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  1. That looks interesting. Thank you for this.
  2. Hello, I hope this is not already reported. Moon Dog Sight (SPIN696.SPL bg2ee @103003), from Cerebus (MOONDOG.CRE), from Moon Dog Figurine (MISC7T.ITM) This ability states that it detects traps but it doesn't. There, that's all for me. Thanks.
  3. Thank you both, you rocks! To give an idea to what it look like: @3="Dur[^e]+e[^:]*:" // must exactly match duration in BG version of 'protection from fire' @4="1 tour par niveau" Here @4 is correctly displayed but @3 is not. @3="Durée :" // must exactly match duration in BG version of 'protection from fire' @4="1 tour par niveau" Here @3 is correctly displayed but @4 is not.
  4. Hello David, This is nowhere to be found on IWD:EE. I suspect @19 in Spell.tra to be just the post patch version of @18, am I right?
  5. Alright, I'm afraid I could not help much. Just in case, to replace accented characters or non-breaking space, it seems the following should work with Weidu regexps: "créatures" -> "cr[^a]+atures"
  6. Maybe we could provide some insights, what's the problem with ToF exactly?
  7. Maybe something to do with the new acces path lang_som?
  8. I'm sorry, David, you can dismiss this bug report. It's on me, I just realized that I've installed 35.6 selecting English game language while it's on French. So, yeah, everything was buggy indeed. Closed.
  9. Hey David, just a reminder that the first post with the translation locations need to be edited: Files to be translated are now in "stratagems\iwdspells\lang", "stratagems\lang", "stratagems\lang_som", and "stratagems\sfo2e\lua\lang".
  10. Happens on the special abilities "spells" and the items themselves. edit: and descriptions Edit 2: OP is dumb
  11. Hello again, David. Things are advancing at a good pace, but I have a few uncertainties that I'd like to clear up. The Rod of Resurrection, item.tra, everything is ok? Are the added details correct? The range parts, for example. I've been unable to test ingame. Next are the dagger "Nome Stikka" and the arrow "Deth Stik", kobold.tra. Are the details correct, especially the poison and save parts? I've been unable to test ingame. (https://www.gibberlings3.net/forums/topic/37575-kobold-items-dont-seem-to-apply-any-poison-effect/) Lastly, I haven't edited yet "Stone Fist" or "Pebble" inside extra_arcane_spells.tra. Could you provide me some details about the fix and the actual statistics of the items, please? (https://www.gibberlings3.net/forums/topic/37498-stonefist-description-looks-wrong/) I still have a few items to edit, but they will be done soon. Do you wish me to provide the English proofread (with the item format revision) as soon as possible? So, if you want, you can implement them rapidly or is this not an urgent matter? I imagine this is a stressful period for you, I hope I'm not overstepping.
  12. This is a known bug: The same happens with fine weapons component.
  13. If you want, I can help you out with some inactives pre-digested entries for every item, I'm doing some English proofreading alongside the French translation at the moment anyway. You could cherry-pick anything you want from it.
  14. Thanks, that's greatly appreciated. Try to avoid it as much as you can, because remember, we're dumb and lazy. But when there is no choice but to do it, fine, it's understandable. We'll call the lesser dumb and lazy to help us out.
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