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  1. OK, taking a look - (I forgot I had so many area and conditional talks; tough to untangle now. They made sense to me when I wrote them, but I think I made a mare's nest for troubleshooting. Thank goodness I wrote lots of comments in the code...). TL/DR - LT 15 is the first one to fire after Underdark if you are doing a long completionist play and have had 14 LTs and 8 LTs. By design, more intimacy = more content, so a Romance talk won't take the place of a friend talk, it will just add on . If you haven't headed for Spellhold yet, that would explain the hangup. /* Aran's FriendT
  2. I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry that this is the first thread I see after having to drop everything for RL for a year.
  3. @AL|EN heh - that was silly of me - I should have thought through that more completely
  4. Does LABEL accept .tra references? BEGIN @1007 DESIGNATED 10 LABEL @5207 GROUP @1006 and ACTION_IF (MOD_IS_INSTALLED "BG1NPC" (ID_OF_LABEL "BG1NPC" @127)) BEGIN ? Docs on adding the additional label so that @120 = AranWCore @121 = AranWClassChange etc?
  5. Checked through my notes and the code comments, and this is intended behavior (or rather, it is a limitation of using PIDs this way). The Inn Rest ones are also intended, or rather a logic loophole on my part, as I never thought of them as “free”, but they actually fire without checking for coin or taking it - and neither do the bath house flirts, etc! I’m cool with a free stay The more difficult thing is doing the correct rest movie. If you find any mismatched (like an Inn rest when camping outdoors) I want to fix them. I have a cool “cover all the eventualities in one codeblock b
  6. Heh. Wow I went overboard on those. Only one of the 5 is an error - I filtered these through several CHAIN s to try to capture other NPCs commentary on him rejoining. The entire set of structures is enough to be its own mod. Dang. Ok, I may need to revisit this after release and simplify it some. Local copy has the one “friendly gesture” line fixed, as it is supposed to fire only if Aerie responds to him rejoining - still has initial state, two intervening fishing nets for other NPCs, and then the action state, which by the “Rule of Three” is one too many. For v2 after release, we
  7. I bet the fix I made to it bypasses the third one - I will recheck and re-enable it!
  8. Thank you for the research! Unfortunately, each one of these states leads from the dialogue state that removes the item. So the sequence is (one example - reply on line 29708 of c-arandialog.d TakePartyItem, go to a2538 - which is the first of the three GiveItemCreate() states.). I am tinkering a bit today, and will have the addition of the Destroy in tonight’s upload. I am hoping that fixes that.
  9. Hmmm. Traced all these down, rechecked - not sure why TakePartyItem(“c-awpkg1”) would fail. I’ll take a second pass tonight to see if there is any possible way of getting the receipt without the package being taken, but tightened this up by making sure each instance of TPI() has an immediate DestroyItem() - ++ @11229 DO ~TakePartyItem(“c-awpkg1”) DestroyItem(“c-awpkg1”)~ + a2548 (a2548 does the GiveItemCreate()) The behavior is correct, except that it was set up with the assumption that you would never have both items at the same time.
  10. The Rasaad/AranW mixup is verified and now fixed in my temporary working files - I’ll post it up tonight with the next update. Apparently WeiDU can’t read my mind when switching between CHAIN and APPEND still trying to figure out what would suspend his flirt initiation script in Underdark. An early version had him skip them, as a Drow male probably would not initiate, but I thought everything was re-enabled; he uses the same flirt timer for all chapters. A puzzle to solve! Cool!
  11. cmorgan


    Congratulations on the new mod!
  12. Hmmm - still trying to track this one down. If you use the PID menu to flirt, they successfully use the Underdark versions, right? The report is that he doesn't initiate flirts while in underdark?
  13. /* ToB FriendTalk 7 : Inspiration: War stories about summoning saving/ruining the day properly - eric */ /* Moonshe Axes */ IF ~Global("c-aranfriendtob","GLOBAL",13)~ THEN BEGIN a5220 SAY @13833 /* [ARAN] Did you ever get on th’ wrong side of a summonin’? */ ++ @13834 /* [PC] A what? */ DO ~SetGlobal("c-aranfriendtob","GLOBAL",14) RealSetGlobalTimer("c-aranfriendtimer","GLOBAL",%ARAN_FTT%)~ + a5221 ++ @13835 /* [PC] I am not sure. Does picking up a chatterbox of a sellsword on the Promenade of Athlaka count? */ DO ~SetGlobal("c-aranfriendtob","GLOBAL",14) RealSetGlobalTimer("c-aranfriendtim
  14. Content test installed and up on GitHub here (code box not callable on the first topic in this interface, so adding it in the next post).
  15. Cleanup and edits, test installed, and up on GitHub here /* SoA FriendTalks */ /* BG2 FriendTalk 20 c-aranfriendbg2 = 39 : Tools, Weapons, and Intention */ IF ~Global("c-aranfriendbg2","GLOBAL",39)~ THEN BEGIN a5246 SAY @13760 /* [ARAN] You know, you be a bit more powerful than you seem to realize. */ ++ @13761 /* [PC] I don't know. It feels like I am becoming a weapon. */ DO ~SetGlobal("c-aranfriendbg2","GLOBAL",40) RealSetGlobalTimer("c-aranfriendtimer","GLOBAL",%ARAN_FTT%)~ + a5247 ++ @13762 /* [PC] I realize exactly how powerful a weapon I am becoming. */ DO ~SetGlobal("c-aranfr
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