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  1. Using %MOD_FOLDER% variable IS good coding. It's just doesn't work when used for LANGUAGE statement and --list-components-json which is a weidu bug.
  2. @rick2021 It's know wiedu bug, you workaround is correct. Modders can either apply it or wait for weidu to fix this.
  3. @grodrigues Thanks, I will add you fix and release new version.
  4. Ascension 2.0.16 fixed patch 2.6 warnings by morpheus562 updated Chinese translation update WeiDU to 247, uncompressed build Ascension 2.0.17 better patch 2.6 fix by grodrigues https://lynxlynx.info/ie/modhub.php?InfinityMods/Ascension&pkg=zip https://lynxlynx.info/ie/modhub.php?InfinityMods/Ascension&pkg=iemod
  5. @Bartimaeus How about you call @Gwendolyne and you will sit down with the drawing board, rip and tear IRR, SRR, IA and 1pp components to handle those installation order challenges? Maybe it can be simplified when you sync you ideas?
  6. @rawrr There is a way to save generated 'install sequence', please read FAQ. Saving checkboxes is another story, I'm working on it but it will take some time.
  7. @rawrr It's looks like a bug, let me check. EDIT: It's know bug, you need to restart PI and everything should be fine.
  8. @GroanHammer My advice is that you should look at the weidu commandline options since they will provide you supported way of installing selected mod components. If you are on windows, you should definitely try PowerShell + Windows Terminal combo. You might also take look at my mod manager along with the advice that you can copy, modiffy and paste any so-called "install sequence" in order to install as many mods as possible.
  9. Nope, you repository contain your own version of tp2 file so you can do whatever you want. Trust me.
  10. This is much wider topic, these problems are the eminences of the disastrous weidu design that I have reported years ago. Nothing really can be done about it except either to wait for new weidu release. @Salk Please don't hunt modders about downgrading weidu version, they have no control over which weidu version will be used for mod installation. Putting weidu 246 will give you nothing as every other mod that includes weidu 247 will overwrite 246. The only way to stop this is to remove all .exe from game directory. But then, some mods that do require 247 will fail to install so you must a
  11. The description was updated to reflect that the zip package always contains the latest official WeiDU version from https://github.com/WeiDUorg/weidu/releases, at the time when it has been created.
  12. @Salk The size difference comes from WeiDU 247 being distributed without UPX compression. One of the benefits is that exe won't be flagged as falsely positive virus. @jastey It's normal WeiDU, taken directly from https://github.com/WeiDUorg/weidu/releases
  13. FWIW, the immutability of HANDLE_CHARSETS function that is described here, can now be done with out-of-the-box features by using newly added "out_path" parameter. The instruction and examples can be found here.
  14. Guide was updated to reflect proper and supported usage along with AUTO_TRA. This part of the code was changed: AUTO_TRA "weidu_external\lang\%MOD_FOLDER%\%s" //use out_path + \%s You can now use it freely, without limitation.
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