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  1. :c Please do not consider me a person standing above others in the respect giveaway, I could never write and over time I forgot how to code, now I just earn my living working at a mouse farm.
  2. https://www.wipo.int/treaties/en/ip/berne/ Have you considered thinking for a second before you speak
  3. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ry5u1a6k6212hg1/IWD2FIXPACKv4_WIN.zip?dl=0
  4. Y'all ever thought about a restraining order? Like... just spitballing ideas here.
  5. what on earth are you even talking about. Anyway I'm stoked for it being 5e, if I ever see the words "thac0" again in my life I'll spontaneously combust
  6. No Widescreen mod, ToBEx, 1pp ? Let alone BGT(-weidu), TDD, SoS ... etc. as you brought up NEJ.But I agree with you on the point that Baldurdash is in multiple places. See Vlad's Compilation. And putting your fingers in your ears and singing LaLaLa, doesn't make the thing disappear. Or any less real. I'll just note that as there are several and have been multiple others, that the G3 is just a note on the indeed host of the mod. It's like saying that BGT is the old mod, not the weidu conversion of the mod. To be more exact. Like: "A pi is not 3.14, it's 3.14..." oh my god i might get dinged for those words when i'm sobered but shuuut the ffffuuuckk uuuuppp
  7. It's the accumulated literal fifteen years of found bug fixes, OP
  8. IF Global("ShakeYourBody","GLOBAL",0) THEN ScreenShake(10,7200) SetGlobal("ShakeYourBody","GLOBAL",1) END
  9. Sounds cool! Although my question is, what does the completion of a calling do for players? Are there tangible rewards like with strongholds in BG2?
  10. Naw, it's a BG old thing. EE has people who bugfix for money.
  11. This is gonna sound awkward, but are you sure it actually failed to install? Because apart from the missing string errors the debug log seems immaculate!
  12. God damn it Imp have you just tried not being absolutely incomprehensible and typing nonsense for the sake of increasing your wordcount even once in your lifetime
  13. I can also assure you that 90% of modders don't know how to use github or what a gitlab link list is. (Alien once handwringed at me about being able to code a mod and not being able to use github, but weidu language is basically COBOL, anyone with a grasp on over 50 words in English can code it)
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