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    Erm...OK...my modding CV goes something like this:


    Community name: Dominique (Domi) Sotto

    Hobbies: modding, reading, hiking, travelling, not working
    waiting to read "A Dance with Dragons"...

    Favorite Game: BG1, Jade Empire

    Modding Community participation:

    Community association: Gibberling (G3)

    Principal dialogue writer for:

    Tortured Souls (2002) BW
    Corthala Romantique (2003/04) - in development, G3
    Kivan of Shilmista (2004/05) G3
    IWD2NPCs - (2006/07) G3
    Bishop's Romance - (2007) G3
    The Requiem - (2007) G3
    A Deathstalker - in development @ G3

    Junior/participating writer for:

    BG1NPC (2004/05) G3
    Redemption LR (2004/05) ShS

    Sime (Tortured Souls) BW
    Zaia (Kiara and Zaia Mod) ShS
    Sheri (Romantic Encounetrs) G3

    Dialogue coding, basic scripting in IE and Electron games

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  1. Domi

    The IWD2 NPC Project

    The IWD2 NPC Project is a fan-made modification put together for fun, and not for profit. So, don't try to sell it. Two games in particular provided the major source of inspiration for this mod: Baldur's Gate 2 and Knights of the Old Republic 1. Bioware developed both of those excellent games. The main goal of IWD2 NPC is to give an IWD2 player the opportunity to play with joinable NPCs that are not silent.
  2. How long is the campaign, guys? 40 hours? 50?
  3. So, does the PoE get thumbs up from G3 overall? Shorts revs will be v. welcome.
  4. Lol, kids nowadays, crowd-funding a mod, ha-ha... well, I guess that's the most I have in common with the Obsidian's stellar crew. Good to see you, guys
  5. Domi

    Let's talk SWtOR!

    I am still playing, and stuff. But renamed the Sage.
  6. Domi

    Let's talk SWtOR!

    Hi folks, I am still playing a lot of SWTOR. The weirdest thing that happened to me was that when I came to heal Hoth Commander with my new Guild, with my Sage... Well, in every game for a while, I had a character named Quinly. I simply like that name, don't know why. So, my Sage is called Quinly-farlong, just like my KOTOR1 and 2 Consulars. So, you know how the guys immediately shortened the name in chat? Quin, of course. So, yeah, I haven't thought of that! I guess, I will have to save cc's for a rename. Because it hurt to be called the same as my least favorite Healer in the game.
  7. Way back when, I spoke to Hendryk, BG1NPC Czar for Xzar about working on his romance, because we needed an Evil Romance. Hendryk I think gave as thought to a couple of flirts, but he was never a 'romantic' writer (though one of the strongest writers I had an honor to mod with), and he saw a couple of obstacles in the way he wrote the character. First was the fear of physical contact he wrote in, second was the mummy/mommy issues. Hendryk always worked off the madness issues with Xzar, building in that unique humor and dread about the character. Xzar iirc did have moments in the dialogues when he saw clearly (I can't remember off hand with which NPCs). My personal 2 cents are: overall, Xzar could make a completely original romance, if the author is willing to embrace those issues and the crazy talk style, and not try to 'correct' them through 'love conquers all' track. Technically, I always lay out the whole track in 'topics' and key interactions (the Aww! line) before fleshing out each dialogue. Normally, I have a few of those Aww! moments that I want to write so badly, I will keep writing everything else (some of those lines I can still quote by heart because I turned them over in my head so many times). It helps out with not writing myself in a corner when I suddenly run out of the important things to say in Dialogue 15, and I need 25 or 30 or whatever the 'full romance track' is nowadays per game (my normal ratio is 10-15 Friendship + 10-15 romantic only). Then there is the Flirting grid, that makes me feel good about quitting modding. I also found it that it helps me to create 3 or 4 consistent voices for the PC that I will target the responses to (I.e an Honorable Maiden or Playful Rogue), and mix in a couple others that do not fit those voices. I am also against multiple branching of the dialogues. Coran taught me not to. I still feel apologetic to the team who has to work with it.
  8. Domi

    Let's talk SWtOR!

    Funny, Quinn complains about Vette, and Pierce, but never about Jaesa. Hmm. Anyway, I finished the Warrior, my 3rd story/L55, yay! And started grinding Inquisitor. Fun to play, but the story is boooring so far. However, I met Andronikus, and I think I am going to like his romance on my female char. Still have Alderaan and Taris to go till the boy's hot Togruta comes on board
  9. Domi

    Let's talk SWtOR!

