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  1. There should be only one link (google drive or github) so players won't be confused and you won't have to update both of them. With github, you are providing an ability to download you mod using commandline tools and a possible auto-updates for you mod in the future.
  2. All older version of WeiDU are packaged using UPX (cause of error) so they won't work on Big Sur (they would have to be recompiled/repacked).
  3. @Noobie While the component is present inside mod code and readme itself, the readme located here: https://gibberlings3.github.io/Documentation/readmes/readme-cdtweaks.html dosen't mention about it. It's because this tweak was added after version 9 was released. PI is following modder wish to only download mod releases, not the 'latest bits of code'. In order to get this component, you can manually download the 'latest bits of code' of TA here: https://github.com/Gibberlings3/Tweaks-Anthology/archive/master.zip and replace TA directory with it.
  4. It looks to good to be true. It turns out that using out_path which is essential for overcoming HANDLE_CHARSETS quirks is incompatible with AUTO_TRA: I will investigate more, right now you can't use this if you are not wiling to resign from using AUTO_TRA function.
  5. @Mike1072 How about you? Wanna accept PR?
  6. @jastey How about PR with full set of changes and also updated Polish translation? Will you be able to merge and create release?
  7. @TotoR @Angel 1. Classic BG2: I'm getting error when I'm trying to install ALL mod components: ERROR locating resource for 'COPY' Resource [divine_remix/spheres/lua#ooze.2da] not found in KEY file: [./chitin.key] ERROR Installing [Implement sphere system], rolling back to previous state WARNING: Unable to uninstall STRING_SET references from [divine_remix/backup/1000/UNSETSTR.1000]: Invalid_argument("index out of bounds") Will uninstall 7366 files for [DIVINE_REMIX/DIVINE_REMIX.TP2] component 1000. ERROR: error copying [divine_remix/backup/1000/spellbook_CLABPR02_1_0.2da]
  8. @Magus When you have 20 mods, re-downloading them is fine. If you have 300+ and among them are such monstrous as RoT, delta updates are very handy.
  9. Yes, as the author said https://www.gibberlings3.net/forums/topic/30323-wheels-of-prophecy-updated-to-83/?tab=comments#comment-290183
  10. Wheels of Prophecy - this mod is not yet compatible with EE You didn't provide version numbers of those mods so we can't see if any of it is outdated.
  11. @Taylan For developing WeiDU code, use VSCode + BGforge MSL extension.
  12. @subtledoctorYou might want to call @Magus with this https://github.com/BGforgeNet/bg2-tweaks-and-tricks/issues/5 Personally, I would love such tweak.
  13. Yes, WeiDU 247 is required, old way still works. I strongly believe that there is a reason to update even the old mods which use old way. You need to ask wisp why providing path to out_path parameter doesn't create it automatically.
  14. @Jazira You can update single lines of translation by simply posting it at the forum but only after the mod code and files is updated to use HANDLE_CHARSETS with from_utf8 = 1 parameter. When all source files are using UTF8 (because the mod is EE-only anyway) there is no need to use HANDLE_CHARSETS at all and you also can send translations directly via forum posts etc.
  15. @Jazira Nope, not at all. Text copied from forums/webpages is using UTF8 generally, pasting such encoded text into ASCI files often breaks them. It depends on the editor, codepage and local settings of the modder. Too much thing to handle and too much things that can go wrong here. Murphy's Law.
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