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  1. great, so if I'm only at the beginning after the circus quest and in the slums before the slavers quest it shouldn't affect anything right?
  2. Or can I continue from the my last save? didn't find and answer on the from nor on the read me ps once again ! GG for the concept and the mod
  3. sorry if already answered i can't seem to find an answer and this mod is not on the compatibility list here http://gibberlings3.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=27741
  4. This is blade7.. after 10 years.. lol.. so a week was too optimistic yea.. very very surprising to see you have finished and released the mod. Well well done. I haven't played the new enhanced editions, will try to play the new EET (enhanced trilogy mod) with all the new content and especially this mod. I don't like new mods that add to much new unconnected content or new npcs, prefer mods that expand on vanila content so am really excited about this mod (just like I was 10 years ago... ) and this is definitely a huge trigger to play a new run after many years. Thank you and well done
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