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  1. It was about time that somebody finally do this. Now, if you could just incorporate NPC flirt pack in your work it would nicely round it up.
  2. On my current game with this mod installed @Endarire. You can see details here if you want: https://lilura1.blogspot.com/2018/07/Baldurs-Gate-Grey-Clan-and-Stone-of-Askavar-Item-Code-List.html.
  3. Not bad idea for someone who care about this. I know some mods which do opposite but I have yet to see mod which nerf NPCs. I'm personally power gamer who uses every advantage I can think of on tough mod setting ( currently playing old BG:TotSC with Vault, DSotSC, Drizzt saga, Stone of Askavar and Mysteries of the Sword Coast, among others ) so I'm afraid I will not be so keen on this idea. From reality point of view bards in BG1 have believable stats ( Eldoth and Garrick with their crappy intelligence which is pain to learn arcane spells reliably without potions). On the other hand it is not
  4. For the Shandalar you can use this: https://github.com/BGforgeNet/bg2-tweaks-and-tricks/blob/dev/docs/gameplay.md#fair-fights. There are several Drizzt's options on the internet, I'm sure with little surfing you will find what you need.
  5. Heh, issue is that with this component when I meet basilisk ( or in my case medusa) and use this potion I get instant crash and black screen. Without it everything is OK. Here are components I use in my current game: Brief overview: 1. causes CTD, 2) working, 3) didn't encountered any problems, but will see, that upcoming green dragon fight from DSotSC will be excellent test, 4) didn't check yet, 5) same as 4, 6) same as 5, 7) seems it works, little too good perhaps, among another things I noticed that sword spiders lost that ring which granted them bonus to movement speed, 8- s
  6. Component "Potion of Really Mirrored Eyes: v8.4" from TNT mod cause CTD in my BG:TotSC vanilla game when used. From my humble experience CTD on one version of the game is usually indicative of problem encountered on all of them so maybe it wouldn't be bad idea to check and fix this ( for all versions ).
  7. I see that you are still in shape argent. Congratulations on another brilliant idea.
  8. @jastey It seems this work on BG:TotSC ( although without ring, which I sold beforehand, but I still got amulet, nevertheless). My earlier message ( and links with pictures on SHS) was related to TUTU version.
  9. Thanks for kind offer but I got it thanks to another helpful fellow member. Oh, and the site is back it seems.
  10. Now, this is a bummer... or convenient exploit. So, after I recruited Eldoth and dropping him to Jovial juggler after he gained 1 level next time I entered that inn he walked straight to my party requesting to join in... with Skie in tow. It is still chapter 2 and I hadn't been anywhere close to Baldur's gate.
  11. Well, with " ensure that Shar-Teel doesn't die in initial duel " component all what was left of her after two blows was bloody chunk. BG:TotSC game. When I looked her cre file in SC keeper I got MONHP1.itm is not found in database warning.
  12. One small bug in this version regarding component " 2 handed bastard swords " for BG:TotSC. It sets even long swords and scimitars for 2 handed use.
  13. Hey, good catch actually! But probably outdated and yes, I'm looking old BG1 one (already have newest BGT/Tutu/EE). As for BG:TOS vs BG1TotSC if BG1 UB can use it in it's README so can I. Bloody nomenclature...
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