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  1. Well, I recently started a BGT playthrough with BG1NPC installed (24.4). I'm halfway into BG1 and it is (as always) extremely well rounded so far. I am unsure about what happens with the journal when triggering Xzar's quest in Dryad falls: - The dialog triggers correctly after you kill Krumm and Caldo, and Xzar assassinates the dryad, as intended. - There is no journal update, and Xzar does not mention the need for other ingredients, like the mithral ring, is that intended ? - The quest initially given to you by the dryad does not conclude, it remains active saying you could not refuse helping her. I will keep posting here as I go.
  2. Hey there, I just noticed that the potions component of SCS is not translated (or maybe just in French), despite my install being in French. Everytime an enemy drinks a potions I have the *Quaffs potion of XXX* showing up. I have been using this mod for years, It's fair game to offer help : If someone points me to the correct lines / files I can easily provide an additional translation for those. Cheers, J.
  3. Hey Jarno, thanks for stopping by, Well, yes, I am talking about the Weidu version of BGT, in my defense I believe the abbreviation is pretty widely used in documentations and readmes. I mentionned versions 1.18 and 1.21 which are definitely Weidu. For IMOEN2 I was referring to the bg1_file_names.2da from Tweaks Anthology: Then again, I might be wrong.
  4. To anybody brave enough to keep reading this while I talk to myself, I have made progress : Restoring V7's version of wait_at_inns.tpa actually fixed Imoen in my BGT install. She can now be sent to an inn normally. I suspect this is because IMOEN2 in the table is BGT-only Imoen code, and she has use_cpm on 1, but I can't say for sure. So to anyone having this problem, there you go. Now there are still weird interactions with Khalid and Jaheira : - For some reason they leave the map after their "kicked out" dialog and go to their Vanilla inn location. When you go find them there, the dialogs are actually fine. - Also, while Jaheira leaves alongside Khalid, Khalid leaves alone without Jaheira. - Finally, while Khalid has the "Allow NPC pairs to separate" dialog option to be recuited alone without Jaheira, Jaheira does not. I'm not sure about those. Cheers.
  5. Alright so I have been digging around and experimenting with this : I tried very minimalistic installs with only : - TobEX - BG2 Fixpack - BGT - Tweaks Anthology (only components 1075 and 4025) I also tried said install with both BGT 1.21 and 1.18 as I know it used to be working for me on 1.18 and wanted to make sure the new changes were not impacting. Turns out I'm having the exact same behaviour as described above, seems it's definitely specific to Tweaks Anthology, not an interaction with other mods. So I went in to check the component files. I then tried to restore an older (V7 I think) version of wait_at_inns.tpa but no luck either. I must say I'm out of knowledge and ideas here, I can't figure what the state_bgt / state_bgt2 values stand for in the table. I am not even sure where inns.tpa and the several depart.d files from the /dlg folder come into play here. If the mod believes I'm on EE instead of BGT, that may explain why Imoen/Khalid/Jaheira act weird while Xzar and Montaron act just fine, as they share the same values with their state_ee counterparts. Any insight is more than welcome. Also, is anyone experiencing similar behavior on EE ? I don't have an install available right now. Cheers !
  6. Weidu Log just in case, sorry for the French stuff :
  7. Hello there, I am having troubles with components 1075 and 4025 (BG NPCs go to inns), that I have used extensively in the past in my BGT installs. I double checked my log and I am pretty sure nothing impactful is installed after Anthology, also no error occured during the installation. I started a new BGT playthrough and I am now at the Friendly Arm Inn with Imoen, Xzar, Montaron, Jaheira, Khalid. I tried to kick them in an out after noticing weird behaviours and it is very inconsistent : - Imoen leaves the group and stands in place (as intended), but when talked to she does not have the dialog option to send her to the inn (unintended). - Jaheira leaves the group alongside Khalid (as intended) but then leaves the map (unintended), you can find her back with Khalid at the Friendly Arm (in their vanilla location) where they now have the dialog option to send them to the inn (in their modded location). Also, she does not have the "Allow BG NPC pairs to separate" dialog available (unintended) and will come with Khalid when recruited back. - Khalid leaves the group without Jaheira (unintended) and then leaves the map (unintended), you can find him back at the Friendly Arm (in his vanilla location) where he now has the dialog option to send him to the inn (in his modded location). However, he does have the "Allow BG NPC pairs to separate" dialog available (as intended). - Montaron and Xzar work just fine : they leave the group as a pair (as intended) everytime, both have the dialog option to send them at the inn (as intended) and the "Allow BG NPC pairs to separate" dialog available (as intended). Any help is appreciated, the playthrough is on hold for now as this is probably a must have for me, so I can gladly test on existing saves. I can CLUA other joinable NPCs in the mix if that helps, and see how they behave. Cheers ! PS : I checked v8 adjustments to wait_at_inns.tpa in the Github but cannot figure out what may cause these behaviours. For the sake of testing and unlocking the playthrough, would it be an option to throw my way previous versions of the component file(s) (I think it used to be on NPC Project or SCS) and reinstall said component ?
