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  1. @lefreut Many thanks for supporting Project Infinity install order rules. Looking forward new releases
  2. Currently, WeiDU 247 cannot be run under macOS Big Sur, it's because of upx https://github.com/upx/upx/issues/424 I've compiled WeiDU 247 without upx for macOS: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AtYuNL_wtqPlpuoUced_oAeX4V_X2w?e=wkYUz5
  3. @Luke Yes, you should use this options. It's rather basic stuff.
  4. The work continue in order to enable install order rules directly from components using METADATA keyword. Basic example of how to use WeiDU new 'METADATA' keyword in order to provide data for PI's Dynamic Install Order feature: Example of LocalRules.tp2 BEGIN "Local Rules Main" LABEL "LocalRules-Main" METADATA "AFTER = Ascension, DSotSC" METADATA "BEFORE = X, Y" BEGIN "Local Rules Extra" LABEL "LocalRules-Extra" METADATA "AFTER = C, D" METADATA "BEFORE = FaithsAndPowers, TomeAndBlood" the format stays the same as for global rules with the addition of usual weidu keyword syn
  5. @Luke Sure, bug fixes are important. For macOS you have brew, how I know this without having one and you don't
  6. @Luke - yes - just forget about it, or use something else than VSCode only for git-related tasks (I recommend SmartGit but GitHub Desktop should be enough for simple workflow) - you don't have to update git at all, there are no major features which are worth user attention, Windows version should have checkbox for 'auto-updater' which will notify you and install new version automatically. For manual install: If you have Windows 10 then install 'winget' and then use winget install 'Git' --silent If you have Windows 7, install https://chocolatey.org/install#indiv
  7. @Luke 1. Open VSCode Settings and enable 'Extensions > Git > Allow Force Push' 2. Use git log --oneline to get 'shortID' of the git commit hash: 3. Type git reset --hard 'shortID' Please remember that this will set the local files to the exact content of the commit! 4. Click Push (Force) from the "Pull, Push" submenu This will completely overwrite remote repository to the state of local copy - there is no truing back after this point! No backup! I recommend you to install GitLens extension - it might look like overkill but you can ignore almo
  8. @Luke Which GUI git client do you use? Does you repository has active forks which you receive contributions?
  9. @Luke Blind shot: Assuming that you don't do anything than simple commit, check if .gitconfig user.name and user.email match the GitHub username and email.
  10. I cannot create topic in https://www.gibberlings3.net/forums/forum/71-infinity-engine-modding-news/ EDIT: Post was created, still worth the report about this strange error. EDIT2: when I try to edit this post directly, I get this:
  11. Hello, The Longer Road has been updated to version 2.0.0. It's major release which comes with restored compatibility with vanilla version of the game and several bugfixes. I would like to thanks Austin87 for the updated code and comprehensive tests. Download: Zip package - https://lynxlynx.info/ie/modhub.php?InfinityMods/LongerRoadEE&pkg=zip IEMod package - https://lynxlynx.info/ie/modhub.php?InfinityMods/LongerRoadEE&pkg=iemod Read the changelog Visit the Forum
  12. @Alonso When you have bad mood and decide to go for a rant, don't expect to be threaten lightly. I have plenty of time exposing you crap. 1. You accusing me of 'deceive the community' which is a really disgusting move from your side. All I did is created a mod manager to the best of my effort and put it available to use for everybody. 2. You claim that only 'super-advanced power gamers with some programming knowledge' can use PI When casual users oppose, you said that they have lied. It's clear that your own opinion on this matter is more important than the opinion of people w
  13. Magma: Exactly because of that. People did crazy things with mod archives. The moment when the 'extraction' feature won't successfully extract every mod on this planet people will complain. And I would have to write special code to handle that one specific mod, like BWS did for 40+ mods = 24/7 support. You can avoid manual extraction via two ways: - mods hosted at GitHub are already extracted so when you download them via PI, you will get files and folders right away (and mod updates) - if the mod is distributed via .iemod package, PI supports extracting it via double-click
  14. @Alonso So you posted some general 'make documentation better' request, right? And when I didn't do what you wanted me to do, you felt justified to go for a rant across the forums? Because I didn't immediately throw my plans and dedicated my life to improving the documentation? Apparently, those were 'questions' which I should answer immediately. Right now I'm certain that ANY kind of docs improvements would still not satisfy you at the end. The 'guide' which you posted has outdated information and was worthless. I didn't ignore your feedback, it was just worthless. Kapish?
  15. Thanks everyone for showing common sense and words of support. I really appreciate that. @Alonso Most of my reply is at Beamdog forums. Here, let me reply to you regarding your 'feedback': - you didn't specify which parts of the PI are 'difficult to use' and how to improve them - you didn't specify which parts of the GUI causing confusion and how to improve them - you claim that only 'super advanced power gamers with some programming knowledge' can use PI but when casual users oppose, you said that they have lied - you didn't even provide an alternative way of how
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