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  1. There is a small conflict between Gavin and the Stone of Askavar quest mod, in that both use the same house in Beregost for different events, Gavin for the third of Kelddath's quests, and Askavar for one of the five elven rings. Since the Gavin mod locks this house, the Askavar quest cannot be completed unless the key from the Gavin mod is found. It also leads to a strange situation with an innocent girl amidst a group of thugs.
  2. There is no need to. Make a package that installs it in a proper location that is in $PATH like /usr/local/bin and it can be called from anywhere like an ordinary program. Do you need to install a copy of ls (or dir, if you want a dos/windows analog) in every directory you run it from. Once again, shipping a copy of WeiDU with every mod is purest idiocy, there is a reason current mods packaged for Linux don't do it. Install it and use it like a proper tool. Have the mod manager test for an installed copy and if it's not there, prompt the user to install it and try again. That is exactly how I use it now and it certainly beats having twenty-odd different copies of WeiDU sitting in my game directory for no good reason.
  3. My suggestion for Linux would be to make an actual package for WeiDU (rpm, apt, or maybe portage ebuild) so it can be installed like any other tool. Such packages already exist for GemRB, for example. Linux users would then only need to install WeiDU once, and maybe update it every now and then, most Linux users are savvy enough to do this and it can even be automated using standard distribution tools. That would completely eliminate the need for mods to include WeiDU at all, which is imho pretty silly to begin with.
  4. At Abazigal's Lair, game gets stuck in cutscene mode after the two black dragons are defeated. Tried several times, never works. EDIT: Poked at it a bit more, problem seems a reference to non-existing creature "dwcutctr".
  5. That ogre in the cave is part of AC quests, as is the girl. I've had these same mods installed on BGEE without any issue. Are you 100% sure you started a new game after installing, as in rolled up a new character and started in Candlekeep? Because this behavior is typical of trying to continue from an old save after changing mods. Another possibility is that your dialog.tlk got corrupted.
  6. Couple of things I noticed in my setup: - Some IWD spells do not show up in BG2. No scrolls are available for Emotion: Hope, Summon Monster IV and Anti-Magic Shell, and Jaheira is missing Static Charge and Wall of Moonlight from her list. I suspect this is from interference from A7 Tales of the Luremaster mod. - Mordenkainen's Force Missiles uses the wrong projectile at higher levels. May also be from conflict with A7 TotLM. - Despite what documentation says, Hell Irenicus will timestop/melee at Tactical difficulty. Setting globals to prevent this has no effect. - Despite having set the separate HLA difficulty to insane, no mage in SoA, not even Irenicus, uses HLAs.
  7. SCS uses AUTO_EVAL_STRINGS. I've checked (and patched in my game) nabparab.spl, the resources get set to "override", not to "%DEST_RE". The latter would be the result of a missing EVAL, it would also generate a warning. I filed a bug on this behavior of DEST_RES over at PPG, we'll see if it gets picked up.
  8. Yeah, there is no release of my tweak pack yet, because I am still testing. What I have should be installable though, if you want to give it a try.
  9. Yeah, it's a quirk I've run afoul of myself several times, so I recognized it instantly. I didn't check all code, it may be in more places. Maybe I should see if Wisp can fix it as it is not very intuitive behavior.
  10. Found a bug in the code that installs the Nabassu's paralyzation aura, the 60 second immunity is not granted properly, making the aura quite overpowered. Issue is here: LPF ADD_SPELL_EFFECT INT_VAR opcode=206 target=2 parameter1="-1" duration=60 resist_dispel=1 STR_VAR resource="%DEST_RES%" END LPF ADD_SPELL_EFFECT INT_VAR opcode=206 target=2 parameter1="-1" duration=6 resist_dispel=0 STR_VAR resource="%DEST_RES%" END // this second one is so that creatures with MR check only 1/rd Problem is that there is a quirk in WeiDU, if you copy to "override" without specifying an explicit file, %DEST_RES% is set to "override", not to the target file. Thus the immunities are not properly set. I'd suggest using %SOURCE_RES% instead.
  11. Baldur's Gate at the start of Siege of Dragonspear is pretty crowded with refugees, so the EE engine at least should be able to handle a few dozen people. Dunno about the old engine though, I think that could run into some unforeseen limits.
  12. I also have a spell pack and a tweak pack, by the way. Same deal, still testing but the BG1 part (spell level 1-5 for the spell pack) should work.
  13. I'm currently testing it. The BG1 part should be playable, but I can't guarantee it will be bug-free.
  14. I'm having a stutter problem with Gavin (BG2) that I traced down to Gavin's reactions to Lava's Tales of the Deep Gardens mod, specifically his reaction to the beggar's scalp. It seems this block keeps triggering over and over, interrupting Gavin's actions: IF IsValidForPartyDialogue(Myself) PartyHasItem("DGxQ4") // ~Beggar's scalp~ !AreaCheck("AR0400") !Global("B!GavDGScalp","LOCALS",2) !StateCheck(Myself,CD_STATE_NOTVALID) !StateCheck(Player1,CD_STATE_NOTVALID) THEN RESPONSE #100 SetGlobal("B!GavDGScalp","LOCALS",9) END I was able to fix it by changing the block to this: IF IsValidForPartyDialogue(Myself) PartyHasItem("DGxQ4") // ~Beggar's scalp~ !AreaCheck("AR0400") !Global("B!GavDGScalp","LOCALS",2) !Global("B!GavDGScalp","LOCALS",9) !StateCheck(Myself,CD_STATE_NOTVALID) !StateCheck(Player1,CD_STATE_NOTVALID) THEN RESPONSE #100 SetGlobal("B!GavDGScalp","LOCALS",9) END
  15. Thanks, you beat me to it. My locale is set to en_US.utf8, unless you're using something very exotic you're probably good, especially since you didn't edit the files.
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