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  1. @HotaruPL if your dialogue is messed up even after you started new game I'm afraid your best option is to uninstall all your mods one by one ( yes, huge inconvenience and waste of time but I did that for installations 3 or 4 times larger than yours to set it right ) . Then you can look at the guide for install order even if you don't want to use BWP.
  2. First of all, did you continued from some of your old saves or did you start new game? Secondly, do you still have crashes in in Nashkel after removing Aurora? Thirdly your install order indeed leaves much to be desired, your best option is to download this comprehensive guide and use it as a reference for any mod you wish to install: http://www.shsforums.net/files/file/534-big-world-english/
  3. Hmm, "scratch" you got there three mods that use worldmap which are installed after it, Shadows over Soubar, Check the bodies and Stone of Askavar. Now, as far as I remember you can extract Worldmap mod before installation of big quest mods which use it but you should ALWAYS install it after them. "Shrugs" well maybe that was changed and it is not my intention to confuse you and you can play whichever way works best for you. Best of luck with your BGT install and I wish you no problems with it.
  4. You are welcome but on the second ( more careful ) glance on your install order in your weidu I noticed that you installed world map very early. You should change that ASAP and install it after all big quest mods which use it, ideally close to the end of installation.
  5. I'm pretty sure, if you uninstall it and use your old save before Nashkel you should be safe. You could also go to Larswood right away, if you get crash there too ( something is wrong with deep gnome animations ) you could be 100% sure that it is Aurora.
  6. Always a pleasure discovering feats of fellow Ironman but to answer your query I'm afraid it is. From the SCS readme, spoilers section: It could be more sensibly implemented if you ask me but that is MHO.
  7. Hmm, I checked it and it is already set on 24 bit, 48000 hz Studio quality. In the meantime I uninstalled SOD and game movies sound is again normal. But thanks for suggestion.
  8. Which is nice, screechy sound or finally normal running game? Just kidding, thanks anyway.
  9. On my pleasant surprise enabling Nearest neighbor scaling instead default Linear scaling on graphic options enabled the game to run perfectly smoothly, even on highest screen resolution! If only I could now deduce why after installing SOD expansion all sound in game movies suddenly gone distorted and screechy...
  10. Ah, thank you, found about console on Baldur wiki in the meantime but nothing on error log, only on Beamdog something about crash dump files. I think that you can enable messages on error log in old BG2 even without TOBEX, I can't believe this was omitted out of EE. Well, I'm off to install SOD and see what is hassle with this DLCmerger and EEex. Thanks for your help Jarno and if you remember some more useful tips in the meantime please enlighten me.
  11. Thank you for tips Jarno but I already did all that ( including the shutting of internet) even before my first message. Ah, well, I guess I should just buy ( or upgrade existing ) hardver which I delayed as I'm not exactly gamer and this old peace of junk suited me just fine for my needs. But do you have same advice on this little thing that worries me: Oh and here is my lua file in case if it is any help, I forgot to post it earlier:
  12. Uff, I totally forgot about that, thank you Jarno, I'm afraid you are right. Still, before I hang white flag I will try it, I just want to know if there is need to modify lua file to give reports about possible crashing messages, the way I can modify old baldur.ini with Logging = 1?
  13. Hardver is pretty much outdated ( or antiquated more precisely ). Windows 7, Service pack 1, 64 bit. AMD Sempron 145 procesor 2.80 GHz but with only 2GB of RAM ( I'm afraid this is the main reason for slow performance along with my outdated graphic card which is NVIDIA GeForce 7025 / NVIDIA nForce 630a). Still according to minimal system requirements it should run just OK. I'm not afraid of challenge and would gladly give it a try even with tedious screen resolution changing before playing but I mostly fear possible lagging and slowing after adding 20 or so mods. So as I said I would be thankful for every piece of valuable advice. Oh, and thanks for your tip Doc. I think that my old hardver and integrated graphic card aren't enough to play even relatively undemanding 3d game like BG EE.
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