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  1. BG1 is very vulnerable to balancing issues, especially in that early stage. I would be very careful with items given out at that point. Anything more powerful than, say, a Ring of Protection +1 is definitely a no-go. There is a reason my item pack actually replaces some of the items given out in that area with weaker ones. ^^
  2. I'm kinda busy with my promised item/battle revisions for NTotSC at the moment. But if some simple fixes are needed I'd be happy to help, if @jastey wants me to of course. Anything specific that is known to be broken?
  3. Welcome. I was able to reproduce your error (it's an unintended side effect of me converting the mod to SFO) and will fix it of course. But in general, you should not meddle with the main repo unless you really know what you are doing, as it is a product in development and the author likely hasn't done much testing yet.
  4. From the discussion at SHS, I understand you downloaded my main GitHub repo. If so, you're on your own. I make no effort whatsoever to keep it installable on all versions between releases, and I am currently in the middle of extensive rewriting. Use the latest release instead.
  5. That too, but I mainly feel they are just out of place, both considering the terrain and the story. I wanted to stop Mutamin's Garden from being an early XP bonanza that can easily be cleared with a few potions or a scroll and turn it into more of a mid- to late game area. But I feel I only made the issue worse, and judging by @Chitown Willie's comment I am not the only one. I'll have to rethink it.
  6. Yeah, I'm not happy with the Garden, but unsure what else I can do with it. Next version won't have the black dragons anymore though. I'm currently experimenting with dracolisks and pyrolisks.
  7. Not really. And Irenicus' death is scripted, that tends to mess with item drops. (Found that out the hard way when I tried adding an item to Demogorgon whose death is also scripted.) It's possible to gain in-game knowledge of both, but doing so involves breaking a promise, not something paladins tend to do lightly. ^^ And since by then I usually have enough helmets to cover my entire party anyway and I do not like meta-gaming, I usually leave it alone. I was referring to the in-game possibility of telling Vail you'd not take his hard-earned item and then doing so anyway.
  8. Balduran's Cloak was never gone from BG1, the core game offers a legitimate way to get it and it is still present in EE. For BG2, if you install my nerf for the cloak it will be added to Ribald's special store in chapter 6. (This can be turned off in the .ini if you have another mod that already restores it. Or not, for the cheaters. ^^)
  9. Ah yes, I too found this a refreshing change from her normal sitting duck behavior. And besides, if you have ever played a wizard in D&D you should know that wizards are always prepared for anything. An unprepared wizard is a dead one. ^^ Important political figure and fairly powerful mage, in a city that has a possible war looming over it, is already full of civil unrest, and already has had two assassinations (Elthan and Scar) in the past week? Seems to me that she could reasonably expect an attack at some point. Make perfect sense that she is prepared for the worst.
  10. I'm quite fond of the Yeslick for BG2 mod, my only complaint with it is that he starts at too low a level for BG2 (5/5), but that is easily enough fixed. If I recall correctly I made a small contribution to it in the past in the form of a fixed .bam for his holy symbol. Anyway, that mod was actually one of my inspirations for my attempt to get Yeslick in SoD. I have it working at a *very* basic level now, he appears in the Dwarves of Dumathoin quest and can join the party, but nothing else. There is no dialog or scripting for him at all. First thing to do is to add the scripting @jastey in her readme. If you want to check what I have and maybe contribute to it, it is here. But remember, this is a pre-alpha, I wouldn't recommend installing it except for testing. https://github.com/AngelGryph/Complete_Dwarf
  11. Yes, and that I can implement. I have a very rudimentary version where he joins in the Dwarves of Dumathoin quest, but I always struggle with writing dialog and stuff. And yeah, another thing I want to do is make Yeslick available earlier in BG1, but his nominal story importance makes him trickier to do than Quayle or Tiax. But I guess I don't need to tell you what story importance can do. Kudos on the Imoen 4 Ever mod, playing BG2EE with it now. ^^
  12. Don't worry, I won't hold it against you if you are too busy. But I am working on a Yeslick in SoD mod that I could use help with sometime. Not right now though, I first want to deliver the stuff I promised for NTotSC.
  13. Heh, well you know what I can do by now. Besides, I may need someone who can do quests and dialog in the future, best to have some credit.
  14. This looks interesting. If I can help with anything, please don't hesitate to ask.
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