  8. Oh you, my hero, thank you very much : just what I needed.
  9. Thanks for that ! I just tried it, now it's the dll that's missing unfortunately
  10. Hello there, Would anyone happen to have a TobEx Installer (latest version was beta 00026) in their archives ? With SHS down, I cannot figure out how to make it work from Ascension's Github release files. I found the Weidu repo and can start an installation, but I always end up with missing files errors like I assume only a compiled version will work for me here. Cheers
  11. Hey there, I thought I would ask for some of that community wisdom. It's been a while since my last install, which was an extensive EET one, but this time I'd like to introduce my significant other to the BG series. This implies going back to the French versions and subsequently, ranting on Beamdog while going for a manual BGT install. I have no problem with that and have done several of those installs as well in the past, thanks to this community. However I have been out of touch with the latest changes for a while, and after doing my homework in preparation for the install, still have a few questions that you guys may help me with : 1. Big World Fixpack : This is apparently not maintained anymore, but would you guys advice against using it at this point ? I have seen some mods making the extra effort to include some of its fixes natively recently. 2. SHS being down, I could only find some crucial mods on Github, but they do not include the usual .exe installer, only the mod files and a .tp2 file. Would you happen to know how to make those a standard Weidu mod, or would you happen to have those somewhere ? Namely I'm talking : - TobEx [https://github.com/Ascension64/TobEx] - Baldur's Gate Trilogy 1.21 (I have 1.18 but looking for the one taken over by skellytz) [https://github.com/SpellholdStudios/BGT-WeiDU] - All the "Friendship" mods from SHS [https://github.com/SpellholdStudios/ValygarFriendship] 3. Some mods I cannot even find at all outside SHS, would you happen to have them in your archives, namely: - BGT Tweak Pack (I have version 11 in my archives if this was the latest ?) I don't think this one was absorbed by Tweak Anthologies, was it ? - BGT NPC Sound 4. Ascension used to be installed before BGT, but latest versions seem to be ok being installed after, however I've seen a report advicing against it. Any recommandation ? Last but not least, I included my mod list and load order below, would anyone spot any issue. As always, thanks to all the mod creators and contributors for their time and dedication. Cheers, J.
  12. Thanks a lot agb1, pretty clear for me now, I will wait your release to try it out then. I too prefer this option, and I plan to use it rather than doing my own (sweet lazy feelings). Just wondering how does EET picks which BG1 items go into the K#ImportContainer thingy and will then make it to the table ? Still, this kind of stuff is a matter of preferences and would make a decent Tweak with several options later on i suppose, especially looking for immersive options (keep all items / keep some / keep one + vanilla / vanilla, only golden pants / they end up on the table / scattered among the Irenicus dungeon creatures ...). Roxanne's work will be perfect for my tastes anyway I suppose. Thanks.
  13. Hey everyone, First time using BWS for an install, used to do it dirty and oldschool with notepad. A few questions so I can catch up and play in 2016 with the rest of you : 1/ From what point in the installation procedure do I have to start using BWS ? - I guess I still have to modmerge manually (Steam versions) ? - BWS will auto sort and install BGEE mods, then EET, the BG2EE mods ... or do I have to start from a BGEE mods + EET / Vanilla EET install ? 2/ The Fixpack is mysterious : - Do I still have to download it separately, then place it in the folder with uncompressed mod files ... or is it added in the installation list as another mod itself ? - Will the K4thos patches be installation specific once in the fixpack (recognizing EET or its absence) like it was done for SCS (amazing stuff right there) ? 3/ On a side, unrelated note, I read somewhere around these parts that the transition from BG1 to BG2 for items (and poor Boo among them) is not supported and open to modders to find a creative way to recover some, if any items in the BG2 parts of the game. Nothing exists ? I could come up with a decent EETweak out of it (if it is still supported). 4/ I have also read that content mods that I plan to install (BG1 NPC project and the likes) have been successfully visited in some installs (might be Roxanne's). I am planning to do a rather Tweak heavy install. At least SCS, Rogue rebalancing, and Spell Rev, plus the new Imoen Romance from vanatos (might regain its spot on the front page compatibility list by the way). Any playtesting guidance / request for feedback is welcome. Cheers, J.
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