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  1. Did you specify AUTO_TRA so the installer knows where to look for all the tra-files? My guess: the installer only read in the setup.tra which probably has 61 lines. With specifying AUTO_TRA it will look for all the tra files of the other files in the specified path.
  2. The only ugly behavior I see here is your totally inappropriate and offensive way of expressing your opinion.
  3. Maybe try posting again when you are not angry/drunk. In the meantime, take a look at the updates the mod got during this year. Please stop trolling.
  4. Thank you for the feedback and your work on the translation! I am very looking foreward to it.
  5. I did not report this anywhere else. What do you mean by "BGT unofficial fork topic inside SHS BGT forum"?
  6. Spellhold Studios Another Christmas Update at Spellhold Studios! Northern Tales of the Sword Coast (BGT, BG:EE, EET) The mod adds several quests to the BG1 part (with TotSC) to the game and is compatible with BGT, BG:EE, and EET. Some are minor encounters with no further impact, but some are larger quests that are also partly connected to each other. One large quest is given to you by Duke Eltan (before you go to Candlekeep). One of the longest quests also starts before Candlekeep: Talk to the lady outside the Sorceror's Sundries. One quest can be started by talking to Yness in Ulgoth's Beard. Version 3.2.0 comes with minor bug fixes, more tuned down fights, and a revised Italian version by ilot, and a revised Polish version by Roberciiik! Changes: -Completed and revised Italian version by ilot -Completed and revised Polish version by Roberciiik -Map Note to Fire Leaf Forest added (entrance to pass to Cloud Peak) -Map Note added to AR80PB.are (Entrance to Cave) -description of Shocking Flail adjusted to real stats -Draagis' staff should have correct damage effect -all keys tagged as keys so they fit into the key chain -Nadalin recognizes whether he brought PC to island before (should not give his first dialogue every time after quest is finished) -AR9001.are: trap at desk should be removable/reachable -AR25PB.are: removed original fire slamander references, also from dialogues (replaced with mod ones) -journal entry for elven bow will also be added if PC gets quest without any of the items already in inventory -assigned fighting script to Demon Knights (should not stand idle) -nerved fire slamander fight: for level PC lower 4 or game difficulty lower NORMAL, number of fire slamander will be halved. -nerved fire slamanders: less HP, no immunity to nonmagical weapons, less damage -Lesser Tanar'ri nerved: lower XP, immunity to slashing, crishing, piercing set to 0, nerfed Tanar'ri spell script. -fight with Lesser Tanar'ri nerved: number of Lesser Tanar'ri depending in game difficulty -removed elven chain mail +1 from Haebal -Haebal cre nerfed and corrected: is now mage with legal stats -Hasdar cre nerfed: has now legal amount of HP -nerved Knights of the Grave: reduced HP, nerved undroppable flame blade -monster count in AR02PB reduced depending on game difficulty. For INSANE, all monsters will still be there. -DSotSC ressources: Holy Water effect should work on undead, Holy Water can be bought in almost all Temples. -put a note into the readme that Will is a rather silent NPC. -German version: corrected description of Studded Leather of Resistance -German version: effects description of Armor of Black Swan corrected Download at SHS (all OS) Discussion Thread at SHS Download NTotSC latest Release from GitHub
  7. Spellhold Studios Christmas Updates continue! IEP Extended Banters has been updated to v5.5 with a lot of fixes and optimised install routine! The goal of this mod is to ensure that each Bioware NPC gets their fair share of banters with each other. We also intend to expand on friendships and relationships between the various NPCs; the friendship between Mazzy and Aerie, for example, or the peculiar relationship between Jaheira and Viconia. Currently, the mod includes banters mainly for Shadows of Amn, with two for ToB (between Minsc and Aerie). Read the Mod's Readme Also, all IEP Friendship Mods have been updated: Cernd Friendship v1.2, Haer'Dalis Friendship v1.1, Imoen Friendship v3.4, Korgan Friendship v1.4, Mazzy Friendship v3.3, Minsc Friendship v1.1, Sarevok Friendship v2.5, Valygar Friendship v1.1, Viconia Friendship v4.4, Yoshimo Friendship v4.4! All mods are compatible with all BGII games: BGII, BGII:EE, BGT, and EET. And on top, all IEP Mods are now also available from the official SHS GitHub Mirror! Visit the Mods' Forum Download the Mods from Spellhold Studios Download the Mods from official SHS GitHub Mirror
  8. @Jarno Mikkola If I do another tweak for BG:EE/SoD, it will be this one: https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/comment/1104178/#Comment_1104178 Not exactly what you suggested, but for me it goes into the same direction.
  9. Good luck with your game and thanks for your interest in the mod!
  10. In the unmodded SoD (patch, BDMIZHEN.dlg has 92 dialogue states. If no 64-68 are missing in your game, then you either have some general problem with your game install, or another mod installed that does really weird things. To answer your question: you don't have to uninstall the component, it just couldn't patch any new reply options to Mizhena in your game, but that shouldn't lead to any problems. (If I were you, I wouldn't trust that game and start with a clean SoD game anew, though.)
  11. Aww, thank you so much for the kind words! This makes me very happy.
  12. Would it be a good idea to restrict the install of BG1NPC to not-EET? If people want to install it directly, they'd need to make changes to the tp2, anyhow. (Here's still hope @AstroBryGuy comes back with his BG1NPC for EET in the works.)
  13. @Lauriel I just moved it into an own thread. Feel free to edit the topic titles, btw! Thank you so much for your kind words! If you look into the bg1re readme it lists who wrote which components. In my sig you see my mods and contributions. I'll stop with self-promotion now.
  14. Thank you for detailed answer with testing! Much appreciated.
  15. @Isewein Amber is on the list. Korgan Redemption is now EET compatible thanks to @Gwendolyne: https://github.com/SpellholdStudios/KorgansRedemption There are more mods missing on the list: Brage's Redemption Edwin Romance Hidden Adventures Imoen 4 Ever Jastey's SoD Tweakpack Lure of Sirien's Call
  16. You can install BG1NPC to the BG:EE(SoD) game before you do the EET installation. It will be transferred with the game and should work then. If installed directly onto EET, some ressources won't be patched appropriately: BGII ressources Instead of BG1 ones, etc. Imoen for example has a different scriptname (death variable) in EET than BG:EE, that could explain why she isn't talking in your game.
  17. jastey

    Angelo v6 Released

    @Lauriel Thanks for the feedback and the kind words!
  18. No, me not replying doesn't necessarily mean I'm annoyed. Sometimes I forget about questions, especially if I read them but do not answer right away...
  19. Oh. I missed your question back in August it seems.
  20. RE (BGII) dosn't have quest components. It's more or less all encounters for the PC, some more romantic, some a set of dialogues, but no quests in the original term.
  21. I did also search for "boot", but I am daft. Yes, I see the problem. Will fix.
  22. @Arthas Ah, you meant the quests, not the components. There is a whole topic about this: I can't do more than pin such a topic, I think.
  23. There is a really detailed list and description in the readme.
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