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  1. Thanks! Debugging this is on my list but no ETA.
  2. @Graion Dilach This is probably the Scar's Return Bonus that's giving issues. I need to debug this thoroughly, there is something still amiss with compatibility with Transitions is my guess. Thanks for reporting.
  3. Or check for ub's, and spawn him if he's not there. The one time I assume something is a given. How can someone play the catacombs and miss Arkanis?!
  4. Let us know in case one does. I'm assuming they'll be there in my mod(s).
  5. I apologize for having turned to cynical remarks in this thread. I admit that your way of expressing yourself, @UMNiK is part of what triggered me, as I read it as rather offensive, but I know that it could be due to different speechpatterns if you are not a native speaker (I'm not). I could and probably will split the non-constructive posts into a separate thread as it is common for moderator actions at G3.
  6. You know, one could even think that @AL|EN set this up so that this information would be available independent on any collaborated individuals' motivation to maintain a list!!1 One could get the impression this might be on purpose, maybe even because it was discussed and consent was that we do not want to maintain another external list.
  7. You do not seem to be aware that there is mods already that contain stolen content. And to the second part of the quote: that would be great! But there needs to be a basic agreement, otherwise some modders will not contribute to a list where there is a risk that mods might be listed together with inofficial and stolen mods, and also where it is sure that entries about mods will be true to them and not tainted by someone else who wants to promote their stolen mods instead. Because, making such a list an all-open collaboration could also turn into a farce like the BG Wiki, where threwn together projects with stolen art graphics are added as if they would be something real to be shared in the community.
  8. Since install order is out of scope for now, would placing them under "Tweaks" be enough? Er, no. You do not seem to be familiar with what the mod categories or the used terms mean. EDIT: OK, I might have gotten that wrong when first reading it, Still; Crossmod is content - e.g. for mod NPCs banter, dialogues, interjections - between mods. Either between two mod NPCs, or of a mod NPC to a quest mod, or one mod to subrace choices of another, etcpp. This is no "Tweak". It's "Crossmod".
  9. If the categories are for finding mods only then EndlessBG1 and Transitions and Imoen4Ever would indeed be correctly sorted as Tweaks, but I fear the confusion of people "knowing" that "tweaks come late" and then I'll have to tell them that's not true for these three mods when they hit a game breaking bug and post their EET weidu.log after 40+ hours of gameplay.
  10. @Jazira Hmmm... But in the end, that's like "because the mod author couldn't proofread the translation when it was done, now we have a right to this translation that is not very true to the original". I don't know... I would be rather shocked if I discover after 15 years that Ajantis BG1NPC romance is so liked because Ajantis is making so good jokes... as an exaggerated example. And I wouldn't really care that people got used to this interpretation, tbh. But this discussion is more of hypthetical kind I think, at least my example was exaggerated. In the end, I know what you mean. It's not an easy situation. I wasn't happy with the mentioned Gavin BG1 translation though, I can tell you.
  11. That's bad. If it is any consolation, I'd prefer your translation any time. In German we are "lucky" that the game is kind of a medieval setting where Germans didn't talk in Sie/Du but a polite "Ihr", even from children to their parents. I'm not trying to trigger linguists so it could be that this is not really medieval, but it suits the medievallish-fantasy setting of Baldur's Gate quite nicely.
  12. I know you chose an exaggerated ecample as an exampe, but I strongly advice against rewriting the mod's text like that. For an official translation, that is. Again, you can do for your personal use whatever you want. Translators have some freedom to express the meaning of the original in a suitable way, if the "correct" translation wouldn't be something that is usually used in the context but something else - as long as the meaning stays the same. Beyond that, it's not ok. It was Gavin BG1 no less that had a - let's say - rather "free" German translation included in the BWP Textpack. The translation tried to be "funny", added half sentences where there were non in the original, etc. - This doesn't work. It's simply lacking respect to the mod author, and it also betrays players from the original mod experience as it is intended by the author.
  13. That's a really good question, btw. Let us know if you've found the answer.
  14. Which one? What I posted for EndlessBg1 and Transitions, or what the OP listed for categories? Because for EndlessBG1 and Transitions (and Imoen4Ever), that is totally the install order.
  15. As I said, you can do any changes you want for your personal use. If you move around sentences and change the order of dialogues lines, your changes go way beyond what is a translation and will not be included into the mod package, unless you convince me it should be changed for all languages because there might be an oversight that needs to be corrected.
  16. That's funny, I only saw a peculiar kind of blindness in this thread if presented with the community-wide experience of the last 20 years, even if directly and repeatedly presented with it - but each their own, I guess. But, everyone is free to try and fail themselves, so - I'd be happy if you 'd prove me wrong. That, indeed, is true; it's the kind of player that comes and thinks because there are people dedicating a lot of their free time to create and maintain content to enjoy for free, they should do so to every of the players' whim, and quickly! - not understanding that "the modding community" consists of everyone, including the players giving feedback and reporting bugs in the original mod threads so the modders can improve the mods.
