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  1. (1) Put whole mod including tp2 file in the [game directory]/EET_modconverter/input folder. (2) Run EET-modconverter. (3) Copy contents of [game directory]/EET_modconverter/output folder to the mod folder and overwrite all files. (4) Put resulting mod in your game directory and install from WeiDU.
  2. So, I have already tried just running v8.1 through EET-modconverter and letting it auto-apply EVALUATE_BUFFER. The tp2 ends up with many more instances of EVALUATE_BUFFER than in your version. Hopefully they are harmless. Fingers crossed on that, and I'll post about whether it worked or not once I know.
  3. Note: In the below comment @K4thos stated that he added EVALUATE_BUFFER manually when updating NPC Strongholds for EET. That's the part I don't know how to do, and would like the tool for if it's still floating around.
  4. Does anyone still have a link to the EET patch by @K4thos? I'd prefer not to have to roll the dice with Roxanne's version.
  5. I'm halfway through an EET run (having not started BG2 yet) and would like to try NPC Strongholds. Unfortunately it looks like the EET compatibility tool is no longer available (dead link) and the only EET version as far as I can tell is Roxanne's unofficial v14, which I am considering, although it completely lacks documentation in case anything goes wrong (and I actually was only able to find it through Waybackmachine.) Obviously I'd rather be able to try the above-board v8.1 that @Cirosan did with the author's permission, but can it be made to work on EET?
  6. So, in an EET game I have just finished Siege of Dragonspear, and am right at the beginning of BG2, and I have just realized I mistakenly installed a mod not compatible with EET, but which only affects BG2 content. I hope to be able to do surgery on my install in order to remove the offending mod, namely NPC Strongholds, rather than reinstalling everything from scratch. So, my guess is that the process is to uninstall EET-end, and then Weidu-uninstall everything up to that mod, then reinstall everything making the same choices and reapply EET-end. Does this work, or do I have to go all the way back to the beginning where EET core was initialized? Also while I'm at it I was thinking of adding Wheels of Prophecy. Is it in a bug-free state as of the latest beamdog patch?
  7. Just to follow up on this, I did some testing and won the battle both after resurrecting Khalid and forming a plan with the Flaming Fist, and in a version where he was never resurrected. It turns out that the Flaming Fist shows up either way and the exact same sequence occurs - even if you didn't tell them to attack - so perhaps Khalid doesn't need to exist after all! Although, for EET to make sense with the Khalid-is-dead variant, some dialogues referencing him obviously need to be edited. In my playthrough I decided to sue for peace, which is not possible without him.
  8. This is amazing. It did put a Khalid on the roof, and he has dialogue options to continue the game. I'm in awe of your magic. Thanks.
  9. No bdresurr.spl is in my override folder. Unfortunately what Jastey said didn't result in a live Khalid. If it helps at all, when I delete BD_BRIDGEFORT_PLOT (which is set to 5 in my save) Khalid's associate will say "Khalid, we have guests" if talked to, but there is still no Khalid there, and if I use C:CreateCreature("Khalid") a Khalid appears and then instantly disappears. Here is a link to my save, which I uploaded on Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MI2-PxQGYgebCWj4N3W7hoJRDTJ1b_LM/view?usp=sharing
  10. Tried doing it in parts but the website doesn't accept that either. Anyway, is it possible to apply that resurrection through the console somehow? Or just to set flags to proceed with the attack or abandon the fort, which would be set by his dialogue?
  11. I do, but it zips to 1100 kB which is slightly too large to attach. How can I get it to you?
  12. Thanks! Unfortunately this doesn't do it though. There is still just a dead body where he's supposed to be. Is this spawning DKHALID or DKHALID2? Perhaps I could edit those in EEKeeper to have more than 0 hit points and remove the permanent corpse flag. I also infer from your answer that there really is no way to advance without his dialogue, correct? Edit: Wait, isn't he supposed to appear in BD2100? That's where you arrive through the teleportation circle. Anyway changing 2000 to 2100 doesn't work either.
  13. After poking around I find some people have an issue with Khalid dying during a scripted event. Just want to clarify that that's not my issue. He never shows up to begin with and the initial dialogue with him that is apparently supposed to occur upon arrival in the fort doesn't happen. Never played SoD before so I am not sure how big a deal that is, but it seems like he is essential to some kind of plan to trick the crusaders into attacking the fort. None of the Khalid variants, if spawned there, get me into the dialogue. DKHALID spawns as a corpse, which I think is the problem. KHALID7 does talk, but goes on about wanting spider silk to make a gift for Jaheira, which I think belongs in another chapter perhaps, and doesn't seem to say anything relevant to advancing the plot. I can edit BD_BRIDGEFORT_PLOT in EEKeeper. It's currently set to 5. Does anyone know what the values mean? Alternatively, another way to get Khalid's dialogue?
  14. There is no Khalid in the SoD leg of an EET playthrough, but a dead body lying on the ground where I presume he must have been meant to spawn in the bridge fort. This is probably because I lost him early on in BG1 and left him dead. Is he essential to completing the game, and if so, can I fix this with C:CreateCreature?
  15. Most definitely not, but I'll check it out.
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