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  1. Yes, the Resources for the Icons are from the Games Diablo 3, Path of Exile, Grim Dawn and Van Helsing.
  2. New Icons: Plate: Shields: Staffs: Wands: Crossbows: Cloaks:
  3. Thx K4thos now i know how much i still have to do (its a good and a bad thing^^
  4. What do you mean with Vanilla Icons? If you mean if this works on the Vanilla Version of BG i dont know. I use EET so i try to Replace most of the Icons in the BG2EE Chitin Key and since this Key contains all the Items from BGEE/BG2EE and SOD (EET merges them) i try to replace them. But its not possible to replace ALL the Icons since there are very "exotic" Items in the Game and finding Icons for them is...well...hard, so there will be Gaps unfortunately (this is a real bummer for me but unavoidable) Done so far One Handed Axes: Blunt Weapons: Bows: Potions: Amulets: Belts: Boots: Books: Bracers: Chainmail: Cloaks and Robes: Sorry, but you have posted more images than you are allowed to There are Dublicates of Items i know, but i try my best to get a cohesive Look so i had to make a decision, and i went with dublicates (and there are dublicates of Icons already in the original ones). I dont know how long this will take to make, but the Fact that in one Day i only made that few, my guess is a while (and also i never modded anything before at all )
  5. It worked! Thank you, now its not so tedious anymore to Mass Convert Icons!
  6. Argent77, i tryed again with BamBatcher (because i want it to work), doing everything exactley as the Readme tells me but it still doesnt work LOG: The files are in the right Format, i attach them, maybe you can figure it out since you clearly know way more about this stuff than i do^^ large.rar small.rar
  7. Can maybe th Build in Converter in Near Infinity process multiple Icons with the Cycles Tab? I try to figure it out but it doesnt seem to work.
  8. I tested Convert BMPs to inventory BAMs already and it doesnt work (at least for me).
  9. I need a Tool other than Item Graphics Converter since this Programm only can process Single Icons and its anoying to manually edit all BMP's this way knowing i have to do that this way with hundreds of Icons^^ So yes, a "Mass BMP to BAM Maker" would be nice, i can name the Bam's afterwards thats not a Problem
  10. Thx for the Answers, from what i can read out of it, it still will be a very long and tedious work to do since you dont know a Tool that would make this faster and easier. It will come down to manually editing all the Files/making single Bams in Item Graphics Converter.
  11. Hello I think i will get my Head into something very Big, so before i try to do this i just want to make sure i do this the right way. The Icons in BGEE are not so good looking so i would like to make new ones. As of now i somehow figured it out how to do it and the Tools i need: *Near Infinity *Item Graphics Converter *IrfanView I messed around a bit looking of how to to this and it seems its pretty straight forward. But Questions remain: - I use the EET, so when i open the Chitin.key in BGEE2, Near Infinty tells me there are 2864 (!) Items. Some of them have no "Droppable" Flags, some only have "Displayable" and some have an Icon but no "Droppable/Displayable" Flag. Do i only have to change the Icon on "Drop/Displ" since the others never show up? - Since i use EET,does this mean that the Chitin.key File in BG2EE contains ALL the Items from BGEE and BGEE2/SOD (are they merged?) - Do i really have to manually edit every.....single....File (2864). Is there no Programm that can mass replace the Icons? For example i have these Icons in Mind for the One Hand Axes Normally i would put every Single Icon in Item Graphics Converter first, save as BAM (1axes01.bam), put them in override and edit the Near Infinity File. This would take Weeks and is very tedious. Is there no other Way to do this faster? Thx
  12. Thx for all the answers guys, really helped, i moved the Topic to EET
  13. How does EET work with BWS since it needs a clean Install? Can i install the BGEE Mods, run EET Setup on BG2EE and then the BWS and after that run EET.end? Little Confusing^^
  14. Hello I'm interested in changing the (awful) Item Icons in the Game but i have no Idea how to do it. For example, if i want to make the Sword Icon in the Game look like this or a Potion look like this ,how do i do that ( with Near Infinity, thats the only Programm i can think of i could possible wreap my head around). Is this even possible at all? Thx
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