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  1. I think you should leave posting in the „Modding Q&A” section of the forum to people who are able and willing to provide answers, Jarno.
  2. Please be nice to Jarno, as a doctor I know as a fact that if he makes a single helpful relevant post in his life all his organs will fail at once
  3. Lmao thank god you came to rescue with this helpful answer.
  4. Endarire I feel like you are talking about something else entirely rather than the actual point of the question, or are just very clueless about the english language. In either case your posts have little value in discerning the context. to „take one up on this swing” in this scenario means more or less the same as „bring one to the top of that mountain” a few lines above. They’re about to get back to fucking, and snatch that one last orgasm before the encounter ends.
  5. Have you considered changing your strategy to writing things once, but in a way that’s coherent, not horribly painful to read, and one that people won’t give up after realizing who’s the author
  6. Having a build be confirmed working on Catalina is nice in a way it was not before. now, to find some poor soul who installed the Big Slur...
  7. Okay it took me a bit, and also visiting forums for Warframe (hi join my clan), to realize: 1Blocker for iOS treats invision threads with the same fervor as comment elements for like, facebook and such. Turned off content blocking for G3.
  8. The forums don't work on my iPhone XR, regardless of switching between mobile and desktop view and with or without content blockers. Threads are blank, all I can do is press "reply to this topic" which does nothing. Used to work before.
  9. This is literally the lamest personal attack I've seen in my life lol. If a child called me a doodoohead that'd sting more
  10. I've known the guy for like a decade and I still don't know whether he's a willing douchebag or if it's a case of language barrier that'd bring the gavagai problem to shame, or whether there's some kinda weird Saya no Uta-esque corruption of what he sees while reading text it makes me so mad
  11. No, it does not. Think for at least a moment before posting nonsense.
  12. this opinion is the thin thread that unites the two of us in the battle against being a serf to capitalist companies
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