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  1. I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling but the mod permanently broke the text in this game. A lot of the random floating dialogue, as well as the +1 ammo and various high-level items and spells all have their description boxes showing totally random quotes from all over the game, it really is a mess. For example I can't read the description for a spell called "Mantle" so I have no idea what it does. Being unfamiliar with so many high level spells because the text is jacked up has compromised my ability to finish the game. I think I closed the SCS install program halfway through and there's
  2. Yeah I really wanted an archer. Valygar only gets 2 points in bow proficiency, I have him using that bow that the dwarf blacksmith makes, the bow that shoots limitless lightning arrows... I wish I could have brought in Corwin from SoD... yeah that game sucks (wish I had skipped it) but I really like the Archer class and wish I could have one in my party. However I will never have a gnome in my party. I'm racist against gnomes Btw, is a fighter with a +4 crossbow more effective than in melee with a +2 longsword?
  3. Sorry if I was a little rude, it was after 3 hours of getting owned by Irenicus over and over again. Honestly it would be interesting to make a custom party and try to powergame through this at highest difficulty. I probably won't because I never play games twice. But BGII companions are kind of limited. There are so many classes and custom characters you can create that are drastically better. I got screwed out of getting Edwin because I sided with Bodhi, which sucked, because I really liked him in BG1 and SoD. So I am working with: sword and board tank (me)
  4. So I felt the game was getting too easy on insane so I downloaded and tried to install this. But this mod feels so broken. Firstly, the installation time is WAY too long, I never know if I've managed to install the entire thing because the dos installation program seems to go on forever and I always Quit at some point.There are consistent display bugs with the text. Sometimes I wonder wtf y'all did with the game. Just way too many bugs, too many things to sort through, too much experimentation. I set the Inquisitor Dispel at 1.5 his level but now the spell is completely useless.
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