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  1. Brilliant idea and brilliant mod! And I even think that one of those beautiful tiefling chicks ( Amber ? ) allows you to romance second protagonist. Thumbs up!
  2. I waited a long time for this mod. I'm glad that I and the rest of community will have a pleasure playing it.
  3. I love your vignettes Doc. Keep 'em coming.
  4. What, just chatting? Ah, even Branwen's sleeping remedy doesn't help. Anyway, if it is hardcoded issue I guess it can't be helped. But I never turned option to rest until healed 'til now and don't plan to start. Thanks for reply guys.
  5. Maybe it is not such big issue but for quite some time it annoys me the fact that those dialogues ( which are quite numerous at the start ) interrupt healing provided by the quality of the rooms you pay for and give you just 1hp. It is especially troublesome at the start of the game when every single HP can mean life or death for your frail typical wizard. Why this occurs and can be solved ?
  6. Thanks for this clarification. It explains to some degree why I got 9 area webbings in 1 round from group of 3 spiders in "Classic adventures" mod which heavily use Big picture scripts.
  7. Hmm. possible mods which alter freedom could be at fault. If you have Change-log and know how to use it you can find mods which alter spell in question, ( blade innate ability, that is ).
  8. Yeah, I can concur that, this is not SCS issue, it happens pretty often even without it. EDIT: although webbing while scared is nasty thing. But not as much as webbing while under sleep, courtesy of Improved battles or Big picture...
  9. I don't use her tool but I probably stumbled on some link leading to it. Keep a good job with your mods but it wouldn't hurt IMHO to post couple links and threads of them somewhere more visible as I found them accidentally by pure luck. It would be such a shame not to hug that teddy bear now and then after hard day of adventuring ( Rhialto won't need it anymore ).
  10. Easy Tutu is definite version, no fixes required and easy to find. I will link it if you want. About ( your I guess?) mod, let's see... I played v8 last summer which mysteriously disappeared in the meantime. No clue if it was some unauthorized fork which mod's author removed. Then this year first I tried v8 master but it refused to install so I gave up and grabbed then most recent v7. I will list issues from top of my head what I remember here if it is all the same with you. Most of soundsets stuff refused to install due to some missing Imoen's files it seems. I replaced it with some similar components ( now deprecated ) from old BGT DSotSC which were compatible with Tutu. Familiar scripts were working in theory I guess ( sadly not in my current game as I installed Mischievous fairy dragon mod after your scripts ) as you could issue orders to pick items but since they have different names ( Tutu usually have _ mark before files ) I only managed to get some gold from chests with my familiar. Convenient traps components also weren't working from what I saw ( no effect whatsoever ). As well, Otiluke's sphere and something else from that section refused to install. Kudos for mod, brilliant stuff and ideas but I wouldn't go out of my way to adapt it for Tutu as author because player base is negligible and this is probably my last run with it.
  11. I don't own it at the moment and I'm content with what I have currently.
  12. No need for apologies, several subjective reasons. I had half cooked install from my former, now dead HD ( RIP old friend ) for one. Regarding sheer number of mods available for both BG1 and 2 ( and I want to try most of them ) I thought why not split work in half now that automated BWS and BWP are somewhat outdated. Beside that I'm eagerly awaiting new BGT which will be finished soon I hope so I didn't feel like trying it's old version. Finally IMHO TUTU is little closer to that authentic flavor of old vanilla BG and whole experience is actually smooth with almost zero of that inexplicable, out of blue CTD's which plagued many of my BGT runs killing my mood for playing. As I said, subjective and maybe not very good reasons, but here they are.
  13. Thanks for this. I'm currently playing v.7. As far as I can see, much of it is unusable on TUTU but for BGT this mod will be priceless.
  14. Oh, but it is really real mod. For real. I swear on American constitution.
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