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  1. I upgraded the Spell Pack to v5, to fix reported issues with Evard's Black Tentacle and Tattoos of Power and a few other things. There is no new content.
  2. WeiDU even has a similar concept built in, with the READ_2DA_ENTRIES_NOW and SET_2DA_ENTRIES_NOW constructs. In general the technique is known as "memory mapping" and has been a standard practice for quite some time. Anyway, to avoid the problem, maybe a function to sanitize CLAB* files could be created? I'm pretty sure I saw a similar function somewhere for XPLEVEL.2DA.
  3. I stand corrected then. I thought you had split the story- and tactical components.
  4. I added a 5.1 release that addresses this issue. It just adds three files that I use but aren't in BGEE without SoD. Nothing else has changed.
  5. Looks like you don't have SoD or forgot to install DLC merger. I pretty much assume SoD is there so installations without it are not frequently tested, but I will see what I can do to fix it. Probably just needs a few missing files added.
  6. Alright, v5 of Encounters & Quests is available, which fixes a trio of big bugs that managed to sneak into the v4 version: - Spiders and other BG1 monsters are no longer given over a hundred HP. - The battle script for huecuva now compiles correctly without SCS present. - Several required additions to .ids files did not happen on some installations. - The readme has been updated with a few components that were missing descriptions. In addition, in this version it is once more possible to use Infinity Animations on old BG, although since I have no way to test this it is off by default. It can be enabled in the .ini file. This has no effect on EE, where any missing animations will simply be added. If you enable it you need Infinity Animations with at least the Icewind Dale animations. The exact animations used can be configured in the file mih_eq/shares/monsters/tables/animations.2da.
  7. You can actually see it in the mod, the logic for a giant spider for example is in general/spiders/patches/giant_spider.tph. There are similar files for most other creatures I patch. If you're adventurous you can even try changing them, but you're on your own there, I'm not going to write a big tutorial to it. ^^
  8. Nope, quite correct by P&P rules. A giant spider normally has 4+4 HD, making it a 5 HD creature (every 3 bonus HP adds one HD). It's poisonous (+2) and uses webs (unlisted attack form, +1), making it a 8 HD creature for determining XP (650). The modification at its default settings adds another 3 hd, pushing the total to 11 hd, which is worth 2000 xp. (DMG, page 69 or MC1-4, page 5).
  9. Yes, I found where @DavidW fixes this issue in SCS, and I will implement something similar. Thanks for helping track this one down!
  10. Around 5-6 hp per HD. The huge spider, with default settings, should get 5 hd, 26 hp, thac0 15 and ac 2. (Note that the unmodded game actually already gives spiders a few bonuses; spiders have a better thac0 in BG than they do in pen & paper.) For a classless monster base thac0 is 20 - hd. However, some of the tougher spiders get a bonus. Basically I give them what the MM says, plus the configured HD and AC bonus. Problem with BGT seems to be that the second level field is set to 30, this appears to throw the HP calculation off. For some reason this doesn't happen on EE. Setting the unused second and third levels to 1 seems to solve this issue.
  11. No. This seems to be a BGT quirk; works as designed on BGEE. More HD equals better thac0 and saves. That's just basic core rules.
  12. Or when someone else is crazy enough to er, feels like donating some of their free time and sanity to try and update this highly complex mod. Seriously people, modders are not your work horses, you don't get to make demands of them like that.
  13. I just tested it on a clean copy of BG2 and found no issue, so it must be specific to your installation. Judging by your debug file you have a bad entry in spell.ids, most likely left there by another mod. My spell.ids cleanup routine (removes unused spell.ids entries to free space for new spells) chokes on that. Perhaps you can share your spell.ids? Another possibility is to disable the spell.ids cleanup in the .ini file (recycle_unused_idsnames=0) and see if that fixes your issue.
  14. Yes, I forgot because on Linux that is already present in the OS. Will add, thanks.
  15. Angel


    Mm, wouldn't be too hard. Just place a servant or some other character there you can talk to, with the option to rest and/or wait until a certain time of day. I just might do this one, but no guarantees. I already have plenty of other stuff to do and my current game is now in Siege. And while we're talking about suggestions, here's mine: An early cameo appearance of Yoshimo. Word of god is that he specifically came to the Sword Coast to look for Tamoko (Unfinished Business explores this in BG2), so it would make sense for him to poke around in Baldur's Gate after Sarevok's defeat.
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