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  1. Looks like it works, thanks. I agree with Endarine here, if pure black is an issue, purple or dark gray would work just as well. I might give that a try myself, simple image editing I can do. It's putting it all together that is still an issue, although I learn a little bit every time. Too bad it only works for EE, but that's how it goes.
  2. A few do, yes. Unfortunately I don't have much graphical talent, but I try my best. And I do know how to convert pictures to .bam files.
  3. While I appreciate that you enjoy my spell pack so much, it's really not needed to make such a big fuss about it. No, it's about a custom projectile. I implemented Evard's Black Tentacles in my spell pack (basically by editing Entangle and adding blunt damage), but since it uses the Entangle projectile the "tentacles" are yellow, not black. I still struggle with the relation between .pro, .bam and .vvc files and apart from a limited description on IEDSP there just doesn't seem to be a good guide or tutorial on them, at least none that I found. Recoloring simple .bam files I can
  4. I'm sorry, but no. This is mostly about the icons in the spell lists of the readme. I did try to recolor the spell, but I couldn't figure it out, sorry. I really don't understand bam/vvc/pro interaction very well, and there is precious little documentation on it. In general, my mod plays very well with SCS in my own tests. SCS concentrates mostly on AI enhancements while I do very little with AI scripts. I wrote them in such a way that they can actually be installed in any order, so for those concerned it is possible to install the alpha after SCS in case you have to remove (parts
  5. It does make sense, and I always felt guilty for not rushing to Spellhold ASAP too. However, story-wise there now is a problem with good characters that aren't interested in power or revenge; they have no reason to go after Irenicus at all anymore, yet the story and game will go nowhere unless you do. I now got a guilty feeling for my paladin making shady deals with a criminal like Aran Linvail for no good reason whatsoever. And yes, I know Alternatives can avoid the issue of having to choose between two evils, but that brings its own problems as the good path Alternatives offers is 1)
  6. Jaheira tells you exactly whom to bring it to, and this is also recorded word by word in the quest log: Bernard the barkeep in the Copper Coronet. And yes, if Jaheira already left you are too late. Bernard won't admit to anyone else that he is a Harper.
  7. I didn't really share it to be tested, more to show what I am up to, as it seems a few of you are quite curious. ^^ To be honest, my modding is rather haphazard, I do what seems to be a good idea at the time. Too much planning makes it too much like work, and unless Beamdog wants to hire me as well I prefer this to remain strictly a hobby with no obligations. ^^ That said, if you want to test it the questions are of course: Does it even work at all? (I did smoke tests on old BG2, BGT, BGEE and BG2EE, but barely any functional testing.) Was it too easy? Too hard? Just righ
  8. See my earlier answer; if you have SCS or another mod installed that changes creature's battle scripts, the lenses won't be created in the designated holders' inventories. (This was a bad design choice IMHO, far better would have been to append to the area scripts, or to at least attach a separate script to the creatures.) Anyway, if this is the case, the only way to continue is to use the console (or a save game editor) to create these items in your inventory. First create the one that belongs to the creature or location you were prompted for, that should give you a hint on which one i
  9. Some parts are still unfinished, so there might be more text depending on what I decide to do with them. I'll probably not change the current lines though. Specifically, these parts are still unfinished: Enhanced Battles: Amkethran (only Vongoethe is finished, more or less) Enhanced Battles: Watcher's Keep (still have to do the deeper levels) Enhanced Battles: Sendai's Enclave (not even started yet) Enhanced Battles: Pocket Plane (only good part of Retribution is done) Enhanced Battles: Durlag's Tower (got some stuff planned for the demon knight) Enhan
  10. A beta is in the final stages of development, has been tested to some degree, and just needs the last bugs flattened. An alpha is an early concept that has received little or no testing and may have key features missing. That's pretty much what this is.
  11. Mm, it would be more of an alpha than a beta, as there are large parts yet untested, and a few bits still unfinished. But you seem really eager to, so why not. EDIT: It's up, v4alpha is available for those foolish brave enough to test it. Just to be clear, this is an untested version. Also, for old BG2/BGT, InfinityAnimations with at least the IWD animations is now required for several of the components.
  12. Yes, with areas it doesn't always work. Because of how the creatures are embedded in the area file, it's a little tricky to match embedded creatures to the original .cre file. I'm still working on improving that, but not sure how far I'll get.
  13. That entry does need to be updated, but King Strohm III's tomb really is in Firkraag's lair. (The part with the genie guardians.)
  14. Try the included readme, it's in the "docs" folder.
  15. Yes, containers are implemented as stores and my fix should patch them up as well. I repeat though that it is experimental, but it has fixed my game two or three times so far.
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