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    IR Revised V1.2.5 (2019 April 5th)

    when it comes to shields BG2:EE comes with both BG1 and BG2 shield variants in vanilla game (BG:EE ones, those with "A" suffix, are just unused). BG:EE has all shields too, just with reversed suffix. In order to keep both BG1 and BG2 shields variants in EET, all BG1 resources during installation are patched to replace normal shields with "A" variants. So unmodded EET installation should have BG1 shields in BG:EE content and BG2 ones in BG2:EE. Here is a full list of swapped resources: "SHLD01" => "SHLD01A" "SHLD02" => "SHLD02A" "SHLD03" => "SHLD03A" "SHLD04" => "SHLD04A" "SHLD05" => "SHLD05A" "SHLD06" => "SHLD06A" "SHLD07" => "SHLD07A" "SHLD08" => "SHLD08A" "SHLD09" => "SHLD09A" "SHLD10" => "SHLD10A" "SHLD11" => "SHLD11A" "SHLD12" => "SHLD12A" "SHLD13" => "SHLD13A" "SHLD14" => "SHLD14A" "SHLD15" => "SHLD15A" "SHLD16" => "SHLD16A" "SHLD17" => "SHLD17A" "SHLD19" => "SHLD19A" "SHLD28" => "SHLD28A" "SHLD29" => "SHLD29A" "SHLD01A" => "SHLD01" "SHLD02A" => "SHLD02" "SHLD03A" => "SHLD03" "SHLD04A" => "SHLD04" "SHLD05A" => "SHLD05" "SHLD06A" => "SHLD06" "SHLD07A" => "SHLD07" "SHLD08A" => "SHLD08" "SHLD09A" => "SHLD09" "SHLD10A" => "SHLD10" "SHLD11A" => "SHLD11" "SHLD12A" => "SHLD12" "SHLD13A" => "SHLD13" "SHLD14A" => "SHLD14" "SHLD15A" => "SHLD15" "SHLD16A" => "SHLD16" "SHLD17A" => "SHLD17" "SHLD19A" => "SHLD19" "SHLD28A" => "SHLD28" "SHLD29A" => "SHLD29" considering it's just a cosmetic thing I'm not expecting that other mods will follow suit, but yeah, if you want to use BG1 shields in BG2:EE, you need to refer to "A" variants (and other way around if you're modding BG:EE).
  2. K4thos

    EE/EET Mod Setup Tool

    Arthas, for mods maintained by Roxanne, you will have better chance at finding help on this forum: https://baldursextendedworld.com I'm not familiar with this mod, so can't help much.
  3. K4thos

    The weirdness I'm now facing

    If it can be reproduced upload a save right before it happens, I will check if the same thing occurs in vanilla game. But I really don't see how it could be related to EET, sounds like an engine bug.
  4. sorry for late reply, I've been extremly busy the past few days. Glad you've found the solution, I will probably add some additional INT_VAR which will decide if DestroySelf should be used (yes by default, since it works as expected for NPCs that follows Beamdog style handling of NPCs with BG1+SoD content).
  5. you can use this formula to calculate % chance for each response to trigger: percentChance = responseValue / sumOfAllResponseValues * 100 so using the second spoiler: 10, 10, 10, 190 = 4.55%, 4.55%, 4.55%, 86.36%
  6. K4thos

    Mod Compatibility List for EET

    thank you, jastey List updated. fixed the link and added Sandrah to the list, thanks.
  7. K4thos


    years? No, I don't think so. I would label the current progress of IWD2 content as "pre-alpha": - all dialogs and scripts converted and compiled without errors, - spells finished, - items on the way (still working on the code that automatically generates EE style item descriptions based on stats and actual opcodes used by the item), - all other file formats conversions finished, - AWizardDidIt’s writing implemented. In other words both IWD:EE and IWD2 content is already up and running locally. It's not ready for tests yet since some stuff is still missing: - above mentioned items code is still WIP, - enemy AI to work correctly requires help of EEex - I will send to Bubb a list of stuff that I hope EEx will be able to solve, - I think some people may be interested in IWD2 style custom progression system with feats and free multi-classing that this mod aims to offer - lua code for this stuff as well as lifting engine limitations to allow it is not there yet (IWD2 feats are done though) No ETAs - it will be done when it's done and only when I feel that it’s in polished enough state to warrant external testing effort. I also don't want to put any pressure on Bubb, so nah, no ETAs. The project is far enough in development though that I'm now comfortable with asking for help once again. New topic regarding these tasks (spell icons art for new spells from IWD2, missing Tracking lines for BG1, Contact Other Plane strings for BG1/2 and IWD2 content, as well as familiar strings for IWD2 content) will be posted soon.
  8. K4thos

    Black Pits Epilogue Bug

    please upload save file before this problem in Black Pits happens. This way I will be able to check what's wrong (in EET saves always work regardless of installation when it comes to vanilla content, so it's easy to test it locally)
  9. K4thos

    Mod Compatibility List for EET

    Sorry, I confused this NPC with other one recently released for BG:EE only. I'm not aware about anyone working on adding comparability to Ninde though. Author seems to not be active anymore.
  10. K4thos

    Mod Compatibility List for EET

    I'm not interested in expanding list of mods installed on BG:EE. The goal is to shrink it (ideally - completely remove it). sure, just need to figure out why the above trick with github pages doesn't work on eet repository.
  11. K4thos

    Mod Compatibility List for EET

    https://k4thos.github.io/EET-Compatibility-List/EET-Compatibility-List.html thanks
  12. K4thos

    Mod Compatibility List for EET

    I'm planning to, at some point. Thing is when I started reading about it I've instantly noped out (for now) I prefer to spend an hour modding rather than figuring out what the github pages wall of text documentation is trying to explain to me.
  13. K4thos

    Question to EET_NPC_TRANSITION

    no worries. In the next version I will add additional warnings to the code to make catching such problems easier.
  14. K4thos

    Question to EET_NPC_TRANSITION

    can't reproduce it: https://i.imgur.com/tDQXfVl.png Maybe you're adding it in the wrong place? This code should be somewhere at the end of main component (after scripts are compiled, otherwise referenced scripts don't exist in game yet). There is also a chance that your program somehow broke the formatting (more likely it's the forum that broke it, but when I try to copy code from your post to Notepad++ somehow override_SoA is recognized as different word then the same text typed by hand) btw. I've noticed that you forgot to add EVAL in traFile declaration even though you're using %LANGUAGE% variable there.
  15. COMPILE_LUA - Action function that lets you compile BAF and D files containing Bubb's EEex Lua functions (EEex_Lua, EEex_LuaTrigger) The function converts easy to read multiline Lua code into a single line syntax supported by weiduExample usage: LAF COMPILE_LUA STR_VAR path = ~someDir/someFile.baf~ END LAF COMPILE_LUA STR_VAR path = ~someDir~ END https://github.com/K4thos/IE-code-repository/blob/master/compile_lua.tpa edit: feel free to merge this post with previous one.