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  1. K4thos

    atweaks & scs in EET installs.

    same is true for vanilla BG:EE+SoD installation (BDDIALOG.2DA), so in this instance I think it would be more reliable to just read campaign variants PDIALOG file names from CAMPAIGN.2DA. Same is true for other 2da files modified by EET_end (all have vanilla SoD variants, so a code to read them is needed anyway, if the mod supports BG:EE). If it helps with compatibility I can add code that appends all SoD and BG1 PDIALOG.2DA entries during main component installation instead of waiting with it until EET_end (will be done in the next version). I really doubt it, considering the nature of EET_end changes (described here). But if anyone is aware about such conflicts please let me know.
  2. K4thos

    atweaks & scs in EET installs.

    regardless of what other readme files say installing EET_end as the last mod will never break anything in your game (or at least it won't have negative effects compared to installing it before other mods, I can't promise that some regression won't slip up to the code at some point). Instead of thinking which mod may be installed after and risk problems, you can install other mod earlier and don't worry about it. btw. unreleased IWD-in-EET mod optionally appends chunk of code to EET_end that I think would conflict with SCS and other tweak mods, if it's installed before it (but won't if installed after) - it's a code that converts all class related stuff in all resources to use bitwise stat checks instead of current hardcoded class implementation (why it's needed has been disused here). There will likely be more code related to IWD-in-EET to ensure that all mod added content works with this mod changes to the game.
  3. I cleaned up some of the files from my dropbox and don't have a copy of those example fullsize maps right now. Either way the concept didn't receive much feedback (from which I assume there is not much enthusiasm for a completely new worldmap mod) and it turned out 1 of the supported mods places areas far beyond the working area presented here (near Thay), so this idea is currently put on hold. I've managed to fit the IWD-in-EET areas on the BP-BGT Worldmap after all, so there is no immediate need for a replacement.
  4. K4thos

    HLA Tables for Total XP CAP component?

    Nope, it's still not enough. From what I see BG:EE is missing SPL files with HLA abilities (I didn't find SPCL910+ spells referenced in LUBA0.2DA in game resources). And if you just copy them from BG2 you will end up with messed up text since they are referencing BG2 string numbers (different then BG1). Whole weidu mod is needed in order to implement HLA for BG1 content. edit: of course if you install EET you don't have to worry about this.
  5. K4thos

    Writers needed for IWD-in-EET mod

    Grimo, PM sent.
  6. K4thos

    HLA Tables for Total XP CAP component?

    I don't think you would be able to choose HLAs in BG:EE, even after removing the XP cap. If I remember correctly BG:EE and SoD UI.MENU files (responsible for GUI) is missing whole HLA section, so HLA window never shows up. This could be bypassed by installing some mod that adds the missing code to UI.MENU, but this is outside scope of EET Tweaks. edit: if you're asking if I want to add UI.MENU patching and missing LU***.2DA and SPL files that should be added when the component is installed on BG:EE, then I'm afraid no (I think it's outside scope of XP cap component and I'm not interested in adding more tweaks).
  7. hmm, I don't remember any changes related to macOS but maybe I forgot about something when writing the changelog. Anyway, since I didn't have any reports regarding this OS please upload your SETUP-EET.DEBUG file, so I can check if lua code worked correctly. Also please check if BG1 movies plays as expected (installed using external ffmpeg tool). -------------- Keep in mind that if you're going to play on mobile you will need to patch the mobile executable, in order to disable some hardcoded stuff, using this file: https://github.com/K4thos/EET/blob/master/EET/lib/binary.lua You can run it like this: EET/bin/osx/lua EET/lib/binary.lua path_to_your_mobile_executable It disables hardcoded movies (so that correct ones can be played via scripts), and removes hardcoded references to Slayer Change and Pocket Plane spells (don't remember what the hardcoded aspect of it was, probably some minor stuff like removing those spells after importing character or something like that). There is also SOD => BG1 change in executable, which I also no longer remember why it was needed (likely something related to hardcoded GUI functions). So the game should be still playable, even if you skip this step. -------------- In order to skip graphic resources and wav files biffing you should run the installation with b parameter (see Auto-installation section in readme file)
  8. K4thos

    HLA Tables for Total XP CAP component?

    I'm afraid I don't understand your request.
  9. K4thos

    Planar Sphere Mod !

    Sergio recently reviewed this version of the mod: http://www.shsforums.net/topic/60457-reviews/#entry606638 I don't think he is active here but you can PM him on SHS.
  10. If you add missing stuff to ADD_ITEM_EQEFFECT / ADD_SPELL_CFEFFECT I don't see a reason why not include your variants of all these functions officially in weidu (alongside ADD_SPELL_HEADER, ADD_ITEM_HEADER from this topic). I doubt Wisp will be against it considering your variants are well documented in this topic, works as expected and greatly expands the inital functionality (the functions support for ALTER effects is fantastic addition). btw. yes, I need parameter2a / b distinction for ADD_ITEM_EQEFFECT in my mod, but of course I can modify the code myself to add this one feature. I just think your functions should be internalized officialy in weidu.
  11. mostly due to laziness. Doing it in EET is a matter of adding 1 line to conversion library which automatically handles every single instance of these spell references in all kind of resources, regardless of what Beamdog decides to change via patches in future. Since those 2 innate spells are BG1 only and specific enough to be extremely unlikely to be referenced via symbolic name in mods installed after EET, I've chosen this approach. Does it conflict with your mod? Ideally it would be great if Beamdog would clean BG1 innate junk from level 9 spell range via patch. edit: of course EET won't be bundled with IWD-in-EET.
  12. Thanks, @DavidW for this awesome addition. Editing params via functions works great. I've noticed that you didn't include ADD_ITEM_EQEFFECT in your altered macros file. Are you planning to add it in future?
  13. EXECUTE_LUA - Action and patch functions used for executing Lua code and retrieving the outcome back into WeiDU Example usage: LPF EXECUTE_LUA STR_VAR lua = ~3 / 2~ RET return END LPF EXECUTE_LUA INT_VAR seed = 1 STR_VAR lua = ~math.random(1, 100) / 100~ RET return seed END LPF EXECUTE_LUA INT_VAR seed = seed STR_VAR lua = EVAL ~loadfile "%MOD_FOLDER%/someFile.lua"~ RET return seed END https://github.com/K4thos/IE-code-repository/blob/master/execute_lua.tpa Here you can find compiled Lua executable for Windows, Linux and Mac OS: https://github.com/K4thos/EET/tree/master/EET/bin
  14. K4thos

    Can ankheg tweak be added?

    It's not that I don't want to add this particular tweak. I'd prefer to not maintain tweaks package at all: The fact that I've added new XP related tweak in recent version is a one time exception. More tweaks are not planned.
  15. K4thos

    Can ankheg tweak be added?

    From what I see in vanilla BG:EE there are quite a few links with probability 20-50%. In BG2:EE there are some links with probability 25-100% (and even >100% for some reason). Also I think the percentage values are cumulative when you travel between areas that are not directly connected (since you're travelling using more than 1 link). If you're using default EET worldmap then nothing is changed compared to vanilla games - links data is taken directly from the BG:EE and BG2:EE worldmaps (on the fly during installation). Not sure if the same is true for BP-BGT Worldmap. I'm not planning to add such tweak to EET Tweaks, sorry. You can view the percentage values using this code: setup-dump_wmp.zip (taken from BP-BGT Worldmap). links.2da file, last column.