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  1. Another way for improving this: - ability for mods to set their install order rules as "BEFORE/AFTER all mods" EET: BEFORE = * EET_End: AFTER = * @K4thos I believe this would be perfect for EET.
  2. 1. Delete 'setup-stutterdebug.exe' 2. Copy 'setup-eet.exe' as 'setup-stutterdebug.exe' 3. Repeat installation of the StutterDebugTool, post results.
  3. Do you have 32-bit OS and 32-bit weidu? That's how you get 'out of memory' errors.
  4. @Rastor That's a generous offer but those days there is no longer a need for huge, monolith storage services that cost a huge amount of money and require manpower to maintain them. For community needs, various companies offer cloud storage which requires no cost or service required. And there are services which expanded far beyond being 'a place where you store bytes'.
  5. Additional ideas how to improve this solution: 1. Mod can link to the online install order list: InstallOrderList = https://github.com/subtledoctor/MacOS_Weidu_Launcher/blob/master/Mac_Weidu_Launcher_v7.app/Contents/Resources/mod_order.txt @subtledoctor How about that? 2. Mod types (originally suggested by @Angel ) - every mod will set their 'type' like NPC, Kit, Spells, Tweaks, UI ModType = Kits - then a mod can declare BEFORE/AFTER as: Before = Kits, MyMod After = NPC, OtherNPCMod - in future, when the new Kit or NPC mod will be created, the author would simply need to declare his mod as one of the type so the rules from other mods will account for it Hey @CamDawg, @argent77 @jastey, @DavidW, @Gwendolyne, @Grammarsalad you have lot of mods which dependencies, please share you feedback, especially if you feel that it's not going to work.
  6. The basic implementation of BEFORE/AFTER is done: Record_2020_03_20_10_51_00_846.mp4
  7. By dynamic I mean that if someone will install 5 mods, only rules from those 5 mods will be loaded (and from already installed mods). The maintenance is the same as covering additional install rule for newly released mod inside readme, you simply add it's tp2.
  8. Creating tag is not sufficient in order to avoid possible mistakes like wrong 'VERSION' keyword. But you can 'push tag', just use "Mod Release" tool. You will thanks me later when the tool will save you from trivial omissions and mistakes Even if I would add a code to overwrite 'VERSION' keyword (and create commit + push from GitHub backed) then there is also the readme.md, html docs etc. Too much unknown. There is a nodejs tool, forgot the name, where you creating releases by manipulating 'changelog.md' file - i didn't use it because for majority of the modders, it was too detached from the usual workflow. It can save even more manual work, but it require complete workflow change.
  9. And Worldmap v10.2.5 it's done, thanks @CamDawg
  10. @subtledoctor You don't add hundreds of rules into each component. You add it globally for mod, same as when you add a mod to install order list. And you limit relationship to the crucial ones.
  11. @subtledoctor The ability for mods to add themselves into install order group-based (categories can confuse people) can be done without problem as part of this system. But I'm not gonna implement anything which require 24/7 maintenance. So the data needs to be filled by modders/maintainers, regardless if it is a rule definition + placing the mod into install order group or putting the mod into online install order list. Regarding you example: sure, that might be true for now. The readme of Song & Silence doesn't mention about those mods. Nor there is any other source of the correct install order for those mods, except you list. So let's change that: - please post all reasons why each of those mods needs to be installed BEFORE/AFTER - I can then add it to Ascension, you can add it to Faiths & Powers - CamDawg can add it to Song & Silence - kjeron can add it to Dual to Kit Profit?
  12. @subtledoctor This needs further clarification, apologies to not including this before: The system is not mean to replace 'big prescribed install order list'. Both solutions have strength and weakness. It has limited scope: you care only about relationship of you own mods or mods which you maintain. You don't care about all current mods and possible new ones because it's impossible. This allows for defining for eg: NPC + Kit relationship, cross-mod banter-packs and other requirements which are already established inside mods readme. Regarding not give the installer enough information to go on: Again, with limited scope, the information which you provide should be pretty much sufficient. An example for faiths_and_powers: BEFORE = might_and_guile, cdtweaks, refinements, scales_of_balance Ask yourself how many times people asking about 'how to install faiths_and_powers might_and_guile and scales_of_balance?". Even such simple rule is very valuable for defining install order. Regarding logical impossibilities: They exist. They are literal truth. If you present them as rules, gamer atleast can decide which mod he should skip. Or notify both modders to find solution. When you using install order list, this information is lost. I think that it's better for the player to skip one mod instead of ignoring install rules and see what happen after 2 weeks of playing. I did. No one show the will to contribute. That's why I'm looking for alternative because currently, there is nothing except mods readme and you own list.
