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  1. great, so if I'm only at the beginning after the circus quest and in the slums before the slavers quest it shouldn't affect anything right?
  2. Or can I continue from the my last save? didn't find and answer on the from nor on the read me ps once again ! GG for the concept and the mod
  3. oh I get it, but I usually use a mod that when you meet an NPC they will level up to your level of xp (though its a BG2 mod, not sure it will work in BG1 :S or in the EE Trilogy I hope it will
  4. ok please explain this sentences ... thank you about dynaheir yes, you are right, then I think I will take her though I am not sure how I want to play this all out also with edwin which i love (!) I am going to use the mod that NPC's dont' fight (there is 1 for BG2 I remmber, is there a similar mod for BG1 ?) I am not sure i want the new NPC's simply because its to much, but if you suggest upon Neera then i will consider her and the mod
  5. thank you very much for the answer it will help a lot. If anybody has more comments, more suggestions about a planned route and rotation I will be glad to hear I remind that my core group will consist of: Imoen, Jaheira and Khalid. Since I can take Minsc without rescuing Dynaheir I might take him (forgot about this detail lol so thanks), but if it is preferred to rotate 2 slots and not 1, then I will skip him till much later ... I think Xzar has a quest so I prefer to take him first before Jaheira and Khalid till his quest adleast ... I find that I prefer the core npc's and not mods, and also that I like to experience them all, good and bad, for a while especially all the ones who appear later in BG2 ... that's my playstyle, more into the plot and npc's
  6. I am planning to play a new BG EE trilogy (for the first time in enhanced yay). I loved BG 2 much more then the first game, but I still want a huge play through with all the new content plus I never played the BG 1 NPC project and am excited xD. My typical game style is around the plot and NPC's and logic, thus in BG 2 I take with me the "canon" party from the dungeon: Imoen/Yoshimo, Jaheira and Minsc. For the 5th slot in most of my games I had Aerie since she was the "good" romance and a "lost" first NPC you meet in the circus. For the last 6th slot, what I do is this: I take all other characters: I take a character, play with them for a while, do their quest, and then dump them for the next ... I usually take Viconia to the Underdark (this is the logical option though its quite disappointing she has no quest there So my question is ... for this mod's veterans in the quests and the banter etc ... how should I play plot wise in the first game? The core party is me, Imoen, Jaheira and Khalid. The ending will include Minsc and Dynaheir and the romance will be with Dynaheir, but how should I play it? I don't want to immediately take Minsc and Dynaheir but the game kind of forces me if I remember correctly by sending the party to Neshkel. Also I see Xzar has a quest and I do want to play a little bit with Xzar and Montaron untill I replace them with Jaheira and Khalid. Obviously NPC's with quests are a bit more important to rotate then NPC's without quests. But I do want to travel a bit with all the NPC's or most of them if possible ad least for a while and for some parts of the game. Also npc's that appear in BG2 are more important then those who don't. Any suggestions for a logical route and rotation?
  7. sorry if already answered i can't seem to find an answer and this mod is not on the compatibility list here http://gibberlings3.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=27741
  8. This is blade7.. after 10 years.. lol.. so a week was too optimistic yea.. very very surprising to see you have finished and released the mod. Well well done. I haven't played the new enhanced editions, will try to play the new EET (enhanced trilogy mod) with all the new content and especially this mod. I don't like new mods that add to much new unconnected content or new npcs, prefer mods that expand on vanila content so am really excited about this mod (just like I was 10 years ago... ) and this is definitely a huge trigger to play a new run after many years. Thank you and well done kish
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