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  1. It's planned and you can edit 'install sequence' as much as you want, and then paste it. Be aware that when you save it, it will work correctly as soon as one of the mod will change their designated numbers. Overcoming this issue is another story. File extension doesn't matter. If you try to sort 'install sequence' using 'sorting order file' which has only few explicit component numbers then only those components would be sorted. It's much better to simply use * so this way, you sorting order file is protected from 'designated' number changes. But not the 'install sequence' list. You can read more about the details here: https://www.gibberlings3.net/forums/topic/29826-install-orderinstall-sorting-definition-file-brainstorming/?tab=comments#comment-264831 BTW: Sorting order file can have component numbers at the same line separated by spaces. Yes. But if you paste incorrect entry's because you removed the mod or mod was updated locally and 'designated' numbers has been changed, PI will simply skip those components. You are actually double-clicking the main checkbox. But anyway, that's current tech stack limitation it will be changed. BWS teach me that I shouldn't allow people to select all mod components at once so I'm not planing to enable this feature.
  2. @Ulb I should also add that if you don't split various mod components into different places, between other mods, you entire install order can be simply achieved by moving mods at mod list. Simply reorder them, the order will be saved even after you will exit PI.
  3. @Ulb What exactly do you refer by saying 'Importing a sorting order'? Are you talking about the detailed list of ModID:ComponentID:Description from you first? If yes, you don't have to re-check every mod again. After you pasting it, you can immediately click "Start-Installation". The "auto-check when paste content into install sequence" is a missing feature (it works when importing WeiDU.log) Now, to the actual "Sorting Order" feature, you need to create "Sorting Order File" or convert it from old BWS data/Weidu.Log. The idea is: install order and the actual mods which you want to install are not the same things. For the mod list from you first post, it would look like that: EET * ascension * A7-TestYourMettle * A7-GolemConstruction * bgqe * ac_quest * c#sb_silber * DjinniCompanion * Eilistraee * ooze * rr * SirinesCall * A7-TotLM-BG2EE * d0questpack * TGC1E * ub * TOD * WhiteQueen * wheels * Aura_BG1 * glamnpcpack * c#solaufein * isra_bg2 * ajantisbg2 * ajantisbg1 * evandra * TheBeaurinLegacy * A7-ConvenientEENPCs * song_and_silence * A7#ImprovedArcher * ArtisansKitpack * SpiritHunter * Spiritwalker * StormCaller * hammers * c#sodtweaks * DruidGroveMakeover * HiddenGameplayOptions * EET_Tweaks * EpicThieving * NoSoDSound * SkipChateauIrenicus * cdtweaks * EET_end * stratagems * atweaks * UlbsPatchEE * save such data as sortingorder1.csv, point PI to this file using appropriate field. Then, after you paste list of mods which you want to install (they can be in any order), you click "Apply--SortingOrder" button and everything from the 'Install Sequence' field should be sorted according to the content of the 'sorting order file'. P.S. If you want to tag my nick, just type '@al' and my nick should appear at the list.
  4. Apparently, yes https://github.com/EE-Mod-Setup/EE-Mod-Setup/commit/5eeecaade11df5633b55c9ecd9d5bdcd4c980c83
  5. @Wisp I would be grateful for any feedback regarding https://github.com/WeiDUorg/weidu/pull/139 If there is something which you want to change etc just let me know. I think it would be the best that this kind of information would be included for the new modders so they don't endup with ACTION_READLN drawbacks from the start.
  6. This is how short PSTEE list currently is: https://github.com/ALIENQuake/InstallOrderList/blob/master/PSTEE.txt PST-UB-Reloaded * A7-BanterAccelerator * PowerOfBelief * bagsoftorment * cdtweaks * A7-LevelUpTweaks * HiddenGameplayOptions * A7-ResizeableCombatLog * @CamDawg ,@argent77 and @Aquadrizzt - you are authors of the majority of the PSTEE mods. Does creating itsuch minimal list from scratch and maintaining it only for you own mods involves any difficulty/challenges?
  7. That's the idea: give modders/maintainers the mesue to maintain the install order list and make sure that it's actually used: instead of explain install order and answer every question related to it just tell the players "use mod manager, it has correct install order". Now is the chance for it to come true. This is only an experimental/example list. If you mods need to account for the mods which aren't present on that list, name them so we can see full picture.
  8. It was the first thing which I did: do not reinvent the wheel. But LOOT is designed only for fallout and skyrim and while it's fantastic tool, it can't be directly used for IE mods. Also the main difference: it's maintained by community because it's possible for those games and mods. For IE games, modders themselves must be involved, thus this discussion.
  9. The overall goal of such 'online list' is to be included by any mod manager into some automated install routine, as a default one. The main benefit is that modder/maintainer can include all of his mods and fulfill all needs of his mods like cross-mod banters etc. Players are no longer require to read 5 or more readme files to determine all correct dependence. Players can look at for guidance and they can easy match SCS 1500 description component because '1500' it's displayed at the treeview of the mod components. But the goal is that they won't have to: PI/other mod manager will load such file from Github and sort all mods/components accordingly. Not all mods require component numbers. That's the point of *. If the mod occurs only once at such install order list, you can put "bg1re *" and you are done. The component numbers are only required for mods who's components are spitted between mods, like "RR". And even then, you fill components for only the 'one instance' of the mod, the second can use *. See RR as example.
