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  1. This was salvaged from ashes of my now deceased hard drive and Tutu installation on it: REMOVED Don't know is it legal, morally proper ( helping fellow players in need isn't immoral in my book ) or whatever so grab it while you can. And Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone! P.S. I fought the law and law won , in case anybody need link I will send it via PM.
  2. Actually, there is... But it is strictly for BG1 engine. BG2 fixpack should cover your described installation. But then again it depends on the way you install it. BWP and BWS got their own fixpacks in addition. P.S. Damn, Jarno just beat me for answer, like always...
  3. Greenhorn

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    Yeah, I believe you. I'm not an expert on the subject, never tried it. Yet.
  4. Greenhorn

    Tools Index

    Basically anything which will help me to hunt out and fix bugs and mistakes which haunted ( and will probably continue ) all my installations so far. Thanks, I will check it out. Am I wrong in the assumption that it is meant only for GemRB games for now though? P.S. I guess not, judging by README.
  5. Greenhorn

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    Sadly it seems that Xplorer didn't progress beyond the initial idea, can't find download link anywhere...
  6. Greenhorn

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    I run into it in the meantime but thank you very much Sam. I'm very curios about Xplorer and it's differences, pro and cons in regard to IE.
  7. Greenhorn

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    Hello, does anybody knows is it this still most recent version of Infinity Explorer: http://infexp.sourceforge.net/? Since my crash of hard drive I'm forced to slowly rebuild all things Baldur's gate related and lots of stuff is currently on various Githubs unknown to me ( like newest version of Near Infinity on which I stumbled by pure luck ). Most of tool, utility and even mod lists are hopelessly outdated I'm afraid...
  8. This mod was conceptualized as half serious, funny and entertaining diversion from your average day dark, gritty questing in Athkatla and Amn. Really can't remember all the details but it had it's share of witty, amusing dialogues as well as bugs ( which are sorted by now I hope ). For fans of tough tactical challenges it also had fairly difficult battle to spice things up. Mod is definitely worth trying if you hadn't already done so.
  9. Mendas is just one of new assassins added by the "Dark horizons" mod. He uses Karlat's speech almost ( or entirely ) to the detail.
  10. Very good job with evoking that far, far away atmosfere, now if you just threw that fanfara sound I would be truly awed, but this will do. Nope, I think that was one of my experiments when BWS didn't even exist and BWP was only in it's infancy. No BGT or first part of it involved as I recall. Absolutely correct.
  11. Hmm, it was ( Star wars fanfara in big yellow letters ) long long time ago when I downloaded and played that mod when I still had modem connection and spend whole day downloading it. Then it had it's fair share of bugs but I'm sure newer versions are more stable. It's contents are not to everybody's tastes ( Candlekeep's chores ) but overall I found it enjoyable experience although too ambitious for it's own good. It is one of those older legacy megamods although then I didn't found at least half of it's content and sadly I forgot other half since then.
  12. Well it is certainly true that if you want something done properly you must do it yourself. Sorry for wrong info.
  13. Hmm, it was certainly long time ago but I'm almost certain it was Check the bodies or CtB megamod.
  14. One more bug with that likeable chaotic evil guy, when dismissed he said that he was heading for FAI. No trace of him there. Mighty divination magic revealed that he is in some unknown area named FRIENDLY.are. I would be grateful for any pointers how to access it in Tutu.
  15. Heh, that Talos has some cynical sense of humor. So, if you ask terrible Stormlord Jeff for healing services you get this ( at least in Tutu): Also I think that is important to mention that Talassans use same cabin in the High Hedge area that is site of the " Of wolves and man" quest from Ascalon's questpack mod so warning to everyone who uses both mods: don't take Dave until you are done with werewolf, one way or another.
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