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  1. I have no experience with the automatic converter. This is what I wrote in a hidden forum before with regard to making old BGII (NPC) mods EET compatible. For BG1 mods it depends whether it already covers the "Crossing the Great Divide" (back in the day between BGT and Tutu, but the principle is the same between BG:EE and EET) or not. Addition to that: PIDs need to include "IsGabber(Player1)" into the trigger, then EET automatically adds triggers to the SoA part so it doesn't block the ToB dialogues.
  2. @Bertle Not in the readme, but in the folder "docs" is a file "romance_notes.txt" which states:
  3. The mod updates to v6 with compatibility to Transitions v0.4 beta.
  4. If the mods are hosted by an active site, the admins / moderators would be the ones responsible for updates. In general, technical updates, compatibility updates and bugfixes will be accepted. You could ask before hand to make sure the mod is not being worked on, and afterwards offer your update in the official mod's forum. If the mod is not connected to an active modding site, you could still make an update and offer it at one of the bigger modding sites, preferably as close to where the mod was hosted/discussed/already updated before. This was also done for very old mods, the updates we
  5. @Lightbringer Wow, I never replied to this. @Endarire thanks for the bump. First off: I do like this idea very much from a story telling/ingame motivation POV to pursue Irenicus. The reason I will not use it for Imoen4Ever is rather simple: the mod aims at taking the pressure out of chapters 2&3 - completely. That's also the reason why I didn't come up yet with a good solution to the requested "make Imoen's early return optinal through an ingame choice so I4E could be installed in all installs without having to play the content" - the moment I put anything in the game that makes
  6. I'd like that. But that depends on whether @AL|EN (sorry man I know you are busy elsewhere currently) could integrate such categories and what the players' possibilties are to ignore the given install order in case of conflict for the exsitent categories.
  7. I do that for mods that really need to be installed before / after. Hmm, the fixpack installed after might screw things up a bit ... but it's not a real incompatibility, it's just knowledge I could include for (hopefully) the benefit of the players. The question is whether we want to do that or whether we restrict the data given to the "real" incompatibilities/dependencies.
  8. And I have to look that definition up every time, because my intuition wants to change it to "before" meaning the listed mods need to be installed before and the ones listed for after need to be installed later. That's just my personal problem, though, about which I wanted to lament a little. Changing it (which doesn't male sense any more because several mods are using it already anyway) would just make it non-intuitive for someone else.
  9. @Endarire Ah, gotcha. @Lauriel and I settled for Tweak_early, I think it's a good category because it would cover any mod that makes tweak changes that need to be applied before content mods are added. A general question: would we add things we think are common knowledge like "After bg2fixpack" and "Before cdtweaks" if it's not crucial? Or is that too much "hand holding" / restriction?
  10. @Lightbringer Thanks! I have to admit I didn't look thoroughly at SoS with regard to compatibility yet. Would be great if I could cover both mods with this reply idea.
  11. I'm saying thanks for the praise in the name of the team (of which a lot are no longer active in the community and dearly missed)! We are glad if people enjoy the mod.
  12. Ah, restructuring is a good point. Thanks for the heads up. EBG1 uses the DESIGNATED numbers from Transitions. I'll adjust them accordingly for the next version.
  13. I don't get the meaning of this statement, would you please elaborate? Do you mean crossmod content which produces the conflict should be moved into a separate mod C?
  14. @AL|EN Grey the Dog should be the last NPC installed - if possible. But if I do something like: it will probably confuse PI in itself? And what would happen if another NPC mod wants to be installed as last NPC mod, as well?
  15. I'll use it for ebg1 and i4e (unless we decide on something else until I'll release the next versions).
  16. Hmm... I like Storychanger, actually. Question is whether it will be appropriate for all mods that need to go into this category. Maybe something like Tweak_early? Players don't get to see these category names anyway so it shouldn't lead to confusion.
  17. @Lauriel This comes a bit late, but Transitions needs to be installed before NPC mods, maybe even quest mods. It's not what the community calls a "tweak". Tweaks are mods that should be installed very late, so they can apply general changes to mod added contents, as well. Transitions and also Endless BG1, as well as Imoen4Ever need to be installed early. I think we'd need a new category for that?
  18. Thanks! Have a nice holiday! EDIT: Look here: https://forums.pocketplane.net/index.php?topic=29951.0
  19. Spellhold Studios Yeslick NPC for BGII This mod brings Yeslick from Baldur's Gate to BGII: SoA and ToB, with an extensive variety of banters and interjections, a new kit (Alaghor of Clangeddin) as well as a number of PC dialogues throughout the game. Yeslick is an older dwarf, a devotee of Vergadain, dwarven god of wealth and luck and Clangeddin, dwarven god of war and battle. He tends to model himself as the father-figure of the group, and can often be found trying to help the party to reach their potential... to mixed results. He has a kind heart and a steady hand,
  20. @Lightbringer Please note that Fading Promises is not yet compatible content wise, as the reply option is still in with I4E installed. I will (in case I4E is installed) replace it with a reply option that has the same connotation and is similar to what you suggested. But I don't see Irenicus having taken something of Imoen exactly. I4E's story is more that he stated explicietly that he will come for the PC and Imoen. The reply option I have in mind will be along the lines of the PC going after Irenicus because he is threatening not only them but their friend Imoen and killed and tortured other
  21. Added Yeslick NPC for BGII to the BGII compatibility list!
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