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  1. @Graion Dilach But that's the whole point, can't you see it? Do you know how many times tp2 version wasn't updated during new release and the 'I'm installing version x but the wierdu.log gives me version y' ping-pong happen? IAP allows you to spot it after release, "Mod Release" commandline tool will prevents releasing faulty version in the first place (agree that setting it up is painful).
  2. Yep, manually manipulation the tags after release (even the faulty one) is asking for a trouble. Just follow standard release process and everything will be fine.
  3. Or just put OpenAL64.dll directly inside game directory.
  4. 2.0.19 removed duplicated item name from Sarevok sword description removed unicode characters rename ee.tra to items-ee.tra in order to not fall for tra.bgforge.net 'force UTF8' regex Download links in the first post.
  5. @Austin I have reverted Russian setup strings to English version for now. Please keep in mind that it's now possible to have proper support for displaying localized components inside console so someday I will do this.
  6. @Austin Hi, the ee.tra encoding should be fixed, please download master branch, test it and report it back.
  7. @skellytz If you expect out-of-the-box experience then yes, a minimum Windows 10 1903 is required. If someone want to have localized characters displayed properly on Windows 7, he must use Cmder/ConEmu/other advanced terminal with "chcp 65001" command to set console encoding to UTF8. Example:
  8. @grodrigues Sure, take you time, PR created.
  9. @subtledoctor No worries. On Windows have Hard Links, Symbolic Links and Directory Junctions. Symbolic Links are for everything, Directory Junctions are Symbolic Links for directories.
  10. @Bartimaeus It apply to all mods. Obliviously, I'm counting on wisp to fix it but who knows when it might be. That's why I say 'temporary'. I was wrongly assuming that anything related to SR/IR today, comes from your hand @grodrigues Will you accept PR?
  11. @Bartimaeus Because you launching mod installation directly using weidu, you won't see it. What Daft Hunk have faced is WeiDU 247 %MOD_FOLDER% bug when --list-components-json is used from the non-game directory. This bug is causing "UNDEFINED STRING" for PI. The workaround will fix it, care to accept PR?
  12. @mickabouille It's like having one folder in two different places, google "create junction windows" + https://schinagl.priv.at/nt/hardlinkshellext/linkshellextension.html New-Item -ItemType Junction -Path "C:\User\Documents\GitHub\MyModMainDir\MyMod" -Value "D:\Games\BG2EE\MyMod"
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