    OMG, I laughed, and laughed, and laughed. I just imagined my SW tell that to him in her in-game voice. Would have been awesome! Honestly, why did he even try to best a Sith in combat in close quarters? He is a group's medic. None of this droid drama was necessary, he could have quietly put the Lord down, and none would be the wiser. And what was his planned escape route, should he have succeeded? Ask Pierce nicely to fly to Korriban? Yeah, I tend to block Nadia out too. Okay, I gotta go back to worrying about how 3.0 will impact my dear, dear, dear Vanguard.
  10. Domi

    Let's talk SWtOR!

    Good luck with the novel and the romance, ladies! I am speed-leveling (well, for me), so I will be playing IA after BH event is done - she is paired up with Eric's sniper to get Tattoine Kingpin's second Achievement. So, I hopefully made it to Vector soonish. Right now I am working on M!Sorc and just about finished my F!Warrior (holding her back, actually, to do more PvP dailies in under 55 bracket to save comms for new PvP relics). I don't mind relationships in the male Trooper story, the Elara/Jaxo thing. Zenith still stands out for me as my real flame in this game. Since I am 12xXP'ing, I took hubby to Makeb so I have fun playing with him again. And since they share a legacy suit with Quinn, the stripping galore, lol. The creepiest romance idea for me by far is M!Consular + Nadia. Seriously? Hello, ye traumatized overprotected teen, who was a freak of her people her whole life. I am your kindly Jedi Master... So you mourn ye father who was horribly tortured and expired afore your very eyes? Come to my bed, child... What was BioWARE thinking?! Sort of unthinkable for any decent man, let alone a Jedi.... Thing is, I like Quinn as a character. Well written, good concept and a well-voiced. But the romance is absurd and abusive. I am writing a sexual harassment complaint... I've been loyal to that other guy all along.... I've build two droids to help me destroy you. Will you marry me? WHA---? Quinn, go buy yourself a slave-girl, and make her dress up as a Sith Lord, then play a dominatrix, that's what you really need. Why would any Sith Warrior ever want to humiliate herself? Why don't we get someone grand? A Sith? A Jedi?
  11. Domi

    Let's talk SWtOR!

    Okay, Quinn is officially my least favorite bio Romance ever. Anomen, after 15 years I hated you, I finally hate someone more. Wow, the whole new level of humiliating the F!Protagonist.
  12. Domi

    Let's talk SWtOR!

    Ha-ha, I am starting to check the GTN for 180 Reflex barrel for Treek's Legacy Bowcaster. We have been doing endless bounties this week, so I can now buy 2 more bowcasters for Treek. First is a floater on the rotating legacy level, second for the L50 treek with 140 mods, and the 3rd - for L55 Treek (180 barrel and 156 mods/enh). We've finally unlocked all the Kingpins, and after tonight we'd have frozen (hopefully) all but 1 Kingpins (one I accidently Took Down, so it was a kill instead) and next month if we are lucky we should have the entire BH event to 100% (would be nice!). Hubby still needs to come with me to Hutta to freeze the boss (he did that pin on his own at some point). Our most werid kingpin run was for Tattoine. We thought we could unlock Nar Shaddaa and Tattoine on our L26 pair of a PT BH and Mad Sorc (a sweet, sweet combo!), but we couldn't so we went with two L23 Snipers. My Dusk-Fell and his Bondoco. he had Kalyio, I had Treek in L21 gear in healing stance. We couldn't touch anything on Tat, of course, on L23, but the Kingpin went down relatively smoothly - that's where I Took Down accidently, was too nervous going in underlevelled. It was actually a workable set up, but Kalyio did not tank the boss properly. I am starting to dislike the companions tanks more and more, tbh. I much prefer when one of us tanks, even with a DPS AC.
  13. Domi

    Let's talk SWtOR!

    I gotta tell you, Tanno Vik is good for one thing... I am starting to feel I like Aric in comparison An amusing banter with Aric. Kindda 'Really, Sir, do we have to take this load of bull?!" "Aric, when we get our hand on the miscreant, we'll beat the sh** outta him!"
  14. Domi

    Let's talk SWtOR!

    I dunno, Aric supports a lot of DS short-sighted shortcuts, and he comes across as defeated by life and bitter. I still haven't met one male NPC in the game that is better match for my digital love-life tastes than Zenith. I know I will play a Guardian, but I am not sure yet if it is going to be a DPS or a tank version. I should do DPS, really, since Juggernaut is tanking. I also can't decide on race and gender! I initially though male PB Sith, but now with Togruta rumors, I want to try a Togruta, and probably a female.... unless I do end up playing that Shadow after all. She can be a Togruta not a Twilek. Zenith will still hide his feelings for her, lol! Of course the game will be flooded with Togrutas. (Sigh).
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