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  1. This is literally the lamest personal attack I've seen in my life lol. If a child called me a doodoohead that'd sting more
  2. I've known the guy for like a decade and I still don't know whether he's a willing douchebag or if it's a case of language barrier that'd bring the gavagai problem to shame, or whether there's some kinda weird Saya no Uta-esque corruption of what he sees while reading text it makes me so mad
  3. No, it does not. Think for at least a moment before posting nonsense.
  4. this opinion is the thin thread that unites the two of us in the battle against being a serf to capitalist companies
  5. Your mod files do not have the permission to modify the game. Open up the terminal, type in „chmod -R 777 ”, drag in all the mod files to the window so it looks like „chmod -R 777 /lists/of/files” and press enter. Always worked for me. non zero chance you’ll have to redo it on system upgrade though.
  6. Please do not quote my posts, and do not address me online.
  7. I’m afraid the poor mushbrain might already be confused by the four letters, don’t wanna make the ringing sound inside his skull worse.
  8. I'd say that's more in the vein of advocating for the conservative view of gun control which is a thinly veiled white supremacist thing. Although obviously I would not expect you to view white supremacism as terrorism, based on your other views. It's me, I'm the thick-skulled LGBT SJW. Trans rights now, kill fascists, guillotine the rich.
  9. I honestly do not remember as the beamdog forum is extremely milquetoast and boring to read. I think I had an another account way back? I did went there just now, and found Ardanis's series of posts about how trans people are unworthy of existence and how transphobia is the human nature. So that was something! Beamdog might be good for outing people as garbage creatures.
  10. I got banned like five years ago for reasons connected to the Sega Saturn.
  11. They’re compiled player character AI scripts
  12. I mean, blood is pink, so I think that’s just fitting
  13. Why do you gotta be shitty and then draw attention to how shitty you are. Why are dudes like that
  14. :c Please do not consider me a person standing above others in the respect giveaway, I could never write and over time I forgot how to code, now I just earn my living working at a mouse farm.
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