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  1. Or when someone else is crazy enough to er, feels like donating some of their free time and sanity to try and update this highly complex mod. Seriously people, modders are not your work horses, you don't get to make demands of them like that.
  2. I just tested it on a clean copy of BG2 and found no issue, so it must be specific to your installation. Judging by your debug file you have a bad entry in spell.ids, most likely left there by another mod. My spell.ids cleanup routine (removes unused spell.ids entries to free space for new spells) chokes on that. Perhaps you can share your spell.ids? Another possibility is to disable the spell.ids cleanup in the .ini file (recycle_unused_idsnames=0) and see if that fixes your issue.
  3. Yes, I forgot because on Linux that is already present in the OS. Will add, thanks.
  4. Angel


    Mm, wouldn't be too hard. Just place a servant or some other character there you can talk to, with the option to rest and/or wait until a certain time of day. I just might do this one, but no guarantees. I already have plenty of other stuff to do and my current game is now in Siege. And while we're talking about suggestions, here's mine: An early cameo appearance of Yoshimo. Word of god is that he specifically came to the Sword Coast to look for Tamoko (Unfinished Business explores this in BG2), so it would make sense for him to poke around in Baldur's Gate after Sarevok's defeat.
  5. No, that's not one of mine. With a few exceptions (which mostly have to do with restoring dummied out content), stuff I add starts with "mh". The only spider I currently add is the hairy spider, mh#spdhr.cre. I do dynamically search for spiders (the "Revised Monstrous Spiders" component, "Spider Plague" only affects two BG1 areas) but I currently don't change their equipped pseudo-items except for the wraith spider which I give its proper level-draining bite.
  6. That one isn't complete yet. I forgot to take it out. Sorry.
  7. It's an issue with BG(2)EE 2.6 and SCS, specifically in how spells that summon creatures (opcode #67) work. 2.6 seems to have replaced most of these with effect files (opcode #177) which causes an edit to misfire when installing SCS's mage AI. Basically the enemy is summoning the player Wish djinni instead of their own version. I think this hotfix will cure the issue. It goes in the folder stratagems/mage/ in your game directory. After that you need to reinstall SCS. mage.tpa
  8. No, it applies to spells and effects that allow a saving throw for half damage. In the old engine, that was done by having two damage effects, one that was completely avoidable by a successful saving throw, the other completely unavoidable. In the EE engine, a damage effect can have a new bit that halves the damage on a saving throw instead of fully negating it. For encounters & quests, this applies to winter wolf breath and ankheg spittle, for the spell pack it affects several direct damage spells. If you're not on EE this setting has no effect. Yes, although the default setting actually doesn't change things much, as the wolfweres on Balduran's Isle already have two more hit die than their P&P version. It does correct their thac0 and saves though. This component is also not fully implemented yet, it currently only affects the wolfweres but not the werewolves, or the wererat in SoD, or any other lycanthropes I may have forgotten about. Working on that. Gibberling Mountains, the far south-east of the map. There should be at least three encounters there, possibly more. You may also encounter them in random encounter areas, and they will still be on Ice Island, in the ice room of Durlag's Tower, and in the area of Rasaad's personal quest. Yes. One round is about 6 seconds in the game. One turn is ten rounds or 60 seconds. Numerical values will work too.
  9. Don't worry, it worked normally. The other component you saw is a legacy component for original BG1 and IWD only. This has to do with only one of the five options offered actually working on these engines but WeiDU not handling stacked components with different requirements very well. So it is offered separately for those games only. // why is this here separately? Because WeiDU doesn't handle a pile of // subcomponents with different REQUIRE_PREDICATEs very well. // this allows this component to be installed for BG/IWD.
  10. I do not actively test on EET, but as far as I know they should work. As for the tentacles, why not see for yourself? There is a readme file in the docs folder. And frankly, I think they should be fairly obvious. I suspect it's because several new animation files are included (in lib/resource/missing_files). I don't think a few dozen megabytes should be an issue in this day and age though, but if it does cause a problem I suppose I could look into compressing them. And yes, I know EE can work with .png files but the old engine cannot, and I try to keep things reasonably backwards compatible if I can.