  17. EndlessBG1 and Transitions were categorized as "Early Tweak" - same for Imoen4Ever. (As in - install early, whereas normal Tweaks would come late). I would also add catergories: "NPC Extentions" "Crossmod". NPC Extentions are for example romances for existent NPCs, because they often add PIDs for original NPCs which should come late (to prevent stutter bugs in case other mods added dialogues with these NPCs that aren't weighted correctly), Crossmod because it should be installed after all relevant mods to see the content. I'd suggest adding the rule that the list only accepts entries for original mod versions, and without stolen content. No need to drag the drama any further.
  18. You know, I totally get where you are coming from. Not for Gavin, but when playing Weimer's Solaufein mod, I was not content with how Solaufein was characterized so I tweaked the mod for my personal use. Years later, my own Solaufein mod was born, which - hopefully - does no longer contain any traces from Weimer's (other than Solaufein admiring the moon, symbol of his diety). So, I understand the urge to "fix" a mod - but it's really something you would do in private, and maybe don't talk too much about it, unless you seek the author's opinion and want to discuss your proposals with them in the hopes they get included into the mod officially. For Gavin, though, berelinde is long away from the modding scene, so an overhaul of the mod will not happen.
  19. @Machiavélique for your personal use only, you are free to change whatever you like. What you are anticipating is way more than a (very special) translation. It's a rewrite of the mod. I'm not the mod author, so I can't take these in even if I wanted to. Maybe your time is better spent by working on an own NPC mod, to be honest. If there is so much in trouble with the Gavin mod for you that you have to "fix" nearly every dialogue, then better work with something else. In the end, for translation you have to work with what is there. If you are only satisfied with your translation if you rewrite parts of other people's mod(s) then you will not come far in terms of your translations being included into the official packages, or even to have them publicly available.
  20. Please don't. Uploading inofficial versions is never a good idea, especially not elsewhere. I will update both Gavin mods eventually so they play nice with Project Inifnity, meaning I need to change the install sequnce to remove the use of ACTION_READLN. There are a few issues I need to fix, also rescripting race triggers inside the dialogue so people who are using romance cheats do not get stuck with a "No Valid Replies Or Links" (NVROL). As @CamDawg already pointed out, you'd either have to change such an inofficial version every time I'd do that - or people using your version would come here in the future, reporting issues I just fixed. How is response to such a project in your home community? It's French, is there a lot of people waving pompoms and cheering you on so they finally get the chance to address Gavin with "tu", or is it more of an idée fixe (no offence meant) from your side? Theoratically, the official mod could be reworked the way you were planning to. It's just a project of such magnitude and ... I'm tempted to say "craziness" but I don't mean to offend, it really scares me tbh. Gavin BG1 already has a French version that does not consider this, for example. Then there is all the other NPC mods... If I see it right, you set out to translate the Gavin BGII mod. How about you start with just transating what is there in the way it is common for other mods. Afterwards, if it's still important to you, we could reevaluate the need to recode the whole mod for a more intimate dialogue path?
  21. @LDOJB please post your weidu.log here. The BG2Fixpack has to be installed before other mods. How did you conclude the NPCs do not "interact with each other"? What exactly are you missing and how did you confirm it's the Fixpack causing this?
  22. That is true. I think this is an oversight from my part. I meant to open up the dialogue to cases where the ring was collected by an NPC instead of the PC, but it seems I forgot to change the trigger for the actual dialogue initiation. Will be fixed in the next version. No. The ring is not meant to be removed from the inventory. The dialgue was meant to play if an NPC picked up the ring, too, so if the PC/player identifies it as her engagement ring, it is suppoed to be in the PC's inventory after the dialogue, that is all. Because those options do not make it the PC's engagement ring, so it's just a ring that can be sold later. This will be fixed with what I wrote above. The dialogue should trigger as soon as the ring is picked up by someone inside the party. This dialogue is meant to trigger inside Irenicus' Dungeon.
  23. First a question: is this considered in the game at all? Is there different lines whether the PC romances e.g. Jaheira or not? In German this is not needed, the game goes with "Ihr/Euch" for addressing others. The community agreed that this is only different for Imoen who addresses the PC with "Du". What you are suggesting scares me, tbh. I don't think I will have time to help with the actual implementation work. Especially since if this is a real issue in your language, then all mods would need to be changed like that. I am struggling time-wise with just adding all useful Project Infinity features to all my mods. EDIT: To state it plainly: for an official translation that would be included into the mod package, I will go with what is common in the according modding community. Rescripting the whole mod package was never done so far as far as I know, so either your community came up with a new idea and will have a lot of work ahead in the future (and a lot of headache to convince modders to include this), or you are going an individual way.
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