  10. It's a good time to discuss install order online list which is maintained by the modders or current mod maintainers. There are currently 3 people who are trying to create publicly available optimal install order for many mods: Leonardo Watson - it's only for classic BGT but it can be partialy used for BG2EE Roxanne - separate lists for BG1EE, BG2EE, EET, IWD1EE, PSTEE Subtledoctor - combined list for BG1EE, BG2EE, EET, IWD1EE General remarks: - due to the dynamic nature, defining install order by using mod local files would be ineffective for it's goal and a nightmare to manage, centralized service is the best way to go - history of changes is important so we know who change what - Github is used by similar initiatives, with good results - contributing into a Github-based solution can be done without storing mods there So I've created an experimental repository: https://github.com/ALIENQuake/InstallOrderList/blob/master/BG2EE.txt The overall goal of such 'online list' is to be included by any mod manager into some automated install routine, as a default one. The main benefit is that modder/maintainer can include all of his mods and fulfill all needs of his mods like kit/class dependence, NPC cross-mod banters etc. The format is: - the mod ID is tp2 filename without extension and 'setup-' prefix - uses designated numbers of the components - * means all components of the particular mod, except any explicitly defined component from the same mod ID This is an example of how it look like: #UI-Overwrite DragonspearUI++ * jimfix 0 1 100 iwdification * stratagems 1500 1510 5900 6000 6010 6030 6040 spell_rev * Faiths_and_Powers * TomeAndBlood * wildmage * iwdification 60 hammers * UnofficialItemPack * item_rev * Divine_Remix * song_and_silence * RR 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 A7-GolemConstruction * A7-ChaosSorcerer * might_and_guile * IHateUndead * willowisp * cdtweaks * Divine_Remix 1000 AnimalCompanions * shadowadept * sword_and_fist * refinements * scales_of_balance * stratagems * jimfix 2 3 4 5 400 RR * atweaks * scales_of_balance 180 klatu * jimfix * # it will install remaing 201 202 203 204 205 300 components #Portiats ppe * thepicturestandard * #UI-Patching EEUITweaks * Goals: - by no means a perfect install order for unlimited amount of mods - main game quests aren't broken - NPC mods installed correctly for their cross-banters/interactions - Kit mods adding kits before other NPC mods can relay on them - Tweaks mods actually works for all previously added mod content - UI tweak mods can correctly patch other UI-overwrite mods Workflow: - list is read from top to the bottom - modders/maintainers are added to the repository as collaborators - modders/maintainers can make changes to the repository - modders/maintainers are adding/changing only their own mods - minimum amount of collaboration and caution is required Features: - easy and straightforward solution for players (read) and mod managers (download and apply) - easy way to contribute via web interface: you simply choose file, click edit and that's it - it has history of changes, everyone will know who change what - placing NPC mods in order to fulfill all cross-mod banters/etc is very easy - for certain games like IWD1EE, PSTEE, it will be very small Disadvantages: - having to manage separate lists for different games - for certain games like BG2EE or EET, it will be still a big one - placing UI/Portiat/Sounds mods is not straightforward because there are no 'sections/groups' at such list I've added sections as comments I don't want to assume that such list could be easy maintained by modder/maintainer so I would like to hear from you about: 1. As a modder/maintainer, how do feel about contributing into such list? 2. Which things makes you don't want to contribute to such list? Please share you feedback, I agree that there are many difficult aspect of the install order but "done is better than perfect".
  11. @Nathan82It depends, which one of the 'old mods' do you have on you mind? It's best to compate mod's tp2 filename withe the same modname/modname.tp2.patch - if you can't find it, means fixpack dosn't have fixes for this mod, if you can, check and compare VERSION > if the VERSION from fixpack is older, then you don't need it.
  12. @Nathan82 The BWS is outdated and not maintained anymore, please no longer use it. The BWFixpack from BigWorldSetup/BigWorldSetup-Fixpack also outdated and not maintained anymore. I've updated description at the Github so hopefully no one will use it anymore. You don't need any 'fixpack' for SCS. Please re-download SCS latest version again, extract it and use it for install process. The Ascension64/TobEx/tree/master/WeiDU/TobEx/TobEx_redist dosen't contain necessary files, you need to wait for SHS to be online again.
  13. @Mike1072 This is simply not true. The tedious, repetitive and unnecessary tasks for IRR/SRR installation are valid regardless of install tool! Anyone who did it more than once can see it. Please turn off the 'anything which AL|EN says == it's for his install tool' logic condition. Nobody is talking about releasing 'without permission', thus my request to allow him to do it. For who? Any 'fixes' from SRR/IRR could be transferred into SR/IR by maintainer. Complete mod packages for SRR/IRR would take of the maintenance burden from Bartimaeus and it would avoid tedious and unnecessary work for players, who like me, will always prefer Bartimaeus version. Hi didn't ask? Maybe he was afraid of even touching this sensitive topic, given the 'copyright atmosphere'? Giving up the reasons, now we at last know and I'm glad that I touched this topic. I will gladly stary out of this when it will no longer the case. I just need to know if there is a will to solve all of this.
  14. @Greenhorn If you are talking aobut this: then it's only a matter of how IPB Forum software treat single download 'pack' with multiple files inside.
  15. Glad that you install went fine this time. BWFixpack - where did you get this one? BG2 Fixpack v13 vs github v11 confusion - the 'v11' which you see at the github is not the version information. All Gibberlings3 mods has the same version no matter if you download them from the site or from the 'releases tab: https://github.com/Gibberlings3/BG2-Fixpack/releases ToBEx_beta0026 - it has bugs, use ToBEx_beta0025
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