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Kivan and Deheriana Companions for BG2 v16

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About This File

This WeiDU mod adds a joinable NPC from BG, Kivan, and, under certain circumstances, his elven wife Deheriana to the cast of BG2 actors. The soundset has been merged into the main download package and is no longer available separately.

What's New in Version v16   See changelog


  • Integrated all fixes from BWPFixpack: corrected AreaCheck in p#kivsoa.d, two instances of misspelled corrected, added EraseJournalEntry in P#KIRIBF.BAF, EET compatibility.
  • EET compatibility added. As in the original design, neither Kivan nor Deheriana will be summonable in ToB via the fate spirit in EET, either.
  • deleted folder "lib" as it is no longer needed
  • Journal entries used by more than one file moved into journal.tra (p#kiribf.tra merged into journal.tra), wrong journal string entries corrected for p#kiv01.baf
  • Kivan should no longer accuse PC of attack and leave at first meeting in Waukeen's Promenade (p#kivan.cre has now full HP)
  • changed DropInventory() to GivePartyAllEquipment when leaving in Suldanesselar
  • corrected syntax of PlayDead() where used
  • typo corrections
  • deleted unused p#dehj.d
  • Updated to WeiDU v246.

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