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  1. Thanks for kind offer but I got it thanks to another helpful fellow member. Oh, and the site is back it seems.
  2. Now, this is a bummer... or convenient exploit. So, after I recruited Eldoth and dropping him to Jovial juggler after he gained 1 level next time I entered that inn he walked straight to my party requesting to join in... with Skie in tow. It is still chapter 2 and I hadn't been anywhere close to Baldur's gate.
  3. Well, with " ensure that Shar-Teel doesn't die in initial duel " component all what was left of her after two blows was bloody chunk. BG:TotSC game. When I looked her cre file in SC keeper I got MONHP1.itm is not found in database warning.
  4. One small bug in this version regarding component " 2 handed bastard swords " for BG:TotSC. It sets even long swords and scimitars for 2 handed use.
  5. Hey, good catch actually! But probably outdated and yes, I'm looking old BG1 one (already have newest BGT/Tutu/EE). As for BG:TOS vs BG1TotSC if BG1 UB can use it in it's README so can I. Bloody nomenclature...
  6. Darn, when I saw your reply I thought St. Jarno one more time to the rescue. Quite a letdown. But thankfully at least we cleared one important point.
  7. Been there, probably only EE and maybe BGT. Even this site: http://america.iegmc.net/ doesn't have single BWL mod. But thank you for effort Jastey.
  8. Seems that BWL is down. I would like to know is there some mirror site which hosts their mods, like Drizzt saga and Grey clan ( for vanilla BG:TOS, not EE, TuTu or BGT) please? Couldn't find it anywhere. P.S. sorry for multiple messages, got some error code with problems which requested to try again repeatedly.
  9. Glad to see that this was adapted for classic games. Thanks for your efforts!
  10. Khalid F/M overpowered?! Did you ever tried run with him in BG 1 ( I did by the way )? Believe me, that guy need all the help he can get ( although in his defense I must say that with little planning and investment he is at least competent, as is every other NPC out there by the way).
  11. No need for apology and you are very much welcome. As for delayed response I thought that was one helluva birthday party. At least I hope so.
  12. Happy birthday jmaeq! Oh, and congratulations on all of your contribution so far, of course.
  13. Details, details... tend to be forgotten after four or five years, here is little something that I remember though: https://www.gibberlings3.net/forums/topic/9019-bg1-fixpack/?do=findComment&comment=281878 Although HoMM2 is great ( one of the first games I ever played ) 3 is much. much better. As for BG1 fixpack i remember that I studied it to detail. It incorporates all the stuff from Baldurdash, and then some more . No significant conflicts with BG UB. As for TWM mod it is one of the finest mods for BG1 from the great polish community. Unfortunately at the time of it's creation it
  14. You are welcome, of course, although BG1 fixpack add some very nice things not covered by other mods. But it introduces couple of problems if I recall correctly ( seniyad and number of his acolytes killed which won't let you finish Aldeth's quest unless you fix it manually ). Anyway happy gaming and thanks for awakening my interest for BG again after I got sidetracked by HoMM2. By the way I just finished that obnoxious dwarf's quest on clean, unmodded vanilla BG:TOS and globals are: RATSKILLED 5 when you kill them all, and RATSKILLED 6 after talking with Reevor and finishing the quest.
  15. Ugh, yes, yes, of course, I will install old BG 1 right now just for this occasion. Although if I had to guess, that GLOBAL must have something with the... rats. Joke aside, just look for it with SCK. P.S. maybe RATSKILLED but I don't know if BG fixpack or TWM change that global ( I remember that TWM has component specifically dealing with this quest which doesn't play nice with fixpack).
  16. Yep, I had same issue. BG1 Fixpack and TWMdemo_3.52R3_BG1 both try to address this which only create problem which before didn't exist. I just changed globals with Sword Coast Keeper if I remember right...
  17. Brilliant idea and brilliant mod! And I even think that one of those beautiful tiefling chicks ( Amber ? ) allows you to romance second protagonist. Thumbs up!
  18. I waited a long time for this mod. I'm glad that I and the rest of community will have a pleasure playing it.
  19. I love your vignettes Doc. Keep 'em coming.
  20. What, just chatting? Ah, even Branwen's sleeping remedy doesn't help. Anyway, if it is hardcoded issue I guess it can't be helped. But I never turned option to rest until healed 'til now and don't plan to start. Thanks for reply guys.
  21. Maybe it is not such big issue but for quite some time it annoys me the fact that those dialogues ( which are quite numerous at the start ) interrupt healing provided by the quality of the rooms you pay for and give you just 1hp. It is especially troublesome at the start of the game when every single HP can mean life or death for your frail typical wizard. Why this occurs and can be solved ?
  22. Thanks for this clarification. It explains to some degree why I got 9 area webbings in 1 round from group of 3 spiders in "Classic adventures" mod which heavily use Big picture scripts.
  23. Hmm. possible mods which alter freedom could be at fault. If you have Change-log and know how to use it you can find mods which alter spell in question, ( blade innate ability, that is ).
  24. Yeah, I can concur that, this is not SCS issue, it happens pretty often even without it. EDIT: although webbing while scared is nasty thing. But not as much as webbing while under sleep, courtesy of Improved battles or Big picture...
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