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  1. Angel

    My new "Made in Heaven" mods

    It's untested with EET at the moment, but I can't think of any reason why it wouldn't work. I followed the instructions for BG2 item imports and I use g3_eet_cpmvars, so it should work.
  2. Not much choice there, I'm developing on Linux. The game itself is very inconsistent with case too, sometimes it uses lower, sometimes upper and sometimes even mixed. But this is actually the first time I encountered a situation where it matters, it seems to work fine for all my items and spells.
  3. Alright, I got it working. After much fiddling around, this seems to do the trick: OUTER_SPRINT spell_res_upper "%spell_res%" ACTION_TO_UPPER spell_res_upper COPY_EXISTING "bgee.lua" "override" REPLACE_TEXTUALLY CASE_INSENSITIVE EXACT_MATCH ~mageBookStrings = {~ ~mageBookStrings = { %spell_res_upper% = {tip = 24616, title = 'SPELL_SEQUENCER_TITLE', action = "ADD_SPELLS_SEQUENCER_LABEL"},~
  4. Mm, just appending to bgee.lua does not work, but a little further poking does show that the crash is indeed related to this file. If I manually add an entry (just copy the line for spwi420 and change it to spwi529) it works. Guess I'll now have to figure out how to weidu-ize it. There seems to be precious little documentation on bgee.lua though.
  5. So for an upcoming mod, I want to add a new sequencer-type spell: Spell Matrix. (5th level, stores two 3rd level spells, adapted from 3.5e Player's Guide to Faerun) I started with editing a copy of spwi420, Minor Sequencer. In addition to the base spell, EE also has spwi420d and spwi420p, the latter is missing in non-EE BG2. So I copied those as well. I edited spwi420 to be fifth level and allow up to 3rd level spells, and everything works as expected in EE. Of course I don't want to alter Minor Sequencer but I want to have my own spell. So I renamed my copy of spwi420 in override to spwi529, the first free slot in my setup. I renamed spwi420d and spwi420p as well, and then I went through all the resource fields in the spell effects of all three spells and changed those accordingly as well. Literally nothing else was changed. However, when I try it in BG(2)EE, I get a crash to desktop. But if I put the same files in non-EE BG2 it works perfectly. As stated above I did catch the extra <spellname>p.spl file that non-EE BG2 doesn't have (same as <spellname>d.spl except that it targets an area instead of a creature), but something else must be missing. Does anyone know what?
  6. Angel

    My new "Made in Heaven" mods

    Well, I fixed all the bugs CamDawg found. Yes, even the big critical one with the Girdle of Dwarvenkind. ^^ As for the Staff of Water, the other elemental staves already in the game have the same problem, so I decided to leave that one for now until the other staves are fixed in EE/Fixpack. Then I can probably ride along on that fix (just like the Ring of Water Control already does). Now to see what I can do about the overpowered items...
  7. Due to the way the instant killing of elementals effect is implemented in the staves of Fire-, Air- and Earth, they will force a saving throw and produce a sound even when hitting a creature that isn't an elemental of the appropriate type. Suggested fix: Move the save or die effect and the sound effect to EFF files and use opcode 177, like the Mace of Disruption does. While at it, maybe also add a message saying "elemental destroyed"?
  8. I sincerely doubt this is a good idea, and it will most likely break things later on in your game - if it works at all.
  9. Angel

