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  1. You are getting the same responses because you are going off on the same tangent each and every time. "You are violating the spirit/history of the mod yada-yada..." You were heard the first time, you know. Don't like the replies you are getting? Stop bringing the same subject up. Don't like the changes that are made? Go ahead and show that you can do better, and let the players be the judge. And nah, not holding my breath for that to happen. I tried to explain what I did and why I did it, and your none too subtle reaction was to call me an "inexperienced buffoon", when I had done exactly nothing to you. And judging by Arthas' and subtledocter's reactions to you, this is far from the first time you did something like that. You say you don't mind changes being made, yet you moan and whine at every single one of them, or even at suggested ones that have yet to be implemented, let alone seen in action. All the while without offering any input on what a "good" change would be, in your opinion, other than this vagueness about this "spirit of the mod" that is highly subjective. Have you even played the mod at all in its current state? Bottom line is I don't need your approval for anything, period. If you think you can do better, put up or shut up. Until then, I'm done with you.
  2. Follow your own advice please, and try to understand what a total jerk you have been to anyone who presents an opinion differing from your own. Now, I thank you for at least making your last few posts in a civil manner. As Jastey and others have already told you several times, we heard you the first time, you don't have to keep repeating yourself. And you definitely don't have to insult anyone who presents a differing opinion, or merely tries to explain why they did what they did. You're not paying us, we don't owe you anything at all. You don't get to make demands of us. You are free to make whatever suggestions you want as long as you can do so in a civil tone, and don't throw around petty insults if we do not agree on it and don't hop to implementing your vision of the mod immediately.
  3. But don't you know, when a mod fight is too difficult for you, donating a considerable amount of your personal time to write an actually balanced encounter, test it, publish it on GitHub and then somehow mind-controlling the maintainer into accepting your changes is so much easier than just control-Y-ing or story-moding past it, or not playing with the broken mod in the first place... Ah, the rewards of modding, all that time and effort just to be on the receiving end of the ire of someone who doesn't agree with the choices you had to make... Anyone who'd take a cursory look at my Encounters & Quests mod would know better than to think I'm in some sort of secret plot to dumb down all the mods. ^^
  4. I'm open to any civil discussion about the subject. Like Jastey, I do not claim to be the best person for the job. But she sought someone who could edit items and creatures to help her, and I answered. If someone feels they can do a better job than me, they are welcome to show their work anytime. And it's true that I am not a very hardcore player (even though I did finish Ascension once and SCS is a staple in my mods), if anyone can reasonably convince me that I have made some enemies too "soft" I'd be happy to give it another look. Of course "reasonable convince" does require being able to make your point without swear words or insulting the other person's abilities or opinions. For now, what I plan to do is 1) revise the items, maybe add or replace some, and 2) go over the enemies I nerfed (which can easily be counted on one hand by the way, it's not like I turned the whole mod upside down) and see if I may have overdone it a bit. @subtledoctor, your point about the lesser tanar'ri is a good one, I will go through my source material and try to come up with something appropriate there if I can.
  5. Yeah, the item nerfing was my contribution as well (originally, the mod gave you enough ankheg plate to equip half your party with), and I still fear it may be a little too much here and there. Specifically, I'm concerned about the unique plate I made for Gothal, and some of the loot from the new Firewine dungeon (which I like conceptually, though). If Jastey will allow me, I'd gladly go over them another time, and maybe create something truly unique instead of cheap Icewind Dale knockoffs. I do so enjoy designing new items. ^^ Yeah, clearly the author never intended for his mod to run on BGT/Tutu/EE, so maybe I should also revert all the item edits I did to actually make the items work properly on the newer engines. ^^ I figured that, but thanks for confirming.
  6. It's merely warning you that the item currently being patched was not changed in any way. Which is to be expected with a regexp edit because the majority of items will probably not grant immunity to sppr105. Just add "silent = 1" to INT_VAR to suppress the warning. (It's there to tell you that you may have an ineffective patch.)
