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    I don't really know how vaiable particular class combinations are from powergaming point of view. The mod provides an option to create a character with class system that works like in IWD2 and it's up to player to make or break the character (or ignore it and still use the classic system) Quoting the readme (very much WIP, the readme file is nowhere near ready, I will need to credit Sorcerer's Place and some IWD2 gamefaqs authors, since I'm using huge portions of thier IWD2 system explanations in the readme) edit: In short, everything works like in IWD2, but the full Hit Dice advancement is capped at level 10 (to not create characters with insane amount of HP), characters gain 2E saving throws (since I don't see a point in using 3E ones - doing so would require patching most resources in game) and we're calling 3E BAB as base THAC0 (even though its progression for custom rules characters is the same as in IWD2). And of course we're following BG XP reward scale (level 30 at XP cap = 8000000 instead of 528000).
  2. K4thos


    yes, you can think about it as "create your own kit". There are no silly workarounds here like dialogs or spells. Everything has been re-implemented in Lua (thanks to EEex) and the menus looks exactly the same as in IWD2 - see the example screenshots from chargen (level up screens for custom rules characters also looks like this, vanilla hardcoded/2da based chargen and levelup functionality is not used at all by these characters).
  3. K4thos


    As you can see in the third screenshot you can select between classic and custom rules during character creation. Which means it only applies to player created characters (for example starting a new game with a party of 6, just like in IWD1 and IWD2) and mods created with IWD-in-EET in mind. Changing vanilla NPCs to follow custom rules is outside scope of this project. I'm thinking about adding a feature for something like Level1NPC mod (via toogle in options screen) which spawns new vanilla NPCs (not mod added) at level 0, so that you can create them from scratch. Nothing more since I don't really want to spend time thinking which skills, feats or class combinations particular NPC should use. The mod supports vanilla kits and mod added NPCs just fine as it is. edit: that description is indeed wrong. Compared to classic rules the only difference for WIS is: - bonus spells based on Wisdom score (following IWD2 rules) - the minimum score needed to cast a Cleric, Druid, or Ranger spell is 10 + the spell's level (so for example you won't be able to cast level 7 spells with 16 Wisdom). Paladins use Charisma instead. - ability modifiers affecting skill scores governed by this ability edit: when not wearing armor monk's Armor Class is also affected by Wisdom modifier
  4. K4thos


    nope. It's been a while since I've checked the active topics here. I will read if there were any other interesting ideas. I've been focusing on Lua side of the mod recently. Quoting myself: Here are the results of these (ongoing) efforts: https://imgur.com/a/teitafp This is not a normal GUI skin. For example whole character creation, levelling up and spellbook screen no longer use hardcoded functions. Thanks to EEex, I've re-implemented normally hardcoded functionality from scratch in Lua, in order to support 3E style multi-class system, character progression and other IWD2 features introduced by this mod (among other things: feats, subraces, mixed spellcasting types on the same character etc.). As you can see on the third screenshot, IWD-in-EET supports both custom rules (3E style features, most of the IWD2 systems) as well as classic BG rules at the same time (selectable during character creation), which makes the mod very compatible with existing mods (no problems with installing kits or even tweaks that change the ruleset via 2da files – those are ignored by "custom rules" characters)
  5. I remember reading about a function/macro that can assign spells to CLAB files and append new rows if needed (only if there are no free slot in the column left). I was sure that I will find it in this topic but can't see it mentioned in the first post. If anyone knows where to get this function please post a link.
  6. yes, I'm using fixpack before resources conversion. I've also considered using fixes mentioned in this topic, but the link to that mod is offline.
  7. if it worked before but now doesn't then Beamdog added or changed something in global script, or maybe the area flag used for this no longer works, some other mod forces game over when player1 is dead, or you didn't start a new game. No idea. If anyone else is interested in making this tweak functional again, as mentioned in the post, the code if free for grab.
  8. thanks, will be fixed in the next version.
  9. I'm not interested in maintaining this tweak anymore, sorry. You can still install it via this upload:
  10. please run this bat file and post here what text is present in "arch_var.txt" file (created by arch_var.bat in the same directory) arch_var.bat
  11. yeah, if item is for normal mode only then normalizing huge ST mods seems reasonable. Maybe even a cap of let's say up to -5 for normal mode and -15 for HoF mode? (penalty lower then this would automatically disable saving throw check during item conversion). From what I see there are no droppable items in vanilla EE games with bigger ST penalties. The only problem with this approach are items droppable in both modes - adjusting those would have to be done on a case-by-case basis.
  12. @bob_veng, could you please elaborate what you mean? The "Save vs. X at -Y negates" form is used in vanilla EE descriptions. Exemples: If you're referring to the amount, which in this case is -14, it may look weird at first, but it makes sense considering most items with such high ST mod values are exclusive to Heart of Fury (Legacy of Bhaal) mode only, in which all creatures have extra 10 bonus to Saving Throws (so the -14 is as effective as -4 when fighting the same monster in non-HoF mode). In IWD2 the save penalties/bonuses information is hidden (which I think is bad considering applying save penalty or bonus makes all the difference in weapon effectiveness). In EE descriptions they are always listed, so that's the convention I've used too. Let me know what you think should be changed here.
  13. sure, if you're an artist or find one, feel free to improve icons. Don't forget about red animation on icons, though (not used by EE, but I don't see why mod like this couldn't be released for old engine too) btw. SoD icons suffer from obvious colorloss and transparency problems that Beamdog never addressed. Example: SoD icons have been made with partial transparency applied in some spots (or at least that's by assumption based on the above image), but the outcome file has been saved into BAM v1 format (which is limited to 256 colors for all icons and doesn't support transparency at all), instead of BAM v2, so now they look straight out broken. If I remember correctly, when I imported the icons into EET icons file, I did some fixes on SoD icons to get rid of those blank spots but they still look kinda bad.
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