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  1. Ah, okay. Although I don't have mod compatibility high on my agenda (I write my mods mainly for myself), I suppose it cannot hurt to at least take a look. I have not yet done any actual AI scripting with my spells yet (meaning enemies can not use them), it's probably best to get ids names right before I go there. And yes, with only a small handful of exceptions (Ramazith's Slime Summons being the most obvious one), all spells I've added are from either the 2e PHB or official FR material.
  2. I'm happy there is interest in my mods, but I really can't promise when the next versions will be released. For the Item Pack and Spell Pack I'm making major revisions to both the mod structure (mostly finished) and the items/spells themselves. The Encounters mod is mostly ready except for some ToB content I'm working on, but large parts of it haven't been tested yet (especially the BG1 parts). The components you want to install have been tested though, they are actually my oldest.
  3. Those components are stable and apart from the item pack have been unchanged for some time. They should work fine in the current releases. Generally the only changes I make to the item pack are adding more items and revising ones that didn't work out too well.
  4. Although it is certainly interesting and I am keeping a curious eye on the developments, my interest in it is only marginal for several reasons: 1) Even with several spell-providing mods installed, I don't come anywhere near the 50 spells per level limit (barely halfway there), 2) I do not use Eex, and cannot use it even if I wanted to unless Linux support was added while I wasn't looking, and 3) Not using spell.ids means huge changes in AI scripting that will not be done overnight. It would likely also break backwards compatibility with BGT, but to be honest I have already been sorely te
  5. Sorry, I do not give ETAs. This is a hobby, not work, and modding is already frustrating enough without adding the stress of deadlines. It will be done when it's done. All I can say is that I'm in the middle of some fairly big revisions now. Mm, pretty sure that was not how it worked originally, but maybe that changed. Oh well. I guess I could alter Fenten's deal to be more on par with Taerom's. I'll think on it.
  6. Fenten does mention Gerde in-game. This was mostly to make this feel more like an actual little quest instead of just a random something. I may expand on it later, maybe. The whole thing is about ten lines long, a very minor edit. All the normal ankhegs still spawn so it doesn't change anything else, it's just this one single encounter. Also in the original game, Taerom will buy an ankheg shell only once. Yes, I know that there are mods that change this, Tweaks included, but I don't normally use them. All of them might be a bit too much, but I have plans for Irenicus' black
  7. Wow, it's been years since I meddled with that one. Guess the Internet never forgets. ^^
  8. I'm not a very big Windows guru, but don't you need to be in the BG installation dir for this? I usually use a cmd prompt which doesn't close after a single command.
  9. The error means that the spell file spwi618.spl (Spell Deflection) is corrupt and can't be edited properly. Most likely, one of your other installed mods leaves it in a bad state. From the command line you can run "weidu.exe --change-log spwi618.spl" to see which mods are affecting this file and could be causing this.
  10. Also as a tip, modding your copy from Steam directly is not a good idea. Steam forces updates, and such an update will completely wreck your modded game. It's far better to create a local copy for your modded game.
  11. It's not often, but for once Jarno and I agree completely. MacOS- and Linux users like myself do not like mixed-case filenames at all. If a mod claims to be MacOS- and Linux compatible, all mod files should be kept in lower case!!
  12. It was meant to be a hotfix to SCS, note that I said where it was to go in the SCS installation directory. After that you need to reinstall SCS (well actually only just the IWD arcane spells, but since that's usually the first component you install, all of SCS will reinstall anyway). Do not put it directly into override, that won't work at all. As for the issues with Resurrection / Mass Raise Dead, dying will already completely clear all sequencers and contingencies anyway (which is why killing Imoen and raising her solved my problem), so IMHO the effects to remove them are completely r
  13. Yes, BG and BG2 from GoG are modable, just don't try to install any EE-only mods, they won't work. (Note that the EE games are also available from GoG.) BG1 is the "Original Saga" release, and both BG1 and BG2 have the DDrawFix mod already installed. This solves some issues with running them on more modern versions of Windows, keep in mind that these two are now 20 years old.
  14. Here is the fixed file. It goes into stratagems/iwdspells/copyover/wizard_mind_blank/spwi802.spl I'm currently reinstalling SCS with this fix. EDIT: Reinstall done, tests are looking good. Imoen now seems to retain her sequencers even when Mind Blank is active. spwi802.spl
  15. I have the problem with sequencers too, and I use neither SR nor SCS's contingencies as innate abilities. I keep losing Imoen's sequencers, but Aerie's are fine. Imoen is the only one to use Mind Blank (I prefer Impervious Sanctity of the Mind for Aerie), so you may be on to something here. I will examine my installation and see what's what. EDIT: Confirmed, there is indeed an errant opcode 101 that gives immunity to opcode 171 (Give Ability) in Mind Blank.
  16. Thanks for the insights. I knew there would be quirks at some point, but I didn't know exactly when. As it turns out, much sooner than I thought. Although I guess I should have seen the signed nature of xp coming. ^^ It's surprising how often this question pops up actually. What's so great about going super high level, when there is absolutely nothing to gain there? Elminster is level 29-31 depending which source you pick, the avatars of most gods are between 25-35, and the absolutely most insanely powerful mage in the history of the Forgotten Realms was level 41. If you want to
  17. Getting to level 50 in a single class requires 15,000,000 xp, even in a heavily modded game you are unlikely to get there and there is little point to it as your stats no longer improve and there are no new powers to gain. But you could expand xplevel.2da further if you really wanted to. You'll likely run into some quirks though. The theoretical maximum level in a single class is 255 (8-bit value) and the theoretical maximum for experience points is well over 4 billion (32-bit value). The practical maxima are probably lower.
  18. The other day I was pondering, the difference between trying to hit a character in full plate with a sword or a mace is a massive -4 for the sword. A lot of humanoid enemies could be made quite a deal trickier (especially in BG1) if they had the sense to switch to a mace or war hammer when confronted with plate armor. That's what maces and hammers were designed to deal with, after all. ^^
  19. No rush. This was pretty quick and dirty, if you want me to refine it a bit more let me know. Currently the second option doesn't change the spear's description and turns it into something of a spear/halberd hybrid. I can make it change it into a full halberd with a little more effort.
  20. Technically, yes. But you'll also want to change his starting weapon, and do a few other minor tweaks to make it all work smoothly. Pull request made. https://github.com/Gibberlings3/BG1NPC/pull/79
  21. Not a problem. I can write it in such a way that it will work with anything except vanilla BG1 (where this isn't an issue anyway).
  22. Mm, this pretty much is my expertise. I'll see what I can do, it shouldn't be too hard.
  23. Just letting you all know I am working on my mods still. Progress is slow but steady. - Item Pack: I'm finalizing a new release with some more new items and a couple of bug fixes. - Spell Pack: I finally squashed the bug that was causing Spell Matrix to malfunction with area of effect spells on EE games. I'm also working on a few new spells, including some epic wizard spells. - Encounters & Quests: Still working on this, but I will update the alpha release sometime soon.
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