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    retired grandmother raising my 9 yr old grandson.
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  1. Kitanna

    Calin NPC Mod

    I don't have one yet, sorry. Had a few set backs due to that pesky thing called life getting in the way. Please use the section I set aside for Navarra here http://www.baldursgatemods.com/forums/index.php?board=125.0 for questions, comments as I don't know if using Calin's is acceptable/allowed and I post everything related to her there. I'm so glad you are interested, and a tad excited , about playing the mod. I will do my best to get a playable version as soon as possible. But, she isn't close to that point yet.
  2. Kitanna

    Calin NPC Mod

    LOL! I agree! Now if only my grandson came with a mute button...
  3. Kitanna

    Calin NPC Mod

    I started working on her again, and since this isn't the proper place... you can find out more here http://www.baldursgatemods.com/forums/index.php?board=125.0
  4. Oh I won't! I felt they all were necessary when I wrote them and I stressed over the possibility of having to cut them down. I'm very glad to know they can all stay.
  5. Very true! I got carried away yesterday, i guess. Because by the time I stopped, I had 20 written. I was worried it was way too many. Thanks again Jastey
  6. Oh good! I only wrote just a few too many LOL Thanks Jastey I hope you and your family are well! .
  7. How many banters are considered acceptable for an NPC/NPC romance? I want to make sure I don't write what people would view as too many.
  8. Kitanna

    Bug Thread

    If anyone finds any bugs and or problems, please post them here. There is a hurricane headed right for me, unless the path changes, and I probably won't have any power for a bit. Last time was 10 days, the time before that, 3 weeks. In the even it happens, I will take care of anything that comes up, just please know that it may take awhile. Dorian decided not to destroy Florida after all So, no worries, we;re safe and I'll be around.
  9. Kitanna

    Calin NPC Mod

    I'm sorry, it isn't in an alpha stage. I started it years ago and stopped to take care of my grandson. But, things happened along the way and I am no longer capable of writing a romance. That's why the TOB part of Calin's is so bad. And it is bad..... I thought I could finish it if I removed the romance but.... I can't. Maybe after more time passes and I'm not so, well, messed up by what happened. I really am sorry, I had even written a romance years ago between her and a certain NPC if she wasn't a match for the player and really did what to finish it. I just need some time to heal and maybe I can. I hope you understand.
  10. Kitanna

    Calin NPC Mod

    Sorry, I stopped working on her. I... can't finish it.
  11. Kitanna

    Calin NPC Mod

    Very sorry about that, I've been sick the last few days and didn't see this. Uploading the fix now
  12. Sorry it took so long to see this, busy trying to get my grandson ready to go back to school I'll look into this right away. OK, I fixed it. Silly error on my part, so sorry. Uploading it in a few minutes
  13. Kitanna

    Calin NPC Mod

    I'm very sorry. Not sure how it happened but it's fixed now and uploaded.
  14. Kitanna

    Calin NPC Mod

    Thank you That did it!
  15. Kitanna

    Calin NPC Mod

    I don't see a drop down menu, odd.
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