell against them. It was never viable to do that under the original-game system, but both ToBEx and EE radically increase the space of options. Oh yes! I did notice that in the change-log. I follow closely everything you report here of course. I won't need to tweak that .ini option anymore now! Thank you for going the extra mile to make SCS even better. May I take advantage of your presence here to ask what kind of future plans you have (if you have any) for SCS? It seems to me that SCS became so complex and refined that all the is left now is to just improve compatibility and remove possible glitches rather than introduce new components. But that is just my impression... Best of luck! PS - An additional curiosity (hoping to not waste too much of your free time): you have also gone to great lengths to secure compatibility with SR even if you said you don't personally use it. Can I ask what of the revised spell system you find unconvincing? Thanks!
  13. Salk

    SR V4 final

    I find myself in complete agreement here. Everything said makes perfect sense and I hope this will be the final solution. Easy and on spot.
  14. Hello (and belated welcome back)! I will test it as soon as possible. At the moment, I do not have the game installed and I have not even tested the interim v31 because I thought I'd wait for a version endorsed and released by you. I hope to be able to give a detailed feedback before the end of the week. Thanks.
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