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  1. It's actually not an error, just an informational message. I will fix it in a future version as it may cause some trouble for translators, but it can be safely ignored. There's a little bit more to it than just fixing paths.
  2. You're correct in that the paths are wrong, but it is actually harmless. setup-mih_ip.tra is not currently used and empty.
  3. Could be next month or next year, I really don't know yet. Currently I'm still working on the prison in Saradush, but I still have plenty other stuff to meddle around with.
  4. I found Web spells to be most useful for this battle. One or two of them should immobilize quite a few of the pieces. Then concentrate on those that are still moving.
  5. This is from the UB Restored Items component, adding Shazellim +1 to Prebek's home: COPY_EXISTING ar0407.are override LAUNCH_PATCH_FUNCTION ADD_AREA_ITEM INT_VAR container_to_add_to = 2 STR_VAR item_to_add = "sw1h50" END BUT_ONLY Note that ADD_AREA_ITEM is fully documented in the WeiDU manual.
  6. Just use the absolute container number. New containers are added to the end of the list, not inserted somewhere in the middle, so the numbers for containers existing in the core game never change.
  7. Ohoh, nice! I used Oversight's version, but as noted it doesn't work properly in combination with SCS. Will definitely have to try this in my next bg2ee run. Since this is actually restored content, I'd be happy to add it to Unfinished Business if you are so inclined.
  8. That's what "Cap charges of Wands and Staves" is for. I don't want to take them away entirely. All tweaks are optional and can be installed or removed independently from the Item Pack.
  9. Design goal here was to make the items still nice to have but not game-breaking. Additionally, I feel the Ankheg Plate +2 and the Ring of Wizardry should be unique, and there are too many Rings of Protection +1 going around as it is already. And the Splint Mail +1 is a nice to have for the early game and strangely obscure; the first one I normally find is in the Flaming Fist barracks and by then you already have several superior armors.
  10. Aw thanks. Yeah, I wanted them to be still nice, but not game breakers. And that splint mail is still pretty rare for some reason despite not being all that special. ^^
  11. Beta release of Unfinished Business v28 is ready. This includes Imoen4Ever compatibility patches. https://github.com/Pocket-Plane-Group/UnfinishedBusiness/releases/tag/v28beta
  12. My encounters are brutal? Well, things are in the eye of the beholder I guess, but I never thought that what I added is particularly difficult. Well, except the PnP greater basilisks maybe, and that is entirely on purpose, those things are practically mini-dragons and should be difficult. ^^
  13. I'm working on making Unfinished Business compatible with Imoen 4 Ever (content-wise, there are no technical issues to my knowledge), this will be one of my goals for v28. I should have a draft ready sometime soon. This affects two components of UB: - The Kidnapping of Boo: You can ask the Cowled Enforcer about Imoen's location even when she is right there with you, and Minsc has a banter that refers to Imoen being gone that can trigger when she is not. - Kalah and What He Was Promised: Fairly minor as you'd have to go out of your way to trigger it, but it is possible to ask the genie to return Imoen when you already know she is safe. All other components of UB are already compatible as far as I can tell.
  14. Alright, thanks for reporting this. I probably can resolve this conflict from my end, but I'll have to examine exactly what changes IR makes to this item so I can take that into account in my code. I'm actually surprised this is the only issue to far, I'd expect more.
  15. This means another mod has already changed potn11.itm (the Potion of Invulnerability) in a way that is incompatible with my modifications. Do you have another mod installed that changes items, like Item Revisions? Note that my mod is probably not compatible with IR.
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