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  1. AL|EN

    EET_Tweaks v1.8 Released

    Thanks for 'Higher framerates support' improvements!
  2. This look significantly better than the old WM. I like it. The more space between areas could be valid if you take into consideration translated location names.
  3. AL|EN

    Git repositories Ransomware [SANS news]

    Well, if you store password using plain text (GitLab response), or compromise it (Github response) it's not surprise that somebody could do whatever he want to you repos.
  4. AL|EN

    Looking for Oversight v14

    @tomkaz He doesn't 'recommend' to use version 14, the documentation mention about it only because it was the version which at the time was most recent. As general rule, you need to use latest version of any mod because of fixed bugs/improvements etc.
  5. AL|EN

    Site and Forum Feedback

    @jastey It works, thanks.
  6. AL|EN

    Site and Forum Feedback

    The profile settings for setup avatar have also disappeared.
  7. AL|EN

    Site and Forum Feedback

    My avatar has disappeared, the profile settings have also disappeared, so I can not restore it.
  8. AL|EN

    EET_end confusion

    Ofc they are, simply use Bootcamp/Virtual Machine and preform installation there using shared local folder.
  9. AL|EN

    EET_end confusion

    @K4thos Actually, it was. But this one is new bug. @CamDawg are you able to create quick fix release?
  10. AL|EN

    EET_end confusion

    @K4thos Now I remember, I fixed this bug myself (I'm ill, brain off) https://github.com/Gibberlings3/The_Calling/pull/1 @aliKater Simply use The Calling BETA 2 from https://github.com/Gibberlings3/The_Calling/releases
  11. AL|EN

    EET_end confusion

    Isn't it just older EET version fault?
  12. @Arthas You need to use latest version of the mod from https://github.com/BGforgeNet/bg2-wildmage
  13. AL|EN

    Is it possible to disable the random spawns?

    @Arthas Please explore all Tweaks Anthology options
  14. AL|EN

    Crowdsourcing mods translations

    I've created an example repository with example mod as a playground: https://github.com/BigWorldProject/WeiDU-Weblate-Github https://tra.bgforge.net/projects/infinity-engine/weidu-example/ I will grant full access to everyone who want's to play with it. So you can test/break things without worries
  15. AL|EN

    Need help with REPLACE_TEXTUALLY (again)

    @jasteyThis site can explain it very, very well. There are explanation of each char when you hover you mouse. And it can display matching groups etc. I truly recommend it.