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  1. @Wisp 1. Primary goal is compatibility with all/most OSs and unzipping tools so my vote goes for: Store (no compression), Deflate 2. Regarding .bat - are you thinking about legacy mods which uses .bat in order to handle ogg>wav audio? Regarding archives inside archives - it is probably the edge case and should not affect anything. 3. Zip can store case-sensitive files or even the duplication of the same files but during extraction, files are overwritten. P.S You need to add .md file extension in order to get properly formatted markdown.
  2. But does such request for collaboration was ever requested? I don't remember anything similar to the idea which I proposed. Can you point me to some discussions etc? Maybe it's already a lost cause. Reading dynamic rules from mods ini require much more work. It only make sense to implement such thing when the support from modders/mod maintainers would be overwhelmingly positive.
  3. @Endarire I appreciate you work but the idea of this list is to bring modders/mod maintainers onboard. Without modders/maintainer contribution, you list will be outdated after 3 months or so.
  4. @grodrigues In that case, how is it possible that for more than 10 years, no mod has such a thing? It's not that modders didn't established install order rules - mods readme are full of them. Those things are for different purposes. And no more Fixpack, ever. It's even worse/require more work than 'one man install order list'. @Nathan82 Sure, but the thing is, IE mods can change their 'id' randomly, at any given time, without prior notice. Are you volunteering to be the sixth person in a row who is gonna maintain such combined list and will burnout? Collaboration only make sense if modders/mod maintainers will join.
  5. @Leeux This is LOOT-like approach, last year I've experimented with such idea and while I like it, it requires much more work to implement such system. It also needs very good visual representation for the player so he will know that he need to move mods before/after other mods. Good thing it's independent and can be used together with 'online install order list'. It deserve separate topic but I don't have anything ready at this point. @jastey There is a way to evaluate 'before/after' rule-based install order. But all rules still needs to be in one place, otherwise install order information is spread between 100+ files which is not good. Putting "BEFORE bg1npc" rule inside bgqe.ini and putting the same rule inside github.com/RuleBasedInstallOrder/rules-for-BG2EE.txt is the same amount of work. The later is much more helpful for other modders to discover mod relationship. Regarding 'PI mod categories' - PI doesn't have mod categories, it has "install order groups". The difference is that 'mod categories' are completely arbitrary and doesn't mean anything. Also 'categories' have nothing to do with mods install order. For IE modding we need to distinguish them in order to avoid confusion. There is no problem with PI being able to put mods into Install Order Group which is defined/read from file. The thing is, while for some mods like Portraits, UI-Override etc providing only Install Order Group might be enough, for many others is not enough: if you are putting two NPC mods, into the same "NPC" Install Order Group, with cross-banter relationship like for eg: "NPC2 mod before NPC1", it won't do the thing. You need to also include 'BEFORE/AFTER' logic in order to give player correct install order. Then it will work.
  6. Anything other than direct changes is a waste of time, effort and it's limiting 'ownership' of the stuff. So any modder who is willing to contribute, will get direct access. I can give you direct access. That being said, I'm worried by the fact that only you has offered to contribute. If such online install order list won't 'fly', I'm still interested hearing about possible reasons. There might be other solutions which have better chances to bring more people on board.
  7. PI will no longer use --quick-log. Even if this option is valid, it requires modders to be aware of it and adjust the code. This won't help solving fundamental problem: designated numbers can and will change.
  8. @Etamin This is EET bug: https://www.gibberlings3.net/forums/topic/30980-bug-with-file_contains-code/
  9. Hello @K4thos EET has lot of the code which looks like this: FILE_CONTAINS ~WeiDU-BGEE.log~ ~modname\.TP2. ... ~ This condition is also true when the mods has been recently uninstalled so the BGSoD weidu.log contains this: // Log of Currently Installed WeiDU Mods // The top of the file is the 'oldest' mod // ~TP2_File~ #language_number #component_number // [Subcomponent Name -> ] Component Name [ : Version] // Recently Uninstalled: ~BG1NPC/BG1NPC.TP2~ #0 #0 // The BG1 NPC Project: Required Modifications: v24.0 and EET thinks that it needs to account for BG1NPC changes. This leads to empty 'player1.dlg' file and causes bugs with other mods like Ascension "Improved Slayer Transformation". I've tested it and I could reproduce it manually.
  10. That's very nice, definitely one of my essential mods now.
  11. @Quitch Hi, you extra lines are translated into Polish, Russian and Italian. No need to remove those lines, the missing translations will be translated eventually. Missing translations can be added here: Czech - https://tra.bgforge.net/translate/infinity-engine/ascension/cs/?checksum=7d336c3cf1f803f8 German - https://tra.bgforge.net/translate/infinity-engine/ascension/de/?checksum=7d336c3cf1f803f8 Spanish - https://tra.bgforge.net/translate/infinity-engine/ascension/es/?checksum=7d336c3cf1f803f8 French - https://tra.bgforge.net/translate/infinity-engine/ascension/fr/?checksum=7d336c3cf1f803f8 Chinese - https://tra.bgforge.net/translate/infinity-engine/ascension/schinese/?checksum=7d336c3cf1f803f8 Chinese Traditional - https://tra.bgforge.net/translate/infinity-engine/ascension/tchinese/?checksum=7d336c3cf1f803f8
  12. @skellytz The "cross-platform" refers to .iemod package which doesn't have weidu executable. Mod manager will handle the installation by calling it's own provisioned weidu. When it comes to the .zip packages (or downloaded master branch as zip) and linux, nothing has been changed and I understand that this is extremely uncomfortable. If you have any idea how to make things better for linux users, feel free to share.
  13. Firefox/Chrome/Opera: When you downloading attachment, it's get renamed - the filename is getting prefix by some random characters: Microsoft Edge: Everything is fine.
  14. @RaphaBE Those component's can be skipped. They are not needed for normal installation.
  15. @Arthas On the principle of "no such thing as a dumb question", mega.co.nz is a simple dump for zip archives where Github is a site which host git repositories instead. And git repositories are "Version Control System" so they provide many benefits like history of each changes, collaboration, editing files directly via web interface etc And infinite possibles to expand.
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