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Nikosh comes from a large halfling community in Chessenta that occupies the Adler's Swamp and consists almost entirely of bards and performers of various sorts. As a youngster, Nikosh showed no talent to singing or juggling, but he contributed to the commune's wellbeing by cutting purses during the shows. Later, he had discovered his true calling, after meeting a peddler: the halfling is gifted with a rare ability to tell genuine antique jewelry from fake. Nikosh, with his relations' blessing started his own antique trade, and later acquired a rather more prosaic talent to produce ... er... copies' of valuable artwork. This trade proved not as profitable as he had hoped, and in fact, he got into troubles with the authorities quite often. To spare the Barony grief, Nikosh left Chessenta and eventually set a shop of his own in Waterdeep. He traveled North in search of the steady supply of scrimshaw and local artifacts.

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