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  1. @EndarireYou don't need 'Big World Fixpack' for any of those mods.
  2. @DandyDev and @LightMonday Not 'Categories' but Install Oder Groups. Please read dedicated FAQ to avoid confusing and misuse.
  3. No because the proper install order will be destroyed. And the proper install order is something witch is very important for IE modding.
  4. Getting back to this, I can support %LANGUAGE% keyword only when 1. The modder realize that while online domain names aren't case sensitive, paths and filenames are case-sensitive. So this one works: while this one doesn't: 2. In order to support main language readme which often doesn't contain language prefix, Modder can insert two values separated by coma: Readme = https://example.com/ModName-Readme.html, https://example.com/ModName-Readme-%LANGUAGE%.html 3. Checking if the online file exist is done via simply checking html error code response, 404 = file doesn't exit > such link it won't be displayed in mod info box. @Sam. This is how it looks: I've send you PR https://github.com/Sampsca/Auroras-Shoes-and-Boots/pull/1 so if the next localized readme will be uploaded, you don't have to update the mod metadata
  5. If it's without SoD, you don't need to install modmerge DLCMerger, follow second advise, move games outside of the C:\Program Files\ (and make sure game isn't run when you install mods)
  6. @BelacRLJ You need to move you default Steam Library outside of the C:\Program Files, that's my first guess. @Jarno Mikkola Please forget about modmerge, don't suggest it. Instead, tell about DLCMerger since it doesn't give false-positive when the game files are 'verified' by Steam.
  7. I did the same thing on both SoD and BG1EE without SoD. No XP bug.
  8. @DavidW I've checked again after creating new save game and Imoen works fine: 1. remove her from party 2. add 9000 xp to myself 3. add her to party, she has XP for level 4, no XP gain after she reach this level @janoha Can you repeat procedure on new save?
  9. Imoen BG1, right after Gorion cutscene.
  10. Yes, clean SoD, single component installed manually, Imoen constantly getting XP.
  11. Please try to install this component manually and give feedback. I have strange feeling about this...
  12. AL|EN


    My concerns: It will be partially outdated immediately after "this one tiny spell tweak". Personally I hate when spell description doesn't reflect how it works and covers every aspect of it.
  13. @Lelouce You missed one of SCS components, it's definitely there.
  14. Waiting for 2.6 in order to try EET is not good idea: - EET will have to be updated for 2.6 - some mods will have to be updated for 2.6 - new bugs might appear It's safe enough to try EET today. You can read instructions for PI and EET and if something is not clear, please provide feedback. I have coded prototype for EET support, it currently allows for installing mods for BG1EE, installing EET and installing rest of BG2EE mods in one go. I'm waiting for @K4thos support/feedback before release.
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