  7. FYI, I did exactly that. That what GitHub is actually designed for, you know. Then I offered my changes back to Jastey explaining exactly what they did, and they thought them good enough to be included. Again, this is what GitHub was designed for. And I am done arguing with you, as it is quite obvious that you have no contribution to make and nothing positive will come of it. Wallow in your "Wah-wah-wah, you changed it, now it sucks!" if you must, see if I care.
  8. SCS and many other mods have already proven it's quite possible to make challenging and memorable encounters without giving enemies insane stats or absurd immunities. Nowadays this is (correctly) seen as cheap, bad design. And FYI, I *was* around in those days, and I also remember several people protesting against such insanity. Okay, 1) this version of NTotSC is designed to be playable *without* DSotSC, and 2) there is literally no use for level 40 rules when all of BG1 + TotSC barely contains enough XP to get you level 9, maybe 10 for some classes. And I know, I have played through old BG1 + TotSC many times since its release in 1998. There is literally nothing stopping you from playing with intentionally broken mods if that's what you want to do. NTotSC is on github, what's stopping you from forking it and making your own "correct" version if you think this one is so bad? Just don't assume that your way of playing is the one true way. And no, neither do I. As I pointed out before, that's what difficulty settings are for.
  9. Just adding my $0.02 as one who suggested (and personally made) some of the nerfs. First of all, if you're not the original author, please consider carefully about what you promote as "the author's intent". That is merely your interpretation/opinion, and nothing more than that. Also, let's try to be civil about this, yes? Secondly, why would a broken dialog be a valid bug, but a broken encounter not? Some of the things I encountered were monsters with stats completely beyond what would be valid under even the most liberal interpretation of 2e rules. Was that monster with more than ten times the HP even maximized rolls would give it the author's intent, or merely a typo of an extra zero? The fighter/mage with only druid spells memorized, but not scripted to use either wizard or druid spells, intentional or just a poorly edited creature file? The completely ordinary human fighter who could literally not miss a single attack due to a thac0 far beyond his level (and I do mean *far* beyond, what he had would make some ToB enemies green with envy), intentional or an oversight? Your opinion is as valid as my own. Please know that I did not suggest/do these nerfs lightly. But when I was testing and noting down these, I was playing a party that was already overleveled by BG1 standards and well beyond the XP cap of both TotSC and SoD, and they were still nearly impossible. Intentional, or just poorly thought out? As Jastey already pointed out, mod standards have changed over the years, and some old mods like this one just are completely broken in more than one way. Without the original author available, it's not always so clear what their intent was, and sometimes choices have to be made. And yes, I fully agree there can be such a thing as too much nerfing, but there can also very well be too little. Personally I think Jastey's way of keeping most of the original difficulty on insane, but toning things down at lower levels is perfectly reasonable. That's what those difficulty levels are for after all, so that everyone can play the game at a level they feel comfortable at.
  10. Internally, ioun stones (which is what the spider egg becomes) are implemented as helmets, and the old engine was hard-coded to block critical hits on creatures wearing any kind of helmet, even an ioun stone. A "toggle" bit to turn critical hit protection off for helmets (and on for other items) was implemented by the ToBEx hack, and this same fix also made it into the EE engine. So yes, in EE ioun stones will not provide critical hit protection, including the core ones. As for what it should be, well, critical hit protection from helmets is non-canon to begin with but it makes sense to me. After all, critical hits involve getting a lucky blow on an especially vulnerable area of the body and the head is an obvious one. Think of head shots in first person shooters, for instance. Anything that is not covering the head should not provide critical hit protection IMHO. The ioun stones from my item pack will also not protect you from critical hits in EE or BG2/BGT with ToBEx (and without ToBEx, my mods will not function properly).
  11. Well, hopefully it will lead to better code and a more stable and compatible mod! But most is behind the scenes, I haven't planned any major changes in content. Although that doesn't mean I won't make any. ^^
  12. Alright, that is indeed a little typo. I'll correct it in the next release. I need to revise the documentation sometime anyway. And thank you for the compliment, it's nice to see that my work is being appreciated. There are only two spells that I completely made up myself, Ramazith's Slime Summons and Major Globe of Invulnerability. Everything else is either from other games (PST and Neverwinter Nights) or from official source material.