  11. Alright, several people asked me for updates lately, so I decided to just bundle up what I have right now. Here you go: - Item Pack updated to v6 - Spell Pack updated to v4 (and v3 is now properly available too, I forgot to upload it) - Encounters & Quests updated to v4 - Tweaks initial release v1 I have checked that these install cleanly on BGEE, BG2EE, BG2 and BGT and they all worked on my recent BGEE run. Have fun discovering what I have broken this time. ^^
  12. Sorry, I'm a Linux user so I have only so much experience with .exe files, but I think it's actually a self-extracting rar archive that puts a folder called itemupgrade in your game folder. The files should be in there somewhere.
  13. Changing mods on a running game is always a hairy and risky affair, but in this particular case and with these two mods, I think it will work. I would suggest making a backup before you do it just in case though. I think that editing itemupgrade/soa.tpa and itemupgrade/tob.tpa to change "/baf/" to /bcs/" on respectively lines 20 and 69 of these two files will fix this particular error. (Do not change the .baf at the end of the path!) Whether or not the mod will function as intended afterwards I can't guarantee as I haven't tested this (nor has anyone it seems). @CamDawg appears to be the current custodian of ItemUpgrade, perhaps he can take a look. I would do it myself, but I have a couple of other things on my plate right now.
  14. Problem is not in SCS. The error message indicates rather clearly that a file is missing in the ItemUpgrade package. (Checking the source code, it probably means to use itemupgrade/bcs/scs_compat.baf, not itemupgrade/baf/scs_compat.baf.) And as Graion Dilach already indicated, with very rare exceptions (only two I know of are aTweaks and EET_End), you should install SCS last. This goes especially for mods that add items or spells, otherwise the AI won't know about those.
  15. Mm, looks like there is an issue with compiling this particular SSL script. There should be a folder called weidu_external in your game folder that may have more information, particularly the file weidu_external/data/STRATAGEMS/sfo_warnings.txt My first impression is that SCS is encountering some wizard spells it doesn't know how to handle, perhaps due to corruption. Have you tried it on a completely clean game? I don't think it's a permission issue, as SSL scripts other than dw#mage.ssl and dw#lich.ssl seem to compile just fine. Corruption from another mod seems to be the most likely issue.
  16. Well, it's called an "alpha" for a reason. It's mostly untested code. And I'm afraid it's not compatible with WeiDU 247, which was released in October 2020. I don't have a release that is 247-ready just yet. EDIT: Since I have been doing some bug fixing and play testing, I will draft up a beta release. Still no guarantees though. Sorry, writing this kind of mod is really hard.
  17. Here you go. I had located Scar's body and given it to Eltan while he was still with the harbormaster, then I went for Sarevok. After that Eltan did mention Scar's burial and his friends looking into the possibility of resurrecting him, but the actual resurrection just doesn't happen unless I manually change the state weight in the dialog. weidu.log
  18. He literally tells you where it is, the house with the blue roof due east from where he is, at the eastern edge of the map.
  19. Mm, which version was this exactly? From the looks of it, this is an older version that isn't compatible with WeiDU 247.
  20. The crossmod content with BG1RE doesn't quite work: Due to weighting issues in the dialog file, Scar's resurrection never happens if Eltan is spoken to in the palace after Sarevok is dead. (This was v7 on BGEE 2.6.)
  21. As far as I know there were and are no issues with Wheels and BG2EE 2.6. My two test runs were both on 2.6.
  22. Mm, it would be very tricky to say the least. But I think that it is technically possible.
  23. Unless you know exactly what you're doing and the modification is fairly minor, (un)installing mods on a running game is never safe. And you actually can't install EET on a BG1 game, it installs on BG2 and pulls the resources from BG1 in. Your BG1 save will likely not work with it at all.
  24. My pleasure really. I had fun doing it, and I learned a couple of new things about @DavidW's massive function library in the process. ^^
  25. There needs to be a BEGIN after the condition. Please check out the WeiDU syntax in the official documentation.
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