  13. @Raduziel What you are describing is actually a global mod conflicts. This functionality is next in line. Implementation hover is like opening Pandora's Box. @grodrigues and @subtledoctor My idea for this topic was regarding install order/installation dependencies only, not mod conflicts. So in order to clarify scope of this discussion let's limit it only to this cases: I've added this into first post, the discussion regarding mod conflicts will have to wait until I will have something ready.
  14. Let's try an alternative look at how modders/maintainers can take care of the install order: Dynamic Install Order - order of the mods which use BEFORE/AFTER 'rules' in order to determine the relationship between source mod and destination mods. Generally, it is a recreation of the install order recommendations from mods 'ReadMe' files, but in 'machine-readable' format, which mod manager can use, apply and react when rules are not met/fulfill. Goals: - by no means a perfect install order for unlimited amount of mods - you care only about install order/dependencies of you own mods or mods which you maintain - sufficient for low to medium installation, for huge mega-installation of 100+ mods, a big install order list will be better choice Non-goals: - covering every possible mods and future mods - replacement for using install order list for huge amount of mods Features: - the system allows only to set relationship between you mods and other mods, it doesn't allow to alter install order rules from other mods - the system works globally, mean it will check mods already installed, currently being installed and it also 'will be fired' when someone will install mods later - all rules are loaded dynamically, according to whenever the mod is selected for installation and the mod to which the rule applies is also selected - all rules are evaluated dynamically, according to whenever the mod is selected for installation and the mod to which the rule applies is also selected - each single rule change it's background color only when it's fulfilled - if the mod has multiple rules, the background color will change only when all of the mod rules are fulfilled - the installation will be possible only when all rules for all mods will be fulfilled The idea for this topic is regarding install order/installation dependencies only, not mod conflicts. So in order to clarify scope of this discussion let's limit it only to this cases: BEFORE = B Mod A should be installed before Mod B, this is only single 'rule/requirement', it doesn't mean that Mod A require Mod B to be present. AFTER = B Mod A should be installed after Mod B, this is only single 'rule/requirement', it doesn't mean that Mod A require Mod B to be present. Example: Mod description: This mod adds new items into every game shop. AFTER = BobShop, Caravan, TeamBG-Armors The mod will add new items into the every game shop regardless whenever BobShop, Caravan, TeamBG-Armors mods are installed or not. REQUIRE FORMER/Pre-Install = B Mod A require Mod B to be installed before in order for Mod A to work. This is actually two rules: "REQUIRE B" and "BEFORE B". Due to how IE/WeiDU mods works, both rules are implied. Gamers however can interpret this only as 'two mods must be installed, that's it, I fulfill the requirements' which is not sufficient. Example: "SCS: Smarter Abazigal" require "Ascension: Tougher Abazigal" REQUIRE LATER/Post-Install = B Mod A require Mod B to be installed after in order for Mod A to work. Again two rules: "REQUIRE B" and "BEFORE B", both are implied. Example: The Drizzt Saga Main component > Worldmap variant Installing this component means that player is required to install Worldmap later. The Worldmap MUST be installed after. Example of rules definition for Deities Of Faerun mod, using mod ID as tp2 filename without extension and 'setup-' prefix: [Metadata] Name = Deities Of Faerun Before = IHateUndead, MyMod After = AllThingsMazzy, OtherMod This is an example of how such a system would work: Record_2020_03_04_21_38_32_448.mp4 Assuming that the system works, I'm interested in hearing if Is this is something which you would like to use for your mods. If you have any questions, or feedback regarding details of the above system, feel free to ask.
  15. @KrabatorYes, read more at official readme: https://rawgit.com/K4thos/EET/master/EET/readme-EET.html#faq
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