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  1. I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling but the mod permanently broke the text in this game. A lot of the random floating dialogue, as well as the +1 ammo and various high-level items and spells all have their description boxes showing totally random quotes from all over the game, it really is a mess. For example I can't read the description for a spell called "Mantle" so I have no idea what it does. Being unfamiliar with so many high level spells because the text is jacked up has compromised my ability to finish the game. I think I closed the SCS install program halfway through and there's no way to reverse the damage. Anyways I'm almost done with the game, but I really had to cheat towards the end. The real problem is that I can't see the status of the enemy buffs and stats so I have no idea which spells I'm countering. Does this just take a massive amount of metagaming? I can't keep track of the layers of different protection spells and the various removal spells like Spellstrike, thrust, etc. don't even seem to work , it is overwhelming and frustrating to deal with, I can't really try to figure out if I'm not having any fun at all and keep wanting to scream in frustration. So I'll just cheat because I can... As a new player to the series I wish I skipped Dragonspear because you can tell all of Beamdog's writing additions don't really fit in with the original game and were unnecessary. Getting through SoD -- so much filler gameplay -- was exhausting that I am so burnt out now at the end of ToB. I should have skipped the Beamdog stuff to get the authentic Baldur's Gate experience. I'm taking on Melissa final boss tomorrow, might switch to Easy again, because I've spent 6 hours on boss battles before... I need to finally retire from this game. But I still prefer the mystifying difficulty and convoluted spell/item system to the way they make RPGs now, where there is no challenge whatsoever. I think I'll move on to Daggerfall Unity, I can't get enough of these ridiculous old RPGs oh and I never played Planescape either
  2. Yeah I really wanted an archer. Valygar only gets 2 points in bow proficiency, I have him using that bow that the dwarf blacksmith makes, the bow that shoots limitless lightning arrows... I wish I could have brought in Corwin from SoD... yeah that game sucks (wish I had skipped it) but I really like the Archer class and wish I could have one in my party. However I will never have a gnome in my party. I'm racist against gnomes Btw, is a fighter with a +4 crossbow more effective than in melee with a +2 longsword?
  3. Sorry if I was a little rude, it was after 3 hours of getting owned by Irenicus over and over again. Honestly it would be interesting to make a custom party and try to powergame through this at highest difficulty. I probably won't because I never play games twice. But BGII companions are kind of limited. There are so many classes and custom characters you can create that are drastically better. I got screwed out of getting Edwin because I sided with Bodhi, which sucked, because I really liked him in BG1 and SoD. So I am working with: sword and board tank (me) Keldorn Korgan Aerie Viconia Valygar (who is totally worthless, all he can do is tame animals yay!) Probably not the best party to beat this on hardest difficulty. I'll stick it out, because I do appreciate the added challenge where I won't just steamroll through the game like a knife through butter which is all too common in RPGs when your characters become so powerful.
  4. So I felt the game was getting too easy on insane so I downloaded and tried to install this. But this mod feels so broken. Firstly, the installation time is WAY too long, I never know if I've managed to install the entire thing because the dos installation program seems to go on forever and I always Quit at some point.There are consistent display bugs with the text. Sometimes I wonder wtf y'all did with the game. Just way too many bugs, too many things to sort through, too much experimentation. I set the Inquisitor Dispel at 1.5 his level but now the spell is completely useless. I muscled through it, coming up with such briliant ideas like casting Time Stop before the mega-lich could cast the bubble and then having a souped-up Aerie beat it to death with her staff before the fight even begins. Every winning strategy consists of cheesing the algorithm of the game, its ridiculous. But I couldn't do the final Irenicus fight. I wasn't about to spend 12 hours on it and wait to get lucky with every roll. What is the point if my characters instantly die at start of the fight, or 1/10 times I manage to keep them alive, and almost get to the end but then my main character gets mind controlled and instantly killed. This is the one fight where I can't save right before, and I have to watch the damn conversation OVER and OVER again and I just started spilling over with frustration so I turned on Story Mode just to get the fight over with. It's too much tinkering, trying to set the difficulty just right. I wanna get on with it and play the game. Moving into Throne of Bhaal, I wonder if I should simply uninstall this so I don't run into unexpected text bugs or very tiresome situations such as having mages with stupid immune bubbles that last forever and the way to deal with it is figuring out how to "cheese" the battle through save-scumming or whatnot. I understand the D&D rules are intriguing and open-ended and for people who maybe have vastly more experience with Baldur's Gate its a needed challenge. But I think too much of the difficulty is artificial, its all about immunities, instant death, and spells that take control away from the player. The difficulty amounts to "insanely overpowered mages with bubbles that are immune to everything". FUN I admire what you do but for a player looking for a decent challenge this mod is so impractical and all over the place. Maybe I just suck at Baldur's Gate but that's all I have to say. BTW how do I completely uninstall this thing?
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