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  1. Ah right I see, that sucks quite a bit. At the time of designing the mod I was too was thinking if I should simply just create the same thing but for EE instead as it has a huge number of additional resources to take advantage of. As incredible as it was, I still felt that I preferred the feel , aesthetic and game-play of the original over EE. One of the reasons I'm not a big fan is the inclusion of a lot of BG2 spells and also the kits. I would not have minded so much if only the kits were added - even though it just ridiculous to choose at level 1 and personally for me just ruins the game -
  2. Hi all, Basically I have been designing a mod for BG1+ToSC which essentially turns the game into a more hardcore version of the original. Much inspiration came from the Heart of Fury Difficulty in Icewind Dale 2 in which it added in more creatures, tougher enemies, enhanced items etc. Other inspirations are from @DavidW Sword Coast Strategems, in which battles are far more tactical and require a bit more thinking before going in gung-ho. I have currently completed a version of the mod which I had play tested with my brother online via Gameranger. However there were some bugs we encountere
  3. Hi, I am currently doing a playthrough online on BG2 EET and have been playing through starting from SoA. However we seem to have stumbled across an issue with the SoS mod. I had accepted the questline from Selence and we had been powering through the normal game, we then got stuck at the point in which she requested we go to find William in the Goverment District, we found the home and his servant, however he had told us to go to Brynlaw, which was a problem because we have already completed all the main story quests until literal endgame Suldenesslar so we could not go back to Brynlaw.
  4. Yea sorry, I wrote this at 2am lol. Let me clarify what I meant to say, When I was installing EET(Not BGt) after the installation had finished it gave a prompt stating that if I wanted to install any mods then do it just now and then run the EET_End file to finalise the installation. I ran the _End file first and then continued to install my mods in order. Thr only reason why i had to install EET was because one of the mods I wanted to play required it for some reason so I had no choice. As I did have Sod, I did have to install Modmerge first before I could do anything.
  5. Hi, Thanks all for the replies. I ended up reinstalling everything starting with BGT and then doing BGT_End and then working my way through the list of mods I wanted installed and ending with the installation of SCS. I did a new game on SoA since I had played BG1EE earlier and didnt want to play through it all again. So far I havent encountered any issues or conflictions with the install process or during gameplay. So it does seem to be running fine, I didnt try to install BGT after everything else because I had a feeling something might go wrong, so I simply just took the longer route.
  6. Hi there, I have installed a fresh copy of BG2EE from Steam and also the following mods in order: ModMerge > Ascension > Sword & Fist > Song and Silence > Wheels of Prophecy > SoD items to BG2 > SCS and then finally Cowled Menace. However, upon trying to install Cowled Menace mod, it told me that I needed to have Enhanced Edition Trilogy installed beforehand. Unfortunately I didnt read that part and continued to install all the mods. My question is, if I was to install EET now, would that have an effect on the other mods which are currently installed?
  7. Not sure if a bug, but when you enter the Temple Ruins dungeon area, for some reason the Lich inside already starts casting spells like Suffocate continuously and the game doesnt allow you to save because of the aoe gas.
  8. Doing a playthrough of BG2EE with RC9 and on Legacy difficulty with all parts installed and I noticed that compared to previous versions, a lot of the wizards do not precast magic protections such Spell Immunity, Deflection etc. Someone mentioned before the fight with Gethras on a lower dificulty that it was a bit underwhelming and it was the same for me on Legacy. All it took was one true sight and breach and he simply couldnt do anything. The only enemy i have encountered so far who casts HLA was the Rakesha outside Firkragg entrance who cast Dragons Breath, but apart from that a lot of wiza
  9. Yes I am using the 9th release, I had downloaded and installed V32 last night, as per what I had written earlier.
  10. Hi there, I have played through BG1EE and 2 using the previous versions of the SCS mod about a year ago and loved it. I had no idea that it was still currently being updated and newer versions have been released since then. I had downloaded the V32 last night and was tinkering using EE Keeper to see what had been added in via spells as I noticed now that you managed to get the IWD spells implemented in - I still have no idea how you managed to pull that one off - and I noticed what (may) be bugs with some spells? I have almost every mod selection ticked, the only ones I didnt were the on
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