    My new "Made in Heaven" mods

    Alright, thank you very much for taking the time to try my handiwork and write this bug report, and thank you even more for actually making it a stable in your setup. This is something I never expected to happen with a little mod that I threw together for my own enjoyment. Anyway, I've already started looking into these and will have them fixed in the next release. Most of them are typos, or artifacts left by conversion from IWD in a few cases. A few remarks on some of them: - Oil of Acid Resistance effects are almost all set at power 6: This item was actually made by editing a copy of the (non-EE) BG2 version of the Potion of Fire Resistance. A bug that needs fixing there? Anyway, I will change these and other item effects to zero. - Mystery of the Dead +3 blocks opcode 313, not 13; should also block disintegrate (238) These immunities were actually copied from the Death Ward spell (non-EE BG2, again). It's possibly I made a mistake, but it's also possible that Death Ward doesn't actually block these effects. I will look into it. - Rusty Katana, Amaunator's Legacy, and Pale Justice are all flagged as breakable in their melee abilities (intentional for Rusty Katana?) Intentional for the katana (and I'll make a note of it in the description), an artifact left by conversion from (non-EE) IWD for the others. Yes, IWD actually has these set for some reason. - Bonus cold damage from Cold Flame +3 is set to power 8 This item was made by editing Varscona +2 which also has it set that way, so I thought that's how it is supposed to be. I'll change it though. As for the overpowered tomes, I'll see what I can do. I must admit that I didn't take UAI into account when making these. Making the XP gain level-based is probably a good idea, and I should perhaps also make it so that a single character can use only one tome ever, regardless of class. Definitely noted for the next release. As for making some fights too easy, I suppose you are referring to the basilisks in BG1, and the demi-liches in BG2/ToB. I did consider that actually, but I went through with it anyway. Here are my thoughts on the subject. For BG1, Mutamin's Garden already is an XP bonanza for a well-prepared party. A scroll of Protection from Petrification can be obtained as early as Nashkel and lasts for half a game day, easily enough to clear the field. Add to that the fact that Protection from Petrification is a first level spell for wizards and Potions of Mirrored Eyes aren't that hard to find either, and I don't think my cloak really changes that much. Besides, you already have to have some sort of protection to deal with Mutamin and his "pets". But if this really is a concern, there are a few things that can mitigate it. First of all, if you install my item mod before SCS, I think SCS will actually detect the immunity and make basilisks adapt their strategy. I haven't tested this yet though. Secondly, I have another mod in development that among other things, gives greater basilisks their poison cloud that they should have according to P&P. The cloak won't save you from that. That same mod will also introduce a few new monsters that are on par with greater basilisks in power but do not rely on petrification attacks... For demiliches in BG2, installing SCS will probably work as well, especially the "Spellcasting Demiliches" component. I have no plans here for mods of my own, but I might consider it for the future. I do have "Van Richten's Guide to the Lich" which has some interesting options for additional lich powers... One item I am myself concerned about is Amaunator's Legacy +3 which will really do a number on most undead, including vampires. I may have to nerf it a little somehow, but I'm still thinking on it. Perhaps replacing Sunburst with the weaker False Dawn is an option.
  10. Angel

    Question to 0x00101FEF CD_STATE_NOTVALID?

    Yes, that was a little hack of mine to get several conversations that were not triggering properly (I've seen it with the hamster salesman of BGQE, with Gavin's quests in the Gavin NPC mod and a couple of others) to trigger again. I'm still no closer to finding what caused it, my party never was subjected to a confusion effect in my game and there is no STATE_CONFUSED flag on them in my save game. My best guess is that something, perhaps some form of detectable spells mod, is meddling with states or variables but I have no proof of this.
  11. Angel

    My new "Made in Heaven" mods

    Oho, nice! And that explains it, that's one of the books I am still missing in my collection. Alright, next version will have the updated values. And yes, I'll leave out that drawback. Wouldn't know how to implement it anyway. ^^
  12. Angel

    My new "Made in Heaven" mods

    Sorry, but my main focus is EE, and adding backwards compatibility with Tutu would take a lot of effort that I'd rather spend on new features. The main problem here is that I'm just not as familiar with Tutu (which I played only once) as I am with BGT (which I played for many years), and I don't know how to write a compatible mod for it. (I always keep struggling with when to use %TUTU_VAR%.) If there is a sufficient demand for it I might do so, or if someone wants to write a Tutu compatibility patch I will gladly merge it.
  13. Angel


    When setting up DLTCEP for an EE game, go to "Set WeiDU Options" and set the correct language under the "Language" tab. In the EE games, dialog.tlk is no longer in the main game directory but under lang/<your_language>, setting this correctly will enable DLTCEP to find it. If you got SoD from GoG or Steam, you may also want to run modmerge in your game directory. Be aware that DLTCEP does not recognize all the new EE features yet. EDIT: Learned that there is a better way to fix this.
  14. I cannot get RC9 to install properly on BG1EE. Everything seems to work just fine until the very last component, then this happens: NOTE: [This component is now deprecated] is deprecated. Uninstalling! This component has been moved elsewhere in the install order; this deprecated stub is to avoid messing up reinstalls. Removing [This component is now deprecated] (component #3550) Will uninstall 44 files for [STRATAGEMS/SETUP-STRATAGEMS.TP2] component 7900. Uninstalled 44 files for [STRATAGEMS/SETUP-STRATAGEMS.TP2] component 7900. Will uninstall 41 files for [STRATAGEMS/SETUP-STRATAGEMS.TP2] component 7250. Uninstalled 41 files for [STRATAGEMS/SETUP-STRATAGEMS.TP2] component 7250. Will uninstall 18 files for [STRATAGEMS/SETUP-STRATAGEMS.TP2] component 7230. Uninstalled 18 files for [STRATAGEMS/SETUP-STRATAGEMS.TP2] component 7230. Then it uninstalls and re-installs everything. That alone would be bad enough because SCS already takes such a long time to install, but half of the components that worked fine the first time through fail on the reinstall. Poking a little further, I think this is because the designated component number is used twice, "Improved Healing" also uses #3550.
  15. Angel

    My new "Made in Heaven" mods

    Alright, I finished testing, the item pack now fully works all the way from Candlekeep to the Throne of Bhaal. Full release v1 is now up. Compared to the last beta, it fixes one major bug (Libram of Silver Magic and other tomes reduced XP instead of adding to it) and a few smaller bugs and typos. Hope you all enjoy!