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  1. Sadly I badly miscalculated when I installed Aurora 5.1 WEIDU patch. Again I got freezing when I tried to enter Goblin cave. Area test showed that Worg, Goblin chief and shaman animations cause CDT's. Changing animations to BG worg, goblin axe and orc shaman seems to work. It seems that this mod is one giant minefield. I'm curios though why nobody didn't have problems with this mod in BGT? IA maybe patch things as I wrote before...
  2. Just one more observation from me, probably number and frequency of the dialogues depend on chapter and party composition. Until I entered Nashkel dialogue was mostly limited on old BG1 occasionally insults between Harper and Zhentarim duo but now dam finally gave way. With replacement of Xzar and Montaron with Branwen and Flara ( from Glam NPC pack) now I have interparty chat literally every five minutes on my delight.
  3. Hmm, is it wise, not sure, but it was a necessity, otherwise I had no way to enter Nashkel because of corrupted cre file. I do remember using it before ( also after GB ) without issues.
  4. I tend to agree with you, just thought that maybe 1pp automatically changed her animation but it is a bit stretched, somebody would notice this long ago. Regardless, in my last run with TUTU I didn't use 1pp, instead I experimented with MOINESSE AVATARS and SENTRIZEAL_AA_PACK. Now I remember then was also CTD when I tried to enter Nashkel first time which I fixed with Creature Slot Fixer and afterwards everything was OK. Only other thing that I can think of is that I used Show hit points mod briefly after biffing which patches EXE like Aurora but it is also guessing. Important thing to note
  5. Thanks for kind words, you are good at lifting spirit in tired warrior ( or mage in my case). About compatibility, I'm not exactly sure what happened, I remember that I used Aurora in my last run on TUTU, then I had different set of issues with this mod, but not this. And then, way back on my old BWS install. Only logical explanation is that 1pp interfere with it's animations. Maybe IA is best way to use with this mod, really don't know anymore. As for beating engine, I'm afraid it will forever remain mystery to me for some cases. Like showdown with Neira today. Although she got at least four
  6. I managed to locate and solve the problem although at considerable lost of time and nerves. Problem is " Aurora's shoes and boots " mod and it's apparent incompatibility with 1pp mod. First there was CTD when I tried to enter Nashkel. Creature Slot Fixer utility helped me with that, Karaea, svirfneblin ( deep gnome ) merchant was corrupted. Further surprise was that her cre. file didn't had any animation when I managed to enter Nashkel, just blue circle at her position when game paused. I decided to change her animation from her non existent "Svirfneblin dark noaxe" to female cleric gnome. But
  7. I would really appreciate help with this before I uninstall whole thing and never again play anything Baldur's gate related. I have strange problem, one that I never encountered before, when I reload my save game ( and quick save, which are both in the same area, Nashkel shop ) game immediately freezes. If I'm real quick I can pause game quickly and in that time frame I tried anything I could think of ( changing last known game variables, dumping inventory, move to another area) but all in vain, the second I unpause it again game stop working. Error log shows nothing like Tobex text document a
  8. You are welcome but just one more brief note. Banter Timing Tweak is not a mod but component of BG1NPC project mod.
  9. Hello Daniel, you can install banter accelerator on non EE classic versions ( TUTU, BGT), for EE games I believe that component Banter Timing Tweak has same functionality. As for reinstalling mod in your current game, that is never a good idea but you can maybe do it ( depending on number of mods installed in your game and position of mod in question in install order, general rule is the latter the mod installed, better chances for success ) without negative consequences but it is far from guaranteed.
  10. No, I don't think so, Rick is right, NPC's are definitely more silent now, in these newer versions. Even with banter accelerator. I remember that with this same party composition there was a stimulative number of debates in party, and now, after 5 and half days I only had maybe 2 banters. Jaheira has taken wow of silence and I only got her banter after I PID her. Maybe structure of the dialogues changed, as I do get banters after resting but if it is the case, I say that change was for the worse.
  11. There is somewhat bizarre bug with 8.8 version of this mod installed on TUTU which left me baffled and took me couple of minutes to properly process. So, when you set your familiar script to return to backpack when seriously injured when you encounter Xvarts instead they miraculously materialize in your backpack when killed or seriously wounded in the form of Quasits. Workaround is to release them ( nothing happens, just clean backpack ) and change familiar script before you engage them in combat I guess. I'm very curios if this happens with some other opponents as well.
  12. Well, I wouldn't go as far to say that you are crazy Doc, but mistaken you are and you are EE to the core besides. BG2 wspatck: Don't see +1/2 for vanilla classic version for grandmastery . But EE changes that apparently: In short old BG2 doesn't give you half or full attack at grandmastery only 1/2 at spec. P.S. Sorry for all the editing but it seems I almost exceeded my attachment upload limit, must erase something ASAP.
  13. Forgive me @eyre, just one quick question, on top of it means after Bigg tweaks ( as I understood it) or before it?
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