  13. Oh my, that looks nice! I'll have to fiddle a bit to fit it in, but that shouldn't be any trouble. Thank you so much!
  14. Scintillating Sphere is basically an electrical version of Fireball, used in the Halruua region of the Forgotten Realms (The Shining South). This is the description from the Wizard's Compendium: "This spell caused a grape-sized sphere to appear near the caster. The sphere then travels in a straight line at high speed to a location in the sight of the caster. Upon reaching this location, the sphere pulses outwards twice and then disappears." The picture on the same page shows someone getting blasted by multiple arcs of lightning.
  15. Lots of better versions of Magic Missile, improving on the part of MM that was already its most OP aspect (lots and lots of projectiles) I'm considering dropping the Lesser/Greater Missile Storm, I have trouble getting them right anyway. They are from Neverwinter Nights, by the way. Improved Magic Missile being identical up to 9th level seems weird, a 3rd-level spell being exactly the same as a 1st-level spell for all of BG1? Maybe just have it make ~3 more missiles at the same level, or something. (So 6 vs. 3 at 5th level, and 8 vs. 5 at 9th level.) This one is actual P&P Forgotten Realms material. That really is how it works. The Wizard's Compendium even states this fact. And you can't get it in BG1, it's a rare spell and is only available in a few somewhat hidden places, the first being late in Siege of Dragonspear when your wizard is likely 10th or 11th. Otiluke's Acid Cloud seems superior to Cloudkill, at a lower level The cloud is much smaller. But yeah, not happy with this one. I'd trade it for Scintillating Sphere if I knew how to make a projectile for that one. Spell Matrix seems identical to Minor Spell Sequencer, doing the same thing but better, at the same level? Spell Matrix is 5th level, Minor Sequencer is 4th. And yes, this one is also P&P. Ironically in P&P all sequencer spells are unique to The Symbul, they should not be as wide spread as BG2 makes them. Anyway, I just thought it nicely filled the gap, all spell levels from 4th to 9th have one sequencer/contingency spell except 5th. ^^ The damage for Ball Lightning seems kind of high - 4d12 at 5th level, 8d12 at 10th level, 12d12 at 15th level, when Lightning Bolt does 5d6/10d6/10d6. At 20th level this 3rd-level spell can do over 200 electrical damage, which could be a fair amount stronger than 8th-level Deathbolt. Mm, fair point, although there is a drawback the description doesn't mention, the balls are very slow. Also, they hit only one target each while Lightning Bolt can hit many in one discharge, especially if it rebounds. Oh, and the theoretical maximum is "only" 192 (16x12), not over 200. ^^ Still I should perhaps tone it down a notch. Maybe have the versions with more balls do less damage per ball? That would be on par with the source material... Deathbolt seems just like Finger of Death, but it is a necromancy spell that does electrical damage, for what reason I don't know except that metagaming, I suppose few enemies are resistant to that damage type? This one is straight from PST down to the projectile and all. And they in turn got it straight from P&P, it is an existing spell in the Forgotten Realms (from the Shining South). To be honest, my main reason for including it is sheer coolness factor, I'm well aware of how similar to Finger of Death it is. It does deal more damage though. ^^ Faerie Sword is cool, but actually seems kind of better than Black Blade of Destruction which is 9th-level magic I haven't done much testing with this one yet, so I am not too certain of how good or bad it really is. Anyway, this is a P&P spell, it's elven high magic from Elves of Evermeet. Maybe I should give it to our favorite fallen high mage. ^^ In general though I like the spells - aside from the... focus... on magic missiles, they seem pretty cool. I like that you added Evard's Black Tentacles, it seems like a classic spell to me (was it in the PHB?) and is a nice wizard's answer to priests' Spike Growth and Spike Stones. Yes, Black Tentacles was a PHB spell even in 2nd edition (maybe even in 1st?). The enemies should just be glad I didn't make it Vaarsuvius' Spiked Tentacles of Forced Intrusion.
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