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  1. What a pity that this mod doesn't work on easy Tutu.
  2. First time that I tried this graphical mod, installed it on clean, patched ( although without BG2 fixpack, I guess that doesn't count in this case ) install of SoA:ToB. I won't comment on good and bad sides of the rest of the components but component 2 ( Female Clerics and Druids Avatars ), component 3 ( Male Half-Orc Paper Doll ) and component 5 ( Male Human Barbarian Avatars ) are not working at all.
  3. Greenhorn

    Sensible entrance points

    I guess in this day and age it is important to read even a version histories of various Readme's. From newest BP-BGT Worldmap: I hope this settles this issue then ( crossfingers ).
  4. Greenhorn

    The Calling Beta 2 Now Available

    I was very much looking forward to try this interesting little ( hopefully bigger in the future ) mod on Tutu. But looking it's current state I think it would be wiser to pass on, at least for now. Latest update was at the beginning of February and here I see numerous bugs reported as late as July and many of them unanswered. Am I right in assumption that this mod is currently unplayable and that it is better to wait it's updated future version?
  5. I seem to recall that this component ( as awesome as it looks ) cause some trouble with BP BGT Worldmap and that it should be installed after it, if at all. Didn't find anything in Tweaks readme about this particular issue, is there still compatibility concerns between this two mods?
  6. Greenhorn

    Gerri's BGT NPC Portraits

    For anybody interested here is the link: https://www.baldurs-...ortraits.44541/, courtesy of Alien.
  7. Hello, does anybody by some lucky chance know where can I download this mod? All links which point to Kerzenburg or Rosenranken are dead. I have old version 1.6 buried somewhere on my hard drive but can't find anywhere most recent v.3. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Greenhorn

    EET_Tweaks v1.10 Released

    Thanks for this great mod. Some of the components are ( XP for Traps, Spells and Lockpicking, Disable hostile reaction after charm, PnP spell scroll caster levels, Wand Case, to name a few ) a must have, even for classic games too.
  9. Greenhorn

    Scales of Balance question

    That was concise and straight to the point. Thank you.
  10. I apologize if I understood wrong but after reading 20 different tweak mods README's ( and some of them are quite comprehensive, complex and revolutionary, like MaG and SoB ) I'm burned out almost like when I studied for university exams. Anyway my question is this, APR for all from specialization from Tweak anthology mod is only for EE games incompatible with Tutu which I plan to play soon. Similar component from Scales of Balance is different and specifically made for WPO components from the same mod. So if I want "everybody gets bonuses from specialization and/or grandmastery only warriors from level too " for classic games that left me with only The Bigg tweaks mod component 3600 which is somewhat outdated and never seems to work the way it is intended ( or how I want it ), right?
  11. Greenhorn

    Bard songs and duplicate spells

    That would be " Old default bard song from unmodded game which only gave protection from fear as far as I know ". There is slight chance for " BG2 fixpack version from OBC component which gives +1 luck to Blades " but I doubt that Tutu ever incorporated that fix. Anyway I thought so exactly but thanks for confirmation.
  12. Greenhorn

    Bard songs and duplicate spells

    Looking forward to try this interesting mod for the first time ( on Tutu platform ). But I have few questions. First one is what or which song Blade bard kit will be using with this mod? Old default bard song from unmodded game which only gave protection from fear as far as I know? Perhaps BG2 fixpack version from OBC component which gives +1 luck to Blades? Or perhaps only The Ballad of Three Heroes from this mod? My second question is about compatibility and possible issues with some other, mostly older mods which are using variants of the same spells from arcane and divine packs included here, for example TDD or DSotSC. Unfortunately those spells are integral, inseparable part of those mods and spells from this mod also come in " all or nothing " variant. I know that authors of this mod can't do much about this issue but I can at least send report of overlapping spells in hope that one day somebody will sort out this issue. I think that even 1pp uses couple of " cause wound " spells from IWD if I'm not mistaken...
  13. Hello, this is probably unnecessary question but I would like to know does anybody know with certainty is this mod compatible with easy Tutu? Judging by it's english readme it is not but I found on some russian site called Arcane coast that in fact it is. But then again it stated the same for BGT Vault also, hence my question.
  14. Greenhorn

    Mur'Neth v12 Now Available

    Ha, if slight oversight makes you that than I'am too,together with 99.99% inhabitants of this blue ball which is our home. No problem and you are welcome.
  15. Greenhorn

    Mur'Neth v12 Now Available

    Is there a reason that this mod contains double readme, in addition to mod's hero there is also readme for Auren Aseph.