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  1. It is also an extremely evil deed in a universe where "evil" is a tangible, countable force.
  2. calling dibs on the next ARP component!!!
  3. You should invite them to the forums so some people like that could make your threads better
  4. DotA2 for sure, Morrowind was an unfathomably boring game. also they should make Kid Icarus Uprising 2. Come oooon nintendo.
  5. Paladins… could be a sort of a „for knight” type of game
  6. it's also two gigabytes if you can't spare two gigs on your hard drive in the year of our lord two thousand twenty first then you have bigger problems than ppl not answering your topic
  7. It's like 10 bucks on GOG Also use near infinity
  8. This is literally the worst post I’ve seen on these forums holy shit. You’re a sad, tragic man.
  9. Can I ask you to maybe chill on the nazi analogies in the future?
  10. I think you should leave posting in the „Modding Q&A” section of the forum to people who are able and willing to provide answers, Jarno.
  11. Please be nice to Jarno, as a doctor I know as a fact that if he makes a single helpful relevant post in his life all his organs will fail at once
  12. Lmao thank god you came to rescue with this helpful answer.
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